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    A big "Thank You" to some fellow TF Youtubers for contributing to my 3 Year Anniversary Special. You may see some familiar faces.
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    This time I look at my first-ever MMC offering - R-10 Reformatted Salvia Prominon the Saint, better known as their take on Solus Prime. This is a character who has had few representations but crucial to my expanding version of the 13 (always getting closer). This mold has been used for Arcee, Medic and Elita 1 too, all with slightly different alt modes. Herein, I show those modes and how well this version fits in with my current version of the 13!
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    Join me (Patriot Prime) some fellow YouTubers as we celebrate my 3rd year with a Top 10 List and Toyhax Giveaways.
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    Transformers Earthrise Wave 2 Dude Figures found at a Walmart. Arcee, Smokescreen, and Decepticon Airwave.
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    News, Pick ups and TFcon! Oh MY! Today we also take a look at the g1 EP the Gambler from season 2. Hope to see you guys there!
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    The Walgreens Exclusive Earthrise Bluestreak is a great G1 cartoon homage.
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    - Iacon City, Cybertron - A new channel has arrived upon YouTube and social media that aims to draw Transformers fans away from dubious sources of Transformers reviews and information. According to the Transformers Reviewers website, "Be they action figures, animation, live action or print media, Transformers Reviewers promotes them so you can find them all via a single source." Operated by Anthony Haslage of HNE Games, Transformers Reviewers currently consists of over 20 member channels and continues to grow. According to Haslage, "the hope is that we can lure fans of Transformers to legitimate sources of reviews and information. Right now, there are a few channels on YouTube that acquire product stolen from Hasbro just so that they can profit from being first to review. This group does not condone or participate in this method of acquiring figures or support those who do." It is a honest take of a situation that Hasbro seems to be slow to resolve for itself. Launching on October 10, 2020, Transformers Reviewers as an entity does not actively create video content on YouTube. Short of some videos that the member channels may use for their own content and an opening theme montage, the channel is a directory. It provides redirection to its affiliate and member channels as well as featuring playlists from each. Out of the gate, Transformers Reviewers negotiated an advertising agreement with Big Bad Toy Store for a one month trial period in hopes of helping its smaller channels earn revenue. Each channel that is part of the advertising agreement has under 1,000 subscribers and are currently unable to monitize with advertising on YouTube. The agreement requires that each channel publish at least one video during that month that mentions Big Bad Toy Store and has an affiliate link in the description. A few of the channels have published multiple videos in hopes of stacking the odds. But all is not prime for this new endeavor. On October 12, 2020, someone filed a complaint with Facebook claiming that Transformers Reviewers was committing fraud. As a result, Facebook unpublished the page stating that, "recent activity on [Transformers Reviewer's] Page doesn't follow the Facebook Page Policies regarding impersonation and pretending to be an individual or business." Haslage said that when he appealed, the message that he received from Facebook was that due to the pandemic, they are short staffed and it may take an extended period of time before they can investigate the complaint. Haslage stated that he believes, "that one of the YouTube content creators that Transformers Reviewers was created to put out of business has learned about us and attempted to stop our efforts." It is at this point that I should mention that Transformers Reviewers and its member channels are not a part of Hasbro, Takara or Tomy. Historically, Hasbro has not enforced its rights of use of the Transformers brand name with fandom, except in cases where the brand was being negatively portrayed. Here is a list of Transformers Reviewers member channels: Adamantium Matrix, Bert the Stormtrooper, CrimsonRaptors, Enewtabie, GotBot, HNE Games, Kasual Toy Collector, Kato's Kollection, Larkin's Lair, N-PUT's Toy Reviews & Stopmotion, NinjaBill Reviews, Patriot Prime Reviews, Rodimus Primal, Sardo-Numspa82, Soundwave 8084, TF Collector, TFanPage101, TFfangeek, The Lazy Eyebrow, Transaaron38 and Transformers & Video Games Transformers Reviewers has also affiliated itself with Transformers Trivia, a Transformers themed game show on YouTube starring War for Cybertron Mirage voice actor, Shawn Hawkins as well as TFormers.com, a Transformers themed news website that covers the Transformers brand. You can learn more about Transformers Reviewers via the URLs below: Discord: https://www.discord.gg/SaFtjN8 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tfreviewers Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tfreviewers Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/tfreviewers Website: https://tfreviewers.wordpress.com/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCANFkLQTHr4FJWf6I1srZRw
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    I`m seeing R.E.D. as i look as all of wave one of the new glorified action masters series with Optimus, Megatron and Soundwave. Can`t transform, sure, but how good are they otherwiseÉÉ let`s find out!
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    Earthrise crosses the Finish Line in 1st Place with the Micromasters Race Track Patrol.
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    A fast paced review on Studio Series 38 Optimus Prime. If you like what you see, be sure to support the channel by subscribing!
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    Another G1 base inspired bot makes his debut thanks to Earthrise.
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    Why is he an exclusive? Did hasbro decide not to do another official wave and just make everything unreleased for earthrise exclusives? The two-pack from Amazon was hard enough to get, but with more than half of Earthrise being exclusives they are making it very hard to get some of the mainstream figures. I am glad they are releasing more, and more versions but I wish distribution was better. They could at least share exclusives on hasbro pulse so buyers have two options instead of one.
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    I really dig these collaborations between Hasbro and other pop-culture entities. Gigawatt celebrates the 35th anniversary of the first Back To The Future film, yes it's been that long. Utilizing the core of Siege Sideswipe Gigawatt really encompasses the heart of Mr. DeLorean's modified automobile. I highly recommend the figure for Transformer and Back To The Future fans.
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    I had NO plan to get Transformers Selects Hubcap...yet...here we are. Am i happy about the end result? let's see!
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    Some of the best characters are out of their freaking minds! So, with all the votes collected and counted, who made the top 10 list of craziest/ most insane transformers characters?
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    When Smokescreen was first revealed I was curious as to how different the figure would be from the Siege mold, I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was an entirely new design that borrows heavily from the great Masterpiece mold. While there is some hollowness in the legs, I personally don't see it as a deal-breaker and really feel Smokescreen, and the rest of the Datsuns belong in your collection.
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    My 3rd review MMC's Ocular Max Perfection Series Assaultus set. AKA the Combaticons that form the Combiner Bruticus.
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    We all know the deal with 1-step figures so I won't go through it again. Megatron is fun and a great representation of its Cybertron design. As always I appreciate how Hasbro has been able to work an action feature into such a small and simple figure.
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    here's the Manga https://takaratomymall.jp/img/goods/4904810172086/comics_first.pdf
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    When first revealed some months ago Skullcruncher was a pleasant surprise, then nothing; no leaked in-hand images, no early reviews, nothing. So it was a pleasant surprise when the figure showed up in-stock on Amazon. The figure really doesn't disappoint, transformation is fun and the armor gimmick is one of the best I've seen. If you're a fan of the Cyberverse line this is a definite pick up, for those who might want to try something new with their Transformers, give this figure a shot too.
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    Ummm... What happened to the Arcee head? I have noticed that all the pics online show the Arcee version with a less shiny, pinker paint job. Are there two versions?
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    Here's my take on Beast Wars MP-50 Tigatron. I like him. He starts to grow on me, although, I do have some mixed feelings, especially about the legs. The leg transformation is great, but at the same time the range of motion is a bit too limited in both modes in my opinion, especially in the tiger mode. But there's always something to complain about:) Enjoy!
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    Not everyone is gifted with brains and many Transformers characters exemplify that truth a lot. They may be loyal, they may be strong, they may even be gifted in one specific area but, overall, and based on all the fan votes counted and collected - who are the dumbest Transformers Characters? Welp, here are the final results!
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    Tonight on GotBot Goes Live, we dove into Pulsecon reveals and reactions, touched on an odd Fans Toys rumor, and Earthrise Scorponok rumor. We topped the night off with a fun unboxing!
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    I had to vote twice.....Cyclonus is awesome but man first Warpath to look like G1 Warpath....take my money Hasbro
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    Hopefully. there will be a lot more Beast Wars characters than these.
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    It'd be way more interesting to me when Hasbro will start the van vote for the Kingdom line and which figures/characters fans can vote for to be released in the Kingdom line.
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    Fear the POKE of the fantastic RtS Lugnut. How well does he stack up in the modern era? Does Clobber look acceptable with him? Let's find out!
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    Hasbro's new Robot Enhanced Designs or RED Transformers line starts with Optimus Prime Megatron and Soundwave. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the other figures from wave one.
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    It's time to judge the judge. We take a look at the Quintesson Judge and compare him to the SRC Legends heroes Q's Judge, and even show him off with a few of his forces so far.
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    Battle Call Megatron is a cool figure, while not as articulated as Deluxe Megatron, it's not nearly as floppy. The armor gives it a cool look, like a Samurai Reaper, perfect for Halloween. If you're looking for a Cyberverse Megatron that's not hampered by its gimmick, check this figure out.
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    A Centurion Drone and an accessory pack. Two thing I never thought I'd see!
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