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  1. Not bad. I hope we get this and not just the Kup version. Although shades similar to the Cyberverse version would look much nicer on the mold. Or is that due to the photoshopping?
  2. No thank you. I'll wait for a Takara Black Convoy release. You know they can't resist using every Prime mold for a Black Convoy. Or a bootleg. Yeah, a bootleg version would work well too. But I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty screwdriver than support FunPub.
  3. Looks good. Almost makes me want to reconsider not supporting the CC in any way. Almost. I'm sure a bootleg will come out soon enough; I'll get that.
  4. Makes sense - it's the same universe, after all. I have all my WFC/FOC figures displayed on the Prime shelf.
  5. It really doesn't help their case when even on their online store the only way to get the figures you actually want is to buy a whole case assortment and be saddled with a ridiculous amount of Bumblebee's...... HTS know that's the only way they'll move all those Bumblebees.
  6. What other Wave 1 toys? Around here I have to wear shades when looking at the TF pegs from all the bright yellow. Prime BB, DOTM BB, "Mad Max" BB, Cyberfire BB, Leader Class BB, Bot Shots BB, translucent "I'm made of p!$$" Bot Shots BB, Cyberverse DOTM BB, Cyberverse Prime BB . . . and one ROTF Tuner Mudflap in the corner. :tfevil
  7. 2010, thanks to Botcon. I guess you didn't get the memo. :tflaugh :toxic And a blue Grimlock would be a cool option, as long as a traditional-looking one is also available. For Bruticus I'll either be waiting until I get paid, or if its sold out by then, I'll just wait for Ruination. I might wait for the Wreckers anyway.
  8. I didn't feel like digging RiD Megatron out of the shed, but this group shot is pretty full already.
  9. "Now people are going to compare you to me. Ignore them. Just be true to yourself and you'll do just fine."
  10. I've been highly critical of IDW's work in the past, but Regeneration 81 felt quite close to classic G1 (which is of course its intent). Simon can still write in his old style! :yayThe ending was quite a shock, but a good one. But I guess G2 isn't happening in this timeline? If the series remains this good, I'll gladly take back every objection I had to the project. Sometimes being wrong isn't bad.
  11. Basically, "kiddie" or "toddler" are just his terms for things that he doesn't like. I've never quite figured out what "adult sculpts", as he always says is a feature of the stuff he likes, is supposed to mean. And I think Cyberverse is excellent. Compact, inexpensive representations of the characters - you may prefer the larger versions, but I can't see why anyone would be offended by the smaller stuff. Since I have limited space, I appreciate being able to display a whole line on a single bookshelf. Rescue Bots is excellent. I actually think it might be a better little kid show than Prime is for its demographic. And I own RB Prime. It's a cute toy, great for diverting my 2 year old cousin from the more breakable stuff. As an introductory series to get the kids started young, I think its great. But some people just don't accept that TFs are mainly for kids. And that's the thing - kids are still a viable target for TFs in the US, and the bulk of sales. In Japan the kids don't really care so its largely just collectors keeping the franchise afloat (plus the partnership with Hasbro). I think Hasbro would like to keep kids buying the toys, so the fun stuff aimed squarely at the kids remains the majority, and rightly so. ShadowPanther may wish that Hasbro focused mainly on collectors, but that's simply not an option. If Hasbro were to shift their focus to us, TFs would most likely die off.
  12. Unless I can get Jetwing for less than the $60 I paid for Ultimate Prime last year (on sale at Walmart!) I'll likely pass. $105 for a remold of ROTF Prime with a jetpack that looks horrible when attached to the truck mode? Easy pass unless its on sale.
  13. seeing as this Ruination is an Autobot, you want an Autobot Scourge??? I've got lots of those! They're called "Optimus Prime"! :tflaugh Why would anyone use a name like "Ruination" on an Autobot?
  14. Agreed. I wouldn't mind a packaging revision, though. I'd kind of like to see this guy in packaging emulating the original G1 Prime package. vehicle mode, the grid, this Prime in the classic boxart pose. That'd really trigger the nostalgia, and save space in the case. We might get one or two more per case and give more people a shot at him.
  15. I find that very disappointing. As much as I like Prime and the Cybertron games, I don't want nearly everything coming out this year to be for that universe. I've always wanted more non-G1 stuff in Generations, but this is just as boring. I'd like more variety. And Onslaught really needed to be a Voyager - I have the same complaint about Bruticus that I've always had about Predaking. The proportions look wrong with all the components the same size. I'll still get them, though, especially if Hasbro adds a Ruination color scheme to the options.
  16. Am I the only one who loves the buildable big guys? The Kreons are a cute novelty to me; I prefer the full size toys. Still getting these, though. They're too cool not to get.
  17. This is the one with the altmode of "truck with jetpack strapped on back", right? Unless I see it on clearance, I'm going to pass. I'm satisfied with Ultimate Prime, with the trailer that actually looks like a trailer.
  18. Prime main cast, poorly illuminated.
  19. I also think a Cyber verse Trpticon & Metroplex would have been awesome. Thirded. Get on it, Hasbro! Although the originals already work well with Cyberverse.
  20. And Motormaster now named "Motormouth" ironically doesn't have a mouth. They're not bad for repaints, though. Not bad at all. If I get the chance to get at a decent price, I will.
  21. The Commanders are the Cyberverse equivalent of Voyagers, so of course they're more expensive than the regular Cyberverse. Only for half the price of a Voyager, and without the stupid non-locking Mechtech weapons. I actually wonder sometimes why I'm even spending the money on the larger figures, when the small ones are quite nice, less expensive and take up less space. And they're right at the $10 mark at which I never worry about whether I can afford the item. $10 or less is a no-brainer. It's above that point that I question if a figure is worth the price.
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