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Post your hauls and purchaces here. Pics welcome.


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(* = There are duplicates, but since they can't fit in the picture, they aren't included.)


My Hybrid Haul For Sat. 6/02/07


Transformers Movie Real Gear Robots Wave #1 (Asst. #81056):

x1 #81090 Power Up VT6 [store: Wal-Mart]


Transformers Movie Real Gear Robots Wave #2 (Asst. #81056):

x1 #81088 Booster X10 [store: Wal-Mart]

x2 #81086 Zoom Out 25X [store: Target/Wal-Mart]*


Transformers Movie Scouts Wave #X (Asst. #80402)-[Target Exclusive]:

x3 #80407 Hardtop [store: Target]*


Transformers Movie Deluxes Wave #2 (Asst. #81056):

x1 #81057 Scorponok [store: Wal-Mart]

x2 #81065 Decepticon Brawl [store: Wal-Mart]*

x2 #81092 Barricade (and Decepticon Frenzy) [store: Wal-Mart]*


Transformers Movie Deluxes Wave #3 (Asst. #81056):

x2 #81104 Swindle [store: Wal-Mart]*

x2 #81099 Bonecrusher [store: Wal-Mart]*


Transformers Movie Voyagers Wave #2 (Asst. #81060):

x1 #81121 Starscream [store: Target]


Transformers Titanium Robot Masters (3") Wave #10 [Asst. #34558]:

x1 #33971 Blackout (Movie Version) [store: Wal-Mart]


Transformers Takara Collection Book-Style Reissues:

x1 TF Collection #18 Soundblaster with Buzzsaw & Ravage [Ebay Seller: prowl2001]


Star Wars 30th Anniversary Figures "Wave 3" (Asst. #87500):

x1 #87275 "Figure #016: Darth Vader" (Darth Vader Collectible Coin) [store: Wal-Mart]


Warner Home Video DVD(s):

x1 Gilmore Girls - "The Complete 5th Season" [store: Target]


Powerpuff Girls Z DVD(s):

PPGZ DVD - Collector's Edition Volume 6 "Momoko Akatsutsumi Cover" + "Rolling Bubbles Box" [Online Store: Play-Asia.com]


Yu-Gi-Oh TCG:

x1 FOTB Pack(s) [store: Wal-Mart]

x1 DP04 Pack(s) "1-Pack" [store: Target]




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What do most of you do for a living, if you can afford to buy two of everything!?


I'm being picky with the movie line purchases, and still have to decide what I'm spending money on, and what I'll try to get two weeks from now...


Real Gear Booster x10 & Zoom Out 25x




Robot Heroes Prime & Ravage and Magnus & Megatron (almost cried - not really - seeing everyone else, and not being able to afford them all right now...)



and the reason I even walked into Wal-Mart (Target didn't have RV Prime, negating my reason for walking into there)...Jazz.




God, is he amazing...

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big haul for me today.


Leader Megatron

Voyager Starscream

Voyager Ironhide

Deluxe Bumblebee vs. Barricade

Deluxe Scorponok

Deluxe Bumblebee

Deluxe Brawl x 2

Deluxe Jazz x 2

Scout Arcee x 2


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What was the price of the Wal-Mart 2 pack bb and barricade. Saw it at one wally in a $24 spot, didnt bother checking if the price was right cause they just came out so i figured they ALL couldnt get messed up.... :fire

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Thats why i passed, No big deal ive had wave one of the deluxe's for a few weeks now.

I was just thinking about my wall less boxes to hang the better. As a box is better.


If thats the case i will get the 2 pack and just sell/trade my bb and barricade :D

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all the movie figures ...EXCEPT for megatron

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Trying to stay conservative, today I picked up RV Prime and Starchicken from Target, Leader Prime, Ratchet, and the Blackout/Scorpy 2-pack from TRU. Combined with my previous movie hauls, I have the "primary" available version of each actual movie 'bot except for Megs (no FABs, slammers, stompers, unleasheds, legends, etc for me, for the sake of my wallet and shelf space). I'll only be "double-dipping" for subsequent releases that are improvements (e.g. Leader Brawl, Ult Bee), and I'm trying to avoid any non-movie characters.

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What is with everybody finding wave two figs already.


Only saw all of wave 1.


Not complaining btw.




Leader class Prime, Voyager Ratchet, Blackout, Deluxe Barricade, Bumblebee, & Jazz.


Also found a complete but opened Iptimal Optimus Primal at Galaxy comics.


Sweet. :thumb

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Posted this in the movie figure thread but figured I would post it hear to (to good of a deal I just have to share it as much as I can)

Long story; Wasn't plaining on getting any of these untill stores clearanced them (money, and know that do to the amount of them one day they will be cheap, also don't feel the toys do the movie justice, manly money), but still wanted to see them (manly Blackout and Ironhide cuz in the pics I've seen they look sweet). Checked thoughout the week to find a store who put them out early, and on thrusday ran into the Arundel Mills Wal Mart at 7:00 am and they stocked the Deluxe and Voyagers by accident, and they all were all on a end cap marked 9.96. I grabbed Ironhide, Blackout and Starscream (cuz for 10 bucks I got to get them and Starscream is well Starscream). While they wouldn't sell them to me on thrusday a very kind manager put them for hold for me in the back at the 9.96 price point and I was able to pick up them today for 9.96 :yay :yay :yay :yay :tfgrin

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    • The hits just keep on coming. And there's still more as there's been no core or commander class leaks yet. Crasher package refresh. Cool I guess. Got three from Ross so I'm not looking for one anymore. Still think this should've used the Dragstrip mold and that Slicks should use the Mirage mold. Also, the Kingdom Mirage mold sucks but the Siege molds is great. Aerialbots are cool but there's not really much to say other than that. Swindle. Not much to go on with no universe descriptor or other Combaticons leaked. Oh wait, it will be Armada Swindle lol. Deluxe is a bit large for for a Minicon for a voyager figure but hey, why not right. Wasp is Wasp. Nice to see him but not much to say really. Venom. Now we're getting somewhere. I wonder if he'll be a slight retool of Kickback, a redeco with a new head of Kickback or a new mold entirely with another use lined up. I'm going to go with a slight retool of Kickback. They're not going to go nuts with this since they didn't for Ransack. Meaning that it's going to look inaccurate intentionally (like the Gobots I would imagine) to look like the standard Insecticons. So a new mold would need to look like them as well which wouldn't really lend itself to anything else. So a retool along the lines of Shrapnel to Bombshell should work. Change around half the figure kind of thing. Would be nice to see the two "missing" deluxe Insecticons too. The Barrage retool and the ladybug. G1 Saberhorn and Glowstrike? Damn, that works actually. Voyager Armada Red Alert. Cool. There's plenty of redeco potential with that mold. Orange Alert (Powerlinx), Blue Alert (Prowl) and Actually Red Red Alert (Inferno). If they're feeling frisky with the retools, maybe even Animated Red Alert and Flashpoint? Voyager Sky-Byte. That's him! It's about time he got another big toy.  Flatline? Wow, okay. But uh, why not in Studio Series? At least two characters named Flatline should be released in Studio Series for multiple reasons. Could be a new character based on one of the three versions that barely exist. Kinda like the Fossilizers and Junkions and whatnot.  G2 Grimlock. Blue or teal? There's three G2 Grimlocks and we have the yellow one already. So we know it's not that one. But will it be the blue that most people know or the teal that those who are in the know, know. Most likely blue as most people don't even realize that the blue and the teal are different. They look distinctly different but most would need to see them side by side to realize that the one they had as a kid was different to the one everyone else had.  On to the Primes. What this next line is seemingly named after. Somewhat of a return to PotP. The original 13 all done as either deluxe, voyager or leader figures. Do they have a gimmick like the Junkions (even if Trashmaster barely had the gimmick)? Calling it now though, Megatronus will be a retool of SS86 Megatron or Galvatron. Nevermind, it's a reuse of CW Megatron lol. He's next to me right now. Just move the treads into the Armada Megatron position and there's your Megatronus. Just like that one black KO of the mold lol. Looking forward to Onyx Prime. A centaur is going to be a cool looking figure. You know what, I wonder if they're even going to transform. The 13 aren't always shown having alt modes. I wonder how they'll handle Nexus Prime. Is that why we're getting Superion and seemingly Bruticus? And poor Logos Prime got kicked out of the 13 so no new Cybertron Soundwave mold incoming lol. We technically already have one though. The Ark. The Last Autobot was in the same 13 that Logos Prime was in. Maybe they'll do all 20 13 Primes lol.
    • Phew, 2025 just keeps growing and combining with the latest batch of retail listings giving up lots more G1 goodness with the Aerialbots teaming up for the inevitable Superior combiner. There is also news of the 13 based on listings for Alpha Trion, Alchemist Prime, Micronus, The Fallen, Prima, Onyx Prime, and Solus Prime to name more than a few. - Read the Full News Story
    • Takara TOMY didn't release the Silver Knight toys in Japan, instead they offered their own spin on a buffed-up Autobot Leader in the 2014 Movie Advanced AD-31 Armor Knight Optimus Prime. In their usual style, Takara amped it up premium paint apps, plastics, and detailing that included a switchable mask or mouth head sculpt. - Read the Full News Story
    • Here's an oddity. The majority of us are quite familiar with the Combaticon combiner, Bruticus. But, within the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy we got a wildly different take on said character, made up of the Destruction Team, consisting on Barricade, Blight, Blackout, Stormcloud and...Kickback...I kid you not with these names,lol. Wild, just wild.  
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