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Teletraan-I / Ark / Nemesis Display Panels!

Mandingo Rex

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Wow, necropost! Haha. No worries.


It's not a true "render" because I didn't actually model it in 3D. It was a composited "render" in Photoshop, just to show what it looked like. So I never modeled it in the 3D modeling sense, sorry.


As to an update on the state of the Nemesis control panel that I showed earlier, I really haven't done much to it since my last post. Unfortunately, I lost my job (3 years ago, this has been awhile) and then I got a new job and have been basically swamped since then. I also grew disinterested in finishing it. Perhaps one day I'll hop back on it, as it was interesting and something I want to complete. I'll post updates when/if I get back to it.


Or, if someone wants the PSD to finish it on their own, feel free to contact me via PM and I can try sending it to you to finish. All I ask is that it's shared with the fandom, for free, and not used for profit.


Thank you letting me know. an as for the nemisis bace id love a completed version. An yes id definitely share it. Your work is awesome.

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Did you scale them all to fit? That's one thing I can think of that won't work.


They all need to be scaled to the same proportions. Or you may need to tile them, or scale them all to 40% or something. Without knowing your setup, I can't really troubleshoot for you. Hope that helps? Or if you can provide more info, that'd help, too.

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So I had some down time, and decided to dust off this ol' thing...


Here's about 8 hours of detailing work... Still a LOT of work left to do, but just getting the front fascia detailed today knocked out a lot of the legwork in getting it closer to being finished.




Not to give anyone false hopes, as I know this is a years-old thread and some folks have likely lost interest or given up on it, but it's my goal to finally finish the damned thing. Better late than never right?! :)


Also, just a reminder to folks... I don't mind if you download and print out the work, or even if you modify it, but please don't try to sell this, or pass off my work as your own without giving proper credit. It's available for free for the community. I caught this last night:




And I wasn't very happy with it. Nor did I have anything to do with it. I know I borrowed some assets for the display screens, but I stated that multiple times in the thread. I've spent a lot of time on this, and all I ask is that people either give credit where it's due, or don't try to pass it off as your own. Not cool.

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Just saw this thread for the firs time . I was looking for something like this because I wanted to do something for my boy and wow just wow. I am pretty sure I can do the walls and floors since its just printing it out, but I cannot do that Teletran 1.


anyone willing to do it for me , Id be happy to pay you for your time and expensense ?


Id really like to give this to my boy to play with.

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Just saw this thread for the firs time . I was looking for something like this because I wanted to do something for my boy and wow just wow. I am pretty sure I can do the walls and floors since its just printing it out, but I cannot do that Teletran 1.


anyone willing to do it for me , Id be happy to pay you for your time and expensense ?


Id really like to give this to my boy to play with.


Unfortunately unless your son is older (7, or up) there really isn't any way that it'll hold up to a little kid playing with it. Even if it's built over foam board. So unless you plan on just setting up a display for him to look at I'd hold off on having anyone build this for you.

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This seems like the right place to ask this question... since it seems like everyone is indeed trying to build their own Ark/Teletraan 1.


Has anyone done any research as to the actual LAYOUT of the Ark/Mountain/Teletraan 1? (besides the comic or book. Those don't match the cartoon, of course.) I'd love to reconstruct a map or diagram for curiosity... and to aid in anyone doing a reconstruction project.


From all I see in the G1 cartoon, a long tunnel leads back and straight up into the three windows of the cockpit — with the main viewer seen in most episodes having to be on the right hand side. (You can see the broken windows of the cockpit at left in the opening episode.)


Repair bay seems to be in an outside adjacent building in another orange enclosure. Guessing the whole Autobot Spike affair happened there.


Anyone have any further conjecture regarding where the Dinobots were found, Constructicons entered, or any other room placement?


Another leap — based on the waterfall in front of the mountain, it's not too much of a leap to assume those are the same falls in the hydroelectric plant seen at the entrance of Autobot City in the movie, placing it just downstream from the Ark mountain. (?) Any input or information is appreciated.

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The layout isn't consistant in the cartoon (heck, what is?) but I had done this type of research before. I no longer have any of my notes however. I had originally wanted to create the Ark and Quintesson Judgement Chamber as maps for Quake 3. Annoyances with the level editor led me to quit the project and they were never finished.


The main problem is that the ship's layout when it is in the air vs crashed is different. Also things move around during the course of the show. Some of the design was changed after the MTMTE pilot. For example, it is suddenly there is that building outside. It isn't clear what is in that building. Sometimes you can say the repair bay like you say, but other times a guy will walk in through the mountain entrance and make a turn and be in that room.


If you really think about how the layout is, you can make the argument that their base isn't actually IN the Ark, but below it instead. If you think about this, Teletraan-I is primarily shown as being on the right side of the TV screen. Then directly behind it is a rock wall that separates that area with the cavern where the dinosaur bones are. This would imply that a portion of the Ark's bottom hull had collapsed that it is possible that Teletraan is not in its original location. This is due to we know the bottom of the Ark lines up with the bottom of the thrusters, however the ship is stuck in the mountain at an angle. So if they enter at ground level (below the thrusters) it either means the ship is no longer intact OR there is a ramp/stairway or elevator that takes them into the ship where Teletraan is. But if there was a ramp into the ship, it would not explain why there is a portion of the ship with a rock wall visible in which to find dinosaurs. You will notice that after the Dinobots are put back in that room, they are buried in. But later someone had removed the rocks and put a door in there instead.


Because it is not consistant, you will have to make decisions on your own to figure out a proper way to render the base as a real physical object or environment.

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