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  1. Transformer figures are not shrinking, the problem is our hands are growing.


    Dude! You made me spit out some Mt. Dew!


    IMHO Below:


    Everything is on a flucuation size scale. due to each new mold being unique. for the creative process to work TF toys need to flucuate in their size clasess. it's called creative freedom for the designers. nothing has dipped below the flucuation,so their is no shrinkage.

    basics/commanders flucuate from 3 to 4.5 inches. deluxes flucuate from 5 to 6 inches. Voyagers flucuate from 5.5 to 7.5 inches. leaders flucuate from 8 to 11.5 inches.


    Some want examples of smaller TF toys in their sizes from the past years/lines.


    2006 Classics 1.0 rodimus was small.


    Armada deluxe Demolisher had a short robot mode. armada thrust had a short robot mode.


    Energon basic size arcee was tiny in both modes.


    animated had a few small TF toys in their size levels like voyager & leader size bulkhead. voyager size lugnutz. deluxe size swoop. deluxe size snarl. voyager size combined robot mode safe guard.


    Generations/RTS Thunderwing/Skyshadow was a tiny/short deluxe.


    generations/rts darkmount & hailstrom were short deluxe robots.


    armada smokecreen from head to toe minus his crane in robot mode was a short deluxe.


    Energon towline was a short robot deluxe even combined to his back vechicle part in super robot mode.


    Energon combiner robot leader optimus was shorter in height compared to armada combiner leader size optimus in super robot mode.


    cybertron deluxe defense hotshot & deluxe thunderblast was small robot modes for their size classes.


    DOTM $29.99 HA Topspin Target store exclusive was a short robot mode.


    You keep preaching that fluctuating theory and no one agrees. I agree with you to some extent: some figures in the same size class are bigger/smaller then the norm, but since DOTM it is undeniable that 99% of the figures from deluxe and higher suffer from crazy shrinkage. It's not on a toy by toy basis (like Lockdown in the Animated line where it just happened to be larger) , it's every figure sans Skyhammer. Long story short there is no fluctuating in DOTM (or Prime, new Generations), it's so rampant that it could only be the result of a conscience decision by Hasbro to make everything smaller to infuriate diehard fans who notice (except Robo Rob and perhaps you).


    I actually wouldn't mind hearing why Rob enjoys the smaller figures.

  2. I just saw the title and came into the thread with pitchforks ready. Glad you have a sense of humor breaker.


    I forgot I made this thread and saw where you last posted in here and came in to back you up with Hellfire missiles. Then I got confused because I was OP and felt like I was in some sort of horrible twilight zone. Then I blew myself up with aforementioned missiles. The end.

  3. Not saying it was healthy, just saying in a non-offensive way "don't be a wuss." Plenty things worse for you then everyday dust.


    I'm no wuss,please try to debate in ways that don't insult others. I refuse to debate further as you've ruined the mood via a insult.


    Dear god, I wasnt saying it to you directly. I wasn't trying to insult you. I was trying to say in a non-offensive way to people in general (without medical conditions) who complain about common dust to man up. But your last comment just shows me that you really are a wuss. So man up.


    And your statement is ironic because you claim to not be a wuss, but you came off as a really defensive wuss.


    Calling people insult names & flame baiting here is a direct violation of the rules here.


    rather than reply to you. I reported this entire reply to the staff of moderators/admins.


    But you DID just reply to me.


    Ugh, I gots no choice but to hit the warn button on Shadowpanther and Breaker. You guys are both flame baiting and know better. :roll


    I knew the consequences and went for it anyway. Sometimes you got to bite the bullet to ensure it shoots straight. But no hard feelings, eh?


    Wow, like being in elementary school all over...


    I was thinking Junior High LOL


    Your showing your age when it's anything but a middle school. XD I still call it Junior High tho too.


    On topic: Since dust is dust mite fecal matter, how then does one eliminate dust? For instance: my entertainment center is black glass so you can actually see the how much dust accrues in a day. I would love to have to clean that thing less. I mostly blame the dogs though, those hairy monsters.

  4. Not saying it was healthy, just saying in a non-offensive way "don't be a wuss." Plenty things worse for you then everyday dust.


    I'm no wuss,please try to debate in ways that don't insult others. I refuse to debate further as you've ruined the mood via a insult.


    Dear god, I wasnt saying it to you directly. I wasn't trying to insult you. I was trying to say in a non-offensive way to people in general (without medical conditions) who complain about common dust to man up. But your last comment just shows me that you really are a wuss. So man up.


    And your statement is ironic because you claim to not be a wuss, but you came off as a really defensive wuss.

  5. The amount of crazy dust on those makes me wonder how often he bothers to play with them. :/


    imho below:


    All this dust build up on those TF toys. can't be good to breathe in and can cause health issues. hopefully this guys dusty collecticon is not in a bed room,wih a bed. I'd hate to see someone have to sleep in this room every night and breathe in all this dust every day.


    For reasons unrelated to TFs and more related to personal experience I laughed sooo hard. I used to work in places a million times worse with FLY ASH lol. But nah, I figure unless you had a dust allergy or something you'd be alright.


    There is dust floating around ALL THE TIME, you just cant always see it unless that weird sun beam hits just right.

  6. Yes, because all robbers know what the value of a grand maximus is, and can tell it from others versions with. TF expert ease.


    To people who don't knowanything about TF's this would just be five kilos of weight to lug that would be beter spent moving a flat screen


    Reality check here


    Seriously. A robber is going to steal all your Bumblebees.


    Yup. All 5 of them.


    Exactly, they'll find the biggest Optimus Prime or Bumblebee and steal that. And then smash anything they don't take.

  7. This guys TF collection with multiples of the same toys. remind me of that pawn stars episode. where the pawn stars guys went to this guys house. he had multiples of the same toy & he wanted $20,000 for his collection. I wonder if this is the same guy


    It's not. That guy had a clean house and his figures were clean as well. He was selling those figures for a baby that was on the way....




    Yeah and they were all in an upstairs room. It looked like he took special care to keep multiples together too. Plus the collection wasn't mostly Primes but just about multiples everything G1.

  8. Everything thats on display in my house (besides a few large stragglers) is in a curio so I don't clean at all. Most outside the curio is MISB stuff. But I would if my collection looked like that. No wonder he didn't want to take pictures, thats just terrible!


    Also, I realize you must want a Grand Max pretty bad. I think you want one so much that you want to believe this guy has one legit. I think you want it so bad it's clouding your judgement. I wouldn't give this guy a dime unless I was IN PERSON dealing with him and the item in hand. Otherwise, if it's too good to be true, it's probably too dusty.


    Given the ages-old layer of dust on all these figures, I could understand why this guy would hide Grand Max. :tflaugh


    :) joke---> Maybe grand max is not hidden. maybe grand max is out in the open & in those pics but can't be seen because it's buried under all that dust & cob webs. :yay


    maybe LOL


    I think the dust IS Grand Max. Like he disintegrated or something.

  9. I think that it also comes in the traditional Iron Man colors as well.


    Overall, the Captain America mech suit is pretty nice... it fits a standard figure inside, and the articulation is average - neck swivels, shoulders, elbows, and wrists all turn. The legs move at the hips, and the ankles pivot, but the fact that it's a mech suit limits the legs a bit. For example, there are no knees.


    It comes with tons of interchangeable missile pods and guns, but it was also a bit light on the paint details. I had to paint the eyes and the gatling gun muzzle red, and the belt buckle and hand repulsers yellow. They are minor details, but it helps. I also added the "shield" on his back from the Captain America Transformer Crossover, and I used the Iron Patriot figure instead of the standard Captain America that it came with.


    Here is a few more shots after the paint apps:






    I love that thing. Just don't like the hole in the chest, seems counter productive to having a giant armored suit. Thats why when I get one, I'm going to somehow get Cap's shield over it. It'll look sweet as a chestplate.

  10. Botcon haul:


    Go-Bots Zod

    Burger King Scopronok

    BW Transmetal Tarantulus' gun

    All Hail Megatron #3

    Infestation 2 #1 and #2

    Some free shwag from IDW and Jagex


    Beast Wars The Gathering #1 autographed by Garry Chalk and Simon Furman



    Beast Wars The Gathering #1 (retailer incentive foil lettering) autographed by David Kaye and Simon Furman



    And some good memories:






  11. Breaker, I have to respectfully disagree. I'm not getting your reasoning for saying he lacks leg articulation. His knees bend, he has hinged ankles, and the legs can swivel at the hip area. What more do you need? The figure has superior detailing and his arms are some of the more unique designs I've seen in quite a while. He can strike some very cool poses especially if you use the "triple jointed" abilities of his arms. I just think 2.5 out of 5 is exceptionally harsh for this exceptional figure. Just my two cents on Soundwave.

    I picked up Ratchet earlier this week and he's ok. Could use more paint and I wish they would have used some sort of locking mechanism for big sections that hang off of the lower back of his legs. Also, why did they go with the super soft rubber for his blades? After getting Wheeljack with his stiffer swords I thought the soft rubber was a thing of the past.


    His legs can basically just stand there. A combination of his smaller footprint and large arms make for iffy weight distribution when trying to do anything else. His knees barely bend at all and his hip joints dont allow enough spread to compensate. This means all he can basically do is just stand straight up with little variation in leg placement because of the limited knees and limited ankles.


    My scoring is an opinion dude, sorry it bothered you but there are way better figures out there that I would give a 3/5 before this. I base my scores on articulation, screen accuracy and fun factor. Prime Soundwave has screen accuracy but little else. Shame too because I don't hate Prime Soundwave. Not great though. Maybe if I liked the show I'd think better.


    Edit: After playing around with him more I found out you can bend out his lower leg to pop a piece of kibble over a tab to allow more knee articulation. But the knees are so high up on the leg it barely matters. With the garbage small footprint and no horizontal ankle movement I still cant get any poses out of him (aside from standing straight up) that dont require using his arms as a third contact to the ground for stability. If anything I'm starting to like him less the more I dwell on it.

  12. Prime Soundwave. 2.5/5


    Ok I like this guy. He looks awesome. But he has little leg articulation, the spring joint for his head makes for zero head articulation as it just snaps forward continually. His posability just isnt good so thats why he's less then the middle of the pack. His small size doesn't help.

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