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  1. I know whats its like to at least commission something from someone then wait THREE YEARS for it. Still haven't returned my emails these past few months. I dont even care if he finishes it anymore (although for the wait and what hes said in previous emails, he should finish it without more $$$). I just want what hes made so far damnit! Seems like such a waste. He's pretty well known too.

  2. Im incredibly aggravated by Legion's outcome because there is no good scenario for him. It sucks royally. At least for the others (sans Thane) there are alternative ways to save them. Thane at least feels proper because he's been sick for so long. Bioware didn't just give Legion the shaft, they did horrible things to him with said shaft.

  3. Good! If Wal-Mart phases out Transformers that means Hasbro will have to so some serious internal overhauling to get them back in stores. I'm not worried that TFs will go away forever either because TF4 is on the way, Wal-Mart will cave on that. Maybe a little wake up call will do Hasbro some good in the long run, smack around their wallet a little bit.

  4. I'm sure there are plenty planning to do this but since Transformer fans are still within the range of a natural lifespan I image the trend won't start picking up until were nearly gone. When I die it'll be nice to know my kid(s) will carry on but I've made peace that more then likely my figures will probably be either sold off or given away. Kind of a bummer to think about. Especially since I have no kids to speak of.

  5. On my phone I got a stylish Reaper from Mass Effect doing one of two thing. Either it's raining down a hellish firestorm of lasers onto the planet it's landing on or it's starting the largest dubstep concert the universe has ever seen with a kick ass light show.


    Previously it was Legion but he's still chillin as my computers wallpaper.

  6. Were losing money, quick pump out more Bumblebees!!!


    But sir, we've given them everything that we've got! Elite Guard, Shadowstrike, Premium, etc.! She just can't take anymore!


    Dear god help us... bring out the Hot Shots...



  7. I would've directed DOTM after Paramounts fires Bay for that ROTF mess.


    Then my story would consist of damage control: Not mentioning anything that happens in ROTF.


    The third movie would begin with a huge battle where Sam and McKayla get separated and McKayla is presumed dead. In actuality she is captured and Scalpel has modified her brain (i.e. brainwashed) her and (why not) give her some mechanical bits. She becomes ruthless and totally loyal to Megatron and is sent back to spy/trap Sam and the Autobots. Mudflap and Skids get ripped to shreds as soon as all hell breaks loose as the Decepticons spring said trap. Insert some hurt feelings for Sam and Megatron calls down the Nemesis to begin the invasion. Only the Nemesis never comes and instead, Starscream's armada arrives and the Autobots are thrown in the middle of a Decepticon civil war. Soundwave and the Nemesis eventually arrive to save a wounded Megatron and they retreat into dark space. Meanwhile Starscream's armada begins thrashing the planet as Starscream assumes the Decepticon throne. Unfortunately for him McKayla is so badass that she gains control of the former Megatron loyalists. When the credits are done rolling we see Megatron, Soundwave and the Nemesis in space being approached by a massive space entity...


    Movie four would begin as Decepticons (both sides of them) have gained considerable ground in various parts of the world. Sam is out of college and with Carly (having moved on from McKayla). The Dinobots answer Optimus Prime's new request for help (they land in a museum of natural history of course :P). Together they go on an offensive to take back the Earth from the Decepticons. After a few crushing defeats, Cons are calling for Starscream's head and Megatron and Soundwave arrive to take it (they get Unicron juiced). Megatron gains Starscream's forces after killing him but McKayla refuses to return and the Cons under her command refuse to do so as well (since Megatron left them to die/be ruled by Starscream previously). Eventually in the final fight Sam has to put her down (sad, boo hoo). Furious and driven mad for revenge, Megatron calls down his Unicron-ified Nemesis which promptly transforms into Trypticon. The Wreckers (Hot Rod, Springer, Broadside, Kup, etc.) arrive on Omega Supreme (surprise!) and proceed to help the Bots defeat Trypticon. Optimus beats Megatron. Even more enraged, Megatron calls down Unicron himself. However, Megatron tries to resist Unicron when it is revealed to him that the Earth would be destroyed instead of under his rule and a possessed Megatron is forced to fight Optimus one last time. Megatron is slain by Optimus (in an epic, non-pathetic way) and the Dinobots, Wreckers and Bumblebee destroy Unicron. During the ensuing explosion, Bumblebee manages to save Optimus and Sam at the cost of his life. Optimus then proceeds to channel the matrix, sacrifice himself, and thus causing Bumblee to be reborn as a Prime. Using his newfound powers, Bumblemus Prime falcon punches Unicron's remains away from the Earth to prevent even further planetary disaster. Earth is saved. Sam and Carly get married. Happy ending.


    Bumblemus Primes clog toy shelves at every size class and price point for 6 years.

  8. Transformer figures are not shrinking, the problem is our hands are growing.


    Dude! You made me spit out some Mt. Dew!


    IMHO Below:


    Everything is on a flucuation size scale. due to each new mold being unique. for the creative process to work TF toys need to flucuate in their size clasess. it's called creative freedom for the designers. nothing has dipped below the flucuation,so their is no shrinkage.

    basics/commanders flucuate from 3 to 4.5 inches. deluxes flucuate from 5 to 6 inches. Voyagers flucuate from 5.5 to 7.5 inches. leaders flucuate from 8 to 11.5 inches.


    Some want examples of smaller TF toys in their sizes from the past years/lines.


    2006 Classics 1.0 rodimus was small.


    Armada deluxe Demolisher had a short robot mode. armada thrust had a short robot mode.


    Energon basic size arcee was tiny in both modes.


    animated had a few small TF toys in their size levels like voyager & leader size bulkhead. voyager size lugnutz. deluxe size swoop. deluxe size snarl. voyager size combined robot mode safe guard.


    Generations/RTS Thunderwing/Skyshadow was a tiny/short deluxe.


    generations/rts darkmount & hailstrom were short deluxe robots.


    armada smokecreen from head to toe minus his crane in robot mode was a short deluxe.


    Energon towline was a short robot deluxe even combined to his back vechicle part in super robot mode.


    Energon combiner robot leader optimus was shorter in height compared to armada combiner leader size optimus in super robot mode.


    cybertron deluxe defense hotshot & deluxe thunderblast was small robot modes for their size classes.


    DOTM $29.99 HA Topspin Target store exclusive was a short robot mode.


    You keep preaching that fluctuating theory and no one agrees. I agree with you to some extent: some figures in the same size class are bigger/smaller then the norm, but since DOTM it is undeniable that 99% of the figures from deluxe and higher suffer from crazy shrinkage. It's not on a toy by toy basis (like Lockdown in the Animated line where it just happened to be larger) , it's every figure sans Skyhammer. Long story short there is no fluctuating in DOTM (or Prime, new Generations), it's so rampant that it could only be the result of a conscience decision by Hasbro to make everything smaller to infuriate diehard fans who notice (except Robo Rob and perhaps you).


    I actually wouldn't mind hearing why Rob enjoys the smaller figures.

  9. I just saw the title and came into the thread with pitchforks ready. Glad you have a sense of humor breaker.


    I forgot I made this thread and saw where you last posted in here and came in to back you up with Hellfire missiles. Then I got confused because I was OP and felt like I was in some sort of horrible twilight zone. Then I blew myself up with aforementioned missiles. The end.

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