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  1. Yeah it's the Shockwave weapon mode in single player that gets unlocked ... It's the Gamestop preorder options, Amazon preorder, Hound & Insecticons that are in this pack.
  2. I wonder if this egomaniac realizes this franchise has been around over 20 years before he got involved, so it certainly doesn't need HIS help gaining "lasting legs" ... What a douche!
  3. Ok between the "Who in the pits of Kaon is that?", "germaphobe?", and the "scrap! It's really in there.", I love this clip! And seriously, did Smokescreen call it what I think he did?!? YES!!!! :D And +1 for using "pew-pew lasers" in a news story BaCon haha
  4. Yeah I know. What's funny though, is remember all the people fandomwide that had a problem with the SDCC version being $100 because $20 each for 5 deluxes is outragious? This is on par with Takara's cost yet for $36 each, I'll bet we don't hear nearly the amount of complaints for roughly the same paint, non exclusiveness, no pretty gift set box ... Should he fun! And I can't wait to see pics though of what he'll look like.
  5. BBTS has both the set and the individuals for FoC Bruticus now up for preorder on their site. The big guy is going to run ya about $180. No pics yet, but the desceiption says it'll be closer to game accurate colors.
  6. I would love a third faction, if for nothing else, just to throw in something new!
  7. I was thinking he looked like a BW Megatron (Dragon, not T-Rex), especially with Prime & Bee in the foreground. Regardless, I'm kinda of interested to see this play out.
  8. I actually kinda like these and depending on cost, may pick them up for her. Oh and I've got the FE opened and proudly on display with the Prime cast, I really like the mold, much more so than the PRID version (despite PRID having the screen accurate wings).
  9. Let's see, toys we had for DotM: Lots more BB, a couple Primes, another Ratchet & Ironhide, another SS, & tons of non movie characters. Missing: a new Soundwave, no Dino/Mirage, no Que/Wheeljack, no Leadfoot (all of whom were in the movie and never represented with similar molds) ... Why would a toy line sell that doesn't support the movie it's named for? Just because they're the same name doesn't mean that consumers agree it's the same product. They would've been ok if they had made toys actually based off the movie and not sold unrelated characters or rewashed ones.
  10. Oooooo!!!! Gimmie gimmie gimmie! Haha ... I love me some Dinobots. They look good, not overly out of sized, and not out paced or awkwardly fast, can't wait for tomorrow!
  11. I'm really hearing about more and more of these showing up and being available for fans/collectors since the limits were put into place. Yeah he's few and far between but not nearly as MIA as that first week. Add that to the fact that so many fellow collectors are posting sightings with locations and leftovers, with how to get a hold of them and it sounds like everyone who wants one should be able to get him at some point. Makes me feel proud to be a part of this fandom haha, and really glad to see everyone helping each other out (& shafting scalpers in the process lol). Hopefully a lot of this can be learned/applied for the Optimus release in the coming months. I for one am REALLY looking forward to him.
  12. Yup, saying a manufacturer doesn't give a crap about their product once they've been paid for it is false in most cases. They've got a name in the market for a reason, and have a reputation to maintain, I work for an Auto Parts supply store and I have to say that for every product line we carry by whatever manufacturer has it's own promotions and marketing restrictions set by the manufacturer. Once you've got a name in the market you have to work hard to maintain it otherwise people forget about you, so many manufacturer's take a hands-on approach. Haha brothers in the industry huh? Nice! I've started seeing pics of TRUs with signage posting the "limit 1" & such around the country, so it looks like the word from above is spreading rapidly ... Good! Lol
  13. It probably is mostly TRU, but some of the managers there are saying it came from the manufacturer. And yeah, Hasbro has already been paid for these, but I wouldn't completely rule out that they don't care what happens. If this became an all out fiasco, and people truly got pissed off enough, TRU made not order the next MP, or worse, people don't buy it when it comes out. If that happens, now TRU is sitting on stock and won't order any of whatever Hasbro is working on next, and it could very well effect other lines as well. Especially when it comes to the high end collector items, Hasbro knows all too well that it is a niche market and that if the growns up get mad, no more sales (unlike with kids who forgive & forget with the newest shiny object of the month haha). Plus they also know that collectors will spend money to get what they want, and so if we got pissed and stopped buying the MP's from TRU, Takara would get more of our money, which cuts into Hasbro's high end sales. Obviously this is a worst case scenario, but I'm just using it to point out that Hasbro could/should show interest in how this is dealt with even though technically their part of it is over. I work in an automotive tools manufacturing and distribution warehouse with a lot of major accounts (Lowe's/Kobalt, MAC, Walmart & Sams, Pepboys, etc...) and believe me, when we sell off a product to them, once they take it over, we still follow up to make sure that our company is being represented properly & that our name isn't thrown into the mud.
  14. Bizarrely enough I believe we may have Hasbro to thank for that one, apparently the order came down from on high that stores had to have replenished stock on them until the warehouses supplies are depleted and a quantity had to be set aside for TRU.com as well, now it also appears that in area's where buyer's were buying up TC cases at a time have been corporately mandated to limit one per customer, sounds like Hasbro is sending a message to scalper's to F!!! Off! Lol Yeah I was freaking thrilled when I got talked to about this!! I nearly fell out of my chair in astonishment too haha. There's obviously some debate over whether Hasbro has the power to put this in place, whether they suggested it and TRU listened or if this was all on TRU, but regardless, bravo to whoever it was that brought the hammer down, and quickly. On behalf of collectors everywhere I want to thank them and hopefully this helps with future releases as well. I'm sure not every store is abiding by it, but it's a step in the right direction that's for sure!
  15. I came across them at my TRU today. I thought since I haven't heard anything to suggest my order from TRU.com won't be sent that I would leave them. Then I got a really bad feeling and went back and bought one a couple of hours later. They were all still there too. Still no word on the one I ordered, I figure when that comes there are a bunch of local guys who are looking, I'll pass it along to one of them. Yeah I don't blame you, when in doubt pick up what you see! Better safe than sorry, and there is no shortage of people looking for it so you'll be able to trade or sell it off to recoup the expense. I'm going down this evening to see if I can snag an extra one to help out too. And yeah, scalpers are the scum of the earth! They should be ashamed and dragged in front of the fandom to be mocked, humiliated and degraded :)
  16. Ok, hit up TRU yesterday after work (even though I'd called and they said zero) and they were right, but I also found out that their trucks were a bit late and being unloaded so stock would be placed overnight IF they had anything. I called first thing this morning and they had him stock. Put one on hold and called in a favor for someone to pick him up for me since I was at work and they could only hold him an hour. (on a side note, I feel horrible... 30+ years old and I'm still asking mommy for help! lmao). But onto the important stuff... According to management there, they've been told by the District Manager (and Corporate), that there is now going to be a limit of 1 per person because of the scalping problems with the initial release. The manager I spoke to said that had come from the manufacturer. Now this could be lost in translation over where it's coming from, but I checked with all 3 stores here in town, and they all confirmed having stock on hand, and that they were being instructed to limit the purchase to 1 per person. To further this move, ALL TC's are being kept at the Customer Service desk and handed out by management instead of placed on the shelf. Hope this helps! and from the sounds of it... Bravo TRU/Hasbro (whoever is responsible for calling down the hammer!)
  17. Don't you dare jinx it! Lol ... But yeah, Knockout is a very underwhelming toy. I mean, the toy itself isn't horrible, it's just "ok", but as Knockout, it sucks ... And I really don't want Smokescreen to be like that haha. (and I do have to admit, Knockout's character is really growing on me lately, ever since Breakdown died for some reason)
  18. I really hope they don't retool Knockout into Smokescreen, and that they give him his own mold. I can see some similarities, but there's alot of differences, especially in alt mode. And considering how easily Smokescreen could be repainted into other guys, a retool just doesn't seem enough.
  19. If I ever find one of these, I think I am going to have to owe you one after all the work you have put in for this.lol Lol no worries man ... I want this just as bad as everyone else! Plus if I can help others track this down, I'd like to think Karma will kick in when I truly need it or someone might help me out when needed :) fans gotta stick together to beat the scalpers lol
  20. Just got off the phone with TRU Customer Service a lil bit ago, and they said he was pulled from the site due to "premature listing and pricing" and that details were being worked out and he'd hopefully be back up at some point. Take this with a grain a salt because it is TRU AND a customer service rep who might not know what's going on, but it does sound valid. Especially given the cheaper price he was listed at online.
  21. He was online, I guess it was put up about 3am pst ... and sold out in under a half hour from what I heard. I missed out (again) but was able to get my info put in for the "notify if he becomes available" so we'll see what happens. And I guess some people who DID get orders in, are having their orders listed as "back orders" now so who the hell knows what's going on with this ... all I know is TRU is seriously starting to piss me off with their handling of this guy.
  22. Haha that's too damned funny! I'll admit he does some good reviews but this is an all new place for him to be on camera :)
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