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  1. That's kinda funny you'd mention the Matrix. That big freeway scene, was actually shot here in Vegas. We had a beltway that was under construction at the time that was used. Everytime I watch that movie, I can pinpoint which exits are where haha.
  2. Nice! That actually works quite well. I hadn't even thought abiut using that trailer. If you look closely, the front wheels on the trailer are just a bit off the ground, but it still looks pretty good. I just figured I'd give it a shot. The connection is actually quite good and solid, better than the figure the trailer originally came with. Also, I need to dust that shelf . . . Yeah but even with you pointing it out, I had to look really hard to notice haha. Definately going to have to play with mine some. I wonder how it works with the eitherthe RiD or FE voyagers. (haven't had my RiD in truck mode in a while and waiting for TRU to get the FE's in before I can try it out).
  3. Nice! That actually works quite well. I hadn't even thought abiut using that trailer.
  4. That battle is long over. Lego lost the rights to owning the basic Lego brick design a while back. There are dozens of brick companies now. I think both Hasbro and Lego know they won't win this with lawsuits, but by trying to make the better toy that will sell more. yup, which can only benefit the consumer ... And honestly, this guy looks awesome. Definitely one of the better looking sets. Good for competition!
  5. Nice dude! Those and voyager Prime are the ones I'm looking for too but have so far only seen Arcee & Starscream (both of which I got during the first run).
  6. Brick and mortar stores have different warehouses than TRU.com. The website hasn't gotten their shipment yet. Once they get their shipment, preorders will be filled, then it'll be listed back on the site for sale, so technically the preorders will be filled first :D
  7. Lmao! The only thing that could make this news better was if that said "Bay not returning" haha
  8. Yeah I'm done with hearing about Bay, regardless of what comes out of that ego-maniacs mouth. All he does is stroke his own ego, lie, brag and piss off fans. I was really hoping DOTM was his last, not because I don't want to see the movies, but because I'm just sick of him. Notice how everytime he does a sequel, there's a "problem" with someone from the previous movie? During RotF, him and Shia had issues, during DotM, him and Fox, now it's him and Hugo ... Notice a trend? It's not everyone else Mr. Bay, it's you ... You're an asshole.
  9. And I stand corrected ... Other forums are going nuts now on both sides, because things just got real ... Bay made a reply, and basically called out Weaving, insulting him, calling him a crybaby, etc. :redface Is it too early to go into hiding until TF4, until Michael Bay, is done and over with?!?
  10. Exactly, and a lot of times they don't have current information either, so they don't really know. If a shipment is delayed, they may not know why, their job is order processing. It's like asking a plumber to fix your transmission.
  11. He sounds genuinly interested in it, and that's huge for a movie. I've already got a better feeling about this, knowing it's in better hands than it could be.
  12. I've been hearing stories of people calling/emailing TRU's customer service to yell, scream, insult their intelligence, threaten ... It's bad. I agree LO, those people who are imploding, should have theirs canceled. But if someone calls and politely inquires or tries to get info about when they might be shipping, that's altogether different. Honestly, the people who blowing up the customer service folks give collectors and the TF fandom a bad name, it makes me embarrassed to be categorized with them.
  13. You know, I want to be upset it, but can't. Like he said, he was never even on set, all he did was read something for a couple hours so it's not like he had to invest anything into it. As much as I dislike "meaningless", he's right. Lol and yeah, I expected some forums to errupt with fan angst, but honestly, it's been pretty laid back and respectful from everything I've seen so far.
  14. All the cancelations I've been hearing about happened a couple weeks ago. The only one I've heard about happened yesterday, and caused near mass hysteria ... THEN the guy let everyone know that his notice email said it was because too many preorders had been placed, he was one of the last and so therefor had to cancel his haha. There was tons of panic going around yesterday (and still is to an extent), but mine is still active. When I placed my order, it said an estimated ship date of 10/15 so it's no surprise there's a slight delay. I'm just gonna ride it out and see what happens. If I happen to find him in the store, cool, I'll pick him up and cancel my preorder. Otherwise I'm not stressing, at least for a little while.
  15. Oh sweet mama!!! I'm so glad I've got these on preorder! December cannot get here fast enough (never thought I'd say that lol)
  16. I wish they'd bring back Rachael Taylor from the first movie ... she's smoking hot and I thought she did really well, given her role.
  17. Is it ok to shed tears of joy now?!? I freaking love these lil guys!
  18. Wow, most of those are pretty sweet! Not sure about the UM, I think I like the blue on Hasbro's a bit more, but the rest are quite nice.
  19. Nothing yet, but it's still early so I'm not gonna panic just yet haha. Although there were a couple rumors that it got pushed back til the 21st, and another saying that a few would be shipped on the 15th, but the bulk/rest were delayed til November. But again those are just "fan rumors" with nothing to back it up other than "someone with knowledge" info ... So yeah, if I don't hear something by the end of the day, I'm callin tomorrow to bitch for answers.
  20. I don't think Beast Hunters is taking place on Earth. I heard the creators saying something about a major change of scenery and given that the current story on Prime (keys to revive Cybertron), and the look of the throne room from the clip, I'm pretty sure BH is going to be on Cybertron. Which would make Autobots beasts a lot more accesible in the same way FOC had the Dinobots, Shockwave experiments turning against him.
  21. Agreed! Congratulations on such a huge achievement ... Balls of steel man!
  22. I'm so glad I'm not the only one haha Yeah, I'm starting to think there was a secret meeting at IDW where it was decided that after the "Death" of Prime, Pax can only ever be drawn by Livio Ramondeli for all the rest of time, and I soooo despise it, but I'm still loving the current format for continuity in IDW. This issue at the very lease resolves all the issues I had with Spotlight: Wheelie, which I think was originally billed as an imaginary story, then later became a humongous plothole when the character was reintroduced during Space Opera. Totally agree man! The writing and storylines for RiD and MtMtE are amazing, the best Transformers stories we've had in years! And while RiD is fairly basic artwork, I am in love with MtMtE, both in art and story (nothing against RiD, it's good, I just think it's sister title is over the top good). I couldn't be happier with IDW right now, ever since Chaos ended. But time and time again, my only true complaint is Livio, I can't stand his work. Like I said, decent for covers, but horrible for storytelling. And yeah, I don't think we'll ever see proper artwork for Pax, maybe once he becomes Prime again (it's inevitable), we'll be able to lose Livio.
  23. I'm so glad I'm not the only one haha
  24. As usual I thought John did an excellent job with his writing, especially given the complexity of what he was trying to get across. And I do agree with you, the art style was hard to follow. But personally I'm not a fan of Livio's work anyway. I like the style, but not for story telling. It reminds me of fan art; single frames look great, but when trying to move a story forward, it lacks real detail and progress. It's great for covers. Most of the work I see of his is muddied and blurred, with almost no background detail so you can't get a good feel for the surroundings or context. For an entire story, it becomes very difficult to follow when all you see are close ups of heads, glowing eyes or arms reaching for something. I know a lot of people like his style, but for me, it hinders the story and forces the writing to carry more of a load, instead of the art and writing working together to tell a great story.
  25. Ravage turns into the weapon on Soundwave's arm in robot mode, and into his.... dong(?).... in jet mode, not his chest piece I dunno man, it sure looks like Ravage is taking the place of Laserbeak on his chest. The weapon I think is just a stand alone weapon. Look at the silver on Ravage's back, it matches up with the silver on SW's chest, then the legs fold over his ribs and shoulders.
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