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  1. I remember seeing bot mode for swoop/strafe in toy form and a member elsewhere has seen the designs so I pretty sure bay won't fuck that up. At least not that
  2. Then again this may be the only copy of this mold. Or for the most part (prolly not unless I didn't get it lol) and the generations leader will take its place so I grabbed it also cuz it was something new for the movie only thing out too :)
  3. I ordered one my first purchase off amazon. The kids will love him and I will like not having to transform their toys for them all the time lol Actually I kinda enjoy it unless it's Rotfl prime and I have to do it 10 times in a row. I'm stoked on the design but t backpack is a bit extreme. Still I'm confident there will be a fix and the mainline won't have this with the chrome. Probably be re released sometime but with a different deco and THATS the one I will buy the kids they can own. Or if I don't like this one they may get lucky.
  4. If you look close and zoom in on the poster of Optimus prime he's in his flat nosed truck body. His chest /abdomen is different but has same traits (design/cgi model almost) as ROTF DOTM Prime ;) The. Grill is more g1like :thumb
  5. This mold could work if they get the head sculpt right it could be better. As it is now looks now the black side of the face is the opposite side of his head then the original was.could be fixed by production though
  6. Curious if anyone has a grasp on whr to order this? If so pls lmk thnks (i got a mp10Hasbro. but tru sent it with no bubblewrap so his leg has a sress mark in it. so i may want another better cheaper version) ;)
  7. No theres a new epsisode next week or the week after that. Then continuing. I like Prime and Megatron. Soundwaves cool. Starscream .mmmmmmmm not so sure. Bees cool and so is bulkhead. Oh & im a fan of miko. anyways when the heck they will just realize generation one rebooted IS the Transformers lore & stick with that (like George Lucas does with Starwars) is beyond me. Someday they will.
  8. Where can i get this? Special thanks to Paul Grant, and others that show some pretty awesome KO stuff. I never been against KO's, i actually like them. I want that Lio Kaiser set, along with that KO Orange Devastator set. How is the quality P.G. with these? I have a KO Robot Masters Prime im going to be showing soon (just took pics today of it) to join n on the fun here. :D
  9. Hmmm been ahwile since i been here. Update Tman thnx ;) \ (& yea, i been collecting too, but i HAVE no camera to show it off. I know how you feel *although my dad keeps leaving his out but its hard to get good pics at night in a dim house*)
  10. A little late in the game here, but i picked up a MP Skywarp the other day, and the GIJoe ROC movie. I havent opened Skywarp yet, or watched teh ROC movie yet though. Also picked up Shockwave/Longarm and have yet to open him as well. :P I guess im waiting to move into my new apartment to have the room & get back all thats in storage to start anew, and not have the step mother around to break them on me, like previous years. Hes AWESOME! \ i guess im on G1 kick right now. :shrug I was HOPING to get Perceptor and the Insecticons but i bet there gone now, and i havent been to a TRU in a year. :tdown :( I WILL go all the way there for Arcee and Ratchet though, hoping Perceptor/Insectcns are there. But reading all this talk about ROTF and been thinkng how i think how the line failed as a whole for me. I like Leader Prime, but i havent seen my Leader Prime in months. :( And i picked up the Ha Skids n Bee with Sam/milakea and i :love my Ejector and Arcee, but i dont see myself getting anymore until i feel the need. HOWEVER i do like NEST & also have been collecting Legends ROTF figs to have a full set of on screen characters in some form. Including Legends Devastator jpn exclusive ;) They all go pretty well together but i still need Legends Jetfire, BB, Soundwave and Swipe/sideways to be complete. My thoughts on Arcee, is shes just "fun" and i enjoy her unique transformation and look. Ejector is full of awesomeness! And i cant wait to do some fun "action pics" of him. Devastator is SO awesome! Peaugh failed to mentioned or possibly (by the sounds of it) KNOW about all the articulation this guys has. He has posable shoulders, elbows, swivel arms, & can move his arms forward to mimick the look of walking on all fours (esque movie like), and swivel legs, bendable knees, and feet, and posable head. *yes Peaugh mentions some of this, just made him look like he wasn't posable. BUT Peaugh's vid helped me combine him so thats cool.*
  11. Now although i dont buy things everyday in bulk, im proud to say i got @ WalMart this past week ROTF; Sideswipe dlx, Arcee dlx, FAB Longhaul , HA Skids and HA Bumblebee, and i finally got my EZ Devastator from BBTS! I think FAB Longhaul is IMO awesome! and i wish i could have ALL the constructicons in FAB form b/c i dont buy the reg versions of them from all the different sizes. IMO i would rather have them all @ $10 dollar price and have the rest of them. ;) TRANSFAN; Not to be mean Transfan, but do you think you can "limit" your "hauls" here, it seems like you take up 97% of the thread with NON transformer relalated stuff that not many ppl are coming here anymore probably b/c of it. Its kinda lame (imo) to brag about buying all those MANY (basically scalping) items of ALL origins and make us look bad. I dont have anything against you or your hobbie, but maybe you can just post transformers? If it wasnt so much you can even see anybody elses stuff without taking up alot of ram or gigs, then ok. But as it is, its VERY pic heavy and not really why we conme here imo. Also, i asked you before if you SELL these toys or not, and you never answered. If it was all transformers, then i wouldnt have a problem with it as much. It just takes away from the point of this "Transformer" thread, imo.
  12. i feel its late to get classics seekers. Because something tells me that they will have a new mold for the seekers soon that will triumph the current seeker mold. Thrust and Dirge seem worth it, but buying TC seems mundane to me. Too expensive and outdated imo. Everyone wants classics but i really dont think there all that cool. Need to be updated AGAIN imo I got HA Skids and HA Bee. Bee i opened, and hes cool, best figure and i love his car mode and Sam, have yet to open Skids. Also recieved EZ Devs, but waiting til xmas to open him.
  13. Well im WICKED psyched, cuz i just ordered the EZ Devastator from BBTS! :D (actually my first order from them) I ordered it on the order slip with money order option. Can you change that AFTER you place order to credit card? I may use my dads if he doesnt mind, and just give him the money. It was a little more then it may cost from USA, but at the same time, it MAY be more here from lack of numbers of product :shrug So im being safe then sorry. ;)
  14. Im new to this thread & only read the last 15 pages or so. But here goes. Ice Cream Twins > found at walmart in Berlin VT, for 9.99 this past monday. @ Transfan, do you sell drugs to buy and keep all those toys? lol Or do you sell the toys? Leave some for the kids & fans, jeesh *4 mp skywarps, 4 Animated Soundwaves* and whats with all the Yugioh stuff? just curious.
  15. Hey Mucho, mucho gracious. lol - Titanium Megatron is pure lurvv :) Hound's hands hold his gun excellently! -Khan

  16. Damn son! I just went to check if you were a girl, bc your sigs babe is hot. ..... oh i just realized your not. :(

    lol Welcome to teh boardS!

  17. No i didn't i just responded at page 4 or something. I have since looked at the whole thing, including your minty fresh insecticons, your AWESOME Mp-03 Starscream (i didn't know he was that awesome!), your alt collection once again, and your sig six, 25th anv GIJoes, and "Ani-mated" group shots. I like your Cybertron Galvatron. wanna sell? lol I have to grab a disk from my friend on wednesday to be able to upload my pics off my dig. cam to my desktop. Then i will post up my own collection for you to see. Soon, VERY soon. :burns. muhahaha So hes not transformable without modding to car mode this way? :( btw, i have the EXACT same animated collection :P *retail'D* with the dlx Prme, & the 2 pack prim/megs and voyager Bulkster as well. You probably have these too. :)
  18. There are actually 2 BTs and 2 VP barrels. Cant tell from the pics but Hound is the one you probably didn't guess. I may do Each Alt/BT individually to really show off their poses. I usually put alot of time into getting them just right. I wish Zoom Zoom wasn't at work I did this at work but I think it's a good individual pic Ilike how you assembled Prowl's legs :thumb This is what i want to do when mine arrives today or tomorrow. :) Is there just a swivel that makes this possible i wonder, or is there slight modding to it? I would guess then ill later (1st). But not sure. Looks great & a HUGE improvement on him! have i mentioned this before? :P *da-ja-vue*
  19. You know what you did wrong, you did this for free. Its worth LOTS and its now not. On top of that buddy, you worked too hard for too little. Everyone expects you to work for free now, and i just read the whole thread and alot of ppl took it and ran. I wont say any names. But im sure you see. Next big thing like this should be different. YOu shouldnt get screwed so much. First you toys, then your freedom imo :P But its really nice of you to do this for us. I saved some print outs in August from this on regular paper. But if i lost this thread im sure i could figure out how to re-make them on screen larger x 200 % to build up large. Anyways, nice and all, think about what im saying. Its your time is all. :) Nice work though :thumb
  20. Nice art! Lets see your Megatron art now. :P

  21. Yo man you asked me what i liked best about your collection, and since i hadnt seen it all yet then i wasnt sure what to say but what i saw. BUT i just spent 20 mins earlier looking at half of it, and just put 20 more in now to finish it (just looked at the pics basically, but ALL of' em) . I would still have to say the Alts are the coolest part of it. But also your MP Prime with Beast machines Primal Supreme! As well as you give your toys life. This is something we have in common and i cant stand it when you see thousands of transformers, but no life. No pose. I set mine up in battle poses faction vs. faction. You have the C-Thunderblast too i see. I just opened her but she is :win imo. Question. Do you have any Gen1? I only saw Soundwave. Anyways cool collection and eye for the cam.
  22. damn your pretty hot Harley! i was checking to make sure you were a girl, & not a man using a girls name. :P

  23. I just wanna say thanks for this opportunity. I have downloaded and printed the sheets to make it. Now all i need to do, is put it together. :D
  24. Is this your 270'TH POST on this THReaD??!?!? Cool score man. Ive got Prime Henkei! coming along with Grimmy & their trying to get me a Starscream too! Its $44 for the leaders and $39 for the dlxs!! WTF??!!! right? anyways hows the size compare of the Trans Scanning Prime to a dlx or a voyager? Is that Beast Convoy i see in there as well? khan
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