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    It's always a matter of time. Especially for Time Lords... There are no measurements in infinity. You humans have got such limited little minds; I don't know why I like you so much. You know the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don't alter their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit their views, which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering. "Eureka" is Greek for "This bath is too hot" The Time Lords are a very meticulous people; you have to be when you live as long as we do. The trouble with computers, of course, is that they're very sophisticated idiots. But the final responsibility is mine, and mine alone. Listen; if someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you, and told you that that child would grow up totally evil, to be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives, could you then kill that child? It takes all sorts to make a galaxy. What do you want? You don't want to take over the universe, do you? No... you wouldn't know what to do with it, beyond shout at it. We have the power to do anything we like. Absolute power over every particle in the universe. Everything that has ever existed or ever will exist, as from this moment. Are you listening to me? Because if you're not listening, I can make you listen. Because I can do anything. As from this moment there is no such thing as free will in the entire universe -- there is only my will, because I possess the Key to Time.
  1. Man, I haven't posted here in AGES. So the question here is, what top 10 figures did I buy in 2014? Well, seeing as how this is the "top 10 purchases of 2014" as opposed to "top 10 purchases of toys that were released in 2014" I may have a couple that are from 2013 but I bought early in 2014, but here's my list: Honorable Mention: Impossible Toys Bumblebug (I just had to mention this because...even though it's not a GREAT toy, the updated G1 toy styling of this was a great idea and really evoked the original toy very well. I have heard some quality issues but so far, mine has been great. I don't feel bad about IT going away, let's face it, they tried but they didn't try too hard, this was still a great effort on their part) 10:Generations Whirl (has some issues but once you figure the shoulders out, this is a great toy despite some scary knee breaking possibilities) 9TFCC Slipstream (Also my vote for best reuse of an old mold. This figure easily works in the Generations line like Chromia made from the Prime RiD Mold) 8:Generations Rattrap (Yes, this figure has some issues but not enough to win "worst toy of the year" or something, lol, I mean who would do THAT?!?!) 7:AoE High Octane Bumblebee (He's on my list because, once you ditch the upper torso "automorph" that plagued this style of movie BB, it's a great figure and this version is the one I wish was used in the first movie instead of the 74 Camaro" 6:Unique Toys Mania King (Vintage Colors) (While the original plumb purple and white version didn't thrill me along with it's "curling" style arms, the vintage colored version jot it right for me. The color matches the RtS Cyclonus beautifully and the orange gun barrel with light up tip was great! I can easily overlook the arms for the rest of the figure being so spot on) 5:AoE Evasion Mode Optimus Prime (Takara Colors) (EASILY the best movie Optimus for 2014 and maybe even the best Optimus in general for 2014. It's not at the top of my list because as great as the figure is, I've seen WAY too many pictures of the T shaped grill piece breaking.) 4:Generations Skrapnel (THIS was what I think fans of the G1 Insecticons wanted for an updated toy and this first entry is fantastic! He's now joined by an even BETTER Bombshell so here's hoping they release a new Kickback and recolor and reissue Skrapnel to match) 3:Generations Swerve (This figure was only bought after I bought the figure just a bit higher on my list and at that only because the quality of these Legends class figures has gone up as they shifted the line to making it for bots that are SUPPOSED to be small. Swerve here has a TON of character, just check out his face!) 2:Generations Cosmos (This is the figure that made me realize the Legends line will be good and as long as Hasbro maintains this level of engineering and ingenuity, MAYBE we can get the rest of the G1 minibots done in a single scale class for once) 1:Generations Arcee (What can I say? Has/Tak has knocked this out of the park! I'm glad they didn't do IDW Arcee for this as...as much as I like the IDW aesthetic, I always wanted them to look a bit more G1 so I can still have them feel like they belong together and while this figure's colors being slightly changed with the addition of black and blue trims, it still looks amazing. Yes, it's true, she does have a bit...too organic looking a midriff making her able to strike some...suggestive poses, it doesn't entirely overshadow the fact that this figure took 28 years to get and now we have her and they didn't have to make her an Actionmaster or a motorcycle...again or some vague vehicle-esque pile of robot parts...they only needed to fold a car up on her back, lol)
  2. You know, maybe I'm just dumb or my figure is lucky but the elbow joints aren't static on mine, they bend with no problem. I checked a few other pics online of this figure show articulated elbows too: http://figurefan.livejournal.com/98630.html Second time I noticed a review where the info on the toy is wrong B-W.
  3. Wow, well, glad this is a rather bland toy but you got the mechtech gimick not locking in place wrong. You push the ladder in and turn it slightly to lock the mechtech gimmick in place. Peaugh showed us that months ago when he got one of the mold test versions from China so unless they disabled that...
  4. Wow, that Megatron looks really good though I have to agree that the head being so visible in his alt-mode is a damn shame. Still...I'm in for one! I don't think that Optimus looks bad and to me it seems like a Deluxe. Check the ball jointed wrists. Those look like a Deluxes jointing to me.XD If it's NOT a Deluxe then yeah they failed. If that's supposed to be a Voyager then no way! My guess is that Optimus there is a Deluxe and that Megaron is a Voyager. As for the Humans, I actually LIKE these human characters so I might buy them XD You know, I have to say that it seems that Hasbro is putting better time in the engineering department with these toys than the DOTM line XD
  5. Yeah...kinda. Not really liking the lack of effort here Hasbro. Last I heard guys that SS is a deluxe not a voyager. There's not enough detail to be a Voyager mold. That being said he looks badly mistransformed XD As for that Dread, I like him...just gotta throw away the weapon XD
  6. It IS a legends figure, not a scout. It's not a remold, they created all new parts for the entire figure except MAYBE the head. The biggest issue i have is another Cluiffjumper that's a recolored BB. Still, I'll get the yellow one for my Legends figures and use the Henkei red BB as my CJ figure and FINALLY there will be two different molds on my shelf for those two characters.
  7. No, it's the bottom of the camera. The center hole is where the tripod plugs in. Regardless I think this looks SWEET! Much better and bigger in camera mode than people were thinking it was going to be when it was first shown. I'm in for one! The Rumble and Frenzy sets were awesome as it is but this is really great!
  8. Just not a fan of the Rodimus XD Sorry guys but after buying the Classics, Henkie and RTS I just really see no comparison. Cyclonus on the other hand is just excellent! I was This > < close to buying the Henkie but this saved me quite a bit of cash XD
  9. Okay, that just killed my interest. I really like the Legends Bumblebee, but if this is just a knockoff remolded to look like a Beetle, then I'll have to pass. I thought it was going to be an original mold. :tfsad I would say that aside from the head this IS an original mold. Certainly the dimensions of the little hot hatchback BB are nowhere near close to a classic Beetle's dimensions. On the plus side though if they mold a version in white for a Bug Bite version people can do the Herbie crossover MUCH easier XD
  10. I feel totally evil saying this but what if they were just Legends class XD Or more fun, what if it was another motorcycle? XD I hope these are actually some solid deluxes though. I never liked the 3rd party Arcees at all and having Hasbro actually fill out the collection for us would be sweet. Really curious about that Cliffjumper listing. I hope they use the head from the WFC figure and paint it up to match. Would be really nice to have them do the fan kitbash for us. XD Or at the VERY least color match the Classics mold to the WFC CJ so when we do it it looks good. Hell that way they make the money twice since people will have to buy them both XD
  11. All of those MP Optimus Prime knock-offs say otherwise. There are also all of those accessory sets from IGear that are for sale. In fact, their little Sharkticon is the only product that hasn't been produced. Why not? Who knows? Maybe IGear didn't think it was good enough. Be patient and find your yourself a vintage Sharkticon. If not, then there's a knock-off for $40. http://chimungmung.c...products_id=139 Got me a few G1 Sharkticons but those Igear Sharkticons would be deadly along with MP Grimlock! Chek out the bot mode of this failure! . :tdown It's actually not bad but it's NOT going to be a Scout. I just checked the last pic and 67.83 MM's is 2.67 inches so no, it's a Legends Class prototype NOT a scout. That pic of bot mode looks just fine to me based on that.
  12. I still like them. I agree the toys are mistransformed and Bay might make them into shameful racial stereotypes but I don't care about the crappy movie as I already know it will suck. Really, what are the odds that Bay will actually make a GOOD Transformers movie with this third film? I would wager that it's as good as the odds that Lucas would make Episode 3 good. Thing is the vehicle modes are BIG. More mass and regardless as to the soccer mom and Nascar dad comment these are what the US Government types drive in these films. The dreadlocks look more to me like head tentacles and the giant blades just look like pincers and yeah there's a bit of a scarab beetle vibe but I'll be damned if I didn't love it. As for them folding away, it looks like they do. Might have to move the front tires out of the way to do it though. No, as long as the execution is good and the final full transformation for bot mode looks good I'll get a few of these.
  13. OK, I HAVE to admit that those are some pretty slick looking toys. The vehicle modes are good and from what i can see of the bot modes, I like those too. VERY creepy and sinister looking. I may be adding them to my collection when released.
  14. Actually from what i can see it looks like he has knees. If you look at his left leg the width of his thigh is wider than the space in the knee would allow for the leg to retract into the shin. The plastic on either side of the knee joint is also rounded as if for a hinge. I say it's gots REAL knee joints! I like it though either way. They figured out better arms, they also made fold away feet so those right there are a plus.
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