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  1. All toys loose/complete unless noted. Paypal only, shipping is extra. Shipping from Canada and only shipping to Canada and USA. Not putting anything on hold (lost too many sales because of that), first to pay gets the stuff. 3RD PARTY -FP Insecticons (all 3 - MIB): $150 -TFC Targetroids Hot Flame (Hot Rod): $20 -TFC Photron (MIB): 90 -Maketoys Seaspray: $20 -MMC Awakening (fixed cracked knee pad, barely visible): $110 TRANSFORMERS -Botcon 2001 Arcee (MIB): $100 -Botcon 2009 Scourge: $45 -Botcon 2009 Elita-1: $35 -Botcon 2012 Gigatron: $60 -Botcon 2012 Soundwave : $60 -Takara MP Skywarp (w/ paperwork and unapplied stickers): 75 -Justitoys MP Optimus Prime trailer (non-transformable version): 40 -G1 Sixshot: $60 -G1 Ultra Magnus (Encore): $45 -G1 Skylynx (Encore - MIB): $45 -G1 Shockwave (KO - lightly glued battery cover): $45 -G1 Cyclonus (KO): $25 -G1 Action Masters Devastator : $15 -G1 Hot Rod (reissue): $20 -G1 Rodimus Prime: not priced yet -Bot Shots Lockdown: $2 -Bot Shots Brawl: $2 -Bot Shots Topspin: $2 -PCC Constructicons: $15 -PCC Combaticons: $15 -PCC Destructicons: $15 -PCC Dinobots: $15 -PCC Smolder: $5 -PCC Huffer: $5 -PCC Sledge: $5 -PCC Icepick: $5 -PCC Leadfoot: $5 -PCC Skyhammer: $5 -PCC Undertow: $5 -Armada Powerlinx Hot Shot: $8 -Cybertron Excellion: $8 -Choro Q Rodimus : $10 -G2 Gobots Soundwave : $15 -Henkei DLX Cyclonus: 45 -Henkei DLX Grimlock: 20 -Classics DLX Kup: $8 -Classics DLX Wreck-Gar: $8 -Classics DLX Blurr: $8 -Classics DLX Perceptor: $8 -WST Music Label iPod Ultra Magnus w/trailer: $10 -WST G2 Ramjet: $10 -WST G1 Ultra Magnus w/trailer: $15 -WST Soundwave/Ravage (not KO) : $40 -WST Hot Rod: $15 -Animated Leader Bulkhead: $25 -Animated Leader Ultra Magnus: $25 -Animated Voyager Blitzwing: $12 -Animated Voyager Shockwave: $12 -Animated DLX Cybertron Mode Ironhide: $8 -Animated DLX Lockdown: $8 -Animated DLX Snarl: $8 -Animated DLX Soundwave: $8 -Animated DLX Electrostatic Soundwave: $8 -Animated Activators Bulkhead: $5 -Animated Activators Ratchet: $5 -Animated Activators Lockdown: $5 -Animated Activators Grimlock: $5 -Animated Activators Soundwave: $5 -Animated Bumper Battlers Soundwave: $10 -Animated Bumper Battlers Jazz: $8 -Animated Bumper Battlers Lockdown: $8 -Animated Bumper Battlers Bulkhead: $8 -Animated Happy Meal Lugnut: $2 -Animated Happy Meal Ratchet: $2 -DOTM Tritanium Heat Blade Claw Exclusive MechTech Weapon (MISB): $10 -DOTM DLX Thundercracker: $7 -DOTM DLX Skywarp (Takara): $20 -DOTM DLX Space Case: $7 -DOTM Voyager Skyhammer: $12 -DOTM HA Basic Backfire: $6 -DOTM HA Basic Icepick: $6 -DOTM HA Basic Sandstorm: $6 -DOTM HA Basic Thunderhead: $6 -DOTM HA Basic Reverb: $6 -DOTM Stealth Force Big Hoss: $9 -DOTM Stealth Force Dirt Rocket: $4 -DOTM Stealth Force Knock Out: $4 -DOTM Stealth Force Leadfoot: $4 -DOTM Burger King Shockwave: $3 -DOTM Burger King Ironhide: $3 -DOTM Burger King Ratchet: $3 -HFTD DLX Rotorwash Rumble Arcee: $7 -HFTD DLX Axor: $7 -HFTD DLX Hailstorm: $7 -HFTD DLX Sea Attack Ravage: $7 -HFTD DLX Terradive: $7 -HFTD DLX Tomahawk: $7 -HFTD Voyager Highbrow: $12 -HFTD Voyager Seaspray: $12 -HFTD Stealth Force Barricade: $4 -HFTD Stealth Force Gears: $9 -HFTD Stealth Force Hound: $4 -HFTD Stealth Force Inferno: $9 -HFTD Stealth Force Silverstreak: $4 -HFTD Stealth Force Soundwave: $4 -HFTD Stealth Force High Wire: $4 -HFTD Scout Breacher: $5 -HFTD Scout Brimstone: $5 -HFTD Scout Firetrap: $5 -HFTD Activators Ironhide: $5 -ROTF Legends Tankor: $2 -ROTF Legends Grindor: $2 -ROTF Scout Scattershot: $5 -ROTF Scout Brakedown: $5 -ROTF Scout Dirt Boss: $5 -ROTF Scout Dune Runner: $5 -ROTF Scout Backfire: $5 -ROTF Scout Nightbeat: $5 -ROTF Scout Ransack: $5 -ROTF Scout Rollbar: $5 -ROTF Scout Scattorshot: $5 -ROTF DLX Arcee: $7 -ROTF DLX Blazemaster: $7 -ROTF DLX Breakaway: $7 -ROTF DLX Recon Ravage: $7 -ROTF DLX Dead End: $7 -ROTF Voyager Bludgeon: $12 -ROTF Voyager Recon Ironhide (alt head): $40 -ROTF Voyager Mixmaster (alt head): $40 -ROTF FAB Arcee: $5 -ROTF FAB Grindor: $5 -ROTF FAB Jetfire: $5 -ROTF FAB Jolt: $5 -ROTF FAB Long Haul: $5 -ROTF FAB Mudflap: $5 -ROTF FAB Skids: $5 -ROTF FAB Sideswipe: $5 -ROTF FAB Sideways: $5 -ROTF FAB Starscream: $5 -ROTF Gravity Bots Barricade: $5 -ROTF Gravity Bots Mudflap: $8 -ROTF Gravity Bots Skids: $8 -ROTF Gravity Bots Sideswipe: $5 -ROTF Burger King Devastator: $2 -ROTF Burger King The Fallen: $2 -ROTF Burger King Ravage: $2 -ROTF Battle Chargers Sideswipe: $5 -ROTF Power Bots Sideswipe: $10 -ROTF Power Bots Devastator: $20 -ROTF Power Bots Bumblebee: $10 -ROTF Power Bots Megatron: $10 -ROTF Jollibee Ironhide: $5 -Movie 1 DLX Savage: $7 -Movie 1 DLX Overcast: $7 -Movie 1 DLX Camshaft: $7 -Movie 1 DLX Dreadwing: $7 -Movie 1 DLX Final Battle Jazz: $7 -Movie 1 DLX Landmine: $7 -Movie 1 DLX Longarm: $7 -Movie 1 DLX Payload: $7 -Movie 1 DLX Arcee (Takara black version): $75 -Movie 1 DLX Stockade: $7 -Movie 1 DLX Swindle: $7 -Movie 1 DLX Wreckage: $7 -Movie 1 Legends Desert Blackout: $2 -Movie 1 Unleashed Megatron: $8 -Movie 1 Leader Megatron: $15 -Movie 1 Voyager Evac: $12 -Movie 1 Voyager Incinerator: $12 -Movie 1 Scout Arcee: $5 -Movie 1 FAB Barricade: $5 -Movie 1 FAB Brawl: $5 -Movie 1 FAB Ironhide: $5 -Movie 1 FAB Jazz: $5 -Movie 1 FAB Ratchet: $5 -Movie 1 Cyber Slammers Barricade : $5 -Movie 1 Cyber Slammers Brawl: $5 -Movie 1 Cyber Slammers Ironhide: $5 -Movie 1 R/C Radio Shack Barricade: $15 -Movie 1 RG Booster X10: $4 -Movie 1 RG Farsight T20: $4 -Movie 1 RG Hacker X3: $4 -Movie 1 RG High Score 100: $4 -Movie 1 RG Highline 107: $4 -Movie 1 RG Midnighter XR4: $4 -Movie 1 RG Spy Shot 6: $4 -Movie 1 RG Zoom Out 25X: $4 -Movie 1 Jollibee Barricade: $5 -Movie 1 Red Rooster Frenzy: $5 -Energon Mega Shockblast: $40 -Energon DLX Kicker/Highwire: $8 -Energon DLX Rodimus: $8 -Energon Burger King Ironhide (UK exclusive): $5 -Energon Burger King Unicron (UK exclusive): $5 -Armada DLX Sideways: $8 -Robotmasters Victory Saber: $75 -Happy Meal BM Blackarachnia: $1 -SWTF Ahsoka Tano (MOSC): $10 -Marvel Crossovers Iron Man (jet): $10 -Marvel Crossovers Iron Man (Hummer): $10 -Marvel Crossovers Spider-Man (motorcycle - darker deco): $10 -Marvel Crossovers Spider-Man (race car): $10 -Marvel Crossovers Spider-Man (helicopter): $10 -Marvel Crossovers Hulk (bulldozer): $10 -Marvel Crossovers Thor (plane): $10 -Marvel Crossovers Human Torch (jet): $10 -Marvel Crossovers Wolverine (truck - black & silver): $10 -McDonald's Beast Wars Transmetals Dinobot: $2 -McDonald's Animated Optimus Prime: $2 -McDonald's Animated Megatron: $2 -McDonald's Armada Optimus Prime: $2 -Burger King Cybertron Optimus Prime: $2 -Jollibee Beast Machines Cheetor: $5 -Kabaya Hot Spot: $4 (Deathsaurus parts not included) -Kabaya Ultra Magnus: $10 -Kabaya Victory Saber: $20 -Kabaya BW Neo Break: $10 ROADBOTS -1:12 Ford GT (white version): $30 -1:12 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX (red version): $35 -1:18 Chevrolet Corvette C6R: $20 -1:18 Hummer H2: $20 -1:18 Lamborghini Murcierlago: $20 -1:18 Toyota Celica: $20 -1:24 Jaguar XJ220: $15 -1:24 Land Rover Defender 90: $15 POPY -DX GA-90 Leopaldon (fully transforming die-cast super robot with automorph feature - circa 1978!): $150 TO BE ADDED SOON: -More movie toys -Several SWTF -More 3rd party toys
  2. Revised trailer... New articulated clip to keep both trailer halves and prevent them from rotating New hitch section Trailer broken into its components Prime mid-transformation Combined (notice the new bottom section on the wings and the new fully enclosed jetpack thruster) With Megatron-as-a-truck and Bumblebee-as-a-truck
  3. DESIGN NOTES This Prime is already pretty top heavy, but thank God, the rubber ball joints are stiff enough to support the weight. But would they be able to support a full armor on top of that? My first idea was to make a G1-style trailer. After designing the feet, I quickly ran out of useful hinges - only had so many pieces to work with: leftovers from my Prime, Megatron, Starscream and Bumblebee set plus a second Prime set. Plus, the feet were too wide even with the trailer structure collapsed, so I scrapped the idea and started all over again to do a flat trailer to reduce the bulk. I ended up keeping the same basic design for the feet and went from there. I first designed the feet, then the forearms, the chest armor and the hitch piece. Hitch piece was the most difficult because I had to work with an already designed truck and hitch (Prime's weapon in robot mode). At first, I tried to convert that part into a shield but the plan failed, the arm wasn't able to support the weight. Shield was too thick and connection points didn't work anyway. So I redesigned the whole thing into a jetpack with fold out wings and thruster. The wings are on the thin side right now, I'll try to give them some bulk later if I can. The biggest challenge wasn't to make the thing solid in trailer mode with so many pieces to connect. And I didn't want to cheat by added blocks meant only to secure the components together. So here's how it transform from armor mode to trailer mode: (FEET) 01. Fold down the shin guards 02. Rotate the wheels assemblies down 180 degrees 03. Attach the fists to the angled silver pieces located on the shin guards 04. Turn around for trailer mode (FOREARMS) 05. Fold down the wrist blasters (they double as legs in trailer mode) 06. Fold down the 4 stabilizers (they will prevent rotation) 07. Peg each forearm to each rear trailer half (CHEST PIECE) 08. Fold the waist connector flat against the bottom of the armor piece 09. Leaving the bottom chest armor angled, insert the pointy chest bits into the holes located in the previously attached forearms 10. Fold down the bottom parts and peg it to the support bars (HITCH PIECE) 11. Fold down the thruster 12. Rotate the wings assembly 90 degrees 13. Rotate each wing arm back 90 degrees (flat against the body) 14. Rotate the entire unit up 90 degrees 15. Fold back the wings against the body 16. Peg the hitch piece to the rest of the trailer Voilà! Fully combined, Prime now is REALLY top heavy and hard to balance. The poor rubber joints have a lot of weight to support, so poses are limited. But technically, he retains the full articulation of the regular robot mode.
  4. This time I nailed it. Bumblebee is now... a 2-axle semi-truck! After doing Prime and Megatron trucks, I was thinking, can I find another way of transforming a truck into a robot without repeating myself? Again, I used parts from my Kre-O Bumblebee (big), Optimus Prime (big), Megatron and Starscream sets. TRUCK MODE ROBOT MODE TRANSFORMATION (FROM TRUCK TO ROBOT) 01. Detach the horns from the roof 02. Detach the smokestacks 03. Combine the horns and the smokestacks to form the dual-barrel gun 04. Pivot the mirrors forward 180 degrees 05. Rotate the front bumper ends up 45 degrees 06. Open the doors and swing them forward 07. Rotate the squarish bits from the roof out and fold them against the roof 08. Split the cab in 2 and fold each half down (step not shown on the pics) 09. Rotate the shoulder cannons up 10. Fold down the entire front cab assembly 11. Move the hinged clip down 12. Flip the head up 13. Turn the head around 180 degrees 14. Lift the arms up 90 degrees 15. Rotate the upper arms 180 degrees at the shoulders 16. Rotate the foreamrs 180 degrees at the elbow 17. Fold back the rear cab panels flat against the torso 18. Swing the rear section of the truck to form the feet 19. Swing down the legs 20. Swing up the legs laterally 90 degrees 21. Rotate the upper legs around 180 degrees at the hips 22. Rotate the lower legs around 180 degrees at the knees 23. Reposition the arms down 24. Place gun on the fist Done!
  5. Second attempt at a transforming Kre-O Bumblebee. This time, he's some kind of truck! What kind, don't ask me... I used parts from the Bumblebeeset plus leftover parts from my Sentinel Prime/Megatron/Optimus Prime/Starscream after I was done building Prime & Megatron. Huge backpack but cool transformation and he can hold a human figure in alt mode. Specially proud of the shoulder cannons. Lots of hinges in that area! Alt mode... Robot mode... And with Optimus Prime and Megatron... Not pictured, but Bumblebee's alt mode is much more compact than Megatron's or Prime's, yet the robot is still pretty big. Transformation sequence (from alt mode to robot mode) 1. Detach the front bumper 2. Detach the smokestacks 3. Combine the front bumper and the smokestacks to form the gun 4. Swing the doors completely forward 5. Fold down the arms 6. Rotate the fists 180 degrees 7. Rotate the forearms 180 degrees 8. Lift up the lower legs and place them vertically 9. Swing down each leg while rotating it 180 degrees at the hip 10. Swing the heel supports back 11. Fold up the feet 12. Swing up the head 13. Fold the cab assembly down against the back 14. Rotate the shoulder cannon tips a bit for clearance and then swing them forward 15. Rotate the shoulder cannons assembly down 16. Peg the gun on top of the hand
  6. Nice! I'm about to order one too. I recently got the 2nd version of Star Gaogaigar and Gaigo, they're pretty cool.
  7. You should know how it goes after all that time. ;) I got HA Jazz from Taiwan though.
  8. Oh, because he's a scalper? I thought he was a compulsive buyer.
  9. I just played a bit with Arcee. She's small in car mode, she's light, she's delicate. Transformation isn't too difficult, but I felt I had to be careful, the arms are really thin. Torso and shoulder plates don't lock too well in place and the paint apps are very average, the toy almost looks dirty. Hard to balance too. No Fansproject quality here. Still nice to have as a display piece.
  10. Got the Bumblebee helmet on clearance for when my kids are old enough to play with it. In the meantime, it's going to be a great display piece.
  11. Yes, bought at retail in Canada on clearance. Shelfwarmers here.
  12. This thread is completely useless and should be locked forever.
  13. Do you know what's the meaning of the word "today"?
  14. My Non-TF Haul For Mon. 06/21/10 -1x stamp (Canada Post) {Store: local post office} -1x Doritos Spicy 2.0 (250g) {Store: Wal-Mart}
  15. Sometimes it's just easier than having to chase your stuff around after working hours.
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