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  1. If he shows up on the cartoon, I'll consider getting a Hasbro release, but I see no need for this otherwise. Like I said in my "Seekers" thread, I don't buy into the idea that we need the "Rainbow Starscream Squadron" replicated in every franchise.
  2. Hot Spot? Are they going to release the rest of the Protectobots as well? I'd love a mini-Defensor!
  3. I have to admit, it was fun loading up UltiPrime's trailer with every Mechtech weapon I own. So I'd call Mechtech a moderate success. It was fun.
  4. "> "Ha! Call me Fatimus Prime now! I dare ya!"
  5. A few more Kre-O shots now that I completed the command base.
  6. what jazz is that next to legends jazz? directly right of him? To our right? That's Titanium Jazz, based on the Alternator version (which I didn't feel like getting out of the shed). to his right is Target DOTM Jazz.
  7. Ultimate Wheelie, which turns into a functional RC truck. This must happen!
  8. Cover your ears, Decepticons! Jazz is here!
  9. Deathy? Is that you? Welcome aboard. I'm not a huge fan of the MP line - I'd rather they devote the time & engineering to high quality regular toys. But . . . MP Ginrai - similar transformation as the original with modern posability. Optional removable helmet, too. His transtector should be similarly upgraded, and maybe designed to remove the fake truck chest of the original. And of course, Takara would then release 2 subsequent editions adding the trailer and Godbomber components, just to soak fans for as much money as possible. The Hasbro edition would be marketed as Hi-Q with Optimus Prime, redecoed to resemble the bald Hi-Q from the comics. To keep the price down, the trailers would not be included. Metalhawk would be nice.
  10. Oh, so I'm going to pass at first based on fan hate, and then be hugely pleasantly surprised by how good it is? I can live with that. Just as long as it's not the Attack of the Clones of Optimus toys. Now that would be abyssmal. (In case you're wondering, I liked PM, but think AofC makes the Star Wars Holiday Special look good in comparison.)
  11. I'll be picking this up on April 1st, then. I'm boycotting all video & music purchases in March to protest the cr@p the RIAA and MPAA are trying to pull.
  12. The head on the figure in the 2nd shot looks more like Cliffjumper, and one of the weapons looks like what Cliff used to attack Megatron in MTMTE. I'm not sure about this as BB, but if there's a Cliffjumper version I might just get it. Honestly, I have to wonder if this isn't a Cliffjumper figure with an optional Bumblebee head & color scheme. Which would be cool - let BB be the repaint for a change! :tfhuh And its nice to see more original designs from iGear.
  13. The greatest heroes ever assembled . . . :tfgrin
  14. Silly Baroness! You don't walk a cat on a leash! :tflaugh
  15. Awesome, I did in fact lol. Leader Sentinel and Ultimate Optimus scale pretty well together, too, FWIW. Thanks. I've been thinking of picking up Leader Sentinel if I see him on clearance. If not, the Voyager & Cyberverse ones are sufficient. Even if he was probably the most interesting character in the trilogy . . .
  16. "It's great to have you back, old friend." - Ka-chick - "What was that? Sentinel?"
  17. Neil Patrick Harris would be cool as Bumblebee, but if we're getting Cullen, Burton and Welker as their classic characters, then why not Dan Gilvazen as Bumblebee? And either Welker or Burton as Megatron, as well. I don't care for Hugo Weaving's interpretation as much, so I'd pick Welker for the G1 feel or have Burton do something similar to his Animated Megatron (the best version, IMO). I like the overall concept, though. And Joss Whedon should be in charge. :yay
  18. KFGatri


    Apologies in advance if I mess up the attributing here . . . That's completely how I'm making my decsion in the upcoming presidential election, honestly - I'm voting for the Republican nominee which I currently refer to with the placeholder designation "Notobama". It is a shame the writers never dropped a little of that into the media. Oh, Classics is totally G1 to me as well. They're what we would have gotten if modern toy tech existed in the 80s, plain & simple. And I have to disagree about Acid Storm and Thundercracker. IMO TC should have replaced the superfluous, lame, toy-inaccurate Starscream. Starscream is silver-grey, not white! We'd already gotten a better-looking, less floppy Screamer in Classics, one which was far closer to the original toy's colors in a cool reimagined deco pattern. I grabbed Acid Storm immediately; Lamescream only when he was on clearance. I actually have gotten all the Classics/Universe etc. Seekers - it's just that they were a cool to have rather than a must have with me. I also had no problem with how they were released. It wouldn't have looked too good to have so many nearly identical toys on the pegs at once, kind of like all the Camaros clogging the pegs right now. Sure, we know all those jets are different characters (unlike the Camaros), but would retailers? An entire case of "Decepticon Jet" likely would have been passed over by Walmart. Besides, spacing the Seekers out builds antici . . . . . . . . . . . . . . pation in the fans, The Breakaway mold was such a novel, fun design that I didn't mind the reuse, and the new head made it a BWII homage, how cool was that? Well, Optimus & Bumblebee are somewhat justified because they're the stars of the trilogy, although the sheer number was excessive. Hasbro was so determined to avoid the Bumblebee drought from the first movie line that they went too far in the opposite direction. Keeping the most popular character available is a good thing. Having 3 different very similar deluxes out simultaneously is not. There are plenty of repaint options for the non-Starscreams, too. And a lot of them appeal to me much more than the Rainbow Starscream Squadron. For example, I'm really really hoping for RiD Scourge (not Nemesis Prime!) from RTS Optimus. And what about Glyph and Hubcap from Classics Bumblebee? With a new head for Hubcap of course. Or Megatron redone as Megaplex or post-fishbowl Straxus (in funky UK comic-accurate colors)? Legends Cosmos in gold, as Scrounge? If Hasbro is going to make the repaints appeal to the fans, then let's really have some fun with it! :yay Because someone at Hasbro was stupid and inattentive. In G1 Cliffjumper was NEVER a red Bumblebee. We had a red Bumblebee in G1... he was called BUMBLEBEE. Cliffjumper was a different mould (albeit same stock transformation, but not the same mould). Bumblebee was the yellow or red VW Beetle and Cliffjumper was the yellow or red Porsche 944 Turbo ... or they could both be the yellow Mazda 323 (aka Familia) if you got the "Bumblejumper" mould. ;) At long last Hasbro realises the fact that Cliffjumper wasn't a red Bumblebee and shouldn't be a red Bumblebee. I can accept a red Bumblebee with a retooled head as Cliffjumper (eg Alternity, Generations)... but the one thing that excites me about Prime Cliffjumper is that he's a whole new mould! YAY! They should release a yellow repaint and call it Bumper. :P You know, for years, until I got the KMart Legend Bumblebee, my only one was the red one. That's why I could never accept the red repaints as CJ. :tfhuh Well, the Classic toy's deco managed to give him a different personality from Bumblebee, but a new head would have really clinched it. I'm among those who put WFC Cliffjumper's had on the Classic toy. The red isn't a perfect match, but it's reasonable.
  19. KFGatri


    Hmm. "Rainbow Starscream Squadron" Rather catchy, if I do say so myself. I may make that my new term for the Seekers.
  20. KFGatri


    That's true of the G1 originals, but not so much the others. An even in G1, the Seekers came across to me as "Starscream, Ramjet and 4 interchangeable thugs. Especially when Sunbow couldn't keep the colors straight. :tfgrin It's the demand for Seeker repaints in every other TF franchise that comes along that leaves me scratching my head. To me, they're just repaints that have colors and maybe personalities similar to their namesakes, they're not the same character. I actually like the way Hasbro did the Seekers in the Bayverse lines a bit better than the standard "rainbow of Starscreams" pattern. Using different molds for Thrust and Dirge gave them more personality (even if one was an Autobot repaint) and made them far more interesting and individual than simply being a physical Starscream clone. The only Screamer repaint I got was DOTM TC, because the mold looked great in those colors. Ok, I got some of the Legends ones, too, but they were generally in multipacks. :tflaugh And as for DOTM Skywarp, I really don't see the need. There are enough Deceptifliers already, I don't need another repaint that exists solely to be a callback to one of Hasbro's original cost-cutting, mold-extending measures. It's not the name reuse or character homage that bothers me. I love that ROTF Dirge is a homage to G1 Dirge in character and a new take on the coneheads in design. It's the fans' insistance that these guys should always be the "Rainbow Starscream Squadron", and have to be done all the time. Movie Dirge and Thrust were must-buys for me because they weren't Starscream repaints. Basically, I'm not denying that it makes sense for Hasbro to do this repaint sceme, I'm trying to figure out why the fans insist on it in every franchise. Yes, it makes perfect sense for us to want Classic Starscream redone as the rest of the Seekers, even to me. It makes less sense to me for people to demand repaints of the movie Starscream molds as Seekers who never showed up anywhere in the trilogy. If the characters show up onscreen (like the Animated Rainbow Starscream Squadron) then yeah we ought to get the toys. But gratuitous repaints 6 times over just because that's what G1 had? that's the same reasoning that gave us a whole line of toys with ugly black birthmarks instead of proper faction symbols. Pass. If we always have to get what G1 did then why did we get so many red Bumblebees labelled "Cliffjumper"? I may buy multiples of all the Prime CJs just to make a point to Hasbro. :tflaugh
  21. So your the minority in this one :tflaugh He's not alone. I'm still ticked off that Hasbro killed Animated for the inferior ROTF and its toys. Fortunately Prime looks almost as good.
  22. How about a recent one? Watching my best friend's 2 year old rip open the Rescue Bots Optimus I got him for Christmas qualifies.
  23. KFGatri


    Oh I know. It's more the fans' thinking I'm trying to figure out here. Most repaints elicit the reaction, "A repaint? WTF? Why can't you give us new figures instead of reusing the same ones Hasblo?" But this is a case where the redecos are not only accepted, but people complain if we don't get Starscream redone in blue, black, etc. Even if the rest of the Seekers are non-show characters.
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