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    Custom Building A Giant G1 Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker Boombox

    By ExVee,

    Despite that Blaster was actually "the boombox guy" in G1, Bob Clagett on I Like To Make Stuff decided to design a bluetooth speaker enclosure after Soundwave's microcassette recorder alt mode. I guess just like Titans Return's vaguely "iPod dock"-inspired concept, this could be a way to update the form for more modern technology. The video covers the whole construction process and runs about 21 minutes resulting in a pretty impressive looking final product! Click here to watch the video


    NYCC 2018 - Transformers Nemesis Prime Attack Mode Comic Con Exclusive

    By BaCon,


    War For Cybertron Siege: Leader Class Ultra Magnus Q&A Reveals Height, Plus New Titan Coming In 2019?

    By RAC,

    We'll admit: of the social media platforms, we tend to use Instagram the least, perhaps partly out of resentment that this is not in fact the name of a S'mores delivery service. (We have all missed out.) But when we went to look for the original source of the Q&A about War For Cybertron: Siege Leader Class Ultra Magnus reposted by TFW2005... we couldn't find it. But! We did come across a different Q&A slide that we previously hadn't seen anywhere else, hinting at the possibility of another Titan-class figure for 2019! Keep reading for more details on all of the above.

    Bumblebee The Movie - MPM-7 Movie Masterpiece VW Bug Bumblebee Officially Announced, Amazon To Stock

    By RAC,

    The official Transformers Facebook page has posted images of the upcoming MPM-7 Movie Masterpiece Bumblebee as seen in Bumblebee: The Movie! Sporting over 25 points of articulation and over one hundred-fifty deco operations, the figure is said to be coming soon to online retailer Amazon. The word "exclusive" was not used, but no other retailers are mentioned to be carrying the Hasbro release of the figure. Keep reading to see the announcement and the photos, mirrored here for convenience!

    PREVIEW: Star Trek vs. Transformers #1 Comic Book - Prime Directive Part One

    By BaCon,


    The New War Of 2030: Prolouge

    Y.A. Yemi
    By Y.A. Yemi,
    The New War Of 2030: Prologue

    Out in space, the sun of the Earth’s solar system rises behind the landscape of the moon. For the moment, objects, which appear to be defense satellites, surround the planet’s orbit. 

    Planet Earth…. 

    The closer towards the human inhabited planet, the more intricate everything seems. 


    “‘Tis the year 2030! The planet Earth has achieved world peace, and with it, the entire globe has grown in technological science. The nations of the world have come together in cooperation since years ago as international warfare has virtually come to its end…”
    “Technological science has been greatly prestigious throughout the world thanks to the aid of Cybertronian technology. The Earth is in the constant and watchful eye of the noble Autobots as they aid in encouraging world peace among humans who have been under their protection for the past several years.”


    A highly mechanized high school building, somewhere just outside the U.S. nation’s capital city, is one of the results of the wonderful and revolutionary changes the world has benefitted from Cybertronian technology. There, it is the beginning of the school year. The fall semester of 2030 has begun its term.
    Inside the school, many students are walking the halls doing various activities. In this particular time of the day, it was time for lunch for a third of the student body who are attending the school. There were three different lunch periods for the students of the school. 

    A young boy was walking out into the windy autumn like weather just to enjoy his walk right outside the main entrance of the school. As he walks toward the sidewalk, he turns to his left and sees a grey-colored Nissan brand vehicle approaching his direction. The occupants of the vehicle were on their way to lunch. The four young ladies were happy to know that their school has an “open-lunch” policy during lunch periods. 
    The young boy sees the young girls and is at awe as he pauses in his footsteps and glances as the car goes by. 
    Just before the girls drive past him, the autumn wind harshly blows his green hood of his parka over his face. Seeing this, all four of the girls in the car laugh out of ridicule. The driver of the car could not help but jar her car as the car passes the junior grade classman. After the girls have passed the boy with the car still jerking, the boy vengefully bellows,”Ya’ll non-drivin’ *** little punk *******! I’ll see you on the flipside!” The young boy then walks off angrily and snaps his green hood back off his head but immediately walks back inside the school’s front entrance in frustration. 

    Meanwhile during the break period, there are students in the school’s courtyard hanging out. Kids playing hacky-sack, singing, even dance a bit. Students are displaying spoken word poetry and freestyle rhyming of the like with such jubilation. 

    The next second lunch period is now underway. The second group of students gets to have their lunch break. Students are eating lunch and it seems that the high school “clique complex” … still exists even in 2030. 

    While Lunch Group B has their lunch break, the other groups (A and C) are having classes. A classroom discussion takes place with a lecture. Mr. Galotta, the teacher of that class is teaching literature. In other classrooms, students are watching a televised broadcast about the mid-term elections for the state. Parts of the newscast show the District of Columbia surrounded Cybertronian technology. Students can see an Autobot freight carrier land in front of the White House on television. 


    A young man, new to entering high school, walks into the main office to speak about what classes to take in the following semester of spring for the academic year. He also speaks with the secretary and asks for a copy of the school yearbook from the previous year (2029-2030). He waits for the counselor to call for his name after the secretary instructs him to sit and wait on the brown leather sofa. 
    While reading the school yearbook he has requested, Farhan gets distracted by three upper-class female students… who all seem to be of Asian descent.
    The three girls were all wearing blue jean clothing; jackets AND pants. The student on the left was the girl walking by nearest our young lad, Farhan. She turns his way … and winks at him. He felt astonished at this. 
    He then checks out the other two ladies as well. The upper-class student furthest from Farhan was the shortest amongst the three. She was the person walking on the right of the three students passing the freshman. The girl in the middle had brown-tinted hair wearing glasses and was the tallest of the trio. 
    Farhan angles his head to see the ladies after they have passed by. He then happens to place an eye on the tall adolescent in the middle. He stares at her brown-tinted hair as she turns to her friend at her left while the shortest girl to her right also turns in the same direction towards the girl on the furthest left. Farhan Ramjattan continues to look down at the tall girl’s brown locks brushing against her jean jacket. He continues to leer down to her jeans’ rear pant pockets. Farhan felt the way that almost any young teenage boy would feel while still in puberty. HE IS IN HIGH SCHOOL NOW.
    When Farhan is lingering on, he then notices something rad on the middle girl’s left rear pocket. 
    “Whoa,” he thought. “That looks kinda’ cool. ‘Wonder what that design is.” 
    He soon realizes what the pattern was. He then softly gasps to himself alarmingly, “Decepticons...” 
    Yes. :CON: The insignia was indeed a Decepticon symbol patched on the girl’s left rear pocket! To Farhan, that was equivalent as seeing … well… someone with a shirt bearing a swastika on it, which would even stir up a commotion up to this day and age. 
    The young lad wisely waits for the three girls to leave through the rear exit of the main office. Farhan Ramjattan, out of sheer urgency, decides to do the next thing he could think of to do. He exits out of the main office opposite from where the three girls left and contacts a good friend of his to tell him about what he has just seen…


    “Blaster! There are Decepticons in our SCHOOL!! They must be coming back!”

    Things may revert back now to repeat the events of Earth’s history dealing with Decepticon threats. Farhan suspected an invasion of horrific proportions. However the young boy thought to himself, “Wait, they were human. But what human or anyone in their right mind would sport Decepticon symbols in any fashion? No… i…i…it can’t be… unless…u-unless… they were those uh,… PRETENDERS that Mr. Daniel was talking to us about.” 
    Farhan knew better than to be lax about THIS. He then gets back to the main office and the secretary then asks what seems to be the problem. Tactfully, he does not alarm her about anything “Decepticon” related so to not cause any panic. The young boy gives back the yearbook and then calmly walks on. 


    It is now entering the third lunch period of the school day. 

    A student, clad in black, Goth/punk clothing with purple dyed hair layering her long natural blonde hair, roams around the halls on the floor above the ground floor where the cafeteria is located. She is supposed to be AT LUNCH. The young rebel of a girl randomly goes into an empty classroom, heads toward the window where she can see the student courtyard from two stories up. On the windowsill, she spots a strange looking camera. It was green, gray and purple in color. This camera was so strange, she thought, that she decided to examine the camera more closely...

    Transformers Punch-Counterpunch Prime Wars Trilogy: Power of the Primes CHILL REVIEW

    By TMan978,

    The last of the online exclusive Hasbro Transformers: Generations: Prime Wars Trilogy: Power of the Prime Deluxe Class Action Figures. Autobot Double agent/spy Punch transforms to become Decepticon Counterpunch.


    Chuck's Reviews Transformers Cyberverse Ultra Class Shockwave

    By chuckdawg1999,

    Ultra Class Shockwave is a surprising addition to the Cyberverse line, it is by far the figure with the most articulation and most complicated transformation. Much like the Warrior class version, this Shockwave features an unobtrusive gimmick that if anything adds to the figure. If you're going to buy one Ultra Class figure, make it Shockwave. If you're going to buy one Cyberverse figure period, make it Shockwave.


    Transformers Historia - Sara Pitre-Durocher's Cover Art

    By RAC,

    The just-announced Transformers Historia, Chris McFeely's history of the IDW Transformers comic universe, now has a cover! Mistakenly credited to Kei Zama in the PREVIEWSworld listing, Sara Pitre-Durocher has posted her cover to the book - and it's a great one.

    Hasbro Asia MP-10 Real Ghostbusters Optimus Prime - Huh? - Plus Encore Graphy, Noise, & Frenzy Set Planned For 35th Anniversary?

    By RAC,

    Retailer Toypanic has posted an interesting pair of really long-term preorders this morning: September 2019 will bring us a The Real Ghostbusters-themed reissue of MP-10 Optimus Prime (...what? Just: what!?) along with an Encore set of Cassettes featuring Frenzy along with the last two unreissued combiner tapes: Graphy and Noise, who form Decibel! Both are listed as "Exhibition Limited," so odds are good these are meant to be some kind of Japanese convention next year. Keep reading for more!


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