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  1. Here it is. The final piece of the DEICIDE puzzle. The script for Issue #4 of TRANSFORMERS: DEICIDE. A celebration of Beast Wars' 20th Anniversary. A celebration of Transformers: The Movie's 30th Anniversary. A decade in the making. Read, comment, but most importantly -- enjoy.
  2. Let's keep the 20th Anniversary celebrations going! The script for Issue #3 of TRANSFORMERS: DEICIDE is now online! Of the four issues in the series, this was the most enjoyable to write. Why? It'll become obvious once you cast an eye over it, but let's just say the old team is back together... Read on, comment and enjoy!
  3. The script for Issue #2 of TRANSFORMERS: DEICIDE is now online! Read, comment and enjoy!
  4. AS THE HEAVENS RAGE, IT'S ALL OR NOTHING AS THE WAR WITHOUT END... ENDS! G'Day all, In celebration of the Beast Wars 20th Anniversary, the script for Issue #1 of TRANSFORMERS: DEICIDE is now online for your reading pleasure! If you haven't done so already, browse the outline of the story here so you can hit the ground running! I pitched this story to IDW earlier in the year. Sadly, given that IDW have their hands full with three on-going comics, the upcoming REVOLUTION event, and the fact this story isn't set in their main Transformers continuity, there's now little chance it will be brought to life. DEICIDE is the natural end-point for my larger Transversal Continuity -- the culmination of a decade's worth of writing. The story has been complete for some time now, ready for this year's Beast Wars anniversary celebrations -- but it appears both Hasbro and IDW missed the memo. Neither look likely to even acknowledge the occasion. (TakaraTomy on the other hand -- WOW!) But that doesn't mean we can't celebrate. So as you read through the scripts (those for Issues 2, 3 and 4 will be online in due course), understand that the I wrote the story to honour Beast Wars. The TV series and the toys came into my life when I was 10, and I am pleased to say they've never left. Read, comment and enjoy. - Verno.
  5. G'Day all, The Transversal Continuity is pleased to present: TransWarp: Ravage - Issue #1 Ravage finds himself without a leader, without a faction -- and without purpose. One side offers him a future, while the other has darker designs for him. Can the master of stealth weave his way through the blaster-fire and secure himself freedom at the end of the Great War? Please read, comment and enjoy! - Verno.
  6. Issue #4 of TransWarp: Csirac is now complete! And with it, Csirac's portion of the larger TransWarp saga. Summary: So it all comes down to this: Can Silverbolt protect Csirac's ever-weakening body for long enough? Can Csirac return from the very edge of existence? Can the Autobots and Maximals finally bring an end to the Great War? Find out in the final climactic issue of TransWarp: Csirac! Keen to read Csirac's story in full? Issues 1, 2, 3 and now 4 are waiting for you! Cheers, and thanks for reading! - Verno.
  7. G'Day all, As you're all aware, BotCon 2016 will have a Beast Wars theme in celebration of the 20th Anniversary. When this news first broke, my mind began to race with ideas for the convention comic. It probably comes as no surprise to any of you that it's a dream of mine to have something I've written canonised in an official Transformers comic. I contacted FunPub to see if they'd be open to me pitching them an idea for the comic. Unfortunately, they weren't. But the idea for the story wouldn't leave me alone, so I put pen to paper. The result -- Transformers: Unity It was a fun little story to put together, especially coming up with another origin story for the Tripredacus Council. The story also utilises the Predacus combiner whose toys will be released at the convention. Read, comment and enjoy! - Verno.
  8. Cal was a gentleman for taking the time out to give such a detailed account. It was a pleasure conversing with him.
  9. G'Day all, The following are the first two pages from Issue #1 of Transformers: Rise of the Maximals. In the latter stages of the Great War, a ceasefire is in effect between the Autobots and Decepticons as they try to maintain an unsteady alliance against the Cybertronian Empire. But as Autobot cargo ships traveling between Earth and Cybertron begin to come under attack from an unknown enemy, Grimlock tries to uncover the identity of the assailants - with the help of some familiar faces. At this stage, the pages exist purely as a preview. There are no plans to produce the comic in full, but if you'd like to read it, the scripts are online for you to enjoy: Issue #1 Issue #2 Issue #3
  10. G'Day all, The Transversal Continuity is pleased to present: TransWarp: Primal - Issue #1! With a last-ditch, all-or-nothing push for victory underway on the planet below, the Maximal Air Defense (MAD) Wing find themselves with a new recruit -- and quite possibly a one-way mission. Can they keep the enemy fighters off the tail of the Xelor long enough for it to carry out the first successful TransWarp test and help and the Great War? Cheers, happy reading, and feel free to comment! - Verno.
  11. G'Day all, I go by Verno on most Transformers message boards, but you might also know me as Rh1n0x from DeviantArt. 7 years ago I set out with a simple goal -- To create greater links between the Generation 1 and Beast Wars eras in Cybertronian History -- and what I've created is called: The Transversal Continuity Or just the TVC for short. Beast Wars is what first got me interested in Transformers, way back when in 1996. As I grew older and came to understand the links between Beast Wars and the Generation 1 Universe(s), I dreamed of a day when Hasbro would fill in the blanks in the story; answering the questions -- the hows and whys -- that remained unaddressed. Questions like "Where did the Maximals and Predacons actually come from?", "Why was Ravage granted amnesty?" and, of course, the big one -- "What events led to the end of the Great War?". But it soon became clear that these questions would ultimately go unanswered. This is the reason I started writing -- to answer the questions myself. The Beast Wars story didn't simply carry on from where a previous Transformers story or Universe had left off. Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio (the lead Writers of Beast Wars) crafted a backstory for the Beast Wars universe by drawing on aspects of the myriad of Transformers stories up to that point. While the G1 Cartoon/1986 Movie Universe was certainly at the core of the backstory, the G1 Marvel Comics and G2 Marvel Comics were certainly referenced in the creative process, so in order for me to fill the holes in the Beast Wars history, I too had to reference these diverse sources in what I produced -- and this is what makes the Transversal Continuity different. The word transversal means "A line that intersects many other lines", and so with this amalgamation of previous Transformers stories going into create one history of the Beast Wars universe, the word seemed perfectly suited. The first question that was dying to be answered was that of the end of the Great War and the signing of the Pax Cybertronia. For this, there came: The TransWarp Saga The story, which is set during the final climactic months of the Great War, is made up of 4 parts: TransWarp: Csirac TransWarp: Ravage TransWarp: Primal TransWarp: Maxim Each reveals a different aspect to the conflict. TransWarp: Csirac - is the story of a Maximal Scientist, Csirac, who is kidnapped by the Predacons and made to work towards their ends. Can he thwart the Predacons from the inside and help bring about the end of the War? TransWarp: Ravage - follows the fortunes of Ravage. With the Decepticons having folded after the Hub Assault, on which side will he find safety and purpose? TransWarp: Primal - is the story of the Xelor, the first TransWarp-capable ship -- a ship that can traverse both Space and Time. With the power to change history, will this force the Predacons hand into surrender? TransWarp: Maxim - tells of Maxim, a brave Maximal that fate, and Primus, has grander designs for. With the Great War now accounted for, it was time to go back and examine where the Maximal Faction actually began. For this: Transformers: Rise of the Maximals Set towards the latter stages of the Great War, a ceasefire is in effect between the Autobots and Decepticons as they try to maintain an unsteady alliance against the Cybertronian Empire. But as Autobot cargo ships traveling between Earth and Cybertron begin to come under attack from an unknown enemy, Grimlock tries to uncover the identity of the assailants -- with the help of some familiar faces. The TVC Universe drew not only from the G2 Comics (with the involvement of the Cybertronian Empire and the Swarm) but also of Furman's Alignment story. Though not officially recognised as canon, aspects of the story were perfectly suited to continue on in the TVC -- namely the death of Megatron at the hands of the Liege Maximo. But what happens to the Decepticons without Megatron? Transformers: Con You think G1 Megatron left the message on the Golden Disk? Think again... With the major history covered, it was time to focus in on specific characters from the Beast Wars themselves, and in doing so, reveal more of contemporary Cybertronian society -- a society divided under the Pax Cybertronia, and no story demonstrated the divide better than: Transformers: Honour In essence, it is an origin story for Dinobot, but it also reveals the truly dire situation the Predacons find themselves in on a 'peaceful' Cybertron in the years following the Great War. To follow on the Spotlight nature of the stories, next came: Transformers: X X, as in Protoform X -- I needn't say anymore. I'd love for some new readers to cast an eye across some (or all (if you've got the time)) of the stories. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions that might spring to mind whilst you're reading. As I said earlier, this is 7 years worth of work (and this isn't all that the TVC has to offer). Stories such as Honour and X remain unfinished at this point. All the details are locked away in my head, but I promise I'll put pen to paper one day and exorcise them. There are also new titles to be added to the TVC family in the coming months, so stay tuned. Cheers, and happy reading! - Verno.
  12. G'Day, I'm Verno, or you may know me as Rh1n0x from DeviantArt. I'm the creator of the Transversal Continuity (or the TVC for short), which is an online Collaborative Project producing Transformers Comics and stories, much along the same lines at the Transformers: The Lost Seasons and Seeds of Deception projects. The TVC has thus far produced one full 28-Page Issue: TransWarp: Csirac - Issue #1 With Issue #1 complete, we move on to Issue #2 (and eventually #3 and culminating in #4) but the problem as always is finding Artists to volunteer their time and energies to bring the Comic to life. Over 30 Artists helped in bringing Issue #1 to life, and some of them are returning to help out with Issue #2, but not all, which is why I'm now on the hunt for more Line Artists and Colourists to help produce the series. Have a browse of Issue #1 of Csirac (the scripts for Issues #2-4 are online if you get right into it) and if you're free and willing to donate your skills, please get in touch either here on on DA! Cheers, I hope to hear from you soon. - Verno.
  13. Issue #1 is now COMPLETE! Click the Cover in the 1st Post to read it in its entirety! Enjoy!
  14. For those of you who have read my work, whom I've spoken to, had dealings with or perhaps Collaborated with, you'll know I've been attempting to adapt a story of mine into a full-blown Comic series with the assistance of Artists from all over the world. If you weren't aware of my endeavor, you now are! I have the pleasure to present Issue #1 of TransWarp: Csirac! Click the Cover Image above to read the full Issue! No fewer than 30 Artists have helped with the creation of this single Issue alone, and the Csirac story is a 4-parter, so there is plenty of Pages still to be done! Have a read, feel free to comment as I'd love to hear your thoughts on the story thus far! Enjoy! - Verno.
  15. G'Day,

    Are you still selling Beast Wars Parts? If so, shoot me a PM, I'm after quite a few.



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