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    New Zealand
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    My Name's Damo, I come from a small crappy town called Paraparaumu in New Zealand. I have no tolerance for annoying people, and I love Transformers, which is why I'm here.
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    NWA, Queen, Rage against the Machine, the Clash, Anything good, really.
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    Rainman, The Warriors, Transformers: The Movie, Breakfast Club, Not Another Teen Movie
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    Outrageous Fortune, Welcome to Paradise, Flight of the Conchords, Transformers, Air Gear, Dragon Ball, DragonBall Z, Naruto, Wrestling
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    Transformers Comics, any of Mick Foley's books.
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    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Smackdown Series, Megaman series (Including Battle Network, X and Zero.) DragonBall Z Budokai.
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    G1 Scorponok.
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    The Hellhole known as Paraparaumu
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    Transformers, Wrestling, Anime, Red Dwarf, Video Games, TV, G.I. Joe, Kiwi Comedy.
  1. Damolisher2

    The TRANSFORMERS rivalry game

    *Strokes Beard...* How about Alpha Trion and Vector Prime? Senior Citizen fight!
  2. Damolisher2

    TF Names that bother you.

    I concur. Oh, the potential double-entendres.
  3. Damolisher2

    What size range costs $27 in the US?

    Ah, excellent, thanks.
  4. I'm just curious, because I know that the deluxe range over in the states costs $10, so what size claass are we talking, here for US$27? I'm curious because I'm trying to figure out roughly how much a figure that costs $27 in the states would cost in New Zealand.
  5. You know, i was indeed wrong, excuse me MR. DEMOLISHER2 (please salute me MR. DEMOLISHER1), you weren't the arrogant. excuse me really. The arrogance comes from MR. SOUND re-WINDER. I was not considering to reply an answer to this guy. but instead had a better idea; i leave you this friend, enjoy it, i did your homework. and please don't thank me, it's ok. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon_(fiction) "Transformers Main article: Transformers (fiction) The Transformers canon is unusual, in that there to date five completely distinct Transformers universes; one consisting of the universe introduced in 1984 with the "Generation One" series and extended through the Beast Wars and Transformers: Universe series, the stand-alone Transformers: Robots in Disguise series, the Unicron Trilogy, consisting of the Armada, Energon, and Cybertron lines, the world featured in the 2007 live-action feature film, and the currently-running Transformers: Animated series. Even within these completely disparate universes, there are multiple stories that contradict each other; for instance, under the banner of "Generation One" are several completely different comic book series from four different publishers, the US cartoon, the Japanese follow-on cartoons which openly replaces the events of the U.S. "Rebirth" miniseries, as well as gamebooks, coloring books, audio cassettes, young adult novels, and video games, as well as the toy packaging itself, all of which take various liberties with the same characters. As such, the Transformers universe includes such problems as multiple origin stories for characters such as the Aerialbots and Optimus Prime. Many fans rectify this by considering the five universes as "continuity families" in which each media (comics, cartoon, toy bios, etc) don't so much as need to coincide with each medium completely as they just have to have some common elements within its respective universe. For instance, the G1 continuity family almost always features Dinobot commander Grimlock as having a unique, caveman-like speech pattern, though the reasons behind this differ between media (primitive technology, effects of a virus, etc...) The general position of Hasbro, owners of the line, is that all Transformer stories are in fact true, and exist in multiple and separate alternate universes, so that the Marvel Comics stories are just as true as the coloring books, which are as true as the animated shows. All of these universes are connected by the existence of Primus and Unicron, who are singularities; they exist in all of the Transformer universes, even if they are not necessarily referenced in some of them. Primus, for example, was not mentioned at all in the original Transformers cartoon under the "Generation One" banner, but Unicron appeared in the animated movie and in subsequent episodes of the TV series. However, in Beast Wars, Primus was directly referenced by optimus Primal in the season 2 season finale. Beast Wars and its companion series Beast Machines are stated to take place at some point in the future of the cartoon series, though certain elements such as referencing the name of the Autobots spacecraft by the name 'the Ark' are elements introduced in Marvel's comic book as the base was never named in the cartoon.[11]" p.s. please don't reply me. Unless your "wild shifts in grammar are more interesting" than mine or anyone else. C-U-Pal. Uh-huh. Dude, stop acting like a little kid. And my name is DAMOLISHER2. The reason it's not simply "DAMOLISHER" (Not Demolisher. Demolisher is a Transformers character, Damolisher is a wrestling move.) is because I'd already registered here at some point and forgot the password, got it reset, that still wasn't working so I just thought "**** this". and registered my account.
  6. First off, Don't be a fanboy. I'm not "Lazy", I've done the "Research", and I can't find any of these so-called "Confirmations." Secondly, the rest of that reads like a joke post. I've seen a majority of Transformers cartoons. Matter of fact, I've only got to see the Japanese Beast Wars series and I've seen all of the Transformers series' ever created in animated form. I've read most of the Transformers Comic series' too. There's nothing there. There IS no "arrogance," because I'm not being arrogant, I'm pointing out errors on this supposed "Wonderous resource", based on what I know. And what you don't like doesn't mean it's not canon either. Rebirth and G2 are still canon. Just because something isn't "Good enough" or is replaced in some other continuity doesn't replace the canonocity, or whatever of it.
  7. And she wants her Hot ROD. ;) >_> Seriously, though, Daniel/Arcee act like more of a couple than some of those "Couples" on that list.
  8. You reckon? I'm not seein' it with Inferno/Firestar, man. I've been watching "Search for Alpha Trion" over and over again to see if I can see it, and I really can't, dude.
  9. OK, I'd like to know where the "Confirmed" couples list from the Female Transformers Page on the TFWiki came from, because most of them aren't even CLOSE to being couples in canon. I'm assuming that's either one hell of a resource they're using, or whoever wrote the damn list has had limited to no experience with relationships with women. We've got the ones everyone knows, like Optimus and Elita, but then there's ones that are incredibly dodgy, and have had no indications anywhere I'VE seen, like Ironhide/Chromia, Mooracer/Powerglide, Firestar/Inferno, (Unless "rescue missions" is suddenly cybertronian slang for ****ing,) STRIKA/OBSIDIAN?! and Alpha Trion and Beta. Seriously, who the **** wrote that list? And then there's ones which have either been one sided, or are not actual relationships, although both characters have shown signs of interest, such as Hot Rod/Arcee, Springer/ Arcee, Chromedome/Arceee (I've read somewhere that Chromedome was supposed to have a thing for Arcee, but nothing in the Headmasters cartoon from what I saw indicated anything other than kinship from her.) Arcee/Bumblebee in the GI Joe/Transformers comics. (Or is it Transformers/GI Joe? Either way, once again, one sided.) Really, what the hell? Am I missing something here?
  10. Damolisher2

    Galvatron 3rd mode?

  11. I mean, it's weird, in some places, "Female" Transformers are pretty popular. Other places, like my home town, they're not. Take this store called Farmers in my Hometown of Paraparaumu, the Transformres section could easily be mistaken for an add-on of the girls aisle, what with all the Blackarachnias from Animated, and Movie Arcees lining the shelves. Before that, the Selfwarmer of choice? Cybertron Thunderblast. Yet in Porirua, the next town with a mall in it, none of their stores have a problem selling chickformers. So yeah, how popular are "Female" toys locally to you? (Personally, I don't see a point in them, I rekon they're token, and they usually suck.)
  12. Heh, poor dude. Well, hopefully it won't get so bad that he'll have to raid Barry Mani-*Gets Shot*
  13. Damolisher2

    Good Guy / Bad Guy?

    Yeah, this is kind of a silly question, and one which makes me wonder what the hell Raksha and her goons were smoking back in the 90s and the earlier part of this decade. It's a kids' show. I don't root for anybody, I just watch and think "Hm, this is cool. I totally have to buy me that toy." You know, the toys Hasbro designed, with the Autobots as the good guys and Decepticons as bad guys. Let's be honest; if anyone'd know who's who, it's Hasbro.

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