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MP-03 Masterpiece Starscream review .....


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Hey guys


well here he is , MP-03 master piece starscream and a masterpiece he is but he has its flaws . Even though I was selling these im going to do a full and truthfull review on my thoughts on him .

So read on !






COLOUR : ..... Pretty much these photos give an accurate guide to his colour , pretty much a sea-green as ssnz called it .

In the light it looks a bluey grey but most of the time he looks like this . Now I know hes not the accurate G1 colours but I really like it and looks really good .

Would I prefer to have the G1 grey ? .... hmmmm perhaps but this still looks great and makes him seem more realistic personally .


Although in these pics the red on his chest etc looks almost pinky where it is not . It is a dark red / maroon colour and looks really good . Just my camera :wink:


Starscream also comes with a massive sticker sheet which has some awesome stickers and is a great through back to the 80's when half the fun was applying the stickers . I spent over an hour getting mine how they wanted .Ive included this as a plus in my score as I really like this option to put them on or to have screamer clean . Some people may have wanted him to have come with the stickers applied but I like having the option .

B+ rating on the colour and stickers .


ALT MODE : Well takara/tomy sure went all out on this one to make him faithfull to a jet and it really shows . Screamer looks fantastic in plane mode but no pics sorry because it took me so long to transform him to bot mode I wasnt going to change him back !! Really looks good when the plane is suspended on the platform and clear stand he comes with and from a distance it really does look like the jet is hovering there ! Has adjustable landing gear , airbrakes , fins , exhaust etc etc etc

Anyways he lgets a A++ for lalt mode



TRANSFORMATION : Man this is one hell of a hard transformer to transform . Took me along time and felt like I was going to break something everytime I moved a new part .


Take note for you seasoned TF people who play with their TF's , this will probably be no prob but because im a MISB collector I had real trouble transforming him as I did with masterpiece convoy , but convoy is a big brick and diecast so I could be rough with him and get away with it . Here you cant .


But for it to look so good in both alt and bot mode its a nessacery evil so I wont be deducting any points

A for the transformation .



BOTMODE : Righto all the good stuff first .

In looks .... perfect . Never have I seen a more accurate representaion of starcream in a toy( if you can call it a toy ) . Some people may have liked the original prototype mould but this one suits screamer so much better . Screamer looks like a sleak , fast machine as he should . He looks amazing suspended on the stand again like hes coming in from a gracefull landing after nuking some autobots (D)

He has excellent horizontal and vertical head movement and also has a reversable face . Just tilt the head back , pull the face out and spin around to reveal either a serious face or starscreams trademark smirk (which I prefer) . Missile pods open on his chest to reveal rockets and has adjustable hands/fingers similar to masterpiece convoy .


On the subject of masterpiece Convoy(20th ann prime) , starscream reallly does make Convoy look from another series (whether this is good or not im not sure) as he looks like a big brick compared to starscream who has so many moving parts etc and looks so much more realistic . Though I still love that lug nut prime :wink:




Now the bad ...... He really isn't a toy . More a display piece . He is just too fragile . The first time I transformed him , it was so tight was afraid I would break something ... and break something I did :(




This hinge here where you fold his wings back to bot mode , the plastic around the rod just broke away ....... Wether it was because I was being a bit rough ( maybe a little) or just because it was plastic im not sure .


So I was dissapointed with that though the wing still sits in the hole nicely enough and I always planned to just display him in bot mode anyway so its not a big deal for me , but for those of you who play with their toys , in this case I dont think you should !


Be soooooo very careful transforming him , he seems very breakable as I found out . Just take it nice and slow and gently and you'll be right but hes not the kind of toy you want to go transforming very often from the looks of it . really is just a display piece to go "whoa that looks cool " but dont let your fumbling friends pick him up and try to transform him . It will end in tears . Im sure he will shatter if you dropped him on the floor whereas masterpiece convoy would bounce and keep on trucking .

"Well thats just Prime.... "


Im pretty pissed fragile bits like that didnt have diecast there to strengthen him up (only diecast is on the actual frame ) as I can see ALOT of people breaking there starscream if they aren't carefull . And for a $100 US ($200 NZ) toy Id expect better . :?


Another thing on the bad side is the "hip kibble" , it really does get in the way when you are trying to pose his legs in a good position , but thankfully these are removeable so you can choose to have them on or off . I left them on .

Also if you try to stand screamer up by him self with out the stand its not easy . Very top heavy and its hard to get him to stand how you want . Again I prefer him on the stand so its not a problem for me but this may annoy some people .


Iv'e given him a B for bot mode . Would have been higher if it wasnt for the dodgy breakable plastic around the hinges and the fact hes hard to stand up on his own without the base .


ACCESORIES : Not much here . Comes with his japanese instruction manual , MP-03 collectors card , 2x arm cannon null rays , 2x missles that can attach to the base . Base is very cool , has a nice decepticon ensignia on it and along with the clear stand helps screamer look cool all posed up . Comes with a clamp that fixes underneath him in jet mode which you can attach megatron in gun mode (one of the accessories that came with Masterpiece convoy/20th anniversary prime) and also dr archeville who partnered up with starscream in a early g1 episode .

The paint on dr archeville is crap though ....white lab coat and the rest of him is painted bluey green . You think the would have painted his face skin colour but nope . That suxs really so they loose points for that .

B for accessories .



Right Ive rambled on for long enough .

Overall I give Masterpiece starscream a B+ .


He really is just a display piece so dont play with him too much . An excellent addition to anyones transformer collection and Id think you silly if you pass up on him even though he does have a few flaws .

Again overall I really really like him lots . Already had two mates come over and say its the best toy the have ever seen and took photos on there cell phones :)


Now I just have to wait for the thundercracker and skywarp repaints and I will be one happy chappy


peace out





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Very nice, true color pics.


I like the review and agree w/ most of it. You hit all the high points and explained what you meant very well.


Do you, or anyone else happen to know what those hinged slots are for on the point of his shoulders? I have no idea why they are there or what purpose they serve. Oh, and have you had any trouble getting the fuselage pieces that come over his shoulders back into place in alt mode? I can't quite seem to get them lined up properly.


Anyway, nice thorough review that tells it pretty much as it is. Good job.

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Very nice, true color pics.


I like the review and agree w/ most of it. You hit all the high points and explained what you meant very well.


Do you, or anyone else happen to know what those hinged slots are for on the point of his shoulders? I have no idea why they are there or what purpose they serve. Oh, and have you had any trouble getting the fuselage pieces that come over his shoulders back into place in alt mode? I can't quite seem to get them lined up properly.


Anyway, nice thorough review that tells it pretty much as it is. Good job.



Thanks for the kind words dude :)


I believe the hinged slots that are on his shoulders were/are for starscreams coronation cape that was origionally going to come with the figure . I think it was suppossed to fit into these slots . If you take a look at screamers head you will see a similar slot , no doubt for the crown that also was going to come with him .

Maybe Takara will release these with an anime accurate starscream in the future or something ?


Anyways I havent TF'd him back to plane mode yet , interesting to hear your having trobules with the fuselage bits lining up . Ill let you know how I get on when I do :)



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Realistic you say? :tftongue




I'm sorry, but if this is what Takara meant, they were way off. Ironically, the real jet has a gray that would have been very appropriate for MP Starscream.

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Also let it be known that there is NO "pink" on this toy like people seem to think. For some reason, the red just photographs that way, even in official pics. It is a deep, dark red. Also, if you take the hip kibble off, then reattach it to his legs, he can stand on his own like a total champ. Best of both worlds really, better visually and for stability.

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I get mine TUES.


Although all this talk of how fragile he is does concern me.


I am also curious about how and why he is so difficult to transform. Other than the head/Chest/Cockpit bit - it looks really straight forward

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Definatly NOT worth the £79 that uk sites are selling him at. Too small, not alot of diecast, and from your review... crappy easy to break hinges.


I'll get this if hasbro release it and it is £30-40. If it is any more, this is one starscream I wont be getting (I have been collecting all the molds and recolours of the starscream molds since armada... heh.)

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