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    JRS and TFUnited Board Specials

    By Allspark_Trypticon,

    JRS and TFUnited Board Deals


    Limitited Time offer, come on by and check some of the deals JRS Toyworld has going on :thumb

    Megatron, the Eternal

    By Acidwing,

    This is my entry for Dreamwave's MegaMegatron contest. Hope you all enjoy.

    Please excuse my crummy coloring skills with colored pencils (Realized the day before that the entries had to be colored!!! :banghead: )

    Crits and comments appreciated. *faints*



    War Within Megatron

    Generation 2 Megatron

    "Dreadwing" Megatron

    Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Megatron

    Armada Megatron

    Energon Megatron

    RID Megatron


    Megatron the Eternal


    Motto: “I do not know the meaning of death. My power and name shall echo eternally across time, space and the infinite multiverse!�




    When: 5,000 years after the defeat of Megatron’s tyranny of Cyberton by the iconic and legendary Optimus Primal



    Released by a spark exchange device Megatron had secretly created it just in case he would lose control of Cybertron. Megatron unexpectedly was given new life in a new body and in a new time by a zealous warrior who thought he could steal and obtain Megatron‘s old fortress ship.

    Using the temporary body of the Neo-Decepticon that exchanged places with him. Megatron, used it as a means of gaining access to new technologies. As a result, he created a plan for his vengeance upon Cybertron by creating a new body. Traveling to past G1 Transformer history and other alternate Transformer realities, Megatron deviously thought of a way to construct his new body by finding others with the same namesake with recombinant technology. Here, he would not have to inherit the spark of another, rather just use their “DNA� by scanning.

    Regaining back his old Transmetal 2 dragon mode sans the organic material, the ability to change into 3 other forms other than robot due to absorption of another reality’s Megatron‘s powers (RID), a powerful air mode from another “cousin“ (Dreadwing), a powerful tank mode, from the combined strengths of three Megatrons (G1, G2 and Armada), a dual arm cannon derived from the original Megatron’s fusion cannon and another from a “Galvatron� look alike (Energon Megatron). Megatron was posed to take over Cyberton and anticipate Primal‘s return for the spark exchange had created an inbalance with the wrong spark imprisoned within Cybertron.


    inked robot mode:



    colored robot mode:



    concept sketch alt modes:


    dragon mode:



    tank mode with dragon heads as cannons:



    "Dreadwing" air mode:


    The Power Rangers-ization of the Transformers

    Lord Madhammer
    By Lord Madhammer,

    From Hasbro's 2003 Annual Report:


    "By applying innovation in all that we do, we are working to drive our core brands to new heights by reinventing them every year, and making them as fresh and as relevant today as when they were first introduced."



    Energon Arcee Toy Review!

    By Tortle,

    Last night, I finally found an Arcee at Wal-Mart and quickly snatched it up. Arcee has been shipping one per case, and I felt "special" finding such a coveted figure. Of course, today I discover multiple reports of Arcee shipping more than just one per case, so I can't really gloat over my find. :grr Oh well.


    Company: Hasbro

    Size: About 4" tall as a robot

    Price: $6 at Wal-Mart

    Packaging: Carded (cool card art, by the way)

    Pictures: For pics, I refer you to Remy's site. His pics are far better than anything I could do, but I'll post some Nathan-specific pics later tonight.


    Looks: 4.5 out of 5

    Arcee looks great as both a motorcycle and a robot. Her motorcycle form isn't wacky and cheesy (like the alternate mode of many TF toys) and sports a sweet black/white color scheme. Although showing a few pink details, the cycle is not overly feminine which is a good thing. After all, who wants a Barbie bike?


    In contrast, her robot mode features appropriately female proportions with feminine thighs, chest, and high heels (cheesy concept, but it works). Also, the robot mode reveals a bit more pink in her color scheme. I was concerned that Arcee's bot mode would be lacking that "womanly touch", but Hasbro/Takara pulled it off quite nicely.


    Her robot mode reminds me of those sweet bike suits from Robotech New Generation. Cool stuff!


    However, her looks are not without flaw. Her hands are incredibly small, as I'm sure you've heard. In this case, it's better to have hands that are too small than those that are too large, but they still seem awkward.


    Articulation: 3.5 out of 5

    Arcee's articulation is acceptible: swivel head, ball-jointed shoulders, hinge elbows, ball-jointed wrists, ball-jointed hips, and hinge knees. Although she is capable of a good range of movement, the elbows fold in awkwardly and the hip ball-joints are restricted by the figure's design. That means no serious kung-fu action for Arcee.


    Accessories: 2.5 out of 5

    Arcee comes with a projectile crossbow that, in contrast with her hands, is insanely huge. It's almost the same size as Arcee herself! Essentially, she can only hold the crossbow in one position: straight out from her body. But the crossbow does break down into pipes for her bike mode, and incorporating the weapons into the alternate mode is always a nice touch.


    Transformability: 4 out of 5

    I have few problems transforming Arcee, but getting her legs around the windshield is a bit awkward (that sounds perverse).


    Value: 4 out of 5

    $6 for a relatively small Transformer that looks great in both modes and comes with (overly) large, missile-firing accessories: thumbs up. Considering puny Star Wars figures cost $5, this is a good deal.


    Coolness: 5 out of 5

    This is a great rendition of a classic G1 character who has never before been made in its G1 likeness (outside of statues and the like). It's faithful to the original character, while updated to make the alternate mode more appealing and fun.


    Overall: 3.9 out of 5

    Arcee is a great TF with obvious G1 influences, which makes her perfect for old-fart TF collectors such as myself. She's a great toy... but with more appropriate accessories, she would have been Leonard Nimoy with Salsa.

    Need help finding a store.

    By Comfortador,

    I've been keeping an eye on ebay and there has been a guy selling Takara reissues for a little while now, and basically I've just been waiting on bidding on a set, scraping the money together.


    Well... now his auctions have changed, and the set doesn't include optimus prime. I may have missed the boat on a good deal, I was just wondering if anyone here knows or can recommend a GOOD store, with good prices, that may sell an entire set. If there is a discount for buying them all at one time, then all the better.


    I really don't want to pay the afforementioned guy the same price he was just auctioning WITH optimus prime, without him. That seems a little crappy to me. He didn't lower the price, just took Prime out of the equation.


    Thanks ahead of time.

    Stepper's Official!

    Snapes on a Plane
    By Snapes on a Plane,

    On hasbro's site, the G1 section, low and behold...STEPPER, well actually Ricochet :D

    Many questions have now been answered!



    See for yourselves


    This July 2004 Hasbro will release RICOCHET (formerly named Stepper in Japan). We are excited to add this unique character to the TRU G1 reissue segment for the first time ever in the US. RICOCHET will come with TARGETMASTER NIGHTSTICK as well as multiple weapons not available during its original 1987 Japanese release. The G1 collectors can now add this elusive character to their TRANSFORMERS collection.





    Prowl or Hot Shot

    By Smokescreen01,

    I will promise my parents to do dishes by hand for the next 5 weeks if I can get one of these in addition to something else. Any suggestions? I can add on weeks for both. I'm leaning towards Prowl though.

    the brag about topic

    Starscream the great
    By Starscream the great,

    ok i've made this topic to so if someone wants to share the news of somthing they just got you can post it here and give a small reveiw of it i'll start

    i just got scorponok tonight and i love him i love th scropion mode and his cool gimmcks but i think hes kinda like overload in some areas so i but the other stuff hes got is cool so 2 thumbs up must have toy! oh as i said on the title NO INSULTS OR LIKE THIS (ha ha ha i got prime you don't) stuff like that is not acceptiable ether

    MISB Omega Supreme now on Ebay

    By christoferhai,

    Not sure if this goes in this section but Omega Supreme is now on ebay boxed.

    Hopefully he will be out soon!


    Omega Supreme Boxed


    By nexus1,

    Why is devastator so legendary?

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