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  1. It also doesn't help that the TFP Bumblebee that's clogging the pegs is such an awful toy. Its better than the FE at least. And yes, I have both. The FE has a better head sculpt, but the unstable chest assembly ruins the figure for me.
  2. I imagine it would look something like this . . .
  3. Depends on which Arcee. I don't want G1 Arcee as anything but a car. She doesn't have to be pink - red & white like the Animated version is fine, and in fact preferred, but she must be a car. And definitely not a spider! Energon Arcee is fine as a bike, as is movie Arcee. And I love the ANimated version - the closest thing to a G1 toy we've ever gotten! Prime Arcee is a special case, since she's been both. I like the three motorcycle based toys we've gotten, but I'd really like a figure of her WFC car form, if only to repurpose as G1 Arcee.
  4. Maybe some Reprolabel symbols instead of the factory provided ones. That's what I did and it helped dramatically, even with the standard build. I especially liked the clear outline symbols on red pieces - just made the symbols look a lot more like they belonged on the figure.
  5. Well, I may have misread the article, I admit. But selling Unicron in a two-pack, even as an exclusive, might be the way to go.
  6. Well, I just ordered Hegemon, so I've made my choice, unless this new figure gets such good reviews that I have to get him to serve as my MP Megatron. Depending of course, on whether the new MP Prime is awesome enough to deserve an appropriate nemesis.
  7. After Prime and Megatron defeat Unicron, they split up his corpse as a trophy.
  8. I noticed that Unicron forms armor for Prime and Megatron . . . What if, rather than releasing Unicron as a separate figure, Hasbro gave us releases of Prime and Megs with added armor, with packages proclaiming that the armor combined to form the mighty Destroyer of Worlds Unicron. It'd be a lot cooler than simply repainting the figures . . .
  9. Let's see . . . Cybertron Red Alert is my G1 Ratchet, because I can't stand the Universe Ironhide/Ratchet mold. Cybertron Smokescreen is G1 Smokey, because I felt he was good enough and I didn't like the Uni mold enough to buy it a 3rd time. Warbot Defender is Springer. Although since that's actually the intent of that toy, I'm not sure it counts as a stand-in . . . DOTM Powerglide is G1 PG, because I loathe the Universe toy (especially the shoulders.) Energon Megatron is Galvatron - I prefer the original colors over the those of the Galvatron release. Ruination occasionally stands in for Bruticus. RTS Prime may eventually end up as Ginrai.
  10. That's not a bad idea, although I'd ditch the base mode, as it was the ship mode in Headmasters. Why an aircraft carrier? That has nothing to do with Metroplex. His third mode was a rolling battle platform, not a "wheeled aircraft carrier". Just make the original concept more posable and call it a day. In other words Classics Rodimus + Protector. :tfgrin Might be interesting to see what Hasbro could accomplish and still achieve a standard retail price point. No thank you. The Dinobots are badass enough; they don't need to combine. Why add beast modes? I'd rather have a more stable version of the original Overlord's command base mode. This I could get behind. Again, why add beast modes? The divide and conquer element of the Duocons, redone with modern engineering, would be enough of a selling point. No. Trypticon already has a robot mode - his T-Rex mode is his robot mode. Give him his original 3 modes - the T-Rex, city and battle platform were more interesting than another big humanoid robot. Adding a humanoid robot mode just makes him Grimlock with a city mode.
  11. Why? Those stories have been told, the episodes exist. Now if we had a situation like much of 60s Dr. Who where the episodes were lost, I could see this, but why invest all the effort into simply refreshing the look of some G1 episodes which are readily available at Walmart and on Netflix? I prefer traditional cel animation - making CGI versions of those episodes wouldn't be improving anything in my book. Except maybe removing some of the animation errors, I admit. Really, why not? The animation of these has not aged well, a facelift for many fan-favorite eps would be fantastic IMO. Not to mention being able to use the MP's and classicsverse figures as well as concepts for classicsverse figures for many of the characters that have not gotten their updated forms yet as the main models for these re-animated eps., I feel it would be an interesting undertaking. So what if these stories have been told before? Will that stop Superman from having his origin story beaten into our heads yet again with the upcoming man of steel film? No, no it won't. Take into account that some of the best-written cartoons were also the most poorly animated (just how many starscream's did Megatron have under his command again?) And yeah..... needs a facelift. While I would rather see something new as far as an adult tf animation, since I don't see anyone taking comic stories and making direct-to-dvd movies anytime soon (smartest move dc ever did) or any real G1 revival with a full on new classics/MPverse series, re-animating a few old eps seems like the best option as far as "what's most likely to happen" I could get behind using CG to correct the animation errors, but that's it. The animation style is part of the charm to me. I love cel animation. And its not retelling that's the issue - it's the fact that it would be the exact same show, only with CGI. A G1 remake with CGI or improved cel animation would be one thing (and based on my dislike of the the neoG1 comics, not a thing I'd like) but I don't see the point in just taking the original shows and completely redoing them. If they're going to go to the effort to do say 20 half hour cartoons, they should at least have some new material in them. Recreating the original shows with CGI would be an interesting fan project, but utterly pointless for Hasbro to commission. And yes, if we ever got a G1 reboot show, it should use the newer designs.
  12. Why? Those stories have been told, the episodes exist. Now if we had a situation like much of 60s Dr. Who where the episodes were lost, I could see this, but why invest all the effort into simply refreshing the look of some G1 episodes which are readily available at Walmart and on Netflix? I prefer traditional cel animation - making CGI versions of those episodes wouldn't be improving anything in my book. Except maybe removing some of the animation errors, I admit.
  13. Sigh. This would have been a perfect outlet for the Scourge repaint of G2 Prime, but no, Hasbro had to let FunPub have it. :emo But at least we'll get one version of the mold at regular retail finally.
  14. Considering that's basically what the prices for TFs were since the mid-90s, I don't think the increase is that unreasonable. It might have been easier to take if the cost had gone up .50 or $1 every couple of years, but it's probably less of an increase overall than most other things since the 90s.
  15. And to compensate, Wave 5 will consist of 4 Shadow Strike BBs, 3 regular BBs and 1 FE mold Bumblebee in a whacked-out deco. Because,you know, the shelves might only be half-full of yellow cars by that time. :roll
  16. Just as long as he's not carlos for a 90's TF. That would be too much.
  17. Wow, that looks remarkably like Classics Bumblebee. And Spike is in the same pose as his HOC figure.Is this a licensed figure or a particularly brazen knock-off (considering the images clearly label him as BB.) I'd happily get this if its a licensed remold of Classics Bee, but not if its a knock-off.
  18. This is awesome. More and more I feel like the "full-sized" versions are superfluous, since the Cyberverse toys are so awesome!
  19. I'd love to newer homage toys of Metroplex & Trypticon,whether they be liscensed or 3rd party. I wouldn't mind if their leader sized. Regarding 3rd Party or liscensed metroplex & Trypticon newer homage toys. I seriously think they need to re-do the modes & make them better. Trpticon needs a robot mode. Metroplex needs a better Vechicle mode. that rolling land based aircraft carrier mode was awful even for 1986. I'd love for metroplex to get a water based aircraft carrier alt mode,this would be awesome. Trypticon has a robot mode; its just not a humanoid one. Why do an update of the character if you're going to change the essence of him so radically? The best thing about him was that he turned from a city to a city's natural predator, Godzilla. A Trypticon with a non-saurian robot mode simply wouldn't be Trypticon.
  20. I thought 20th Prime was great . . . for about 4 hours. Then I saw the first chips in the paint. Since then, he's been #1 on my vastly overrated list. A $60 toy should not have chipped paint in less than a day! It's a smaller figure, true, but it does a lot more. MP 10 has the trailer, Roller & Spike. 20th Prime's features I was completely underwhelmed by. Flip-out comm panels? Working suspension? The time spent on those features should have been spent making the truck mode look decent. The light up Matrix was ok, but still not thrilling. I've said in the past that Classics Prime was better than 20th Prime because it was a better $20 toy than 20th was a $60 one. Well, the same holds true here. MP10 looks like a better $100 Prime than 20th Anni Prime was a $60 one. Of course, considering the recent price hike on TFs, if MP10 had been released in 2004, it might have been $60. And the lack of diecast metal makes it more worth the price to me, not less. I'm not a fan of the stuff in TFs.
  21. *ahem* ^none of these poses have any support assistance, including the fourth one where he's standing on one leg. ;) Also, over 400 photos here: :) I find the original MP Convoy to be able to hold multiple poses on his own just fine. :) I had a chance to see MP10 IRL yesterday. It's a very nice figure - the colours on the TakTOM version is very nice (although there is some flat grey on some parts of the inside trailer and Combat Deck claw-arm and radar), but it's smaller and completely plastic. And it's more expensive than MP04 which retailed at Target for approx. $80 less (and that's not even factoring in postage cost for MP10). Yes, 20th Prime can do poses, but can it hold them for display over long periods? In my experience, it can't. MP10's size is an improvement, IMO. I've always felt that 20th Prime was simply too darn big - he can't be used with virtually any of my collection without looking ridiculous. There are pictures of him wrestling Unicron, for Primus' sake! MP10 might actually be compatible with Classics. And all-plastic is a vast improvement to me. I'll wager MP10 won't have chipped paint right out of the box.
  22. I can readily think of only one issue that prominently omitted his trailer , the one with Sky Lynx in the space circus. And honestly, I try to forget that one. And few of his toys had licensed altmodes - the Alternator pickup truck and the Alternity car. 20th Prime certainly didn't - it might have turned out decent if Takara had had to get the licensor's approval. The only person who would think that 20th Prime had a convincing altmode is my blind ex-girlfriend. Take a look: Does it look like I'm going to be keeping the trailer in the box? :tfgrin
  23. Hasbro's MP-01 that got sold in America on it's firt release at Walmart stores for $64.99. at target & TRU stores it was $69.99. Honestly the Hasbro TRU MP-01 was well worth $64.99 because it was 12 inches tall in robot mode. most importantly the toy used a whole bunch of diecast metal. had strong plastic. the engineering,high sculpt & poseabilty are way over the charts. Last week I cleaned my masterpiece TF toy shelf. I held Hasbro MP-01 in my hand & the toy felt like it easily weighed over 10 pounds. Hasbro released the MP-01 optimus toy a second time & gave it cartoon accurate colors. it was called the "20th anniversary edition". this second release with newer colors sold for a bit more than the first release. most USA stores sold it for around $79.99. Walmart sold it for $69.99. the toy quickly went on clearance sale & the price got dropped by $15 to $20 dollars. Takara MP-10 Convoy just can't compare to the awesomeness of Takara MP-01 Convoy. because the Takara MP-10 Convoy is only 9 inches tall in robot mode,has very little diecast metal on the toy,has feet showing in alt mode & uses inferior plastic quality/engineering & so forth. The overuse of metal was one of the worst elements of 20th Prime, actually. It made him so heavy he couldn't support his own weight to hold a pose, and the metal had chipped paint basically right out of the box. If the DVD edition rerelease (or any of Takara's 50 reuses of the mold) had been all-plastic, the original 20th Prime would have been in the garbage where it belonged. Once the new MP Prime comes out it might still be. $100 for a complete Prime, plus a Spike figure is a much better deal than 20th Prime.
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