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  1. Actually all of them have been remolded to have several more 5mm ports on their body. Dlx megatron for example, had two side turrets added to his vehicle mode that can hold the minicons. Also I think its interesting how the minicons are model kits. It would be soooooo easy for hasbro to release them in baggys as a sort of collectable model kit or something.
  2. Sounds like to me that highermoon is getting lazy... First no PC port...Fine, the first one was crappy because of their incompetency and lack of support. I got a ps3 on black Friday so ill just get the game for it. But now they are skimping out on the story mode? Sounds like some of the incompetency from the first games pc version is bleeding over. Whats the point of having 3 dinobots if they cannot team up?!
  3. Actually Dr.Wu did get owned. They, "Dr.Wu" stole their rage face design from a community customizer and passed it as their own. As we see here not only has TFC made their own unique rage sculpt, but they gave it a new head as well, possibly stealing any and all sales Dr.Wu would had gotten from their stolen face. If that's not being owned then I don't know what is. I also highly doubt this set will cost $75. Especially considering that similar sets TFC has made are priced within a 10-40$ price point. My guesstimate for this set would be about 20$. Here are some examples. http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=TFC10000&mode=retail http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=TFC10011&mode=retail http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=TFC10013&mode=retail http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=TFC10010&mode=retail http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=TFC10012&mode=retail
  4. I think the more I see this guy the more I like him.
  5. I think we can all agree... Dr.Wu just got OWNED!!!!!
  6. Reluttr

    Tiny Prime

    They are 14.99 because TRU got a 3 week exclusivity to sell the figures early. As such they jacked up the price appropriately, they did the same thing with Animated figures that they got the exclusive rights to. This is just TRU's inner KBToys at work. Its your own fault if your sheepish enough to buy them early, because they will be the standard MSRP of 9.99-12.99 March 1st onward. *probably earlier depending when other retailers start getting stock* As for sizing, it should not be nothing new. DOTM figures were a similar size, this is just a case of hasbro having to offset raising costs of production and distribution, and it will be this way until people are more willing to pay more for better products. *See the marvel legends line for a good example of this* I also hate to be that guy, but the recent need to up safety and pay of the workers in china has contributed to this as well. Basically to sum it up, to keep your toys as the $10 price point in a unstable economy with raising costs of production, things have to be sacrificed, such as figure scale, complexity, and quality control. So until your willing to pay $15.00-20.00 for a dlx figure at walmart of all places. You will just have to live with lackluster paint apps and scaled down figures.
  7. Takara beat you to it... http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Galvatron_%28G1%29#Notes
  8. Really the only options are ebay and to preorder if through your prefered retailer. BBTS, Tfsource, Robot Kingdom, ect.
  9. Well this kinda helps me qualm the extremely long arms. XD I wonder if this means hasbro is planning other scramble city bots and are using good old brutie as a test?
  10. Agreed ^, besides wasn't the g1 toy just a dlx class figure with a trailer that split in half? I mean yeah it had rollar and that drone thing, but if memory serves the reissue of g1 prime costed 20$ more than the rumor cost for this one. For 20$ ill just buy the legion ratchet playset and pretend it came with the trailer. Also I really dunno why people dont like the dlx mold of prime... In my opinion its the best one made during DOTM. To each their own I guess.
  11. Well cost is part of the issue, plus the FE's are not as compatible with Mechtech weapons as the RID versions are. Hasbro is assuming kids ate up DOTM and they are playing on the idea that the kids want the next line to work with the weapons and being compatible will be a huge selling point. Ultimately hasbro wanted to prevent a fiasco like the RTS line by cutting the supply to the FE line off early because they want TRU to have plenty of room for the upcoming RID and Generations lines. Because lets face it TRU clings to transformers like gold, why else do they still have ROTF figures on the shelf? But yeah I would fully expect to see the FE's get repackaged down the line. More than likely they will be in the "Entertainment" 2 packs.
  12. Wow it looks so much better this way.
  13. I am really hoping optimus maximus looks like metroplex or FM, or another unique cityformer, and not like a oversized optimus prime...
  14. Weird I ordered my heavy labor from bbts just before Christmas and it still had the original hip design. Luckily I fixed them before they got ruined. It will be nice having a backup hip just in case though. :D
  15. Actually its the first thing to happen in order to "prevent further viewing/copying" of the violating material. Of course I am sure a company has the option to contact a individual first before filing the paperwork, but most of the time it will happen behind the scenes and you wont have any idea until after the fact.
  16. Its DOTM Voyager Prime. What I find interesting is that they made a prototype specifically to demo this technology. Meaning we may see rehash's of some of the movie toys to act as filler for the new line.
  17. The set wouldn't be that bad except the guy they have sculpting the heads really needs to take lessons. I mean for the price you have to pay for the set, the heads would be alot better than they are. Besides how many years have they been doing sets with custom heads? You would think they would had gotten better with experience by now, or at least be able to sculpt something as simple as soundwave's head. Don't even get me started about their theatrics with the head band for soundwave. Also, where is our Omega Doom? I mean its not that hard of a thing to do, and I would had been more inclined to get the set if they had put him in it instead of "Gigatron". That's the sad thing about the whole ordeal. TBH the custom dinobot set on ebay is better than this years botcon set.
  18. I realize that this is not really transformers related... But it could impact the very sites that hosts the transformers news. Whats shocking is that nobody is talking about it really "seibertron literally just posted something about it". If sopa passes then then basically... -If anything vaguely considered "protected" such as Copywrited or Intellectual material is posted on a website, then without any due process of law, can have its domain taken and the owner be prosecuted. "with a minimum of 5 years in prison" -Sites like google, youtube, facebook, twitter, and ebay would need to viciously monitor material placed on their site or face closure -It also gives the United States government the ability to blacklist any website they deem "dangerous", much like The Great Firewall of China. Protests? What Protests? Let me wrap this up. If this evil thing manages to become law, then the internet we know will be turned upside down, pillaged, and destroyed by the greedy aholes at the MIAA and just about anyone else that can gain from abusing the power. Here is some informal videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIYwpowb73Y&feature=player_embedded A longer Explanation by TotalBiscuit... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhwuXNv8fJM&feature=player_embedded ... and a borderline conspiracyistic "but totally makes sense" video by our buddy Mike Mozart, which explains how this has been a very well thought out plot by the media industry to make ALOT of money through court. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJIuYgIvKsc&feature=player_embedded Finally some of the major sites mentioned above "google, ebay, amazon, ect" are plotting a INTERNET BLACKOUT. That will take place sometime this month before scheduled the voting for this bill. It is a last ditch attempt to really put out some awareness to the uninformed populous about how bad this bill really is. So far its really unknown how long this blackout will last, some reports state it could last the entire week leading up to the voting, to a single day for others. Mojang "the makers of minecraft" and some other sites "like the cheezburger network" have planned a blackout next week on the 18th. Hopefully this blackout will get the point across about how boring it will be under this new bill. In the meantime, everybody needs to get awareness about this out and voice your oppinion. So that our dim witted senate will realize that no matter how much under the table campaign funding they have, it wont do them any good if no one votes for them because they DESTROYED THE INTERNET! Also for anyone wanting to say "but transformers sites dont violate this", SOPA would allow HasTak to seize the domain of any fansite if they did not approve of them posting certain content such as... -Likeness's of their characters "including pictures, videos, or even artwork of a transformer figure" -Leaked product shots "yes those little spyshots of pre-production figures" -Bad product reviews "assuming it was either a video or used pictures of the product" -Third party figure pictures and reviews! -Mozaics -Just about anything else that could possible infringe on any IP of hasbro or any other company Now I kinda doubt Hasbro would do this. Assuming of course they are not diabolical enough to want to force users to go back to the time tested method of having to rely on the club magazine for upcoming product information, interviews, and other things we get from the fan sites. Also assuming they did not destroy the online community's, this would also not force users to have to go to botcon and use the clubs forum for any non-filtered interaction with each other. *read only the bolded words for the cold hard truth*
  19. yeah for w/e reason pixlemator had issues "healing" them away. XD When I actually do the custom it wont have the horns. ;) EDIT: Got rid of the horns and redid the bot mode bash. Still not sure what head I will use. XD BTW interesting funfact. Originally armada megatron was going to be called "gigatron" and was designed to have some of overlords major features. Including having his iconic stomach cannon array in place of the combat shiv armada megatron had. He was also considerably better armed than the final design.
  20. Actually I just thought of a way to articulate him out the wazoo... Sure it will be balljoints, but I cant think of any better way to do it. I shall code name it... "The Lego Special" XD
  21. just tried digibashing the energon mold and it basically looked like generations scourge. Plus its not blocky enough to work imo. Also thanks for your kind words Lord_Onslaught, you have motivated me to actually make my digibash a real thing using a junker megatron I have.
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