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  1. Oh man, seeing these are killing me as the aerialbots were my favorite combiner as a kid. I need to find a job...FAST!!!
  2. Ever since I was a kid, the Aerialbots have always been my favorite G1 combiner; both in the cartoon and the toys. Just the ideas of jets transforming to robots and then to a super-robot always fascinated me. I even owned Airraid as a kid. Well being 37 now, the idea still excites me just like it did when I was 11 years old. Granted, I do not currently own a G1 Superion today as the mold has not aged well at all; however, this new 3rd party set looks to finally give the G1 Superion the justice that it deserves from the silhouette pictures shown. For that, I am super-excited for this figure even if each figure is going to cost 100 dollars each. I will own this set. I can't wait. Question though: for those who have purchased the Not-Devastator set from this 3rd party company, how is the quality of the figures? Are we talking Hasbro/Takara quality or knock-off quality? If these figures are of cheap quality plastic and bad paint jobs, then maybe I will relegate myself just to the pics of the figures online instead of actually purchasing them. :redface
  3. These 2 guys look so cool. I wish I could afford them as I had both original Runamuck and Runabout when I was a kid. Such good memories.
  4. Nostalgia rules here, so I gotta go with the 1984 G1 Starscream is my favorite figure/character. I remember sitting in the playground during recess playing with him for the first time that belonged to a friend of mine at the time. I was so transfixed by him and the mold, I wanted him so bad but never got him. I also loved him in the G1 cartoons too.
  5. When I first got into collecting back in 1998'ish, I spent $500 on a MISB G1 Jazz off of Ebay. I think that was my most expensive figure I bought. I sold him 6 months later, once the "newness" of owning him wore off, for $250. :redface Heck, I used to collect a lot of MISB and MIB G1 figures back then, but after a year of it I lost interest as I was running out of room to store it all and it was super-expensive back then compared to now. 2 others really NICE G1 figures that I recall buying and the price I paid on them are a MISB Smokescreen for $250 dollars and a MISB Optimus Prime for $300 dollars (I bought him at Botcon 1998 when it was in Anahiem, CA.). However, again, I sold those 2 figures, once the "newness" wore off and made my money back and then some on Ebay. Needless to say, I don't collect MISB or MIB G1 figures anymore. Heck, I barely collect figures now as I am getting to old for it and would be ashamed if someone (e.g., girl I was dating) were to walk in my home and see them. I still like to visit Transformer websites though. :D
  6. I learned not to use Super Glue on G1 Transformers after I accidentally tried to tighten up Grimlock's chest wings with some and they broke off after trying to move them since they weren't moving. $50 dollars down the drain. I ended up buying a new G1 Grimlock for 40 dollars and this time didn't touch his chest wings. Will never make that mistake of using Super Glue on a G1 figure again. I heard tacky glue is better since it doesn't dry hard like Super Glue does.
  7. G1 Dinobot Grimlock. I now have 3 out of 5 Dinobots. I am taking a Dinobot break though and will probably either get Soundwave or Mirage next. I will get Snarl and Swoop later. :)
  8. Cool. Thanks for the url link. Apparently, after looking over his FAQ, he no longer makes boxes anymore, just the bubbles. Oh well.
  9. Just wondering if anyone knew of any sites that sell custom G1 Transformer boxes and packaging and are legit too; preferablly in the United States. My brother is interested in the packaging for a few loose G1 figures he has, and I told him I'd do some research into it since I am more of a Transformer collector than he is. I don't know if asking this is against T.O.S., so I apologize in advance. If not, any help would be appreciated. Much thanks. :D
  10. G1 Dinobot Sludge My first G1 Transformer for my new G1 collection. Woot! :mwahaha
  11. waiting for the Gi Joe Retaliation trailer to post tonight.

    1. puma


      yea, if Rockblock doesn't rhyme like Roadblock, i'm going to be sad.

    2. hthrun


      Just posted it on my Facebook :)

  12. Just rented Transformers: Dark of the Moon for the PS3. Let's fire this baby up!!!

  13. is going to try and kick the facebook habit. :)

  14. misses my childhood and the exciting toy lines from 1983 to 1987

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Blitz-Wing


      You missed out

    3. ice_wolf74


      I miss also studying each toy line's catalog, along with the Sears catalogs, and daydreaming of the toys I didn't have but wanted. It always pulled me into another world. :D

    4. Blitz-Wing


      Oh yes. That was a rite of childhood back then. When the JCPenney, Montgomery Wards or Sears catalogs arrived, they 'disappeared'. When they were found, the toy section was strangely worn out.

  15. Uh...did you miss the "Spoiler" tag in the topic title, Sparkless? I don't know how to do all those fancy-schmancy tricks in my threads like you youngin's know how to do. :redface
  16. Yeah, the humans being decimated was jaw-dropping. It felt awfully familiar to that opening scene in Terminator. I was jus waiting for T-800s to come walking out firing their laser rifles and looking at the camera as they are walking over human skulls. :rofl Seriously though, DotM was a great movie...if flawed by a lot. I am just bummed with all the Transformer Deaths that took place, especially Ironhide and Soundwave. I am just glad Michael Bay some-what made up for the awfulness of Revenge of the Fallen. :yay
  17. Just got home from Transformers: DotM. A much, much, much better movie than that crap, "Revenge of the Fallen." YAY!

  18. Really? Making the original leader of the Autobots, Sentinel Prime, the main villain of the movie? Don't get me wrong, I loved Dark of the Moon but Michael Bay totally destroyed Transformer canon with this movie and it was my only gripe. Also, what the heck was up with Megatron being submissive to Sentinel Prime until the very end, instead of the ruthless leader that he is always known to be? The biggest head scratcher for me was Sentinel Prime abandoning the Autobot's code of honor and defecting to the Decepticons to bring Cybertron to Earth? LOL! Thank God Michael Bay is done with this franchise. Now let's hope we get a reboot of the Transformer story that we all know and love. Oh yeah, anyone else shocked with how violent this movie was? Especially compared to the first 2 movies and the cartoons? I was like WTF with violent Autobots and Decepticons were getting killed left and right. It was also nice to see Shia Lebeouf not so annoying in this movie either. I actually enjoyed watching his acting ability this time around.
  19. Botcon this weekend and E3 next week. Why does it suddenly feel like Christmas?

  20. is thoroughly enjoying TF: War for Cybertron on the PS3. I even giggled like a little school girl during the Omega Supreme introduction. God, I love this game!!!

  21. is stoked that his all-time favorite Transformer character is making an appearance in the new DotM movie. Woot! :D

    1. Markusius


      So, you found out that Mirage is in there?

  22. Very, very nice haul JT-Prime. I think this is one of your best ones in a long time. Thanks for the pics too. :yay
  23. just finished watching all the episodes of Transformers Prime. Best TF show since G1 for sure.

    1. PuertoRiCON


      Beast Wars would disagree with you.....


    2. TheTfboy


      Well, personally, I would add Beast Wars to wolfy's list. :D

    3. hthrun


      BW was good, but I like Prime even more. Actually, I prefer Prime and BW over G1...

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