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Have Toy Safty Advocates gone to far?


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Ok I've seen the light and realized that there is no sense in Hasbro bashing. Hasbro has a serious enemy to contend with. A highly anti-american, anti-constitutional, and anti-liberty groups known as the Toy Safty Advocates. And what these people do to put a huge dent in Hasbros creative market will astound you!


It knocked me off my feet when I researched these groups in just one day.


Folks what these people are capable of doing to Hasbro is a clear violation of Hasbro's unalienable rights as human beings working together to simply make toys in this great country called the United States of America.


While there are so many new examples of how we Americans are losing little by little our right's and freedomes in other ways (like the Patriot Acts) now toy companies like Hasbro are being forced into their rights all in the name of toy safty because parents have been taught that it is ok to not be responcible for their kids. Parents are being taught that it is ok for the govenerment to raise their kids for them.


Guess what there was a country once upon time that thought the same thing back in 1932. That country was Germany and the name of the political movement was the National Socialist Party also known as the Nazi party.


I invite all who have something to say about the issue of toy safty laws and about those who make them. I invite Hasbro especially to share any personal experiances with these sue happy groups who drive Hasbro's creativity down while it drives their overhead up to protect them selves from these groups.


Any feelings on this? What do you think?


You need to know that if there is something your not happy about in anything Hasbro or Transformer related it most likly might be due to the limitations set by the:


Toy Safty Advocates Groups

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Down with Toy Safty Advocates!

:tfevil (kill them all)

Make the parents responcible for their own damn kids.

:tfevil (If it is possable)

I just want the best toys for me and all other collectors.

:tfevil (If we can't get it here we'll just order it from Japan)

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It is interesting. Why do Japans kids get the good toys and not American kids. All kids are the same right?

Or are there some cultural differences that motivates Japans parents to raise their children diffrently?


Our country is suppose to be the land of the free but it seems Takara, Hasbro Japan (if thats what they are called or is it just Takara) and Japans kids and Japans TFans have one freedome we Americans don't get; to manufacture and buy cool transformers in our own country.


Luckly Americans can purchase over seas but that gets pricey.


Besides Hasbro in America still has less rights than Hasbro Japan/Takara.


Come on now; in America toy companies should have more rights than in another country like Japan, at least an American would think?!!!!!

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It is interesting. Why do Japans kids get the good toys and not American kids. All kids are the same right?

Or are there some cultural differences that motivates Japans parents to raise their children diffrently?

It's harder to sue someone in Japan. The toy market is different as well, there's a lot more competition(sp?). As I've never lived there, I'm sure there are others on the board who could explain it more effectively.

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Toy safety laws.




Yeah, I can see how you got there... *sheesh*


While it is true that damned stupid kids and their lawyer-happy parents have resulted in stupid alterations to toys, it's unwise and idiotic in the extreme to make comparisons to the Nazis.


And frankly, conversations about the rights of the American people and the state of US society really aren't appropriate to this forum.

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I believe that if you need a liscense to drive, to hunt, to fish, and to marry, then damnit you should have a liscense to breed.


Parents arent parenting, and when you call them on it they deny it.


Welcome to the land of the liars and the home of the lazy.


I say this as an American, and believe that there are people out there today sitting at home thinking that this nation owes them something.




I knew this guy, who introduced me to my current girlfriend, he would constantly tell this story of how a few years back he had it all. A badass car, a great job, a great girlfriend, a place of his own, and how he was on top of the world. Then his roommates and friends stole all his stuff in the apartment and took off in his car, never to be seen again.


Now after a few years have gone by, he is not working, sits at home and plays video games and inviting random woman over to sleep with, while his girlfriend is at work all day making money to pay the car payments on her car, and so that they can go out at night. He doesnt pay for anything, doesnt have much, and is doing nothing to get back what he feels is rightfully his. Of course the fact that he constantly cheats on his girlfriend is downright wrong.


This is the perfect example, he is doing nothing to get back to where he was he EXPECTS to be taken care of, and his girlfriend is oblivious to it all.


This is the guy that will promise you the world, but the moment he needs something, the story changes.


This is whats wrong with america, to many people waiting for their ship to come in, instead of getting off their asses and using the F*$*ing oars and working for it.

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Sorry that was a bit off tangent, but it was my point in a round about way.


The toy laws are there to protect children from themselves and lack of parent supervision. If parents would actually parent and watch out for their children, then these laws would not be necessary.

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Maybe Nazism is a bit harsh to discribe the Toy Safty Advocates groups, I'll agree to that however how else is there a way to discribe what it is called when parents are sold the idea of asking the government to take care of and raise their own kids (that is what it called when you ask that a law be made to regulate what a kid can and can't have sense the parent does not want to do it).


Also discusing the rights of us Americans may not be appropriate on this forum but ask Hasbro how they feel about some group creating laws and extorting through fear of lawsuit to govern how they can can't make toys in America.


But then again politics can be a touchy subject.


My preface is mainly to give a strong metaphoric example of what Hasbro and other toy companies have to deal with in this new America.


Want a differnt kind of example?! How about a law being created to put a seller in prison for up to 3 years and plus a $5000 doller fine for selling Grand Theft Auto Vice City to a kid under 18 years old. Yeah, thats what a Toy Safty group is trying to do in the state of Florida in, yes, America!


How does that work?!


Ok now what about the effects of these groups effecting the toy slump. What I mean is that if Hasbro has to worry about getting sued by these groups what about the toy stores that sell them. I'm not saying that this is the main reason KB, TRU are having problems but I'm sure that these groups are not helping either.


I figure that toy stores now have a new overhead cost of protecting themselves from these TSAG's (Toy Safty Advocate Group).


Any thoughts?

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American socioty has changed and not for the better. I could get into a long lecture about how our sociotyhas changed for the worst.


I can't agree that all Americans are like the cheating lazy unemployed guy you know. In our economy there are a lot of Americans who lost their middle class dream due to lay offs and not enough jobs.


These are honest skilled, and intelligent people that have been displaced by companies who constantly work hard to get the cheapest out side (out of country labor) possible. These cheap laborers are unskilled and are trained by our own workers before they are eventualy laid off.


Well this is not a discusion about the fall of the American dream but I had to point out something.


I feel for you Dufftrix and it is people like the guy you discribed that makes this picture look bad.

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So why are parents not supervising there kids? What has changed?

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