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  1. If Hasbro "resize" the mold for a new price point, then they've created a new mold based on the original, and then the new mold would need to be tested to make sure the figure was stable, transformed right, passed the safety tests etc. They wouldn't be saving much doing this apart from the initial concept work. It would be almost as much work as making a completely new mold. Sure, bootleg companies do resized knockoffs, but they don't have the safety standards and testing that Hasbro does. Half the time the resized bootlegs don't even work right.
  2. All of the Justice League/Crime Syndicate battles back in the Silver Age suggest otherwise. (For the non-comic geeks among us, the Crime Syndicate was basically the MIrrorverse version of the League.)
  3. Sky-Byte! Sky-Byte! Sky-Byte! Sky-Byte! Sky-Byte! Sky-Byte! Sky-Byte! :yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay:yay
  4. This is going to stink so bad. Nobody has been able to capture the spirit of the original G1 media, not even Simon himself. I don't see this being any different. The 80s are over. Let's enjoy the old stuff and stop trying to rehash it.
  5. But then, you've stated you don't like playsets, which is basically what Met is. But that's why I like him so much - because he's a playset/environment for the small TFs of the time, and even up to current releases.
  6. I see no reason this can't be incorporated into Prime, actually. We have MECH, who started to vivisect a `Con to learn how he worked. Just assume they learned enough to build some basic transforming robts. Hasbro can release HA-type figures of MECH members with their . . . well, mecha. :tflaugh And to help their human allies when they're not around, the Autobots build similar, but obviously more advanced, mecha for the kids and Agent Fowler. Although maybe rather than a mecha, Jack should come with an appropriately-scaled Arcee. Yes, I would buy it!
  7. Most of them. Bumblebee is one of my favorites. The current number of Bumblebees is excessive to the extreme.
  8. Calling it now. Rattrap, since he's a BW character voiced by Scott McNeil, just like the last 2 fan choice winners.. I'm voting for Magnus, personally
  9. Let's see . . . The good combiners: Railracer Omega Prime, apart from being topheavy. Megatron/Tidal Wave Energon Prime, both with his drones and with Wing Saber (And I'll form the head!) PCC Bombshock - he's Bruticus Jr.! ROTF Legends Jetpower Optimus (Optimus + Jetfire) - simple yet effective. The bad: Tripredacus - just a horrible mess Landfill - the only combiner where the components are better than the combo Gotta agree with you about ROTF Devastator, although the legends version wasn't too bad. The Energon combiner teams - bad feet & hands ruined the sets.
  10. Well, FunPub is using the CHUG designs for their NeoG1, but there's no reason the toys can't represent classic G1 as well. Considering even back in the G1/G2 days characters got new bodies on occasion, there's no reason the modern ones can't simply be additional new forms. You may consider CHUG to represent a new universe, but a lot of fans, possibly even the majority, consider them G1, with no qualifications. Homages, yes, but they're not updates; they represent different characters entirely. Well, Unicron & Primus are supposed to be "universal constants", so they technically are the same guys, but Energon Scorponok is not the same character as the G1 guy. And I don't recall G1 Scorpy turning into a truck with claws and a tail. :tflaugh That's one of my favorite G1 toys, actually. I love the city mode, perfect for minibots, Spychangers & Legends. I thought the Cybertron toy was a terrible homage - no resemblance to the classic character at all. I didn't bother getting it because I considered it an instance of "slap any name on, who cares?" I'd love a reimagined G1 Metroplex, even if Hasbro sacrificed the mobile base mode to improve the city and robot forms. Magnus I'll give you, but the floppy robot mode, bad posture and weird looking head on Rodimus trump the "completeness" of the transformation. I prefer Classics Rodimus as the Hot Rod update and Rodimus + Protector armor for Rodimus Prime. Titanium Roddy went in storage as soon as I got Protector.
  11. To me there are updates, and there are homages. "Updated homages" doesn't make sense to me, because they're two different (though similar) things. To me, a homage is a figure meant to simply be reminiscent of a classic character, but a new character. Cybertron Smokescreen is a homage - he's painted to resemble G2 Smokey, shares the name and I think some personality, but he's a new character, one for the UT universe. The same for Excellion - he takes Cybertron Hot Shot's resemblance to Hot Rod to the max with the appropriate deco, but he isn't meant to be Hot Rod. An update is a new toy meant to actually be the classic character. In most cases, while the homages are cool, I prefer toys intended to be the classic characters rather than simply evoking them. Target G1-style movie Jazz was appreciated, but it in no way was a substitute for a real G1 Jazz update. The FunPub Classicsverse comics not withstanding, to me, the CHUG toys are G1 pure and simple, just reimagined or maybe versions from after the cartoon and comic ended. G1 season 5 or TF G2 issue 13 perhaps. These aren't alternate versions of G1 characters - they are the originals, just with modern engineering. However, there are a few cases where I do use an alternate version in place of a Classics toy, even if one exists. The CHUG RatchHide mold stinks, so Cybertron Red Alert plays Ratchet in my collection. I got tired of the CHUG PBS mold, so I use CYB Smokescreen as a substitute. But even then, CHUG Ratchet is still a good update, obviously meant to be cartoon Ratchet; he's just a horrible toy, crippled by not being a voyager. And Smokescreen, I just wanted a little variety in their looks. Besides, I was out of work and couldn't justify buying the mold a third time. Yeah, the other lines do have some great homages to G1, but they're not meant to be representations of the G1 characters, so they can't be better interpretations of those characters, at least to me.
  12. I generally don't do toy hunts these days; I incorporate the toy hunting into my regular travels. It's just easier and more efficient to stop on the way home from work, or when I'm out shopping, or whatever. But then I live in the middle of nowhere. You might regret waiting, though. The stores are becoming saturated all right . . . with yellow cars. I love Bumblebee, but half the frickin' case qualifies as excessive!
  13. Let's see, the line tried so many cool things! It was almost impossible not to find something you liked. My favorites: Megatron Superpants Prime Demolisher - one of the best deluxe Decepticons ever made IMO Cyclonus Actually, can I just say virtually the entire line except for Thrust?
  14. Well its a delicate situation, its what I have been arguing with some people on other boards. If we outright drop funpub it will send the totally wrong message to hasbro, it will lead them to believe there is no longer a interest in botcon and a club and there is no longer a need to fund it because it is not profitable. If we are not careful we will end up with another botcon 2004, or worse, HasCon... What would probably be the best and most effective solution to this problem is to get together and voice our opinion to a Hasbro representative in a well organized and thought out way. Perhaps a petition gathered at the con that could show a higher up hasbro rep that funpub has screwed up and we fans are very unhappy with funpubs attitude, while at the same time saying that we DO still have a interest in botcon and we still do want exclusives and a club. Hasbro is really the only force that can set funpub strait. Because they hold the rights and THEY HAVE THE POWER!!!! I'd love another OTFCC 2004, honestly. It was the 2nd best time I've had at a TF con. When I went back to Botcon in 2010 it seemed like an overpriced shadow of its former (pre-FunPub) glory. Glen Hallit may not have been the best businessman, but he knew how to do a fun con - FunPub doesn't seem to be good at either. I'd honestly rather have no Botcon and no club than what we're getting these days.
  15. And FunPub still has the license why, exactly? Let's all not bother to renew, let them know we're tired of the poor management, the price gouging, the inconsistent timing for Botcon (pick a time of the year and stick with it!)
  16. Well, really, the Universe Starscream's deco doesn't look like the G1 toy either - it looks like the animated version, whose deco was based more on Thundercracker's stickers, but in SS's color scheme. Screamer had plain red stripes, not the fancy multicolor stripes we saw on the show. And the colors of the Classics release are a lot closer to the G1 toy, even if the pattern is new. Between that and the floppiness of the Universe release, I vastly prefer the Classics one.
  17. Classic Starscream (the grey one, not the bland white Universe release) Cybertron - either one, but the Voyager class is easier to display and play with Armada - the first in too many years, and a good representation Robot Masters - until I got the Classics one, this was my G1 Starscream update. Animated Activator - good proportions, posable and good use of the autotransform feature Kre-O - it's just fun
  18. MP Prime, nothin'~ How about Prime in general? I'm buying all the movie Primes with trailers, not only because I like the trailers, but to send Hasbro the message that Optimus needs the rest of his altmode. I'm tired of only getting half of him! I bought the G3 trailer for Classic Optimus (the real MP Prime IMO) but I would have preferred to get a complete neo-G1 Prime from Hasbro.A trailer-less release is fine for those collectors who think a trailer is "useless" or for kids with parents on a budget. But for collectors and especially Prime aficionados like me, a trailer is a must!
  19. Which means my copy of the RiD version is still better than my FE BB. YMMV. :tfgrin ALthough I may try swapping their heads. I prefer the FE headsculpt. It seems to capture the character a lot better. The rest of the figure is a floppy mess.
  20. Yes, because a mobile command base/repair bay is useless. The best compromise between a base mode and additional functions (i.e. armor) was PMOP, which probably has the best base mode of any Prime set. But since we're unlikely to ever see a MP Ginrai/PMOP (and a decent one is even less likely considering the track record of the MP line), a complete original Prime is a decent second best. Considering everything this set attempts, if it manages to achieve its goals, the complete one would be worth it. And it'd be the first Takara MP to actually be worth the price. Just how is the engineering & Q/A on MP10? Is it as bad as Rodimus, or did Takara actually take the time to make sure this one is decent?
  21. FE Bumblebee is taller, and has the better head sculpt IMO. However, the chest and shoulders on RiD BB are a lot more stable than the FE release. Overall, I'd say the RiD one is the better of the two. A chest that won't stay together when you pose the figure is a major negative in my book. It's why I dislike most movie Ironhide toys. Sure its not your FE Bumblebee? Mine the chest stays together and the shoulders stay put. Could be - it clips together fine for display, but if I move the arm there's a chance the chest section its attached to will move as well. But of course I can't find any more FE figures to check. I definately prefer the greater stability of the RiD version. Now if I could just find any Prime deluxes apart from BB. Why did Hasbro have to make him half the case? I was darn lucky to get a Cliffjumper.
  22. FE Bumblebee is taller, and has the better head sculpt IMO. However, the chest and shoulders on RiD BB are a lot more stable than the FE release. Overall, I'd say the RiD one is the better of the two. A chest that won't stay together when you pose the figure is a major negative in my book. It's why I dislike most movie Ironhide toys.
  23. Another Scott McNeil character. Go for Rhinox. If he wins, then I'll believe it's Beast Wars that's the key factor and not Scott. After all, it's not just BW characters that won, but ones voiced by Scott. Mind you, he did play half the cast . . .
  24. Forget sitcoms, how about some classic adventure and sci-fi shows? Buffy, like SP suggested, isn't all that family-oriented, although it is excellent. I'd show it later at night on the Hub. Now Lost in Space would be perfect for the Hub. Good family values, imaginative storytelling, it's just a fun, if often rather silly show. The Greatest American Hero would work, too. And MacGyver. And Quantum Leap. And maybe classic Doctor Who! 90210, Star trek and Buffy are sitcoms?
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