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  1. Wait, is this even getting released for Shadow Commander?
  2. Your completely right. I started this , so I'm responsible for starting this up again. Its just when I read a blog about someone bad mouthing ROTF, I feel I have to defend it. I don't really know why, I guess I feel I have to defend the thing I love. And I love Transformers and all things connected to transformers. Let's all try to avoid all this for the 3rd movie. Like it or not, its going to be just like ROTF. It is called being young. You simply defended the movie cause you may feel that people are insulting you in the process. As you grow older, hopefully you are not inclined to justify your tastes in films, television shows, and music for that matter. In the end, you'll like what you like and f^%@ everyone else. Wow, really? That was an unfair claim. You don't even know how old the guy is.
  3. Now, we haven't seen the contract between Hasbro and Paramount and other involved entities, but I think it would be safe to say that Hasbro have some sort of veto power. (And in the unlikely event that they don't have a veto option, they could still distance themselves from the production.) Simply put, if something in the film conflicts with Hasbro or Hasbro's goals, then they will take action. So the question is: what will Hasbro allow? Tellingly, Hasbro did not put their foot down and force the removal of the controversial, often sexually-themed lowbrow humour that plagued Revenge of the Fallen. This is a toy company, selling toys, to young children. Their own corporate code of conduct states: "Advertising and promotion of Hasbro products... are expected to be conducted in a way which is appropriate for a children’s and family entertainment company." And yet Revenge of the Fallen features material accused of promoting negative racial stereotypes, robots simulating sexual acts with humans, even pseudo-genitals on the character with the most expensive toy in the entire line. Evidently, despite their role as a toy company and their own stated code of conduct, Hasbro found no conflict, no need to exercise veto. In light of this, what argument can be made - should the filmmakers decide to make Unicron silver, or a whole gang of robots, or a cloud - that Hasbro will intercede to protect their property? Why should Unicron get special attention when Hasbro is happy to allow through controversial material with the potential to bring their business into disrepute or worse? Whether or not Unicron is a multi-universal entity is irrelevant - all that matters is whether (a) the filmmakers have shown a propensity for changing the source material to suit their needs (they have), and whether (b) Hasbro have demonstrated a propensity for protecting their property via veto (they haven't). You know, colour me sadistic, but I would totally buy a deluxe of the Volvo excavator if his mech-alive gimmick was having the figure separate into 'spare parts'. (Deliciously ironic for something 'mech-alive', I realize. :)) I have to disagree with you an a number of points here, JOP. First off, Hasbro went into this movie series with the full intention that these movies would be PG-13, not PG or G rated "children's movies". They're targeting mainstream audiences to bring them into the mythos , not just sell toys to children. PG-13 is the target rating Hasbro was after for these movies because that is the largest demographic for movies. The teenagers and young adults, not children. Thus, the humor is catered to that crowd. Hence the "frat-boy" humor and sexual innuendo. Because the whole point is to introduce the greater mythos to a wider audience, Hasbro isn't going to allow too big of a change to such an important character to the mythos, particularly one which would break away from their establishment of his being a multiversal singularity. That is a major part of the mythos. Okay, wth?! I know this is late but honestly. You cannot just say "teenagers and young adults enjoy "frat boy" humor." That's the most asinine thing I've heard in a while. I'm a teenager, and I can honestly say that that kind of humor appeals to me. I can also say that I know many other teenagers and also young-adults who don't care for that kind of humor. So please, don't make generalizations.
  4. Ok, what the hell? So the 3rd bike sister will be released without the combination instructions? Are you shitting me hasbro?
  5. Evil Exe

    Human Chuggin' Gasoline =/= Transformer

    Jet fuel'll help you fly, but you got to find something else to give you an ability to teleport. Ha! I outlast you! I still do it! .... :run :roll And the middle eastern folks love him for finding an untapped potential for profits. Coming, Christmas 2009, "Drinking fuel! Gasoline you can drink*!" *safety warnings: If mixed with milk, may cause vomitting. Do not drink near lit fireplace. Not an alcoholic replacement. I can transformer better than you!
  6. Evil Exe

    Cybertron Dark Scorponok Parts?

  7. Your wrong about Robotech, if any series related to robotech would lose things in translation, it would be Macross. Robotech is entirely different, it';s three Macross series wrapped into one English package. Robotech was never Japanese.
  8. Dude Robotech'll prolly be next year. There's already a production company backing and ome roles have been chosen.
  9. Evil Exe

    Cybertron Dark Scorponok Parts?

  10. Evil Exe

    About Soundwave...

    There ya go, went ahead and uploaded them. Sorry about the bluriness, I don't know how to use my camera :P
  11. Evil Exe

    About Soundwave...

    I'll up 'em tomorrow if some doesn't before me.
  12. Evil Exe

    About Soundwave...

    "I MIGHT BE STUPID" UPDATE: I just realized after close examination of the instructions, that soundwave has two extra joints on his torso that bring his shoulder sections up higher in satellite and space cruiser mode allowing the front of the hands to be covered by a section of the torso in either mode and allowing the arms to sit more securely. More impotantly there are two raised notches on both of the adjustable shoulder panels that the seconday solar panels can be placed in to fix them in place in space cruiser mode.
  13. Evil Exe

    Cybertron Dark Scorponok Parts?

    Is anyone willing to part with the two smokestacks that attach to Dark Scorponok's chest, his feet, and his cyber key for a reasonable price?

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