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Teletraan-I / Ark / Nemesis Display Panels!

Mandingo Rex

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I have 9 cases, so I'm planning on doing the back of each, and then on the side doors. So 2 for each door. So it's a lot of printing.

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Well, here's our part..I'm printing them out very large scale to go into my cases--It's really great having access to a print shop with a high quality poster printer that does high gloss photo quality printing..


Haha. Damn, that's awesome. How much are you printing? I see a second one coming out on the plotter.

I hope the files were big enough and didn't pixelate. I tried to keep high-res as possible for those. Nice that you were able to join them all together in one plotted piece, the ones I had were smaller modular units.


I wish I could get access to our plotters at work, but they reserve them for clients only, and have password access to the computers that run the plots. Plus I just started here like 4 months ago, so I don't have "connections" yet to let me do it like at my last job.


FYI, the Teletraan working PSD file is 238 MB, with another 20 MB file for the center console piece. For a sense of scale, the main T-I unit is roughly 25"x35", at 200dpi. It was originally at 300dpi, but I got so tired of waiting on files to process. Let's just say it's got a lot of layers, and I don't want to flatten any effects until I'm set and satisfied. Which is sort of painful working at that scale, but hopefully it will be worth it.


What will be the icing on the cake is seeing it in 3D, seeing the flat artwork doesn't do it justice. People will be pleased, I'm very hopeful of that.



I took your files, at 200dpi, and then made new master layers at 150dpi and scaled it to the sizes of the case segments, top bottom, side doors etc..Then took your files, found the duplicating areas on them, and matched them up, blurred and erased some so there weren't the distinctive line separating the different files, flattened the image, and printed them. And yeah, the 300 dpi would be a pain. I'm only doing 2 cabinets right now, and waiting until you finish the rest of it before I do my main cabinets that house my Gen-1, Alts, Classics and Titanium figures.

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Weathered main section, although I want to add some more texture to it. Again, it will look a tad busy due to the scale I'm zoomed out at... fine lines blur and some of the effects end up chunkier than they really are. I'm trying to weather all the pieces and finish this up today or tomorrow, then get the sides.


Anyone have any more offers on getting content for the screens? Or requests?

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Sorry, got caught up this weekend on other things. Went to the San Jose SuperCon and then ended up sick and staying home from work Monday.


Plans to jump back on the Teletraan work soon.


Sami, how's the case coming along?

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I discovered the problem I have now, I have to remove all my figures from the cases in order to put them in..That's gonna take awhile. I want to wait until I've finished these repaints, so I can use my table..And then as soon as you finish the big one there, I want to use that as my main Gen-1 display background.

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Mandingo Rex, Not only are you offering these up for free but they're really f#*@ing good! I too have access to printing place. welp, I used to be an assistant manager at a kinko's and still have connections with some of my old co-workers. anyway, they help me out. I'm so excited for this.


Sami, what type of material are you printing yours on?

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Mandingo Rex, Not only are you offering these up for free but they're really f#*@ing good! I too have access to printing place. welp, I used to be an assistant manager at a kinko's and still have connections with some of my old co-workers. anyway, they help me out. I'm so excited for this.


Thanks! I'm hoping to get done soon, but these last 2 weeks at work blew up into a nightmare, and this coming week could very well be as busy too.

I'm having to prepare for a shoot next saturday in LA, which means finishing scripts, design, and about 1,000 things that I don't have time to do in time.


BUT I am using the train rides to finish up some things. I ended up realizing I had more work yet to do on layout and design, but when this thing's done, it'll be worth the wait.


Especially for a free something! :) Sorry I can't deliver on time, but at least it'll be quality for the wait!

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Someone make sure to put finished pics up w/ once these are done (most likely you Sami).


That is truly fantastic work Mandingo. Highly impressive.

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Okay okay, not COMPLETELY done yet... but the big piece and the attachment pieces are done, unless anyone has any major edits they'd like me to make.

I made this firstly for myself, but also for everyone else's satisfaction as well. I aim to please, folks. Here's low-res files to give everyone a taste of the final work:






The ONLY THING I'm missing is the sides (profile) piece. When you fold this puppy, it will need side plates to finish off the Teletraan unit, so that is all I have left to make, and I think it'll be fairly simple, with line work and weathering, not so much of the screen details.


The center and side pieces fold on different folds, so that we get the iconic shape of Teletraan I. I just have to test and measure the sides so that everything lines up properly. I'll mirror that piece, and then make a cropped piece to fit as the walls between the side wings and the center console.


I know it's really detailed, that was my goal. It will look a lot better printed out in high-resolution. These web JPGs reduce the detail, there's a LOT in there, people should be happy at all the little nods I threw into the screens and designs.


The files are fairly big, they're 200 dpi and 30" wide at the full-size scale. So it may end up that I have people PM me for the final files, I am afraid FTPing them may bog down my site.


Enjoy! Feedback welcome too.

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