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    g1 jazz

    By beamer,

    lines by me, colors by acer/cil

    (acer- if ya post here... i'm sorry! i couldn't resist!!)



    Starscream Sketches

    King Starscream
    By King Starscream,

    Decided to try some different approaches to my favorite TF. Fortuneately Hasbro has given me much subject material so it wasn't that hard.


    War World Starscream


    Actionmaster Starscream He has knees!! KNEES!!!!


    Pretender Starscream or at least his shell.


    Comments and crits appreciated.

    Best place to buy Takara reissues?

    By Donkeystyle,

    I was wondering what you guys think is the best (and cheapest) place to buy the takara reissues. I picked up prime and megatron, and now I am compelled to get the rest!

    Troubling Trend in Energon

    By jetfire85,

    Have you noticed that only Battle Ravage and Snowcat have waists? Now I know that most of these are do to Powerlinking. But Megatron could have one. So could Optimus (if you retooled a little bit).


    This is a little troubling.

    Just an idea.

    By Berkeley,

    An online friend of mine was screwing around with Energon weapon matchups, and came to something quite interesting...


    Take Strongarm, remove all Energon parts. Add Divebomb's boomerang halves as shoulder pieces. Add Cruellock's saber. Now, the ray gun piece is actually not preferable, if you have SL Command Jaguar, with the greener set of Battle Ravage weaponry. The Megatron homage gun, shoulder mounted, would be perfect, because it sockets with Cruellock's saber and makes no shoulder piece drilling necessary (as the use of Cruellock's ray gun will require for the continuation of the idea).


    The normal Strongarm in robot mode, decked out with what I described, is pretty nifty. However, a transformable version would require some modification.


    First of all, drilling. If you don't have SL Command Jaguar, and you don't want Battle Ravage's yellow guns, you're going to need to use Cruellock's gun - which will not naturally socket with Strongarm's shoulder piece. A small hole will have to be drilled into that shoulder piece, effectively turning it into an outtie Minicon port. Second, drill matching-sized holes into the pegs on Divebomb's boomerang halves. This will allow them to peg into the sides of Cruellock's saber.


    Transform Strongarm as normal. Socket Cruellock's ray gun into Cruellock's saber, with the innie Minicon port facing in the opposite direction of the "sharp" end of the blade. The sword sockets onto the drilled shoulder piece, and the Divebomb boomerang halves socket into the sides of the sword. I have not done this, but I imagine that'd end up looking pretty cool.


    After that, turning him into a full-fledged Decepticon would mostly require painting. I'm envisioning leaving the dark blue-black portions on Strongarm untouched, while repainting his yellow portions a deep red, his tan portions a grey, and his red highlights a purple. The point of the purple, of course, would be to match a Decepticon faction sticker placed over the Autobot faction symbol (which would be painted over if no place is selling stickers that size). The final touch would probably be a bright green on the eyes, and possibly the same on the windshield, though that would sadly end its transparency.


    The result?


    I'm not exactly the best visual thinker... but I think it would look pretty sweet.


    Just a thought.

    Highlights at Transformerscon

    By Ultimatetransfan,

    Please excuse the suckyness of my funsaver camera


    Jeep clear up

    By Outrider74,

    Someone asked in another thread what a 'TJ' is, when talking about Alternators. So Ill explain that and give some other info right here, for that guy/gal and anyone else who's interested. And yes, it's TF relevant.


    Jeep universal: The Jeeps we are mostly familiar with, any Jeep with a bodystyle like Hound's. This includes all CJs and Wranglers and military Jeeps of corresponding bodystyles.


    M?--Designation for military Jeeps. '41-'60's, not sure exact end due to exports continuing well after US ceased using them. MB was the first, M38-A1 and M606 would have been the latest.


    CJ--Jeep Universals built from '46-'86. Started with CJ-2A and worked thru CJ-7. CJ-2A thru CJ-6 all have corresponding U.S. military versions.


    YJ--'87-'95 Wranglers; succeeded the CJ; have square headlites.


    TJ--'97-present. Still Wranglers, but much improved. Back to the round headlites.


    There are many other vehicles made by Jeep and most have model codes, but since none of these have TFs made for them (so far), no sense in getting into that. And speaking of....


    There are only 3 1/2 TFs that are REAL Jeeps.


    G1 Hound--CJ-3B / M606. Actually he is a Mitsubishi clone of this Jeep, but the bodystyle is nearly an exact duplicate. Close enough for me.


    G1 Rollbar--CJ-7


    Alternator Hound--TJ Wrangler.


    Swindle--Here's the 1/2. Cartoon version is a very convincing CJ3A. Toy is actually a prototype military vehicle called an XR-311. Take a look here: http://www.meisterburg.com/xr311.htm

    Whats bizarre about this is that Swindle, who isnt a Jeep at all is drawn so well in cartoons/comics whereas Hound who is, was drawn piss-poor. In most shots he looks like the pretend Jeeps I made out of cardboard boxes as a kid!


    GeeperCreeper. OK, he's a Gobot, but he's a pretty decent MB.


    TFs that wish they were Jeeps:


    Brawn/Outback: Closer to a Landrover Defender, maybe an early Bronco but not really either. Kind of a generic Jeep stereotype. Jeep-like grill causes the confusion.


    Gears: Looks like an old Willys pickup (Willys had to fight in court a few years before winning the right to use the Jeep name), but closer to an old, military style Dodge power wagon. Check out the grille and fenders, it resembles Gears a LOT.



    Micromaster HighJump--Suzuki Samurai


    Minispy--Close, but no cigar. More like a Toyota Landcruiser. Jeep-like grill, but not enough slots. (9 for MB, 7 for all others)


    Battletrap--Just a generic SUV


    Crankcase--Generic SUV again.



    Hopefully this will answer some questions, as well as win a few bets. If so, I get a 20% royalty on all winnings!

    The new Galvatron!

    Teh INTERNETS ^_^
    By Teh INTERNETS ^_^,

    I was wondering how Galvatron might come to be in the G1 DW comic. In the old comics he was a futuristiv Megatron from another dimension and in the movie he was Megatron Reformated. Somebody mentioned on these boards not too long ago how the fabled Decepticon Matrix could be in the comic so perhaps Megatron finds it and uleashes its power to become Galvatron!! (ala rodimus Prime)

    :tfevil :tfevil :tfevil :tfevil :tfevil :tfevil :tfevil :tfevil :tfevil :tfevil

    Energon Scorponok repaint!

    Rodimus13 Studios
    By Rodimus13 Studios,

    Using a picture from one of Snowman's repaints...which I think was originaly one of Remy's pics... I have created this G1 inspired repaint. It's not all that great...but it's still kinda neat.

    Please post any constructive criticizm you may have. No, "I hate repaints" comments please.


    energon prowl

    By beamer,

    hiya, folks!

    never posted here before... i see lots of allsparkers. heh. anyways... on with the art.


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