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Teletraan-I / Ark / Nemesis Display Panels!

Mandingo Rex

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I'm still a little confused on how to assemble the thing. Namely what's the difference between the console and the terminal?


The console, I believe, would be the smaller pronged thing that sits in the center, mounted near the keyboards and in front of the big screen.


The terminal, being the larger computer unit. It's just how I named the pieces, they may not be technical terms but was the easiest way for me to describe the parts.

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Hey guys. I got my printer working again. :thumb Picked up some foam board, earlier today..so I was wondering, has anyone already printed this out and glued to to the foam board and cut it out? If so, how do you keep there from there being seam lines?

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Hey guys. I got my printer working again. :thumb Picked up some foam board, earlier today..so I was wondering, has anyone already printed this out and glued to to the foam board and cut it out? If so, how do you keep there from there being seam lines?


I made mine out of card stock, and taped it together.


However Trailbreaker77 made his out of foam board so he'd be the one to ask. However as long as you're careful and fit the sides of the main panel up against the sides of Teletraan-I you shouldn't have any foam board showing. If you do then I'd suggest a little bit of orange paint or an orange, or yellow orange sharpie.


BTW, thanks for all the great comments guys. I haven't found someone who didn't like yet, which is rare. Thanks for being supportive!


I'm tracking comments on about 15 sites, and it's fun to see this thing spread!

Hope everyone enjoys it. More to come!


Also, post pics! Please! :)


Here is where I am at on the teletraan build I am using form board to build it and it is at 50% scale. I scaled it down for my Classics line I have the floor and the back wall done. I have to put the left and right walls together yet. I have to get some more super glue to finish it up. Hoping to finish it up this weekend I will post finished pictures then.







Oh and Mandingo here are some pictures of Ratchet / Wheeljack repair table I was talking about.




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Ah, I see what he's doing. He's doing pre-assembly with the foamboard, then applying the texture to the board. That is alot easier than what I was thinking about doing.


Thanks for drawing my attention back to Trialbreaker77's post. :thumb

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Download Nemesis Background Plate #6 »


So here's #6 guys.


For those of you who have asked, I'm going to do a few more modified plates for the Nemesis with at least one larger video screen, and probably 2 with big windows showing underwater scenes. How's that? They'll be modified from the previous Nemesis plates, of course, but different enough that you should still be able to tile them.


I'm actually thinking now I may go back and redo the Ark plates. They look so blah to me now.

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How are people printing these out?


Just down load them to your printer and then use a program where you can print it out. I'm using MGI Photosuite 4 but some ppl use Photoshop. I would probably use Photoshop too but I can't seem to figure out how to get it to do what I want it to.


How are people printing these out?


Just down load them to your computer and then use a program where you can print it out. I'm using MGI Photosuite 4 but some ppl use Photoshop. I would probably use Photoshop too but I can't seem to figure out how to get it to do what I want it to.

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Sweet I can't wait to build the Nemesis Computer. Make sure you put Shockwave's pic on the screen so that it'll be like when he, and Megs were talking about the space bridge locations.

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    • These recent reveals are a dream come true, but I find myself in such disbelief for many other reasons. I'm having such a hard time believing these rumors are true because the last year or so of Hasbro tf's have been lackluster at best, and now it's a total 180 from before. This company in such dire financial straights, it's going to he laying off more staff and they are releasing all of this?! We haven't even been shown ss86 Swoop yet, so I'll believe it when I see these releases,  until then, I'll start saving money just in case we get this stuff.
    • Just thought about it a bit more. Or rather, I was really tired last night when I typed this and just woke up clear headed and something popped into my head. That's pretty much the entirety of 2025 right? We also know pretty much everything coming this year too right? Where the fuck is Armada Jetfire and/or Overload? THIS is why Omega Prime would've been horrible at retail, especially as two retail level commanders. We get Armada Prime in 2023. No leaks for Jetfire or Overload for 2024. Now no leaks for either in 2025 either. Meaning we'll have to wait to complete them until 2026 barring any surprises or a double pack or something. Maybe both together as a commander class but that would be weirder than the thought of Hook and Long Haul together as a commander. Imagine waiting for three years to complete Omega Prime. They would never release them both in the same year. They wouldn't even be released in consecutive years if we're being honest. So it would be just as long to HOPE that they don't cancel Ultra Magnus that we're waiting now hoping to complete Magna Jet Convoy. The Armada boys even have several deco options too (quite a few more than the RiD boys anyway) so it's not like they can't recoup some of the costs of the molds. Hell, Jetfire even has retool potential...not that they'd do another Galaxy Shuttle ever again especially with this package refresh but GoBots Spay-C is an option. I WILL have that Spay-C update lololololololol. Going back to the idea of them being released as a commander together though as I thought more about it while typing. Maybe they could work in another combined mode between the two. Use Overload as the torso and arms and Jetfire obviously as the legs. It's something I always wanted to have done with the originals and it was almost possible too but the connectors just didn't line up between them. It would almost be a throwback to G1 Jetfire and the Valkyrie armor in a way. I doubt that will ever happen though. Just trying to give myself some hope to getting them both sooner than 2026.
    • Unique Toys has some new images released for their upcoming Twins UT-07 and UT-08 figures. The unofficial MP Scale Skids & Mudflap figures are off the drawing board and into the proto stage. No news on when or how much, but you can see the figures images in progress below. - Read the Full News Story
    • The hits just keep on coming. And there's still more as there's been no core or commander class leaks yet. Crasher package refresh. Cool I guess. Got three from Ross so I'm not looking for one anymore. Still think this should've used the Dragstrip mold and that Slicks should use the Mirage mold. Also, the Kingdom Mirage mold sucks but the Siege molds is great. Aerialbots are cool but there's not really much to say other than that. Swindle. Not much to go on with no universe descriptor or other Combaticons leaked. Oh wait, it will be Armada Swindle lol. Deluxe is a bit large for for a Minicon for a voyager figure but hey, why not right. Wasp is Wasp. Nice to see him but not much to say really. Venom. Now we're getting somewhere. I wonder if he'll be a slight retool of Kickback, a redeco with a new head of Kickback or a new mold entirely with another use lined up. I'm going to go with a slight retool of Kickback. They're not going to go nuts with this since they didn't for Ransack. Meaning that it's going to look inaccurate intentionally (like the Gobots I would imagine) to look like the standard Insecticons. So a new mold would need to look like them as well which wouldn't really lend itself to anything else. So a retool along the lines of Shrapnel to Bombshell should work. Change around half the figure kind of thing. Would be nice to see the two "missing" deluxe Insecticons too. The Barrage retool and the ladybug. G1 Saberhorn and Glowstrike? Damn, that works actually. Voyager Armada Red Alert. Cool. There's plenty of redeco potential with that mold. Orange Alert (Powerlinx), Blue Alert (Prowl) and Actually Red Red Alert (Inferno). If they're feeling frisky with the retools, maybe even Animated Red Alert and Flashpoint? Voyager Sky-Byte. That's him! It's about time he got another big toy.  Edit add in: Voyager RESCUE BOTS Heatwave. It's a voyager so we know it won't be a Mirage Retool or a Sludge retool. I mean, it could be a three headed dragon but I want my three headed dragons to be commander class retools of each other (Prime Predaking, SS Dragonstorm and Cybertron Scourge). So YAY, another red fire truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not salty or anything, just poking a little fun. HOWEVER...I'm really curious as to what's going to happen with Nexus Prime now. I speculated that the appearance of the Aerialbots and maybe Combaticons were going to lead to Nexus Prime but that might not be the case. Why you ask? Because the torso for Nexus Prime that used the Energon Barricade mold which was based on Onslaught is also named Heatwave. So will there be TWO Heatwave's in this new 13 Primes line/trilogy? They could get away with the second so long as Nexus Prime is released as a box set. That way they won't have two Heatwaves at retail. Maybe Nexus will be the titan for the third year. That should give them enough time to get both Superion and the potential Bruticus out before doing Nexus from their parts. Silverbolt being the first year's commander and Onslaught being the second year's. The third year's could be a real Last Autobot instead of the ark I mentioned earlier but read down below since this is all being typed after the fact. Nevermind, he would be a Vector Prime retool and they won't be doing Vector Prime at commander I would imagine if both Onyx and Megatronus are leaders. So leader at most for Vector prime but also with Safeguard included. EDIT AGAIN: Vector Prime is coming this year isn't he lol. So there goes that idea of him being a leader WITH Safeguard as he's a voyager without. So it seems he was both a Legacy character and an clue to the next line. Kinda like CW Buzzsaw way back when now. But that again opens up the possibility of the Last Autobot being a commander. Flatline? Wow, okay. But uh, why not in Studio Series? At least two characters named Flatline should be released in Studio Series for multiple reasons. Could be a new character based on one of the three versions that barely exist. Kinda like the Fossilizers and Junkions and whatnot.  G2 Grimlock. Blue or teal? There's three G2 Grimlocks and we have the yellow one already. So we know it's not that one. But will it be the blue that most people know or the teal that those who are in the know, know. Most likely blue as most people don't even realize that the blue and the teal are different. They look distinctly different but most would need to see them side by side to realize that the one they had as a kid was different to the one everyone else had.  On to the Primes. What this next line is seemingly named after. Somewhat of a return to PotP. The original 13 all done as either deluxe, voyager or leader figures. Do they have a gimmick like the Junkions (even if Trashmaster barely had the gimmick)? Calling it now though, Megatronus will be a retool of SS86 Megatron or Galvatron. Nevermind, it's a reuse of CW Megatron lol. He's next to me right now. Just move the treads into the Armada Megatron position and there's your Megatronus. Just like that one black KO of the mold lol. Looking forward to Onyx Prime. A centaur is going to be a cool looking figure. You know what, I wonder if they're even going to transform. The 13 aren't always shown having alt modes. I wonder how they'll handle Nexus Prime. Is that why we're getting Superion and seemingly Bruticus? And poor Logos Prime got kicked out of the 13 so no new Cybertron Soundwave mold incoming lol. We technically already have one though. The Ark. The Last Autobot was in the same 13 that Logos Prime was in. Maybe they'll do all 20 13 Primes lol.
    • Phew, 2025 just keeps growing and combining with the latest batch of retail listings giving up lots more G1 goodness with the Aerialbots teaming up for the inevitable Superior combiner. There is also news of the 13 based on listings for Alpha Trion, Alchemist Prime, Micronus, The Fallen, Prima, Onyx Prime, and Solus Prime to name more than a few. - Read the Full News Story
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