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  1. HFTD Leader Starscream: The best damn Movie Starscream toy we've gotten so far (and by the looks of it, that's not going to change with the third movie...)
  2. This is why the Henkei! deco is better. The deco is similar, but the red is much darker, the yellow is gold, the orange is a bit darker, and the shin panels don't look like grey rectangles. But the best part is that it used translucent blue windows. Granted, for $20 I could accept the filler items and the KO like Rodimus just for that Cyclonus... :love :drool Oh, and it probably works okay as a Rodimus to wear the Protector armor in robot mode. Anyway, today I got Breacher. (curse you Zellers for not having Jazz, Tracks, or Windcharger :argh ) Oh well, this little Scout was one of those I had been meaning to get for awhile now anyway. Apparently his alternate mode is an amphibious APC... Okay, sure, I'll buy that since he's supposed to be buddies with Sea Spray, who's a hovercraft. He's very blue. Could have used a bit more color. His transformation is very complicated for a Scout, but not ROTF Deluxe Rampage/Scout Scalpel want-to-throw-it-against-a-wall complicated. The robot mode is one of the nicest out of the Scouts recently! And just like Skystalker/Sunspot, he's got a clip on weapon to use in robot mode, in this case a double barreled cannon! Sadly, the mounting points on his right fist and vehicle mode turret are loose, and his head is a bit too tight. But overall a nice Scout to go for if you've got a little money to burn.
  3. HFTD Tomahawk - THIS is how you do a good Deluxe helicopter Transformer, movie style or otherwise! As odd as an attack helicopter is for an Autobot, it does open up possibilities for the upcoming (likely) Decepticon repaint/retool, whatever it may be called. (mind you this is just speculation based on the different head shown in the instructions) The vehicle mode is nice, though not as streamlined as his wave mate, Terradive. Having four points to mount 3mm clips is of course a great idea, especially when two are disguised as the chain guns on the wings, and I really like that his weapons can use the clip system as well! The robot mode has a more Classics style to it in the upper body. The legs, in particular the feet, are definitely more movie style. Unfortunately, he's not as clean as Terradive as far as kibble is concerned. The rotor doesn't have anything to hold it in position, which would have been nice. But the launchers are his biggest problem. Do the missiles really have to be so long in the back? The launchers use a 5mm peg which can fit okay in Tomahawk's hands, (the peg could use to be a bit longer) but the missiles make wielding the launchers in his hands extremely awkward. On the bright side though, using the tail as a pincer/scissor weapon is a unique idea that works for me. Overall, he's worth picking up. However, between him and Terradive, go for Terradive first.
  4. Battle Blade Bumblebee - I have the Concept Camaro 'Bee from the first movie. And I was happy. Then this thing came along, and after finally breaking down to get him, this is THE Bumblebee to get if you only want one. Just kind of wish more of the details were painted in...
  5. Energon Superion Maximus/Superlink Superion decked out with the Fansproject add-on kit.
  6. I think it was iGear that did the ladder for Universe Inferno. MP Prime (MP-04 to be exact) I wasn't expecting to be quite as big or heavy as he is! He's simply put one of if not THE best Optimus Prime figure ever made! Warbot Defender is a complex little figure. The plastic quality is at least on par with Hasbro's, and the die-cast is a nice touch. I look forward to trying to get Explorer and Munitioneer.
  7. HA Sideswipe. Sadly, Sam Witwicky looks better than Tech Sergent Epps does, and usually holds the wheel/weapon grips better than Epps too. Corvette Stingray Concept mode is beautiful, simply beautiful. Getting Epps in the driver's seat, a pain in the @$$, though a little easier if done when transforming back to vehicle. Robot mode is where things start to go downhill. most of the car ends up on his back as kibble, and there's not much that can be done with it. It doesn't throw his weight off too badly though. I really like how the feet look more accurate than the Deluxe yet still give him a base to stand on. Poseability is not quite as good as the Deluxe, but still works. The gimmicks are interesting. Overall, he's not terrible, but really shouldn't be the first HA figure you buy. Activators Armor Up Optimus Prime. The robot mode is pretty good, and seems to carry a slight Star Convoy homage in the deco, most notably in the yellow star on his chest. The vehicle mode is definitely weaker than the robot, with the front bumper completely missing. (unless that's what his hands are supposed to be) Mine also has a tendency to sometimes go off by itself. It's still an interesting little figure, but for a tiny bit more you can get the Deluxe Cybertron mode Optimus Prime, presuming it's still in stores and you don't already have it.
  8. Mindwipe - Very cool stealth jet mode. The robot mode is creepy, yet cool. Brawn - Tough looking truck mode. The robot mode is equally tough looking, despite all the kibble. I do kind of wish the pistols could store in robot mode, though. Lockdown - Very menacing vehicle mode. The robot mode is very tall, lanky, and creepy - perfect fit for Lockdown! Personally, I don't see what people are complaining about with the shoulders, as mine aren't loose and don't pop off very often at all. I would have liked the hook and hand to have been a much stiffer plastic, though.
  9. Voyager Long Haul - He's bulky. Very bulky. In vehicle mode, anyway. Robot mode does at least attempt to give him some bulk with the front panels wrapping around his legs. I really like the pistons in his elbows, as I can imagine a bot his size needing them to drive his arms! Voyager Bludgeon - He's got a decent mix of both Universe/Classics and Movie aesthetics. I think the face may resemble a Cybertronian's 'skull', as it kind of looks like what was left of The Fallen's head after Prime ripped his face off. A little less red in his eyes would have helped, too, since there appears to be detail of actual eyes in there. The only real gripe would be that most of his weaponry is made of a soft plastic that easily warps. Though I can sort of understand the katana, since he holds that sucker TIGHT! Overall, a nice addition to a movie or Classics collection! Legends Devastator - A cheaper, more accurate version of Devastator from ROTF. (not to mention pocket size!) It's all kinds of awesome. 'Nuff said.
  10. '07 Movie Longarm - He's the tow truck from the first movie toy line, based off of the tow truck Mikaela used to tow Bumblebee around in the battle of Mission City and the drone type of the same name from Transformers: The Game. The vehicle mode is quite solid, although I don't care for how the lightbar is just floating there behind the cab. He can tow most Deluxe carformers if there's enough room under their bumper for the hook to hang onto, which is a nice feature. Amusingly, the missile launcher can be triggered in this mode. The robot mode has one heck of a BFG! It's screwed into his right hand, which is odd. Overall, I would have liked to have gotten the Hoist repaint, this was much cheaper and didn't come with a Mixmaster I had no interest in.
  11. HA Skids = awesome! The Mikaela and 'Arcee' that come with him... not so much.
  12. ROTF Deluxe Dead End - much more interesting than Sideways.
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