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  1. The Transmogrification Occurrence continues with pages 12, 13, 14. Check out our DeviantArt Journal if the thumbnails don't work. The story so far: bounty hunter Axerbroke into Metroplex's deactivated spaceship mode and stole his Transmogrification Drive, only to find the MetroTeam (Scamper, Slammer and SixGun) on his way to the exit. Surrounded by them inside a MetaCore room, Axer shattered the catwalk they were standing on, having all of them fall towards the deadly fires of the underlying Metacore! Look out, because the most amazing of the transformations is about to take place-- so powerful and unusual that it can only be a... transmogrification! Lineart by Joe Teanby Colors by Jason Nangle, HMB-BellyBomb
  2. Scheduled to appear in this very comic are two Skyscorchers from the Generation 2 branch of the original Transformers. Here are their Bios 2.0, based on the classic MTMTE Profiles by Dreamwave: they are Terradive and Eagle Eye. In case you are wondering about the third Skyscorcher, Snipe, his Bio was uploaded a long time ago in the Profile gallery. Art by Joe Teanby.
  3. The Transmogrification Occurrence continues with page 11. The story so far: during a maintenance shutdown of Metroplex (whose colossal bodyframe is hidden within an uninhabited solar system), mercenary Axer managed to broke in unnoticed, turning the automated security system against Metroplex's caretakers -- Slammer, Sixgun and Scamper. Axer stole Metroplex's T-Drive, yes? But before he could escape with his booty, the Metro Team freed themselves and started chasing him. Axer quickly realized that something was off, when the route that was supposed to led him outside was instead taking him deeper within Metroplex's vast bodyframe. Somehow, the sleeping giant had managed to change his own morphology. And now he's standing on the monorails orbiting around one of Metroplex's power meta-cores... Lineart by Joe Teanby Colors by Vhite9
  4. Transformers: The Lost Seasons project presents a new installment of theTransformers G1: Season -1: the Short story The Good, the Bad and the Nemesis features the final clash between Optimus Prime, Megatron and Nemesis Prime during the Cybertronian Civil War, bringing an end to the storyline that started with Retribution . page 1 - page 2 Featuring Scrapper, the Constructicons and the Nemesis! By Juan Pablo Osorio, Daniele 'danbrenus', Roy Stiffey, Eman Zubia.
  5. Transformers: The Lost Seasons project presents the final act of The Queen's Gambit, a story that takes place in Season 2.5 of the Transformers G1 animated series. She thinks Optimus Prime is "hot". She commands an endless swarm of Insecticons who don't look like Kickback, Shrapnel and Bombshell. She emerged from the depths of Cybertron, and her machinations have already trapped Optimus Prime and Elita-1. She is the Insectiqueen, and she is a survivor of an age so distant that it was erased from memory and history! It's now up to a small group of Earth-based Autobots -- and the remaining Female Autobots -- to free their leaders! Featuring Ironhide, Chromia, Cosmos, Firestar, Omega Supreme, Road Rage, Wheeljack and Moonracer! By Juan Pablo Osorio, Rui Onishi, Ai. Check out our Deviant Art journal entry!
  6. Transformers: The Lost Seasons project presents Extreme Mechover. The latest Season 2.5 episode brings new kids on the block, as Motormaster is forced to replace some of his Stunticons... but what does the recently-arrived medic Knock-Out in store for the brutal Decepticon commander? By Zac De Board, Roy Stiffey, Eveline Albers.
  7. Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents the 'Stalwart' Diaclone base. From the pages of Magnificent Crisis, the guardian of the most secret Autobot facility in the whole galaxy: the Stalwart, protector of the Musoh-Sei Station! By Joe Teanby, Chris Ludwig.
  8. Seeds Of Deception presents Differentiation (Act 4): Manipulation. Astrotrain has made a deal with the devil he knows-- that is, Ratbat! But how does this creepy mechanoid plans to use his Energon-sucking skills to save Megatron from the Mini-Reaper infection that has paralized his systems? Find out nowm, as Differentiation leads to... Separation. Now more than ever, The Future is -Ation! Art by Steve Cook , Trunchbull , Crusader1080
  9. Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents three new pages of "The Transmogrification Occurrence" (1). What's happening inside Metroplex? As Scamper, Six-Gun and Slammer faces the first salvo of Axer's attack, a flashback battle against Scorponok reveals the reasons of Axer's attempt at stealing Metroplex's Transmogrification Drive! By Joe Teanby, Lizolb.
  10. Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents Magnificent Saga in PDF format. Collecting Magnificent Premonition, The Artifacts, Poisoned Chalice, Magnificent Crisis, this comic delves deep in the Transformers mythology of present, past and future! During The War Within, Optimus Prime and Megatron experienced a vision of an impossible "G1" future: in present time, during the events of Escalation, the same vision returns... showing Beast Wars, Beast Machines and even Dai-Atlas! From another reality, Macabre enters this one, facing Hot Rod and exposing the dire consequences of using the cursed Instrument Of Destruction known as the Magnificence. Before reality goes completely bad, losing any internal logic and consistency, will Hot Rod find the strength to use the Matrix Goblet and make the final sacrifice? The whole Magnificent Saga is now collected in one easy-to-download PDF file, featuring bonus sketch art for Rodimus Prime, and a Secret File revealing a glimpse of Rodimus Prime's future and the origin of the Unity Sceptre .
  11. Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents Magnificent Crisis . With the Dead Universe defeated, Optimus Prime and the Autobots return to their everyday cold war against the Decepticon... but the crisis is far from over! By using the Magnificence power, Hot Rod started an irreversible universal change: when mechanoids, persons and planets begin to morph into alternate versions of themselves, who will stand up to prevent reality becoming a jumbled chaos that will ultimately self-destruct? ...and more pages. Art by Daniele Spezzani, Kal, Trunchbull, Megumi M..
  12. The Untold Marvelsseries presents cover, credits and intro of the G1 Marvel Uk "The Middle Years" comic adaptation. Project by Navtej Heer.
  13. Regeneration Plus presents the first installment of Regeneration Plus #4: "Divided We Fall". Featuring the Marvel heroes of the G1 Marvel US Earth, plus SHIELD, Cobra and G.I. Joe! By Nicola Balocca, Neil Farrell, Elisabetta Palmeri, Navtej Heer, DoubleDandE.
  14. From the minds of Navtej Heer and Joe Teanby, the profile of Warlord Trannis... G1 version! Warlord Trannis was originally created for a text-only story of the G1 Marvel Uk comics. Many years later, he became a full-fledged character for Transformers: Seeds Of Deception, and his original design was then featured in the comic adaptation of G1 Marvel UK: "The Middle Years. You may also want to check out the latest developments of the "Masters Of The Universe/Princess Of Power" webcomic "The Coming of the Towers", featuring Mer-Man, Catra, Monstroid, Netossa and many others.
  15. Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents "The Transmogrification Occurrence" (1). Deemed too unstable to be deployed in battle, the gigantic Metroplex is being confined in an uninhabited solar system, where his trusted team (Scamper, Slammer, Six-Gun) takes care of his huge spaceship alt-mode, performing maintenance, experimenting on fringe cyberinterface technologies...and facing unscheduled threats by a lone Decepticon bounty hunter! By Joe Teanby, Krin, Lizolb.
  16. Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents cover "Targer: Omega!" of SoD Shockwave/Soundwave. Art by Joe Teanby and Charlotte.
  17. The Untold Marvelsseries presents another page of the G1 Marvel Uk "The Middle Years" comic adaptation. Featuring Hot Rod, Straxus, Arcee, War Within Ratbat, Kup, Springer, Sandstorm and more! Lineart and project by Navtej Heer. Colors by Joe Teanby.
  18. Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents pages 16-18 of SoD Shockwave/Soundwave. The lives of Shockwave and Soundwave take an all different turn, as they fail/succeed to accomplish their main goals. And untold events of Omega Supreme's brush with death are revealed for the first time. Art by Zerob.
  19. Regeneration Plus presents the first installment of Regeneration Plus #4: "A Matter Of Perspective". By Nicola Balocca, András Gyúró.
  20. Seeds Of Deception presents Differentiation (Act 2): Manipulation. Ratbat is back in style, continuing to develop the untold events of The Future is -Ation. With Megatron out of the game, The mind-controlling, energon-sucking diminutive Decepticon is ready to ignite his own plans for the control of Earth...starting with the manipulation of the elite soldiers of an unnamed special forces unit that came to investigate the site of the battle against the Reapers. Is this the return of the Carwash of Doom? (Just kidding!) Bonus art: Captain Ackles and Colonel Williamson. Art by Alejkito , Lizolb
  21. Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents the end Wrath Of The Ages #6. It's now or never! What is happening to Grimlock? Will the damaged Optimus Prime manage to withstand the fury of Megatron? Will Flash' race be doomed by the hands of Carnivac and Spinister? And what can stop the unstoppable Aerial Extermination Drones? Everything comes crashing together in the great finale! Art by Daniele "danbrenus" Spezzani, Nicodemus Rexx, Esther Pimentel, Zerob, Hedge, OGE, Lauren Mays.
  22. Sixshot's secret origin: from Cybertron to Nebulos to... a powerful entity that has been traveling in space since the age of Boltax! Regeneration Plus presents the first installment of Regeneration Plus #4: "The Unnamed (1): Rising Star". Featuring the cast of the original G1 Marvel US Headmasters miniseries: Scorponok, Fortress Maximus, Snapdragon, Apeface, Skullcruncher, Cyclonus, Scourge, and more! By Nicola Balocca, Joe Teanby, Jason Nangle.
  23. Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents pages 16-18 of SoD Shockwave/Soundwave. It's the Omega Battle! It's the very beggining of the Civil War! With Omega Supreme taken out of the equation by a two-pronged assault, the Omega Sentinels cannot rise to defend the Cybertronian Citistates against the overwhelming Decepticon Insurgence! Art by Zerob, Tomoko.
  24. Transformers: The Lost Seasons project presents the profile for Solaris, the space-tech-based Autobot Gestalt. By Joe Teanby, Navtej Heer.
  25. The Untold Marvels series presents Quickswitch in Left Behind. Set during the G1 Marvel US Headmasters miniseries, this story focuses on one of the toys that were "forgotten" by Bob Budiansky and Frank Springer. Quickswitch was never seen in the G1 Marvel US stories, but he was quickly featured in G1 Marvel UK #240, "Out to Lunch!"-- and that's why our one-pager bears the numbering #145.1. Also featuring Quintessa, Junk, Chaar, Gorlam Prime and Nebulos, this episode is a tribute to the greatest locations of the G1 saga, as its creators envisioned them through the decades! Lineart and story by Joe Teanby. Colors by Esther Pimentel.
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