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  1. OMG LIKE BFF'S TFF'S 4EVR <3 <3 <3 Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. ok, everybody say "che... ...ese"? Damn it Wreck-Gar!
  3. got wreck-gar, perceptor, prime and bumblebee from bbts today. Wreck-gar: FINALLY! i like how his alt mode is a transformer sized motorcycle, hes big and bulky in both modes, and his crazy grin is just awesome. hes a bit fiddly and difficult to get into bike mode, but the result is worth the effort. highly recommended! Perceptor: really awesome toy. the alt mode is ok, but the bot mode is outstanding! the chrome is gorgeous! a definite leg-up on the united version. the poseability isnt the best, but when have you seen perceptor do much more than rub his chin anyway? if you like perceptor or chrome or complicated transformations, he is recommended Bumblebee: hes the same mold as classics bee, but molded in a much nicer yellow color, its pretty much G1 Bee in movie bee colors, which actually looks nice. im going to use him to replace my classics bee, the orangey yellow with the sparkles looks nicer to me than the more lemony yellow color of classics bee. if you already have Bee, you might not want him unless you like the richer color. Laser Prime: really ugly paint in alt mode, but so ugly it becomes cool again!. the wheels and shape of the cab are decidedly chunky and looks better in person. although, it doesnt hold together super well. it comes packaged with 2 big clear ties holding it together, and when removed, the panels slip about and have trouble settling in to their designated spots. with some efort, the seams can be worked together, but the reward is not worth the effort. however, bot mode is just fantastic. theres some weird kibble bits like the doors on the inside of the forearms and the extra long heel spurs, but they are easily ignored when you get him into a good pose, which is easy to do, and comes naturally for the toy. the only hangups i find are the shoulder armor, in particular the connection tab that connects them in alt mode bangs into the torso, slightly hindering the right arms poseability; however this can be worked around with some creativity. oh also, light piping EVERYWHERE. recommended, a decent if not great deluxe figure.
  4. my coneheads are complete! seekers too! ghost starscream KO hologram mirage KO closeup of thundercrackers foot. i think it might be metal rescue autobots! i forgot to put blades in, damnit this was a friggin pain to put together, but whatevs, my G1 cars. soon jazz tracks and wheeljack will be added! heres windburn with combaticon limbs. looks good, no? here he is with his armor mode. i would like the minicons more if they were solid grey and black like targetmasters. im tempted, but im not getting those japan exclusives! heres my movie autobots waiting for kup, arcee, wreck-gar and protector armor to show up (i have another classics hot rod for the armor upgrade. this one is gonna stay hot rod so he can pal around with kup!) heres my movie deceps, waiting for scourge and his sweeps!(yes thats starscreams corpse)
  5. RoboHitler and the New Nazi Party vs. the Autobots should have been the plot to the third TF movie
  6. ah ok, such a simple solution. yeah, i tried the tank mode and wasnt really impressed with the way all of the cannons just sit together in a trio on top. however the headmaster can sit in the cockpit if you leave the hatch open, it looks pretty cool.
  7. awesome pic as always DevMaz! the add on set really has made Hardhead one of my favorite toys, if not current favorite. have you found a spot to attach the remaining block into robot mode? it bugs me that I've got a head and that block floating about. speaking of the old head, anybody have any good ideas on what to do with it?
  8. you seriously need to get your hands on some stikfas, ersico! that rhino guy is awesome and the other one reminds me of an enemy from half life
  9. got hothead in today, had to buy tiny screwdrivers to get the old head off, but the new one pops on securely and looks badass. i wish hardhead was a more prominent character because his toy is excellent!
  10. i LOVE RiD Scourge/Black Convoy, and that pose is so awesome i had to try it myself. I picked up the japanese one new in box off ebay for like 40 bucks shipped, definitely proud of it. your powered up Prime looks incredible with primer, do you intend to paint it up someday?
  11. i totally regret selling mine. maybe ill pick up another someday, thanks for the awesome pics!
  12. awesome, pharaoh black, but i think you got jazz and skids dialogue confused!
  13. somehow i doubt the likelihood of all the dinobots getting MP treatment, only a few of us would buy them all, and collectors are in the extreme minority of hasbros consumers in the first place. about those dang ties, the paper ones are even worse than the twist ties! you cant snap them without possibly damaging the toy as well, so youve got to untie the knots if you dont have a means of cutting them. i use a pair of model kit nippers to free my toys from the vines
  14. i picked up smolder and chopster today, and while they are good figures on their own, i couldnt resist utilizing chopster in the following manner:
  15. the base in question is the Bandai Action Base Me bought Masterpeice Grimlock, and me cant stop talk like Grimlock. me like grimlock dino mode. grimlock have little arms, but only need teeth to fight decepticons. thing me think is wrong with grimlock is he is not big enough to be masterpeice, but me pretend he Henkei Grimlock. also, grimlocks knees are very tight! grimlock suggest grabbing joint firmly to prevent stressing plastic when bending joint. me need to find legends wheelie and wait for Generations Kup (me hope one will be made eventually) to have story time scene. ME LIKE STORY
  16. LOL drift on his tippy toes
  17. Tangent on this: favorite aquatic themed TF for me is definitely Energon Mirage. Pure awesome in style, design, and TF scheme. YES pure robot win. ive got Energon Dreadwing, definitely a great toy. as far as bought and thought, i picked up Generations wave 1 at Toys R Us in the most epic hunt in recent memory, so i will list my take on each figure in short order: Cybertronian Bumblebee: i like him alot, he feels like a leader class figure in small scale, very intricate, a little bit frustrating transformation with the backpack, but in the end satisfyiing. the only major annoyance i find is the mid thigh hinge joint that is integral to the transformation. it doesnt lock in place in robot mode, so it makes his stance a little floppy. posing is made slightly annoying by this. if you can ignore this small problem, i definitely recommend it Thrust: the first thing i noticed was the fantastic color choice with the plastic. its deep pearlescent maroon, and feels high quality. the seat under the canopy is chrome and is a tasteful way to make the yellow of the canopy stand out. the paint apps are similarly tasteful and really nice. the retooled parts are great, the only thing weird is the fan parts, which you have to remove and re-attach for transformation. not a pain, but they do look kind of weird sitting on top of the wings. the mold has stood up VERY well, and feels like new, tight joints and no signs of degradation. DORIFTU-CHAN: SUGOI! KUWAII! SEKUSHI! retardedly awesome. alt mode is big, paint apps are bright and the white plastic does not feel cheap, its nice and opaque, and not bluish looking shock-white, its a very slightly gray tinged warm white that still manages to look bright. anyway, enough about the particulars of white, the transformation is intuitive and smooth, and can be performed without hang-ups. the poseability is as good as you've seen in galleries if not better, minus a waist joint, which is the only knock i have on him. a must have figure for sure! Cybertronian Optimus Prime: i did a double take when i saw him on the shelf, i couldnt believe the whole series was there! his robot mode is beefy and thick, very gears of war looking. his plastic has flecks of sparkles mixed in, and adds a nice touch when looking at the figure up close. the thing i wasnt prepared for was his incredibly complex transformation! definitely leader class-like in his engineering, i still havent mastered it without the instructions. whereas bumblebees transformation has annoying bits that bump around, Prime just has tons of parts thatfloat around with seemingly nowhere to put them. it feels sort of like the first time you transform Classics Megs. anyway, when its all together you get a rather plain looking compact losenge shaped truck. if this was a voyager i would say the vehicle mode is cool, but it compacts so much from robot mode that it just looks dinky. all things considered, its a great toy anyway, and the transformation is a welcome challenge. the only complaint i have is the hips seem a bit loosey goosey, but that can be fixed.
  18. i got seaspray myself not too long ago, and i am really digging his frogman motif! the scuba tanks on his back, the cables and tubes running along his body, and the sleek design of his robot mode all add up to a totally unique and awesome aquatic themed transformer. ive got mine standing next to wal-mart powerglide. i reeeeeally hope they do a voyager or ultra warpath!
  19. i would have never thought something so terrifying looking would be called by the name Bumblebee
  20. this thread is depressing. also, i think its kind of douchey to flaunt your five copies of a limited exclusive you bought to re-sell at jacked up scalper prices
  21. geez, looking at that pic of smolder, i should have picked him up instead of huffer! i still feel like his robot and vehicle modes don't really match though. nice pics! jealous of your sea spray!
  22. nice shots Tman, i especially like the last one with Drift, Prowl, and Sunstreaker; i need to find these new figs soon! also, every time i see hybrid style convoy, he gets smaller and smaller! thanks for the pics!
  23. just got back from toys r us with a leader Starscream and PCC Huffer! woo! now for generations, the hunt is ON!
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