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  1. Try either Future floor finish or super glue. It'd work best on whatever it is that the foot pivots on. Not having the figure in hand at this time, I can't say for sure what the best solution might be, but these methods tend to work great when something's too loose.


    Thanks. I'm not sure about Superglue because the feet still need to move. I was kinda hoping for a magic 'it won't break, make the screw tighter' response :) maybe I'll have to live with ol floppy feet Optimus!

    That's why after applying it, you keep the joint moving a bit then let it rest for a few seconds and repeat. If both parts of what needs tightening are plastic and make contact (like a ball joint) Future should work fine. Apply, work it a bit, then let it sit for a day.

  2. Try either Future floor finish or super glue. It'd work best on whatever it is that the foot pivots on. Not having the figure in hand at this time, I can't say for sure what the best solution might be, but these methods tend to work great when something's too loose.

  3. FoC Shockwave - A good figure, and seems to fit in with Generations Cybertronian Megatron and Soundwave decently enough. Certainly could have used more color though, but we're probably just gonna have to get used to it...


    Arms Micron Vehicon - The micron port in the rear looks like a jet thruster. That alone is awesome. Not much different than the Jet Vehicons, aside from most of the vehicle shell parts and robot mode colors. Would have been really nice if they had provided stickers for the rear window, though.


    Arms Micron Weapons - Jida R is a red version of the Jida cheetah chainsaw that came with AM-08 Terrorcon Cliffjumper. Actually works very nicely with First Edition Cliffjumper. Gabu is a horseshoe crab that becomes a crossbow. Be sure to snap the blade parts on more or less from crab mode position, or they may break. Baru is a bird that's also a big meat cleaver blade. The feet are a pain to flip out for bird mode, and the handle sticks off awkwardly on one wing. Dai is a crocodile and a multi-barreled cannon. Not much to him. Together, they make the Dark Matter Calibur, a huge sword.


    Perfect Effect SFX - Tiny, but loaded with awesomeness and weapons. Not at all recommended if you can't stand partsforming in modern figures.

  4. To me, only the Microns being sold in the Capsule series and Arms Micron Weapon series count, as they're not partnered up with a larger figure.


    For example, the Jida (the cheetah chainsaw) that comes with AM-08 Terrocon Cliffjumper wouldn't count but AMW-04 Jida R and Hellflame Jida would as they're separate. (though the latter is a promotional item)


    So yes...and no. I'm weird like that.

  5. I know of a few places that still have him, most are scared off by his price tag, so he will be around for awhile. Plus I think MMC was planning on making more of him not sure though

    If they are, it likely won't be in this year. If people weren't so hot to buy him at the original price, the adjusted, higher price of the second run's preorders might have contributed in there apparently not being enough of them to do it.


    But generally, if it's not from Fansproject then a given third party product is likely to linger around awhile. Especially with the ones that hit triple digit price tags.

  6. Knight Morpher Cyclops is very cool. Take your time with transforming him, and maybe watch Vange1us' transformation video for him, as he is very intimidating the first time or so. Thing is though, there haven't been enough preorders to do a second release apparently, and the factories are gonna be busy with the airborne squadron trio along with maybe one or two other things for the rest of the year. So if you're looking into getting Cyclops, it may be best to get one now from wherever they're still in stock. MMC has good and prompt customer service should there be any issues.


    I can't say anything for iGear Weapon or Medical Specialists, but it seems that a mod is needed to allow the front wheel well panels to actually fold in as intended. Both look nice though, just not quite $120 nice.

  7. combined with Optimus is stupid, looks good on Megatron though, I would rather have Unicron as himself

    With that mold as Optimus, I'd have to agree. But with it as Nemesis Prime...might be something there. Still, Unicron looks best in robot mode rather than the 'armor' mode or...whatever that other mode is. Kind of interesting, but I'd rather wait and see a review of it before buying.

  8. Got my AM-16 Jet Vehicons today! I was able to remove the chestplate to place the Decepticon symbol on the inside chest panel, though it took quite a bit of effort, I scraped the glue off from the inside and was able to push it out on both sides, though this did cause a couple minor stress marks on the edges of the clear plastic piece. All in all I love this guy just as much as my normal Vehicon (Steve). All I gotta do now is make his nametag (Gary) and then assemble the Micron from my other Jet Vehicon to give to Steve. On a side note what head should I use to convert my spare Vehicon and Jet Vehicon into the Autobot Clones?


    I do have this to add, if Hasbro didn't decide to completely drop the ball on Jet Vehicon I never would have known how cool these Microns were, so... thank you Hasbro?

    I'd say the same thing, but with Breakdown. And now I plan to get the Arms Micron Weapons, though it would be nice if a version of Noji (the boar Vehicon blaster) was among them. Ah well, I'll grab me one Arms Micron Vehicon, curse a little at the robot mode stickers as they're gonna be the same as Jet Vehicon's but in royal blue/dark purple.


    As for the head, I don't know of any that would make a decent Autotrooper head. Get on it, Dr. Wu/somebody! :tflaugh

  9. Arms Micron Jet Vehicon - I do not have the grounded version just yet, (plan to get one Arms Micron version with a bunch of the Arms Micron Weapons such as the Dark Matter Caliber guys) but DAMN. THIS is a general mold worth army building, even if it's just one Jet Vehicon and one Vehicon. Much is clearly different, but operates the same way. The stickers were a bit tricky in placing for the robot mdoe due to where they're being asked to be placed. I do wish that the clear plastic chest panel could be removed so that the Decepticon symbol sticker could be placed under it, but sadly it's glued in place. Igu was fun to build, though the sticker that wraps around the muzzle's tip is kind of annoying.


    Perfect Effect Motobot RC - WOW. I like this thing. Amount of weaponry: only topped by Munitioner and Mad Blender. But the articulation...I don't think anything really tops it in sheer number, and the few things that do have a good number of those in the fingers. The included comic and instructions are filled with wonderful, wonderful Engrish! But I would love to see Perfect Effect make that Black Arachnia-like character in the comic as an actual figure. That would be a lot cooler than the POS that is Prime Airachnid...

  10. This is just sad... They don't release these over here, fill the shelves with enough Bumblebee per store to outweigh the real thing if he existed in real life, and they wonder why collectors resort more and more on imports and third party stuff. I hope to be able to secure at least one or two Jet Vehicons, but Hasbro is really not doing themselves any favors here.

  11. Sending overseas would help too. I had the chance to buy sdcc bruticus a day or two ago when I saw it in stock. USA and canada. Only, which is BS IMO

    I could have sworn that shipping to Canada from HTS is ridiculously expensive, so it may as well just be within the US, and may not even include Hawaii and Alaska.


    There may not be much that we can praise Hasbro for in 2012, but I don't think the same can be said for third party companies.


    I want to praise them for the upcoming Prime stuff and FOC Grimlock...and FOC Soundwave, Blaster, and their more well known cassette buddies as Legion two packs...but who knows if that stuff will actually come out at this point? Or even if the retailers can spare room for them beneath the mountain of 'Bees and other Prime wave 1 toys.


    What other Wave 1 toys? Around here I have to wear shades when looking at the TF pegs from all the bright yellow. Prime BB, DOTM BB, "Mad Max" BB, Cyberfire BB, Leader Class BB, Bot Shots BB, translucent "I'm made of p!$$" Bot Shots BB, Cyberverse DOTM BB, Cyberverse Prime BB















    . . . and one ROTF Tuner Mudflap in the corner. :tfevil

    Well where I live in Canada, there is a few Cliffjumper and a few Wheeljack. And a mountain of 'Bees. We have yet to even see Prime wave 2 yet... :redface

  13. Well, the Hasbro Masterpiece Skywarp is a repaint of Starscream, specifically with the faces. Personally, the only thing about the upcoming TC toy I don't care for are the missiles. Don't care for 'em with Skywarp either, but with TC you've gotta pop the cannons off their ball joints. It's cool that he comes with the stand, however. Wonder if the gun mode Megatron clip for vehicle mode is still included...


    I'll admit that I feel that Hasbro can do some pretty stupid things sometimes, but sometimes to me it seems as though Hasbro just can't win with fans. And fans wonder why Hasbro doesn't want to do a dedicated collector oriented line in any fashion...

  14. I guess the fact that they're rereleasing the First Edition stuff in November. We've got a date, at least...


    But one thing that I can say I praise them for is that Masterpiece Optimus is coming with everything MP-10 came with. Spike, the gun, the axe, the Matrix, Roller, and the trailer. And they've even left the smokestacks alone.


    I want to praise them for the upcoming Prime stuff and FOC Grimlock...and FOC Soundwave, Blaster, and their more well known cassette buddies as Legion two packs...but who knows if that stuff will actually come out at this point? Or even if the retailers can spare room for them beneath the mountain of 'Bees and other Prime wave 1 toys.


    As for the exclusives revealed, I see it as TRU was the only one who wanted to carry any of those. Except the BBTS and Amazon.com exclusives, obviously. I don't know.

  15. Swapping the heads by conventional means (I.E. popping one off and popping the other on) is impossible. The heads connect differently. First Edition Cliffjumper has the ball joint going into the head whereas Prime Cliffjumper has the ball joint coming from the head. The head is also slightly smaller on the latter.

  16. And yet that makes him too costly for Hasblow to import to the US, even as a Target exclusive First Edition... yup Archer is full of $#!7.

    Uh...Knock Out is available in the wave 3 Deluxe assortment. Breakdown and Unicron are the ones (currently) not coming over. Oddly, I don't think there's been any word yet about the Jet Vehicon.

  17. Arms Micron Breakdown - Brings 'sexy' back to the Voyagers. Assembling the Mini-Con was fun, if a little scary at times due to how much force is required to attach the legs, head, and tail/handle. Stickers are fairly easy to apply, although the instructions could make it a little more clear as to what order the inner/outer knee stickers go in. (despite that, I don't think it's all that noticeable if done one way or the other) The rear is a pain in the rear to get into place for vehicle mode, but refuses to budge easily once it's in. Robot mode is as big and bulky as the character should be. Quite poseable and well balanced despite the bulk. The Mini-Con in hammer mode can be held in his hand or the wrist/windshield assembly can be turned back around to plug into the roof for more show accuracy. Since the hands are translucent plastic, I'd advise a bit of caution with 'em. Overall, I'm quite happy with this toy, and recommend that people go get it now while they still can!

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