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  1. ugh bumblebee maximus. Not that it matters I suppose, I havent collected cyberverse since DOTM.
  2. dust settling? hahahahahaha Funpub just announced this morning that artists wont be able to sell their art at the con if it includes any of hasbro's ip. This includes drawn artwork, kitbashes, and handmade accessories and other items.
  3. Figured I would post a thread for a change... I have been eying this set for a while and there is a giant lack of feedback about it. Has anyone here actually got the sets? They are sold out of just about everywhere, surely someone got them. Are they fragile? Whats the playability? What figures are they not compatible with? Do you use them for prediking or do you use them for something else? Do you think they are a good purchase? Also feel free to post action shots of your figures using the swords. I really want these sets and need the motivation to hunt them down. :D
  4. Expensive collector toys is nothing new to CMS Corp, its just how they roll. :tflaugh But no... I probably wont get Minerva, id come closer to getting their GaoFighGar first. It may be fragile but damn does it look good and it transforms! XD
  5. I thought DOTM megatron was the most characteristic design of all the movies, besides they couldn't do much worse than the past two megatrons. :tflaugh My ideal last leader wave for DOTM was... Mechtech Optimus "the takara one with the sheild" Shockwave Megatron -Reluttr This is annoying I know but it seems to be the trending way to end posts since that whole thing over hasbro banning third party stuff at botcon although they totally have the right to but I dont think its in the best interest of the fans because it will only make shopping at the con dull and boring because everyone will carry the same first party crap especially since most transformer retailers carry only third party stuff other than the hasbro crap and takara imports but I suppose there is bbts at least untill hasbro bans competing brand merch to.
  6. like are the sword blades just not lined up? You should be able to just push them back in place. If you actually skipped a gear then you might need to open it up and reset everything I am afraid. EDIT Just noticed your talking about DOTM megatron. I am not sure what to do about this :S
  7. Hasbro has done several confusing things lately... They are going after third partys saying they are "Cheapening the Hobby" and stealing a huge percentage of their sales... Then they state that adult collectors only make up 5% of their sales demographic. So I am confused... so 5% is not worth messing with, were not their demographic. But then when someone does cater to the 5% and makes insane profits "in hasbro's eyes" then BURN THE CHURCHES AND RAID THE VILLAGES THEY BE STEALING OUR TOY MONEY!
  8. I guess no one here notices how vague this is? Basically they can take ANYTHING that they fell violates some sort of rule, not just Knock Off's. So in other words, if hasbro doesn't like the fact your selling your boxed g1 toys then THEY CAN TAKE IT! Morso it appears that they think they can keep it indefinitely afterwards. "although legally speaking I am not 100% sure how well this would hold up" Needless to say, ALOT of dealers are quite unhappy with this and are pulling out. Which is bad for the attendees because those "botcon" deals wont be nearly as good without the competition.
  9. Ehh, competition is always a good thing in my book. Besides Hasbro has made it very very clear they don't cater to collectors "canceling FE anyone?". All that they really care about is that little 10 year old jimmy buys their gimmick ridden toys, wrongly colored gangly limed bruticus, and optimus maximus. At the price point of most third party figures/sets I highly doubt hasbro's target demographic can even AFFORD one part of Hercules. As far as purchasing third party stuff... It would basically be like not buying kreo because its shaped, colored, and looks like lego. :tfpwn
  10. ^This^ It completely baffles me why they thought it was a good idea to tease us with these really nice looking figures, cut them short and not even release half of them, then basically tell us were SOL and there is no way they could possible sell them. Despite the fact that Hasbro has their own online store and I am sure stores like bbts would stock them gladly given how in demand they are by the collecting community. :tfhuh I mean its only hurting the sales of the RID toys... Thier is clearly some new molds micron toys for the TF Prime toy line. as voyager megatron has a fusion canon that tranforms into a gorilla. voyager rid optimus has a riffle gun that transforms into a robot. bumblebee has a double barrled yellow gun that transforms into a robot. wheeljack has a claw thing,etc. as far as the minicons ports on the Takara Prime toys. For the takara Rid molds,I clearly saw new minicons ports on the deluxes & voyagers,ports the hasbro rid toys don't have. as for the velcro/whatever,I didn't see any of that in the Takara Prime. commericial,i watched from u-tube. I never said the microns were not new molds. :tflaugh Also I never said the micron ports were attached with Velcro. They are small plastic parts with adhesive backings that the child apply to the toys themselves, think of the wall hangers 3m makes. Takara did this to save money on molding, instead of having to pay to make variant part moldings they can just gang mold the ports and distribute them properly. For example ratchet has the same ports on his doors that prime has on the rear of his cab.
  11. ^This^ It completely baffles me why they thought it was a good idea to tease us with these really nice looking figures, cut them short and not even release half of them, then basically tell us were SOL and there is no way they could possible sell them. Despite the fact that Hasbro has their own online store and I am sure stores like bbts would stock them gladly given how in demand they are by the collecting community. :tfhuh I mean its only hurting the sales of the RID toys...
  12. g1 unicron vs galactus. It would be hilarious watching them struggle to consume each other. :tflaugh It would also be interesting to watch a wave of sentinels go up against some of the g1 characters.
  13. The micron arms line are the same molds as the US release. The micron ports are actually attached to the figure with a adhesive backing. You can tell this by looking at the dlx megatron product shots, you can see that in several shots he has two side turrets on his cockpit. But in other product shots "and even the stop motion commercials" he is without these side turrets. Another major hint is that you can see the seams where the ports are actually separate parts. This is heavily apparent on the product shot of bumblebee, you can see the ports on his roof are affixed with a sticker. Basically Tomy is using the micron arms line to attract those that like minipla/gunpla. A build it yourself micron "that's actually on a part tree", and self applied stickers and micron ports for the larger figure. Its rather genius IMO, because during armada kabaya released several micron candy toys and they was quite successful. More or less all Hasbro has to do is release add-on packs that include the minicon, stickers, and ports. Probably through blind-pack assortments, since they are already partnered with a company to do this with My Little Pony.
  14. If hasbro repaints this guy as metroplex I may buy one and call him metropoops. I would then pose it next to the far superior g1 toy that does more than sit down. XD
  15. They should had made it a mech suit... would had been cool, kinda like a new age pretender. But they should had also toned down the gimmickry and made it more pose able and transform into something more than him sitting down. :S
  16. You mean like hasbro commission machinima to make a full length movie with the various video game models? Kinda like how gamestop did for the WFC commercials? I dunno if I could stand the transformer equivalent of Bob and Steve for 3 hours XD.
  17. They still have not shipped my figure! If they don't ship it by the 8th then it is tough muffins with me resubbing. Because I just know they will pull some sort of BS of canceling my runamuck order because their POS store wouldn't let me order it at the same time when I bought drift. Not to mention I am NOT happy that they allowed someone to get into my gmail because they are incompetent lazy schmucks that cant update their damn server software every 5 years. Oh well at least now I know who "leaseweb.com:" was... Thanks FunPub! Does anyone know what someone could do with the following information? -My name, address, phone number, and alternative emails. "thanks to my google profile" -All of the sites a frequent. "who knows if they know the passwords to, again I had alot of emails" -All of my contacts emails, phone numbers for some. -Possibly pillaged picasa photos -A rather large collection of emails from the past 4-7 years. I flipping hate being hacked, its like virtual rape, and I don't enjoy it in the slightest... I agree with Cybercouncil, someone needs to flipping sue these idiots for being incompetent and being so careless with out information.
  18. Well its a delicate situation, its what I have been arguing with some people on other boards. If we outright drop funpub it will send the totally wrong message to hasbro, it will lead them to believe there is no longer a interest in botcon and a club and there is no longer a need to fund it because it is not profitable. If we are not careful we will end up with another botcon 2004, or worse, HasCon... What would probably be the best and most effective solution to this problem is to get together and voice our opinion to a Hasbro representative in a well organized and thought out way. Perhaps a petition gathered at the con that could show a higher up hasbro rep that funpub has screwed up and we fans are very unhappy with funpubs attitude, while at the same time saying that we DO still have a interest in botcon and we still do want exclusives and a club. Hasbro is really the only force that can set funpub strait. Because they hold the rights and THEY HAVE THE POWER!!!!
  19. http://www.robotkingdom.com/services/eshop/main.php?action=details&CatType=&II=TFATFCHER007&lang=us&CatID= Told you guys it wouldn't cost a whole bunch! Shame it ships in june though, id just chuck it in my other Hercules preorders and save some on shipping.
  20. Does anyone have the Infinity Warfare sets? No one ever showed what the final sword looks like...
  21. Thats good to hear, no one else has the JB-00 sets and have no plans of restocking them. Plus I dont really look forward to buying them from a ebay seller that is also selling CHMS seekers, bootleg DOTM prime trailers, and KO DIA Commanders. XD
  22. Like is it on par with bbts? Because I am thinking about finishing off my Hercules through them and getting the 4 infinity warfare sets. I know I wont get pile of loot... but I can use billmelater and just get it all at once. XD
  23. I'm not sure why this hasn't been posted already. But it appears the club will not get the online store back online until well after the registration period is over. The Club has issued a pdf file on their website that current and new subscribers can fill out and mail in to sign up for the club. For payment they will only take checks or money orders. If you live in the US the club suggests you have the letter postmarked by the 8th at the latest. If your a international member it needs to go out by THIS WEEK. Also before anyone asks... -No, they do not take paypal and have no plans to take paypal, no matter how inconvenient it is to international subscribers and members that wish to use a credit card. -No, they cannot delay the due date to subscribe. -No, they will not take suggestions on how to fix this. -Yes, the cost of membership has went up and you must use the pdf file to properly fill out your application. -Yes, they expect international customers to pay extra for a money order and rush shipping to get it to them by the due date. -Yes, FunPub considers bubble wrap to be a rare variant of gold and charges for it accordingly. The club staff has also went on to state that getting the free figure from the shop will be extremely difficult, so were faced with either sending in a check, fighting for it on the club store, paying a scalper on ebay, or just doing without. Although I dunno why since the whole point of the cuttoff is because they need a hard number to order enough figures. So why they cant order extra is beyond me. :shrug Anyways, to get to the form simply go to the clubs site and click the "join now" link in the upper right corner. The PDF should load, and all you gotta do is print it, fill it and a check out, sign the check, and mail it in. ALSO A WORD OF ADVICE! If you do not think your membership will arrive and be processed to meet the deadline on the 16th then DO NOT SEND IT IN! You see there is a interesting stipulation that your membership ends a week before the date you originally subscribed. For example I signed up on the 16th last year, but my membership ends on the 8th of this year. A whole week before the march 16th cutoff. So basically the club can screw you out of this years AND next years figure if you get signed up between the 17th and the 22md. This has apparently happened quite a bit and is a constant problem this year, what has happened is the members did not get signed up by the 16th due to store errors and ect, and made the mistake of signing up between the 17th and 22nd of last year. So now the club is telling them that their membership is not eligible for this years free figure because it ends before the 16th, despite the fact they did not get last years figure either due to them signing up after the 16th. ---------------------------------------------End of Major News--------------------------------------------- Also has anyone else seen some of the comments posted on other sites about this same subject? Its quite comical to say the least, especially since Pete is just digging a deeper hole for funpub through his mulish attitude and continuous prodding of already irate members. Needless to say this years botcon Q/A will be reaaaaaally interesting. I have a feeling Hasbro will take action over Funpubs handling of this either through a severe chewing, or by pulling the license from Funpub completely. That's just my 2 cents though.
  24. I believe these jackholes are the ones that recently pillaged my gmail account. Because I appear to have accidentally used the same password for my TFCC account and Gmail account. So I suppose the club AND their processing company was hacked, unless of course funpub thought it would be alright to just store our credit card numbers in a unencrypted file on their server. Which wouldn't surprise me considering how lazy and backwater they are with everything else they do. For example, their forum software has to be the same one they originally installed in the 90's when they first made the club website. Which is probably how the hackers got in, because anyone with common sense knows that the older software gets "especially web forum software" the more exploits are found by hackers. I'm sorry but I just cant trust these guys anymore. No I will not mail you a check, because you would just "misplace" it, and while limited, crooks can still do some sinister s*** with your account and routing number. If Funpub wants me to ever resubscribe they will offer paypal checkout, as its the only sure fire way to prevent this type of crap from happening.
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