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    Armada Overload

    By Enduser0001,

    Original Pencil art by John "King Starscream" Flores

    Colors by Justin "Enduser0001" Timko (Me)

    Inks by me as well

    Layout by me

    Background from the back cover of Dreamwave's Armada MTME book.


    Photoshop Request

    By Ra88,

    Well, I was wondering how Energon Megatron woud look in custom colors, but since I don't have Photoshop (and Adobe isn't suitable for repainting :redface ), I'm asking you to do it. Here are my ideas:


    Comic accurate E-Megs

    As shown by Dreamwave. White replaced by dark grey, and the blue replaced by purple. If possible, his tank cannon in Armada Galvatron colors.


    Black Megatron

    The energon in red, his body black, his crown gold, and his blue silver.


    Here's the pic I would like to be used, but a pic of your own is also accepted.


    Please help a fellow fan out! :thumb


    Wondering if I should just bite the bullet

    By Alpha_Trion,

    I've been having a hard time finding Prime as well as the Alternators in my local stores, I'm wondering if I should just break down and buy them online. What do you all think?


    By oroboru,

    Well FINALLY Wave 2 basics have hit my area, so I picked up Divebomb and Perceptor... individually the members suck (with the exception of High Wire, but he needs more paint so he sucks anyway), with the sole saving grace the combined mode.


    Actually, if they didn't combine I wouldn't bother buying the set.


    Divebomb though, wow, he's pretty good for a basic. He suffers from the same gigantism as Rodimus (big legs and small stubby arms), but he is well sculpted. Colours are nice, thought I wish something besides tan was used (deeper bronze or something?).


    Most major points of articulation, witht he only major exception being the ability to tilt his head and waist.


    The Energon boomerang is pretty good as well, and I'm gonna put them on Starscream to see how well they go with him. Alt mode is great as well, with the small exception that his face sticks out.


    My major gripes about the figure? Well, I wish the heels clicked in somewhere, somehow, and the hands. He suffers from TM2 Cheetof syndrome, but doesn't have the depth necessary to support a peg.


    Overall, 8.5 out of 10.

    Transformers G1 #5

    Lord Unicron
    By Lord Unicron,

    They find the fabled Decepticon Matrix deep within the Earth. This is why Unicron and everyone else makes their way to Earth everytime. :tflaugh well this sounds good even if I just thought of it at work tonight. Man factory work can be boring. But that would be cool though right?

    Transformers in Custom Box

    Energon Ironhide

    By Josh,



    coloring DW's MTMTE books has really given me an edge on my pencils as well. Crazy aint it, but starin at their drawings really gives me time to study them and give ideas for me to get better


    and this is probably a prime example of that



    The new upgrades

    Lord Unicron
    By Lord Unicron,

    Ok Cyclonus and Demolisher new upgrades are downgrades to punish them as well as keep them in line. They both joined the Autobots after Megatron was killed.

    So he did this to remind them who is boss. Any idea on this? Also why did Cyclonus change his name??

    War Within

    Lord Unicron
    By Lord Unicron,

    Ok here it goes. Been thinking of this at work for a bit. This takes place way before Optimus Prime (and the first mini of course). It is about these massive transformers that are so powerful they can't be stopped. Of course they are some from all factions. So the Autobot leader (can't remember the one before Prime) came up with a way to stop them all. In the end the process causes their sparks to shatter into 5 or 6 pieces. Then the body's are broken down and the end results are 5 or 6 Transformers for eack of these guys. They find a way to 'combine' themselves back to their original body's. But the process cause the sparks to create new personal for each one. This causes them to not work well when combined so can be an easy way to defeat them.


    So my idea is of course then all the combiners like Superion & Devastor were at one time big powerful Transformers. And in trying to stop them they were broken down into smaller Transformers making the combiner teams. Ok now for the onslaught of people saying this is stupid. Just wanted to share. I have an idea for the origin of Megatron too. :tfevil

    Updated News on TF Movie 2005

    By Autobot_Leader,

    Transformers still set to Roll Out in 2005



    Most of the recent information floating around about the Transformers film currently in development sounds like rumors, but there's enough official activity being reported by the producers to get myself and fellow "Trans-Fans" salivating.


    For those not in the know, icon for a generation of young boys and toy manufacturer Hasbro announced back in June that they secured producers Tom DeSanto (all three X-Men films) and Don Murphy (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) to bring them a full-length, live action film based on their soldiers from Cybertron. Murphy announced a month later that the candidates to helm the project included Robert Zemeckis, Michael Bay and Joseph Kahn (whose only film credit thus far is Torque). Since then Bay has declined, leaving us hoping that Zemeckis will take up the sword. Although it's old news today, Zemeckis was the director who pioneered the seamless visual effects that made Forrest Gump possible, so I'm dying to see what that kind of visual imagination might be able to do with today's effects technology and a big, red eighteen-wheeler.


    In the past few weeks, there have been some supposed leaked art tests and budget rumors so preposterous they aren't worth mentioning, especially since there's no word yet of a studio picking the film up (although three major studios are reportedly considering it). We do know that DeSanto has written up a story treatment, which will be passed on to a screenwriter soon to be hired by himself and Murphy. The story will revolve around the Generation One characters (seen in the original 80's cartoon), and DeSanto has delved deeply into the old episodes and comic books for inspiration. He does warn that producing a tight, unified plot is of key concern, and says his mission isn't to " try to follow continuity, but get to the heart and the soul of what made it work.."


    Canadian publisher Dreamwave Productions won the rights to produce Transformers comics a few years ago, and gave the license a promising start. Within the first few pages of it's first issue, Generation One - Series One became the bloodiest TF line so far, a change reflecting the new age of it's audience; it would go on to set up the Autobots as unwilling anti-heroes against the Decepticons who were bent on taking Earth, with greedy arms dealers threatening to make a bad situation worse. Things got more interesting with the first The War Within series, as we learned of the origins behind Optimus' leadership and the loyalty rifts that divided the Autobot generals for and against him. Of particular interest in TWW was Grimlock, who was not the bumbling fool we saw in the cartoon series but a capable military commander who seriously doubted the qualifications of his new leader.


    From there, however, the franchise began to languish. The Armada line went on for eighteen grueling issues, and instead of being finally given a mercy killing was carried on with the Energon series, which began with issue nineteen. The plotlines carried through other recent series' have also been less than stellar, depending more on flashy graphics than solid stories and characters. DeSanto has claimed, however, that his treatment will be based not on the cartoon or recent comics, but more on the original comics published in the 80's by Marvel. What's funny is that the film is set for a 2005 release, the same year in which Transformers: The Movie was set.


    The project, however, is slowing down. Technical challenges aside, the source material for the script is so well know and been around for so long that the pre-production should be a snap. This film already has an audience just waiting to hand over their money, made apparent by the vast collections of eighty-dollar toys Those nerdy little fourth-graders who vowed to live and die at the command of Optimus Prime are now thirty years old, with inner children to nurture and professional salaries to burn. In late January, DeSanto claimed that he anticipated closing a deal with one of his three studio prospects within a month; February has now come and gone, with no word. I guess we'll have to wait and see and hope that the deal hasn't soured.


    Perhaps the Matrix will light our darkest hour?

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