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  1. There's a couple of good reveals today, but missing Sureshot though.
  2. ]⁰I don't hate this Vector Prime. I think it's a perfectly serviceable version. I still have my original Vector Prime, which I never have transformed, so I'll like getting another version, plus I'm sure a third party company will give us Failsafe.
  3. This is okay, but I'm waiting on Sureshot, Ruckus, and Quake.
  4. Wow! I mean, just absolutely wow! This looks like totally garbage. I hate the tf designs, the story, the campy, cheesy feel. Yeah, this is all an easy pass. Funny though, reminds me of a person who has zero self-awareness, but they think they're cool, but they are actually so cringy, it's embarrassing.
  5. I'm really looking forward to Squeezeplay and hope we finish the set with Horri-bull.
  6. These recent reveals are a dream come true, but I find myself in such disbelief for many other reasons. I'm having such a hard time believing these rumors are true because the last year or so of Hasbro tf's have been lackluster at best, and now it's a total 180 from before. This company in such dire financial straights, it's going to he laying off more staff and they are releasing all of this?! We haven't even been shown ss86 Swoop yet, so I'll believe it when I see these releases, until then, I'll start saving money just in case we get this stuff.
  7. Enjoy reading Joe's analysis per usual, especially about the Knock Out problem, and just re-releasing figures, just without clear plastic now. I just look at a lot of what Hasbro's set to release upcoming, and it's clear to me these decisions are a result of a company in dramatic decline. I know many would disagree with recent updated figures we're supposed to get, but I think there's no guarantee we'll even see these, as they'll probably be canceled or moved back indefinitely. Hasbro, prove me wrong.
  8. Man, this looks great! It only makes me wonder how awesome Sureshot would have been.
  9. I'm liking Gears, even though that back section is terrible, but I'm sure someone will add on fix it. I'm just happy I can ditch my Generations Gears, as I never liked that interpretation of Gears at all. I'm still salty about them canceling Sureshot and hope he gets the Gears treatment down the road, too.
  10. Another home-run for Hasbro! I think I'll stick to the Chromia I already have. This, like almost everything I've seen lately, is am easy pass for me.
  11. Wow! Omega Prime as the only reveal today. This is an easy pass for me. I have to say, everyday that goes by without Hasbro revealing Legacy and ss86 figures, the desire to hand over my hard earned money to them fading fast. At this rate, if I have to wait until March, on top of Sureshot being canceled, I'll refuse to order anything they put up for pre-order just out of spite.
  12. Off topic, but does anyone else think the new studio series Sunstreaker could make a passable, custom Sureshot?
  13. It looks like one of the "canceled " 2024 tf's is Sureshot. This is one of the few reasons I'm still a Hasbro customer, and it's against my better judgment anyway at this point, but come on! I've been looking forward to completing, yes! I'm a completion-ist, there, are you happy? Well, as I was saying, I WAS looking forward to completing my Autobot targetmasters, and now...not so much. I wish there was a third party, chug, with this new scale we have over the past few years that would emerge and give us the tf's Hasbro won't. SMH. I thought I would be a tf collector forever, but I'm starting to wonder now.
  14. You know, it's almost as if Hasbro, a toy company, has gotten so wrapped up in a postmodern cult ideology, they've forgotten how to give the fans what they want, which is the only reason they exist. Stay in your lane! If I want to be told how much I suck, I'll go to church, but until then, worry more about running your business instead of running your business into the ground at the behest of the Davos crowd.
  15. So that's it? Tidal Wave? It's great and all but I've been waiting a long time for Sureshot and Swoop, and others to be revealed and I'm tired of waiting at this point. Waiting and wondering what's canceled or pushed back. No more, Hasbro!
  16. Looking forward to tf Tuesday tomorrow in hopes we see more g1 tf's like Gears here.
  17. There are many factors as to why Hasbro has found themselves on the verge of bankruptcy. First, they spent too much time and resources on older fans and neglecting younger ones. Then, there's the whole entertainment debacle, whether it's the Disney disaster, or Hasbro entertainment, both have missed the mark, with some estimating only 8-15% of the audience for the films these toys are based off of, are in that 7-12 age range. It's true, kids attentions are diverted more than ever now, with smart phones and the like, but to blame all of their failings on this one truth, is intellectually dishonest. Whether you agree or disagree with its "values," the whole woke thing is extremely unpopular and devisive. Many are referring to it as a "new religion," because it's that dogmatic. And Hasbro has been pushing this agenda hard, which has not gone unnoticed by many toy buyers. The increased toy prices coupled with dreadful plastic and qc has angered many. Then you have a company that makes most it's money from plastic toys, virtue signaling by discontining the plastic windows and having some tf's open to air while others are completely hidden away inside a box. These are just a few of Hasbro's problems. But the fact those at the top of this company where either unaware, or worse, believed any of these things where good ideas, tells me this company is in worse trouble than we know, and, most likely, won't be around much longer. All of this could have been avoided if the people running Hasbro hadn't been so short-sighted and sanctimonious, instead of just making the toys people wanted. People can exist without toy companies, but toy companies can't exist without people. It seems Hasbro forgot this.
  18. I have not been interested in almost anything Hasbro has revealed over the last three events. I wish I knew how many fewer pre-orders they are getting these days. I know from bbts and HP, many of the new ones are still available. I know that their G1 stuff always sells out, so I guess there's my answer. I can't wait until Gears, Sandstorm, Swoop and some of the other G1 stuff is released, I'm basically done with Hasbro.
  19. I don't think anything is a sure thing with Hasbro anymore, which both confuses me and pisses me off. Take ss86 Brawn: You would think it's a no brainer we get Outback, right? Well, I no longer have faith Hasbro thinks like this anymore. It has made me turn to third party to fill the gaps Hasbro refuses to fill. I recently bought xtransbots Tailgate and Windcharger, and dx9 Powerglide. This is all because Hasbro has introduced us to deluxe sized minibots, and I don't want to cross my fingers in hopes they maybe get around to the others by 2030. Soundwave and Blaster's tapes are the same thing right now. I was hoping a third party company would just beat Hasbro to the punch with all the tapes, cause I would buy them in a second. If any of my crypto's hit big, I will create my own third party tf company and make the tf's fans want, by making the ones I want, to fill those annoying collection gaps with some of the coolest, obscure tf's from G1/G2 and Beast Wars. Well, here's to dreaming.
  20. Enjoyed reading this thread. Many of the comments are spot-on. I'm annoyed that Hasbro hasn't used generations selects to give us more obscure tf's like Windsweeper, Guzzle, Polarclaw, Horri-bull, Squeezeplay, Dogfight and others. There has to be a large group out here that would buy these characters. Also, I wish they would stop dinking around and give us all the Blaster and Soundwave tapes, like Overkill, Ratbat, Ramhorn, to name a few.
  21. These are a solid pass for me. I'm annoyed that Hasbro isn't branching out in the direction of more obscure tf's like Windsweeper, Guzzle and so on. Apart from a custom, it's impossible to find some of these characters.
  22. Yeah, you know, I used to be an automatic buy for almost everything Hasbro put out there. I know people like all the other lines out there, but I'm a solid BW and G1/G2 person. I still have holes in my collection of characters I'd like better updates of, like how Hasbro has given us deluxe sized minibots, only to not finish them has made me look at third party to fill my new chug scale. I think Hasbro may regret filling the lines with so many other tf lines other than what their paying customers want. I also think I'm only interested in 8 to 12 from 2024 lineup. This could be a bad financial decision by Hasbro that could damage the company.
  23. While some like what Hasbro has been showing lately, I'm going to have to thank them for helping me save a lot of money in 2024.
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