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  1. Oh man, now the horror of hunting this guy down ... The TRU's here are horrible! I happened to get lucky with Roddy and called on the day 1 store got a case in, the other 2 stores never got a single one.
  2. I like the idea of this as being a DLC add-on. That's something I hope High Moon will do, and slip out some extended / additional missions via DLC. Yeah I'd love for some story/side missions DLC instead of just skins & multiplayer maps (not complaining about those too haha). But this game had a great campaign (loved how the last mission plays out!) and I'd love to see some more.
  3. I thought I remember hearing that BB (and possibly Arcee) was being left out (Bee I've got a stronger feeling towards being true). Plus I thought they said the Entertainment 2 pack with the kids was coming too so that we could get Prime, Megs and the kids.
  4. Do they have the same basic head desIgns? I knew they were based off the same car, but I can't remember Smokescreen's head for some reason (Google here I come haha). Barricade would be badass in Prime!
  5. From what I've seen it looks like Smokescreen is our new recruit, with the 38 on the door, but his head looks like it has a crest on it, similar to Prowl. And does Shockwave have his arm cannon?? Awesome! Does Silas have Breakdown's eye patch?
  6. The pummeling was awesome!! And yeah, the lever dancing (he was doing The Carlton) was hilarious. There were a lot of great moments in the game. Grimlock and Slug arguing about salami/bologne, Jazz/Cliffjumper debating on who was going to jump in the pit ... And that's without the countless easter eggs in the game! I couldn't believe the amount of hidden things I was finding, just on my first play through! And I've heard alot of talk about Shockwave "dieing", but am I the only one who doesn't see it that way? I mean I saw his arm get ripped off, grabbed and flung, but then all hell broke loose and you never really see his fate. My thoughts are he survived, and since his arm (LEFT arm I might add) was ripped off, this is a perfect way to introduce him being reformatted with his arm cannon that he talked about (an audio file or computer terminal in game).
  7. I hadn't thought about that take on things yet, that'd be kinda cool. Bring in the Wreckers, show the Dinobots being caught and what they were before Shockwave got to them... Interesting! Initially I was thinking for them to somewhat follow the Exiles book and start hitting other planets on their way towards Earth (Eventually). They've got Junkion & Velocitron they could visit, introduce the Space Pirates as a new faction... There's a lot to work with. Call it Escape From Cybertron or something.
  8. Even though the colors aren't game accurate (on this version), after playing FOC, I want this guy even more haha. I was already looking forward to it, despite his setbacks, but the game sold me on him for the sheer fun factor!
  9. More spoilers!!! Avoid if you haven't completed the FOC Campaign!!! Cliff's for sure toast, but didn't Shock just get an arm ripped off and tossed? He's assumed dead but everything went to hell before he could be finished off, so I thought there's a likelyhood he lived. And with the arm ripped off, it gives way for his gun to be integrated into him in a (hopeful) 3rd game ... Afterall it was his left arm that was ripped off :)
  10. Woah, considering it's unofficial (much like WFC Soundwave's Boombox mode), that's actually not too bad! Thanks for the pic of it!
  11. I've never been happier to have something on preorder! I've got all the US Mp's (so far), but Soundwave will be my first TT version, and dang I'm excited!!!
  12. I love this guy! My only gripe, and it's minor, is I would have rather them left off Jazz's speakers from the doors, but since he comes with his slingshot, it's totally forgiven haha.
  13. And I just thought of this, but when was the last time we ever saw a case pack, with all 8 figures being different molds? Has it even happened haha
  14. I've ordered a case from BBTS before and shipping to me (Las Vegas) was about $11-13 ... so overall these end being about $16 a figure. Considering taxes alone (no gas, time, etc), this is still cheaper then retail, at least for me.
  15. It's alot of fun, some of the locked items look bad ass and I love the ability to switch hands with your weapons! Melee kinda blows in multiplayer though. The only thing I'm really disappointed in so far is that the stats and points, etc won't carry over from the demo to the full game.
  16. Stores here are weird lately. Wal-Mart has almost nothing on shelves, and the closest one to me, literally has had 0 deluxes and voyagers for over 3 weeks (of ANY line ... Prime, Generations, DOTM...). Targets are running bare boned with most stores only having 3 or 4 deluxes on the pegs, even though according to the DPCI, they've had the new Generations in stock for over 2 weeks (prior to 2 weeks ago, all stores were listing "Out of Stock" so the new "Available stock" has to be the new stuff). TRU has been slowly trickeling them in with a case a week for the last week or 2, but if you're not there when it goes out, you're left with empty pegs I've been told (by employees, I've only seen one OP on the shelf in town so far). I'm not sure what's going on lately, but Vegas has been getting really bad with stock lately. (all 3 TRUs in town are normally horrible, which really makes me fear the MP TC and OP since each store only got in 2 cases of Roddy and Grimlock when they came out). If I had any sort of faith the stores were getting stock, I'd be happy to support them, however the ways things are right now, I can't risk waiting on something the store may never get then have to pay inflated prices months from now online anyway.
  17. Anytime ... TRU.com also put up Airrachnid, SS Bumblebee and Deadend up for order (although Airrachnid is sold out already). And thanks for the news credit! First time being front paged :yay
  18. Lol ... I'm still kinda in shock about! That's an awesome assortment, 1 of everything from the first 2 waves, no duplicates AND it includes the full combiner. Not too shabby, I can only imagine how many of this case pack will sell. Although I'm sure there's some people who're going to be pissed this wasn't announced before Wave 1 started showing up.
  19. If I remember right, it's just at or just under $16 a figure, which is actually cheaper then buying each one in the store plus sales tax for me (in store they come to $16.21 here) so it works out great. Most stores like WM & Target will usually let you return items like this unopened without a receipt, although they'll issue you store credit which I'm sure most people have no problem using up.
  20. Luckily I had case 2 on preorder from BBTS and so this is how I found out, they sent me an email this morning converting my preorder over to the new revision automatically, with the option to switch back if I wanted ... needless to say I'm keeping the new Case 2 loadout haha.
  21. Just wanted to give everyone the heads up about some info I got from BBTS & Entertainment Earth. Generations Wave 1 has a case revision with 3 Shockwaves in it (2 Jazz, 3 OP), and Wave 2 (Bruticus) will consist of all 5 Combaticons, 1 OP, 1 Jazz and 1 Shockwave ... talk about Collector friendly!!
  22. So far it's not a horrible series, and I'm enjoying watching it for the most part. Yes it needs work, but alot of series early on need tweaking so I'll at least give it a chance. They definately need a larger core of both Cons and Bots, not just these 1 and done guys. The kids are kind of hit and miss, and it does seem like they're trying at least a little to bring more for the mature audiences, and not JUST kids. However with every episode that goes by, I feel more and more like I'm watching a Bayverse reboot series. Certain scenes, comments, and ideas are taken directly from the movies, and that bugs me. I know it's the same writers, but really... can't they come up with something original? Oh and sorry Onslaught, on this one I've gotta disagree, Fowler annoys me more than anyone else in the series! :tflaugh
  23. Finally updated the ole profile ... talk about long overdue!

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