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  1. Granted. However, Predaking is the one Decepticon combiner that is capable of truly utilizing the full potential of a combiner in an assault context. Omega Supreme is not invulnerable. He is slow of foot and slow to utilize his considerable weapons. He is also not particularly bright or imaginative. If there were one Decepticon that could defeat Omega Supreme in battle (and there are a handful that could, BTW), Predaking would be at the top of the list.
  2. Now who's being cold, dude? You think the Combaticons have any power bottoms on their roster? Is Vortex an otter? BTW: The Stunticons and Menasor always did it for me. This is a case where the individual bots where just as cool-if not cooler-than their gestalt form. The Stunticons were, bot for bot, pretty hard to beat.
  3. Excellent. I will need a replacement for my old one, so this is great news. Wished Crosshairs and Lockdown had one coming as well, but what the hey.
  4. Amen to that. I had a little bit of hope after DOTM, but this...this is no good. AoE ran in the same putrid race as ROTF. Terrible. I watched the movie with a 12 year old who just picked the movie apart scene by scene (reminded me of myself)...and unlike me he actually WANTED TO SEE THE MOVIE.
  5. Galvs and Megs are one and the same being. It was only his exposure to the plasma bath on Thrull that hopelessly damaged his mind and produced the insane, unstable being that Galvatron was portrayed as in the G1 cartoon series. If the Decepticons treated the two as if they were different, it was most likely because they were not truly loyal to him to begin with. Galvs carries a particle accelerator on hi right arm, and it was portrayed as being much more powerful than Megs fusion cannon, capable of destroying worlds if the script called for it. I prefer to think that Megs was simply elevated, not that he ceased to exist in the reformatting process.
  6. Omega Supreme is extremely beatable in that he was resoundingly defeated* by Buzzsaw in the original comic series. (*by defeated, I mean written out of the series...via cannon-blasts to the clavicle and chin.) Omega might have the gimmicks, but Predaking has a cooler name, eagle wings on his back, a particle beam cannon the size of a tractor trailer on his right arm and the heads of a rhino and a cape buffalo on his kneecaps. He also has a couple of cool toys that were released by TF Prime not so very long ago. Predaking wins.
  7. I'd need a guy who was cool under pressure, would not panic, and not shoot me in the back by accident. I would also need a bot who did not talk like Scatman Crothers or who was noticeably foppish, or at least not so pathologically insane that my own life would be in danger...and last but not least: I would prefer that that bot not have been cannon-blasted into oblivion by Buzzsaw at some point. That shortens the list quite a bit, and that leaves me with...G1 Brawn or Springer. Macho wins. You couldn't go wrong with either one of those guys.
  8. I took a hiatus from all things transformers for nearly two years, but I recently re-connected with all my Animated toys and DVDs and both volumes of The AllSpark Almanac, so I am in full reminisce mode. Thank you for this post. I agree with most of what you stated, and what I did not necessarily agree with...well, I can't argue against it. RIP, Animated.
  9. Couldn't have (possibly) said it better myself, and I've been saying it for years. No one gives a flying f**k about your heroes or your movie if your villains are about as effective as an army of Clay Aikens. The Autobots were never in any danger at all and came across as the Mongol hordes running roughshod over the city of Skokie. The biggest sin of the series was making Megatron an unadulterated, simpering, weakened vagina. To this day, I can't imagine why he was portrayed in this fashion. In DOTM, Megs was channelling G1 Scavenger. This should never happen. Ever.
  10. I like that there are more Decepticon combiners than Autobot Combiners, I always felt that the Autobots should seem as though they are outnumbered and darn near overwhelmed, always hated that there are more Autobot toys than Decepticons in every line, that's part of the reason I'm adding Gobot characters into my Neo-G1 lineup, mostly as extensions of Dr. Arkeville, even the Guardians. Yeah, that's how I always felt. It always felt like the Decepticons were "cheating" when they used Combiner teams. Sidenote: not to derail the thread, But I always wished Hasbro would have brought back the Gobots in the CHUG line somehow, since they own the brand anyways. I would have loved to see an officially updated Cy-Kill. I'd have flipped out for Tux,Crasher and Bad Boy as well. What's strange is not that the 'Cons had more combiners of every sort than the Autobots--what's odd is that the Autobot combiner squads were across the board more effective than their Decepticon counterparts. The Aerialbots/Superion, Protectobots/Defensor and Technobots/Computron were more heavily armed and bot-for-bot more intelligent and skilled than either the Combaticons, Stunticons, Constructicons, Seacons or Terrorcons. The closest the 'Cons got to matching them was with the Predacons/Predaking. Would've loved to have seen a Decepticon combiner that from an intelligence, strength and firepower standpoint that would have been the equal and more of the Autobot combiner squads.
  11. Have you seen the mass changes in Transformers Prime? There's no way a motorcycle decompresses to that much mass the way Arcee does. Granted it's not as bad as G1 Megatron shifting but there are definite mass changes in TF Prime. Transformers Prime has elements from Bayverse. Bayverse doesn't use mass shifting. What they do; however, is complex sliding and shifting of components to make them smaller. It's feasible enough. That is not necessarily true, I wouldn't say bayverse. Bayverse is more conclusive and irrelevant Please do explain? Anybody who has seen a Michael Bay/ Steven Spielberg movie can see the ideas from those said movies were used in Transformers Prime. Anybody who knows anything about those movies knows that Bay didn't like mass shifting, therefore used a complex process of shifting and folding pieces during transformation. Optimus Prime's first Transformation in the first movie is a perfect example. Blackout's transformation is another. Sure, the transformations aren't that complex in Prime, but what do you expect from an animated show? No, this fact is very relevant. Not to jump in on somebody elses' conversation, but here goes: the Cybertronians in the Bayverse do not transform so much as they actually morph. IMHO, as much as I universally adore the designs of all the mech in the movies (except for some of the more traditionally accepted "organic" indulgences extended to some of the 'bots), the Bayverse does cheat. A lot. Bay & Co. state that they don't utilize mass-shifting of any level with their designs, and I'll take them at their word. But parts are clearly warping and deforming and bending and undergoing quite a bit of physical transmogrification and are able to reverse this over and over again. So, they are not transforming. They are full-blown metamorph shape-shifters. Which I don't mind at all, don't get me wrong. It's just not the traditional "this section of the vehicle or device becomes the body part of this robot" scenario we'd generally see outside of the Bayverse. In the Bayverse, the vehicle/device is the functional equivalent of a robe that shifts and morphs to fit over the robotic endoskeleton. I still think the Animated iteration of Omega featured the best alt mode. He could serve the function of being the Autobots last line of defense just as well--if not even better--from orbit, as seen in the G1 bio for Blast Off. He's just monitor the whereabouts of all their enemies and pick them off while in orbit, or something to that effect. This would probably even make him seem more fearsome. A fortress of some sort would still be cool, but the spaceship configuration is more versatile, imo.
  12. I can't speak for Rumble, but I did pick up Kup on a lark and your assessment of the figure is spot on. I am going to immediately do an Ironhide repaint stat. Finally got my MP Sideswipe just yesterday and...oh my. Oh my. Oh. My. Removing him from the box to behold him in all his Countach glory may very well be the equivalent of having Jessica Biel forcibly require your manhood.
  13. Oh man. I thought I had crossed over, reborn and reaching a new plateau of tolerance and acceptance for all things Bay--even Richard Bey, for that matter... ...but Mr. Mike seems bound and determined to stoke the long-extinguished flames of Bay Hate that I still have in my fannypack. He's still the devil, he's still evil and his inspiration seems less like inspiration and more like a 10-year old seeing a bottle of Anusol on the shelf for the first time. He's in the Gary Busey stage of his career, and he fears anything at all?
  14. No, no!! G1 Omega had a very good story. For starters, he was a Guardian robot, but the fact that they didn't explain why he was the only one that was sentient and a different color was very mysterious. Even Optimus respomded to him surprised by saying "You were a guardian robot?!" Although Omega was supposed to just come in and decimate everyone, this didn't always happen. Case in point: The Golden Lagoon episode. They took down Omega like it was nothing. Other examples: How many times did Omega sit on the sideline because he didn't have enough power. What about the episode where he got damaged on Cybertron and exploded upon his return to Earth? He wasn't all powerful in the G1 continuity. You also mention his multi components. Well, technically Omega Supreme is ONE individual. Back in the eighties, I'm sure no one thought about having Omega transform realistically like Bay's movie version of Devastator. That's the way Omega should have transformed in G1. We got the magic levatating and floating pieces that join together. Ibises to say it was some kind of magnetic field he used to draw his parts together. But Omega Supreme's transformation in G1 was no fldifferent than Megatron being a 50 foot robot that can transform into a gun that another 50 foot tall robot could hold, and then transform again so that a 6 foot tall human could hold him. So, no I have nothing against the Animated Omega Supreme. I just didn't enjoy him as well as the G1 Omega. Ah, see, but that's where we differ. G1 really had no direction for the character other than to move those toys, so his characterization was minimal at best and his utilization was inconsistent. Generally, his arrival signalled the end of the conflict or Skyfire was in his cups and unable to transport anyone aywhere. If nothing else, Animated found a way for Omega to be in practically every episode and still allow for conflict between the main and subordinate antagonists and protagonists--which I thought was just short of genius, as realistically, Animated Omega's function was the same as G1's Omega and he could have realistically ended the conflict on Earth all by himself in short order. The thing about G1 is that it was, in many ways, slipshod. They were just starting off creating what we now view as canon, and could not have known that nearly 30 years after the fact, some of us really do want to know how Omega's mind organized itself between his 3 components. I've always just assumed that Omega's mind was literally just pared down to the bare essence where there was essentially no personality and this was just divided up between the 3 main units and a measure of sentience was maintained but never truly maximized until all 3 units joined together.I figured this was his new reality after the ordeal with the Robo-Smasher, where he actually had a distinct personality beforehand and no clear alternate mode--if any at all. The show just never explained it. Actually, I don't recall it ever being explained anywhere. If I'm wrong, please correct me and point me in the right direction. It would be nice to see a continuity really examine the character in an in-depth fashion. I'm partial (of course) to the Animated version of the character, but any take on the character that is new and fresh would be fine by me. Also: the idea of mass-shifting. See, I view Cybertronians in any iteration of the fiction as metamorphs, and the ability to mass-shift would be a conceivable part of that. It would be the ultimate form of disguise, as your enemy could be anywhere and anything. I love that, and I've always viewed it as canon. It's why I never complained when TFP Arcee or TFA Prowl and Bumblebee would draw upon mass from Hammerspace and be a lot larger than their alt modes would suggest. In any event, however: :beer Also, Nguyen_Dragon: I would have killed for a 4th season. I've found myself withdrawing completely from my Classics and Bayverse toys and most of the Prime stuff and I've concentrated almost totally on the TFA figures. I can't put down the Dinobots. I'm re-watching the episodes and I'm re-reading volumes 1 and II of the AllSpark Almanac and I find myself crying that one little tear that that Indian on horseback used to when he saw people littering. To each their own, and all respect to those that do not care for the Animated universe or aestetic or both, but: to me, Animated was the single best iteration of the TF multiverse. It is my own personal G1 (I know that that's blasphemy, but what the hey) and I miss the hell out of it terribly.
  15. There are so many great moments spread throughout each aspect of the TF continuum: the final battle between Sentinel Prime and Optimus in DOTM; the aforementioned Animated moment as well as Prowl sacrificing his spark to conclude "Endgame." There were some BW and TFP moments that were utterly amazing to behold and yet, two of my very favorite moments came in the singularly disappointing S3 of the original G1 cartoon: 2): the entire opening sequence of "Call of The Primitives" was absolutely amazing to me, especially since it was a TF moment that did not actually involve a TF. 1) The conclusion of "Webworld." TF shows did not regularly (as in at all) have an episode literally presented entirely from the Decepticon POV. I'll ignore the hopelessly lame Torkulons because this episode presented awesome interplay between Cyclonus and Galvatron that really set a standard for Decepticon interplay within any aspect of the TF universe. The complexity of Cyclonus' level of loyalty to Galvatron was at its apex in this episode, and Galvatrons' cult of personality was never equalled in any other episode (took on and destroyed an entire planet with his bare hands). This episode literally made my 2nd and 3rd favorite 'Cons in the TF universe.
  16. The Animated version of Omega's alternate mode is, IMHO, vastly superior to the G1 version. Animated Omega's alternate form tied together or helped tie together a series of running storylines in the Animated continuity. It served a purpose and was plausible given both the context it was presented in and the fashion in which it was executed. And yes, a toy would have been manna from heaven. G1 Omega was a mess to me. For starters, it was never established how he interacted between effectively having his consiousness spread out over 3 distinct and complex components. It was established with Optimus (with 2 components that were not too terribly complex) and with Fortress Maximus and Metroplex, with much more complex components than either Optimus or Omega. Either way, G1 didn't explain any of it and I thusly never cared all that much about the character. His bio was cool, but that was about it. I did not care for the toy, his character or the fact that the battle was effectively over the moment Omega showed his face. Besides, for the most part, the character was only there to replace Skyfire as the Autobots transport--which is the role Omega consistently performed. Skyfire was, to me at least, a much more interesting character, so this was a case of subtraction by addition. Omega Supreme was, along with Ratchet and Optimus Prime, one of a handful of G1 characters that I utterly hated (I cheered when Ratchet bought in in TFTM, and not just because "Instruments of Destruction" is a kickass song)that the Animated continuity made me love. Animated found a way to make the character relevent, utterly all-powerful and still critically limited in certain aspects. I like the fact that Animated established that any one of the main Decepticons--from Blitzwing to Megs--could actually offline any one of the Omega Sentinels. That little detail helped put over the 'Cons and help add a little tension when Omega Supreme showed up. The skirmish was not necessarily over just because he had now entered the battle.
  17. Managed to find a RiD Starscream voyager. Initally wasn't going to get him, but I'm VERY happy that I eventually picked him up.
  18. Just got TFP RiD Knock Out today. Pretty good figure overall, just loose in the upper body (the tabs for the front headlights don't tab in well in base mode); the head is a little restricted articulation-wise, even though its on a ball joint, and to get the arms to not look quite so funky, you have to completely disregard the instructions--but doing so compromises a little articulation at the elbow joint. With that said, Knock Out looks good, almost really good--not great, and he's got a wiked looking staff/spear weapon. I'd give it a 7.5 overall, making it probably the weakest TFP RiD figure thus far released. I'm pretty damn happy with the toy, though.
  19. Just got the TFPRime FE Starscream DLX. And I have to say: what the TFPrime Decepticon toys lack in volume, they make up for in substance. The Megatron Powerizer is one of the best voyagers I've ever seen (in bot mode, anyway); PRid Soundwave is absolutely glorious...and Screamer takes the cake. The whole cake. One of the best DLX figures in recent memory.
  20. Target in Lancaster had 1 PRid Arcee and 1 PRid Ratchet.
  21. I most recently came into PRID Soundwave, Wheeljack, Cliffjumper and the Powerizers Optimus Prime and Megatron. I'd have to say that I am excessively impressed by all these toys...the only disappointments are Megatrons's half-assed alternate mode (not so bad when viewed from above, but viewed from the bottom and sides...this is a complete disaster) and Cliffs unworkable arms. The Optimus Powerizer is so perfect that I completely ignore his back kibble and his gun, which might actually look decent when I paint it and glue it into place. The only thing about the Powerizer voyagers is the complete lack of paint detail. I had Megatron for a day and a half before I had to repaint him completely; Optimus didn't make it 24 hours before I had to start on him. So, I like the Powerizers...but at that price point and being so lacking in painted detail,I don't know if I could fully recommend them. This must be said, however: I am fascinated and amazed by Optimus' transformation; both how well-engineered it is and how well everything fits together. The PRid deluxes (Revealers?) are another story altogether. Soundwave is utterly perfect in all ways, in all things, and his transformation is so simple and yet deceptively complex and completely intuitive. It's a work of art. Wheeljack isn't far behind--I just wish the toy had a bit more arm articulation (to be fair, the toys is only missing a swivel joint in the bicep, but that joint would work wonders and would have made this toy perfect IMO). The transformation is just as amazing and intuitive as that of Soundwave and as clever as Optimus.' Cliff would be perfect if not for his ridiculous arms, but the rest of the toy is so cool that I try my best to ignore it...especially since I have no plans to overspend to acquire the FE figure. That is reserved for Starscream. Cliffs' alternate mode is the toy equivalent of "When the Levee Breaks," or the whole Houses of the Holy album. I couldn't find fault with it if I tried, or someone paid me a lot of money to do so.
  22. The KMart in Tehachapi has (HAD) 1 HA Roadbuster, 5 DLX Laserbeaks, an endcap full of the Fireburst Prime voyager redeco and Voyager Sentinel Prime, and 4 LC Ironhides.
  23. Just pulled Battle Ops Bumblebee. I HATE THIS TOY. The molded detailing is awesome, and I love the way this mold addresses the yellow hip panels, but other than that: FAIL. This toy sucks like there is no f'ing tomorrow. Battle BLADE 'Bee owns this toy. The TFA 'Bee ACTIVATOR owns this toy. The right arm is a fail, I thought the head was articulated, but it's not, the electronic gimmicks are annoying and they get in the way, the executtion of the legs is off, the kibble--even though it is essentially the same as on HA'Bee--is just in the way on BOP 'Bee, and the door was broken on mine right out of the box, so I have a built in excuse to take this toy back and get my money back. BOP 'Bee is the David Heavener of TF toys. I can't believe so many people like this toy. I just don't understand it.
  24. OH HO HO HOOOOOOOOOO!!! I received MP Rodimus Prime yesterday, and actually handled him today. I haven't transformed him yet, but so far I'm loving it.
  25. I just came into HFTD Hailstorm and RTS Mindset yesterday, and I am impressed. These are just plain nice little toys. Lovely sculpted details (can't wait to apply some paint to them), killer alt modes, stocky-looking base modes and both modes are armed to the teeth. What more can you ask for?*** I just pretend that Mindset has kept in lock-step with his G2 roots and is a Decepticon. And they fit perfectly well with the Bayverse or the WFC/Generations figures. (***in the review for Hailstorm, Blitzwing pointed out that, essentially, these two are a size-class too small, and I am in full agreeance. It would have been nice to see these two as Voyager-class figures)
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