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  1. Hi, I'm new to collecting the TAKARA versions of figures, and now that I finally have spare money to afford TAV18 Drift, and TAV21 Optimus Prime, I can't find them for anything less than a 15-30 dollar markup. SO, my question is, given that these figures have been out for two months, are those the only prices I'm going to find from here on out? Or if I wait, will some of the shops who have them listed for a more reasonable markup *probably* get more in eventually? Again, I'm new to collecting the Takara version of the toys, and I'm am gravely concerned by how hard it is proving to find these toys suddenly at the shops I actually frequent, and FURTHER concerned by the *very* vague answers I've gotten from the shops that *have* responded to my emails about what the deal with them is. So yes, um... please help. Any advice or guidance from a TAKARA collecting veteran would be appreciated. EDIT: Erm... I may have posted this thread in the wrong forum... >_>"
  2. On top of all the really great looking molds here, I'm really glad to see them making a female character without a clear homage or tie-in to another series . That's a major step forward if it actually becomes a thing they do semi-regularly. ...Although, when you figure in the fact that they've never done a proper G1 homage to Arcee, or any of several female characters that are (fairly?) well established, it could start to look a little frustrating. I'm just going to not think about it and hope that the Generations Arcee/Chromia announcements are legit and preferably awesome.
  3. Wait... Generations Arcee is a thing? For real this time? Man I've been out of the game for too long!
  4. I like it if the price is right. Like the build and style... gets points for not being a Motorcycle. I don't know when they decided Arcee has to be a Motorcycle all the friggin' time, (Energon, I know) but it's time for a break from that. Oh and uh... apparently after years of absence, I have returned to these hallowed forums. Wheeee.
  5. I feel guilty that I didn't follow my "Read the whole thread rule" I usually follow but I just gotta say it: Prime isn't bad. But.... Prime isn't fantastic either. In fact I would go so far as to say that the most fantastic thing about it is how fantastically bland it is. The writing is almost but NOT QUITE clever... Characters NEVER stray from their Archetype, and Prime seems to only be around to provide epic speeches and moral compass. The show recycles models to a ridiculous degree, and seems determined to hit EVERY cliche they can dredge up without doing ANYTHING to change it beyond adding robots to it. Like... an Episode where Prime gets sick and they have to race for a cure? Seriously? How many hundred THOUSAND times has THAT been done? Bleh. ANYWHO... sorry for the rant? But I just had to get it out. All in all, I'd RATHER see it improve than see it canned, but if they don't add a spark to it soon, I'm going to lose complete interest. :/
  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes dude! :D

  7. Whoo! Got my Box of Animated figures in the mail from Breaker! You Rock DUDE!

    1. Breaker


      Lol, thank you. Sorry about Samurai Prowl. He'll be coming shortly.

  8. anybody ever just wanna... meet a scalper so you could punch 'em in the face?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Th 4RL deal

      Th 4RL deal

      Wait, you scratched his car with your keys, or your keys got scratched by his car?

    3. Grimlock-imus Prime

      Grimlock-imus Prime

      Err.....whichever one doesn't get me in trouble with the law ^^"

    4. destronger
  9. Had some Kerosene spilled in the house this morning, the whole place reeks. I"m begginning to think it's making me high. @_@

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    2. Grimlock-imus Prime

      Grimlock-imus Prime

      Next thing you know you're waking up in New Mexico with nothing but a poncho, three jelly beans and a burro....maybe I should get some fresh air >.>

    3. Megatronus


      Is that what happened to DOTM megs? He's got the poncho...

    4. Grimlock-imus Prime

      Grimlock-imus Prime

      He's got the poncho alright, but I think Ravage ate his jelly beans >.>

  10. Snowed in myself! And going slowly crazy @_@... or maybe just sane :p

  11. Wants more money, but then don't we all? ;p

  12. Grimlock Love Stories!

    1. Hip-Hoptimus Rime

      Hip-Hoptimus Rime

      Love stories featuring Grimlock? Ouchy.

  13. What's on your mind?Waaaah... the Animated Rodimus I bought Thursday is defective! And now TRU.com and my local store are all sold out!

  14. What do you mean it's a new year?... :P

  15. What's on your mind?Bleh... Submitted art for an online art contest, only to have it vanish from the submissions page. Currently waiting for some kind of word on why from site mods.

  16. Since you asked, my avatar is actually a custom design. ;)

  17. 2 things: I got a new avatar! And Happy THANKSGIVING!

    1. TheTfboy


      Thanks, but I can't tell what your Avatar is. Blurr Maybe? :D

  18. Transformers News seems to be kinda slow lately... :/ Other than that my career as a comic artist is still more nonexistent than I'd like it to be...

  19. Is discovering the joys and frustrations of Voyager Animated Starscream. Orange Light piping? In the MOUTH? And why doesn't his waist tab in or something? (oh hey.. he can chin-stroke...)

  20. is sick, Sick, SICK...XP

  21. Am considering Changing my Display Name... Good idea or bad?

  22. Ugh... Hates Computer problems

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