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  1. awesome Devy man, wish i had a Devastator and money for those parts! I found these Guitar Hero guitar double packs on clearance at Toys R Us for $4, their modular nature allows them to fit into standard 8mm (i think?) transformer fist holes. they even have little replica guitar stands for display! Im goin back today for more, theres a tiger striped Geetar ive got my eye on!
  2. Warbot Defender came in the mail today, and he is awesome. the metal content is really nice, and gives him a somewhat hefty feel to him that just makes you feel like you've got a nice piece in your hands. the paint applications are spot on, all the edges are sharp and there is no sign of overspray at all. the paint on the metal matches up with the plastic color so perfectly, that to discern metal from plastic you have to touch it to notice if the material is cool or not. the accessories although few, are more than enough to make playing with it fun and full of variety in posing options. almost all of the joints are detented and give a satisfying click when posing or transforming the figure. poseability is good, others have mentioned a deficiency in the heel of the figure, and lack of downward movement in the feet, but these problems are easily looked over when viewing the sheer awesomeness of the toy. the cons, although heavily outweighed by the pros, are still slightly distracting. the transformation between robot and armored car is easy and intuitive, but from armored car to helicopter is a completely different story. the arm transformation is very complicated, and will need several viewings of the instructions to discern the correct positioning during transformation. I'm sure this will become less of an issue as one becomes more familiar with the toy, but its a crazy mish-mash of twists and turns that make 09'leader optimus seem simple by comparison. all said, this is really a minor quibble that doesn't bug me too much. the price tag, although hefty if this were a mass release toy, is actually quite affordable taking into account the presentation of the piece; very strict QC seems to reign supreme over at Fansproject, and this offering is no exception. however, if its size you're after, it does seem a bit small. personally i find his size a non-issue, but others might disagree. in closing, id say hes definitely worth the price of admission, and a slick looking add to the collection, especially if you're a fan of the 86 movie bots. now i need my Protector armor for Rodimus! Maybe Fansproject comes up with a decent Kup next? Fingers crossed!
  3. i picked up an iron man helmet and a crossovers captain america. the helmet is fun, its too small for my giant head, even with the basket removed, but my nephew will love it. crossovers CA is a turd as a standalone toy. its more expensive than a deluxe but the fit and finish is sub-standard. the panels that comprise the sides of alt mode are a pain to get lined up correctly and are really fiddly, and the peg holes are really hit and miss. the robot mode joints are set up really weird, for instance, when you want to splay the feet out a little bit for a more natural pose, you cant on account that everything is ratcheted and splays too far for it to look right. the same holds true for the shoulder joints, they ratchet around at far intervals, making a natural pose anything but easy to accomplish. the leg panels dont fit very snugly and threaten to pop out if you look at them funny. the shield has a nice gimmick, but it will probably be discarded. i do like the size and heft of it, and that once you get it in vehicle mode it holds together ok with all four wheels touching the ground and rolls nicely; but its going to get some work done on it, namely some joint tightening and remove the ratcheting, not to mention repainted and kitted into Roadbuster. ill throw up some pics when the conversion is done!
  4. LOVE those insecticons. how much did you pay for them?
  5. i picked up heartgold today. i read you can only lvl up once with the pedometer. BUT you can catch pokemon with it somehow
  6. lol make sure you clean your fingernails! im sure that pretty much ruined Arcee for everyone Aaaanyway, heres my stunticons posing after a battle, looking for their lost brethren (i.e. the toys that havent been made for them yet)
  7. I have both of them and if you like Dragstrip then overkill will blow your mind. how has his mold held up? im going to get him eventually, but does he suffer about the same mold degradation as dragstrip?
  8. just got Universe Dragstrip through a trade with Cybcouncil, i got a great deal considering all he wanted was my Universe Hotshot! anyway, on to the figure: the yellow red and purple look awesome on this mold, and the generally unmarked paint job really accentuates the car modes graceful lines and silhouette. robot mode while exactly the same as mirage, looks totally different due to paint scheme and color breaks, and comes off looking more menacing, especially with the eyes piped in red. the only bad things i have to say is that there is some slight mold degradation, so it doesn't quite convert as smoothly as his autobot counterpart, but this difference is negligible. definitely recommended, now i need to find me an Overkill!
  9. wow, looks even better in PRIMEr hyuck hyuck snort :rofl but seriously, looks great, you should be proud
  10. i need a second scorponok to paint, and then a dark scorponok!
  11. while i cant personally vouch for skids or sixshot, i have to agree completely that (provided you remove the batteries) scorponok is worthy of TFormers toy hall of fame. while energon was airing he warmed the shelves for quite some time at all of the local toy outlets and i thought he was so ugly. flash forward 5 years, and i buy one on ebay intending to paint it up G1 style, but once in hand i couldn't go through with it because i knew i wouldn't be able to fiddle with it for fear of chipping. eventually i still plan on getting a second one to repaint, but yeah, scorponok, awesome figure. also, i recently found HA barricade and cannot recommend him enough, both modes are solid and theres alot you can do with the robot mode as far as tweaking and posing despite the weird hips. not sure if i will modify because its a big ol' hunk of plastic to cut out, and once you go forth you cannot return. for now until i see more people do it i will leave him as is. :note
  12. are you having the buyers remorse for that thrust now that toyfair has come?
  13. music label soundwave and device label ravage arrived yesterday. they are awesome! ml sw is about the size i expected him to be, but he looks a little sparse, maybe he needs some reprolabels or something. otherwise, he is a very proportionate and poseable version of soundwave, i just wish they used some metal in him. dl ravage is just a treat. i was afraid he would be fragile and loose, but he feels very sturdy and tight, and like many people have said holds alot of good poses. did i mention he is the best representation of ravage ive ever seen? the only thing that would make him better is his signature ass rockets
  14. picked up universe blades at walmart for $11, and even though i had springer, the mold really shines as blades. the transformation is satisfying with twists, pulls flips and folds. both modes hold together great and the cyber key gimmick is unobtrusive. the winch gimmick folds away in robot mode very nicely, but i wish the rotor mechanism was removable. however, it makes for an interesting weapon and fits blades namesake. the red plastic it is cast from is opaque and sturdy feeling. the paint apps are very tasteful and the blue metallic blue paint used is eye catching, yet subtle. the delicate tampograph printing on the tail are crisp and add a really nice touch to the whole alt mode. definite recommended buy, especially for the price!
  15. i got me 3x city strike snake eyes Transfan, where did you find Electrostatic Soundwave? what part of the country are you in?
  16. He'd be perfect if he weren't quite so green. You can easily disable the Mech Alive function: just open up the arm and pull the big gear from the elbow area, the one you can see when the arm is assembled. It lets you bend the arm and move the claw independantly. Makes him more awesome. you know you dont really need to do that, you can move the claw independently of the automorph and it wont do damage to the toy, its difficult to explain without diagrams, but it is designed to do so. Peaugh has a video showcasing this feature, just search it up on youtube
  17. I just got G2 Road Rocket in the mail today. I assumed he would be pretty cool, but not really up to snuff with more recent releases. While I'm not totally blown away by him, he really can hold a candle (pun not intended) to more recent offerings. Hes a weird size class, bigger than a scout and smaller than a deluxe, but since his alt is a bike, he fits with deluxes just fine. His poseability is just fine on average, and his light up gimmick is fun. sounds nice, right? the kicker is I only paid $7 for him shipped and like new! Great price for a solid vintage figure with great play value!
  18. the non-zord power rangers toys dont really do it for me, but I NEED AN ALPHA 5 ACTION FIGURE! AY AY AY AY AY! doesnt hurt that Zordon is included too!
  19. i recently got Energon Omega Supreme off ebay, wow what a huge figure! not only is he enormous, he poses pretty well too. i dont mind so much that he doesnt transform into a train/tank and rocket station anymore, but he can combine into a huge supertrain, which ive heard is the longest of any transformer. his headmaster gimmick is also pretty awesome too. highly recommended for those who can afford to pick one up!
  20. ooh my turn. Cybertron Galaxy Force Leader Prime: BIG figure, lots of ratchety goodness. the pearly red plastic looks regal and important, perfect for his role in my shelves as Sentinel Prime! Classics Devastator: FINALLY HAVE HIM! been scouring ebay for months for a good price on one, and finally snapped it up. hes the only one of my energon combiner molds that i display in an asymmetrical configuration, and really fits the bill for my classics collection. Cybertron Metroplex: really wanted this figure for my universe collection, its surprisingly big and poseable, his alt mode is lame, but i created my own city mode for him. also gave his big old axe to cybertron prime (aka sentinel prime) Cybertron Brakedown GTS: cool little toy, and i aprecciate the removal of the clear plastics. for now hes my classics Kup. HA Skids: its all been said already, but i really love this toy. one thing i dont think anyone has noticed is that hes practically an homage to the original diaclone toy, which came packaged with a pilot and a scooter that fit into the back of the alt mode. now i know arcee cant fit into skids, but its close enough of an homage to send my nerd senses into a tizzy!
  21. oh my, what is that thing? i thought it was Ketai Sousakan 7 at first
  22. got myself HA Skids! got deluxe Gears and movie 1 Wingblade. went to TRU to look for Perceptor and Insecticons, no TFs, but walked away with Kingdom Hearts for DS instead!
  23. what do you do with all this stuff? do you Andy Warhol it all in every room of your house or what? i imagine your place looking like the end scene from indiana jones. Top men...
  24. got a shipment of Ebay loot and sale items from HLJ today: Nightbeat Booster x10 (Laserbeak) Longview Spyshot 6 (Reflector?) Universe Springer Energon Downshift (for my Universe Wheeljack) most of these are for my universe collection, and i have to say im very impressed with them all. the real gear series seemed to have been little appreciated, despite being a straight throwback to G1 with modern toy know-how. I love the light piping in spyshots eyes! Still not sure what to think of Downshift as Wheeljack. the hip articulation is disappointing. For now he will have to do, but heres hoping for a new one down the line. Springer is pure win. He's big and beefy, and despite being a repaint, fills the role nicely. now to wait for Fansprojects Rodimus Prime upgrade to round out the original movie cast!
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