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  1. Hello, Have not been on here in awhile. I am still collecting, quite heavily so actually but I just have not been logging in much time in the foums. In any case, I was fiddling with my Kenzan today and I noticed that alltough all the Kenzan sounds/lights wer working, the others were not. I was a tad annoyed as the sounds are what make these guys cool. Seeing how Kenzan's Chestplate is only held in place with 4 screws I decided to take a look. I soon saw that the pegs that are inserted into the chest press against two tiny pieces (seen in the middle just above the load of wires) and one was slightly warped. As I tried to adjust it the part snapped off and now I cannot find it. (I know I should be doing stuff like this above a desk but saldy the only desk that I have has Transformers on it.) Even if I find it (I gave up looking because I know I will find it when I am not looking) I am not sure if this can be reattached. So I thought I should ask anyone if they have experience with fixing stuff like this and if this is fixable. If not, does anyone know if it is possible to contact Taktomy for a replacement part. And for people who do not yet have this problem, I thought I should mention that this is a weak point in the design and that it can cause problems. So keep an eye out. Thanks in adcance for replying.
  2. I would haveve thought that this is a pre-arranged contract and he had to do the full series. To quit now is really dissapointing. I mean, the series is up to #90 so it is wrapping up. They restart the series and get the original writer and artist back which is impressive. And to be honest, I love the artwork for this series as it is awesome. Guidio Guidi should replace him or perhaps they could bring back Geoff Senior. Guido does excellent work emulating the style of the Marvel comics and I would love to have him on art. Geoff is also a fan favorite and a G1 veteran so he would be a good second choice. But when Andrew leaves (as much as I love the art work) I think it should be permanent. I mean poor Guido has been relegated to doing covers or a few pages in an annual for several years now. I think he deserves to be the main artist on a Transformers title and if he (or anyone else) lands the job he should get to keep it untill issue #100. It would be terribly unfair for him to have to sod off because someone whom left for another job happens to come back. You want to leave, fine but then leave and do not come back. And I love Andy's work, I really do. But if you do something it has got to be all they way.
  3. Only got the ones I saw in the stores here. Bumblebee and Optimus are nice and the others are cool too.
  4. Hello Goktimus, Great set of rules. Just wondering, I am nearing #$2000 in my collection but I do have a question. Do the Stealth Force figures counts They have more transformation than certain figures (especially Alpha Quintesson- I was surprised that he counts) so I was wondering about that. Personally I do not count doubles as one could buy a ton of cheap figures double or triple to bulk up a collection. I do have a few figures double. For example, the Micromaster Constructor Squad which I have MOCS and loose. (I got the first one first and decided to keep it like that.) MOSC figures that I only have packaged and not loose I do count. But that is for each person to decide for themselves. I just wanted to know if the Stealth Force figures count.
  5. Where can I find those rules? It is difficult to get a consensus on this and Hasbro/Tomy do not make it easier either. Targetmaster partners would not count but Mini-Cons do. However, the PCC Mini-Cons are more like Targetmasters because they lack a vehicle mode.
  6. Currently I am nearing the 2000th Transformer in my collection and I have already decided that this would be Fortress Maximus. :tfgrin At the moment I still about about 40 figures before I reach that milestone though. With that in mind I have been wondering about something. Do the Stealth Force figures count as Transformers. And I do not mean the RPM cars. I got two of those with the DS games of Dark Of The Moon and they are just toy cars with a picture of a Transformer on the bottom and poorly painted at that. As freebies with the games I like them but I would never buy them loose. The same goes for the Bumblebee car that I got with the Dark Of The Moon Stealth Force game on Wii. http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Image:SpeedStars_StealthForce_MiniChangers_Bumblebee%26SentinelPrime.jpg (The above picture shows a slight variation of mine.) On this, the doors just open and that is all. However the other Stealth Force figures and I bought a few as they were on sale here are very nice. I have Bumblebee and though he seems to be missing a few phrases (damm this international release) he is impreessive. The weapons fold out slowly and there is a lot going on. Same for the deluxe size cars and even a small motorcycle like really had a lot going on. It does not transform into a robot, true, but he does transform into a battle mode. And in the past there have been Transformers that border on being Transformers. The Action Masters do not transform, only their partners so and some very simplisctically. The Jumpstarters only fold up, nothing more. And the Beast Wars Mutants lack a robot mode alltogether but they still count. I have the Animated Bumper Battlers and they are no less complicated than a Throttlebot. They transform so to me they count as Transformers. I do not count large non Transforming figures such as this one http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Image:CyberSpeedBumblebee_toy.JPG or the Robot Heroes figures of which I picked up a few dirt cheap. The Stealth Force line is something different and I like it for that and I think there is so much going on with these guys that I just have to ask, do they count as Transformers?
  7. Not to be a bitch here but I find it funny that you "complain" about a Voyager costing $25 or a deluxe costing $15. A Voyager kosts 36 Euro here which is $45! And the new Generations deluxes will cost around 25 Euro. I would kill (well, almost) to be able to pay 15 Euro for a deluxe. A $15 deluxe should be around 12 Euro so less but we actually pay more than the US price.
  8. When I was a kid I did not really understand English so that whole episode was pretty odd to me but it is indeed an interesting concept. Shows rarely show the viewpoint of the other side. I mean, Star Trek does not have an episode from the Klingon's point of view. They have shows on Klingon ships but then that is a Klingon centered episode. The I.K.S. Gorkon/Klingon Empire books do offer this viewpoint. But it was an interesting episode when I bought the whole series years back and watched them all. In all Season 3 was dissapointing but it had some good episodes and when I was a kid I would wish for those simply because the first 2 seasons were repeated ad naseum and I wanted to see something different. :P
  9. That was very good moment as well. Prowl saves his mentor using a protoform but Yoketron tell his not to sacrifice the future for the past. He must have missed Optimus Primal telling everyone that the seeds of the future lie buried in the past.
  10. After the crap ending of Transformers Prime's season finale and the subsequent discussion I got the idea to start this topic. I loved Transformers Animated as it was a great show and I was disheartened when it cancelled. The feeling got worse as Transformers Prime did not really start off well. A Megatron that had teeth and looked more like an old man, Optimus with eyebrows and (again!) a Bumblebee that could not speak. I did not care for it. I did love Bulkhead but that was about it. Gave it a fair chance and I ended up loving it. Right up to season 2's finale. How I am aching for Transformers Animated again. Season 4 had a lot of promise. I agree, the show was not perfect but one storyline will always be etched into my heart and mind as emotional, compelling and bluntfully honest. There are a few scenes that all Transformers fans know and love. The firt is of course the Optimus Prime, Megatron fight from the movie and Optimus' death thereafter. The second is Dinobot's sacrifice in Code Of Hero. It was an incredibly dark scene for a children's cartoon but they pulled it off. And even though Animated was even kid-friendlier or "kiddier" than most Transfomers show they did manage to pull off a "Code Of Hero" of their own. I am talking about the scenes between Ratchet and Omega Supreme. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfuKIey3a5U&list=HL1352242564&feature=mh_lolz Ultra Magnus clearly sees Omega as nothing more than a weapon to be used (which upsets Ratchet) and to this he even limits the giants intelligence. Ratchet actually makes it clear he does not like that idea at all which I found impressive. He still goes along as he has no choice but rather than to make Omega his dependant, Ratchet announces himself as Omega's friend. The next scene shows Ratchet entering Omega Supreme whom is badly damage. Omega then talks about Ratchet teaching him to protect like an Autobot but he laments that all he did was destroy like a Decepticon. Ratchet can only reply "We do what we must, even if it does not make sense." To which Omega comments "I do not understand." As Ratchet puts his friend in stasis his last words to Omega are "I am not sure I do either." This scene really left an impression on me and as far as I am concerned it is one of the best scenes in Transformers history. What do you think? And if you have a scene that really touched you, what is it?
  11. Wow, never thought it would happen. It will cost me an arm and a leg but I am going to buy him even if I already own Fortesss Brave.
  12. The 5-part premiere was ok but they should have stopped there. It is all pretty damm mediocre and to think they cancelled Animated for this makes me dislike it even more.
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