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Post your hauls and purchaces here. Pics welcome.


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- Energon Wing Saber [loose complete, from Chiggy Von Richthofen]

- Cybertron Crumplezone [loose complete, from Chiggy Von Richthofen]

- Alternators Optimus Prime [MISB, from eBay]

- Alternators Optimus Prime [MISB, from eBay]



I got extra Primes because I bid on like 3 of them on eBay, and I won all 3 auctions (the other one I got with my Alt Mirage last week). Besides, at least now I have one with a proper set of hands.

I needed a second Crumplezone that I wasn't going to pay full price for an MISB one for a kitbash that I think everyone can guess. (I was going to say "I need one that was loose and cheap", but that... can have other meanings...)

E-WingSaber... well, he's a brick, but having 2 of these guys is just makes E-OptimusPrime so much more playable! "Grand Convoy uber Wing/Cannon Mode"!!! :thumb


Nice set. The only thing I think didn't choose properly was that Wing Saber. Sure, I was supposed to buy the e-version on BBTS too and chose SL, cause they were out of E-version, but it was a fortunate move.


To be honest, e version looks for me like mold with some unfinished paint job- Those small details that E-version lacks make a great difference...



Oh, yeah, I definitely agree with you all the way that the SL version of Wing Saber is WAYYYYY better. :thumb

But there's something about a "$10 loose complete" one that I can't pass up on. Besides, the kitbasher in me will probably just add the missing paint apps myself...

Well if you do, don't forget the black paint on the Wing mode hands. I owned Energon Prime and Wingsaber for a while and after selling them off (and you got the Prime FG :tftongue ) and getting the SL versions I noticed the huge difference. They just looks so much better.


Now for what I bought. Alt Mirage and Camshaft. :clap



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have not posted in a bit -


recently I have gotten



primus w uni head

cyb unicron

titanium arc

titanium op

titanium megs

cyb giant plan mini cons


cybertron is pretty much done for me - I will still pick up the yello repaint of scrapmetal and blue if it is easy to get - also maybe a galaxy force star scream and sonic bomber - otherwise done with the line completely [i hope] - primus is so sick -


titanium op is killer - megs sucks so bad I cannot believe it - :(

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Small haul... quite literally...


- Cybertron Minicon 2-packs: Backblast vs Sureshock [from Zellers]

- Cybertron Minicon 2-packs: Scrap Iron vs Grindor [from Zellers]

- Cybertron Minicon 2-packs: Blastcharge vs High Wire [from Zellers]




I was quite surprised to see these guys at Zellers. Well, either way, I was just too lazy to make the out-of-the-way trip to TRU or Wal-Mart. Anyhow, just a few more, and Cybertron will be done for me.

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    • CHAPTER XXII Hardhead towered over the slouched Kat, who was still trying to catch her breath after that punch, with the Destron's shadow slowly casting itself over the Human Wrecker as he raised his claws up in the air. "...I had better finish you off before you get the chance to recover." the Con then said before lunging down at her with his claws and razor-sharp teeth bared, which made the young Shepard's eyes widen in return. 'No!' she thought while she suddenly found her strength and slammed her right holo-blade into Hardhead's armoured boot, cutting right through its plates and impaling his foot. "Arrragh!" he cried out in pain as he looked up at the ceiling, which gave Kat enough time to get back onto her feet, having gained her second wind. So she quickly pulled herself back onto her feet, leaning forward and putting all her weight onto the holo-blade which sank further into Hardhead's appendage, which she then twisted a little. "Arrragh!" he screamed again as the blade then sliced through the bottom of his foot and cut into the deck under it, making blood pour out into a small puddle around it. 'Got to make this quick, because the pain will soon enrage Hardhead and snap him out of this agony.' she thought before yanking the blade put of her adversary's boot, making the Con stumble back as blood squirted out from his wound. "You Bitch! I'm going to make you..." he started to say, only to be cut off by Kat rushing up to him and slashing her left holo-blade at his neck, slitting his throat which made the rest of his blood pour out like a waterfall. "No...guh...n..." he then tried to say while pressing his hands to his throat in a vain attempt to stop the bleeding, which continued to seep out between his fingers while the Human Wrecker turned her attention to the other fight, ignoring Hardhead as he fell to his knees before collapsing onto the ground as the last of his life-blood left him, leaving his body lying in a pool of red. Meanwhile, Inferno rushed towards Sharp-tooth with his claws bared, while the Dinobot Leader was still being distracted by Scylla who was digging her claws into his back and gnawing at his neck. "You die now!" the Con roared as he brought his claws up in an uppercut-like fashion at the Bot's chest, but suddenly Scorn tackled the Femme and pulled both her and his team-mate out of Inferno's path, making him swipe at fresh air. "What!" he spat while watching as the new arrival then ripped Scylla off his friend and held her over his head for a moment, while she flailed her arms around and screamed. "I don't think so..." Scorn then said before pulling the Destron-Femme down on his right knee, earning a loud crack as her spine was broken. "Scylla!" Inferno cried out as the Bot dropped her body next to Sharp-tooth, with the Dinobot Leader ignoring his injuries as he then grabbed her screaming head and turned it so quickly that it snapped her neck, killing her. This brought a fearful look upon the Destron's face as his eyes widened, because now he was completely alone against the Autobots with Kat joining her allies' side as they turned their attention to him. "Looks like it's just you and us, Inferno." Sharp-tooth then said, still ignoring the blood trickling down his armour from his neck wound. "No!" the Con then spat back, tapping his com-link as he slowly backed away from the trio. "Vasir, I need reinforcements." "I can see that." the Asari said back with a disinterested tone as she watched via the holo-screen of her holo-tool, seeing the three Autobots out-manning the Destron. "Well, send them then!" he spat back, which made the Leviathan Leader look over at one of her Asari crewmen standing at a nearby station. "Are they near one of the hatches leading to the outside?" she asked, gaining a nod from the Asari in return. "Yes, Sir. At the altitude Leviathan's height reaches, anyone in that area would be sucked out the moment we open it to the outside pressure." "Do it..." Vasir then said before returning her attention the screen, noticing that the Autobots were about to kill the Destron Leader. "...I don't think so. You have failed me for the last time, Inferno..." she started to say, which made the Con's eyes widen even more as he listened to her. "...but you should take comfort in the fact that the Autobots will die with you." she finished before nodding back at the other Asari. Suddenly, the sound of something opening caught the attention of Inferno and his enemies, earning confused looks from them as the Con looked as though he had fouled himself. "What is that noise?" Sharp-tooth asked as it echoed from further down the corridor, before suddenly they found themselves being pulled off their feet as the air was quickly vacated from the area. Noooooo!" Inferno screamed as he was sent flying down the corridor, followed then by the bodies of his team-mates while Sharp-tooth and Scorn dug their claws into the ground, with the latter also holding onto Kat as he did so. "Hold on!" the Dinobot Leader roared as the three tried to fight against pull of the outside, feeling their strength slowly giving way as they did so. Meanwhile, Inferno shot through the corridor against his will, unable to claw at anything around him in an attempt to slow and stop himself. He saw the hatch up ahead and held his arms out, managing to grip the sides of the opening and dig his claws in, slowing his movement to a stop as the air continued to be sucked out. "Vasir...betrayed...me..." he started to say before being cut off as the Destron suddenly spotted the bodies of Hardhead, Devron and Scylla heading directly at him ...No..." he added as they then hit him and broke his grip, sending the Destron Leader and his dead comrades out of the Leviathan as they fell to the ground below, which was a long drop to say the least. Meanwhile, Kat, Sharp-tooth and Scorn were still clinging to the deck as the air was being sucked out around them. "I can't...hold on...for much...longer." the Dinobot Leader said whilst gritting his teeth, which earned a worried look from his team-mate as he felt his claws loosen from the ground slightly. "Me too..." he managed to say, which made Kat tap her com-link in return. "Evac, come in...this is Kat. Do you read?" In orbit, the battle was still going strong as the Autobot fleet and Vasir's forces fought, with torpedoes and cannon fire in all directions as the Eudora weaved in and out of the combating ships, firing on whatever enemy ships it could get a lock on. "I have Kat on the Com..." Tolae said as she looked over to her Lover, who performed another barrel roll as two enemy cruisers flew past either side of them. "Put her through." he said back, gaining a nod from the Ardat-Yakshi as she typed in her holo-interface. "Kat, we read you. What you need?" the Pilot then said. "We need a ground-bridge at our location...with its endpoint at another spot in Leviathan." the Human Woman said over the Com-link, which made him look over his shoulder at Tolae with a concerned expression. "Tolae..." he started to say, which made her focus on her station in return. "Keep your eyes ahead, Evac. I've got this..." she started to reply, earning a nod from the Pilot who returned his focus to the battle unfolding on the other side of the cockpit's canopy, while the Asari looked at the map of leviathan which showed exactly where the trio were. "...okay, Kat, I have the exit vortex locked. Just let me know when you are ready." "Roger that..." Kat said back just as Sharp-tooth's grip suddenly failed, which made him fly away from Scorn and her. "No!" the Bot shouted as he then let go of the ground, allowing himself and the Human Wrecker to be pulled into the air too as they closely followed their friend. "Tolae, now!" Kat the shouted as the opened hatch came in sight, getting bigger as the trio shot towards it. But then suddenly a green glowing vortex opened up in front of it, sucking the three into it and surrounding them in a bright light before then spitting them back out into an identical corridor. At this moment, a smile appeared on Vasir's face as she looked down at the screen at her place Leviathan's CIC, which had just shown footage of the three Autobots being sucked away just like Inferno had. "Alright, close the hatch and re-pressurise that deck…" she started to say before a thoughtful expression appeared on her face. 'Why wasn't Myra with them? There is no way she wouldn't be in on this incursion.' she thought while turning to the Weapons station, gaining the crewman's attention. "Wake up our Mechs and have them patrol Leviathan's corridors on search and destroy protocol." This gained a nod from the crewman before he began typing into his holo-interface, which led to a giant warehouse-sized room being brought out of darkness as it's lights lit the area up and revealed an army of Mechs standing in formation, their optics slowly powering up as they activated. PRIME EFFECT 5 As this was happening, Kat and her friends slowly recovered in the corridor that the Eudora's vortex had dropped them into. "Thanks for the help, Tolae. You don't know how much we appreciate it." she said into her com-link as Scorn patched up Sharp-tooth's injuries, earning smiles from the pair as they nodded back at her. "Your welcome, Kat. Good luck down there." the Ardat-Yakshi replied before ending the call, which made the Wrecker return her attention to the two Dinobots. "How you doing, Sharp-tooth?" "I'll be fine, Kat. they're just some scratches, nothing more." the Dinobot Leader replied, shrugging it off as his friend finished treating the last neck wound with Medi-gel and a bandage. "There, that should hold unless we come across any more fights like that." the Bot stated, gaining an appreciative smile from the other as Kat activated her holo-tool. "Okay, let's see if we are closer or indeed further from our objective now." she said back, with her eyes widening as her screen appeared and revealed their new location. "What? What is it?" Scorn asked as both Dinobots just stared back at the surprised Woman, who returned her attention to the pair. "...It's just down this corridor, we have only moved into a section near to our original location. Tolae has allowed us to skip the majority of our path." she replied with a smile, which gained mirrored looks from her team-mates. "We should get Tolae a fruit-basket or something..." Sharp-tooth replied before getting to his feet, followed by both Kat and Scorn. "Well before that, let's get this mission done." the latter said back, earning nods from the others before the trio then ran down the corridor. Meanwhile, Myra and her team exited an empty elevator shaft and found themselves in another long corridor nearing the center of Leviathan's giant torso, gaining a worried look from Slash. "Please tell me that we are getting closer, because all this running around and no fighting is starting to bug me?" he asked, having noticed Strafe looking down at her holo-tool while Myra looked down both sides of the corridor. "I am detecting a very large power source just beyond the next room at the end of this corridor…" the Femme began to say, only to be cut off by the Asari. "Let's get moving then." she said in a commanding tone, gaining a nod from the others as the three started to run in the direction that Strafe had motioned to, only to have them stop suddenly as a door opened on the right side of the corridor ahead of them. "Okay, that's new…" Slash started to say as several Mechs entered the area and looked directly at them, which brought a smile to the Dinobot's face. "…that's more like it." he said, earning an eye-roll from the Femme as Myra focused her biotics into her hands which she clenched into fists. "We don't have time for this." she spat before launching blue-energy projectiles at the enemies, hitting the ground between them and exploded in a biotic shockwave which sent them all flying. "Then go on, we'll handle these guys." Strafe then replied while Slash switched to his beast-mode and charged into the recovering group of Mechs, earning a surprised look from Myra in return as she looked back at the Femme. "But…" "We've got this, Myra. Go!" the Bot shouted back as he gripped the head of one enemy with his claws while kicking at another, before ripping the other's head off and throwing it into a Mech that was targeting it's weapon and the women. This gained a friendly and encouraging look from the Strafe as she nodded back to the Spectre, who then sighed in return. "Okay, watch your backs." she replied before charging towards the ongoing fight that Slash was currently in the thick off, while Strafe changed into her beast-mode as well and launched herself at one of the Mechs. And as the two Dinobots started to trash the enemy troops around them, Myra performed a biotic charge and smashed through three more before continuing on and running towards the doorway at the end of the corridor. As that was happening, the crewman working at the sensors station in Leviathan's CIC looked over to Vasir with an awkward expression. "…Vasir?" he said with a shaky tone, but the Asari's attention was focused on the holo-screen overhead as it showed Omega Supreme readying itself again for attack. "…Prepare for another…" she began to say before the crewman then spoke up again. "Vasir?" he said, making the Leviathan Leader look back at him with a glare. "What! Can you not see that we are in the middle of a…." she started to say before the room suddenly shook as the City-Bot took another hit from the Autobot Guardian, which then made her face tense up. "…battle here!" she finished with narrowed eyes while staring back at the crewman, who felt as though the ground should open up and swallow him. "…b…but a patrol of Mechs have come up against another team of Autobots near the Power-core." he managed to reply, gaining a wide-eyed look from Vasir in return. "Show me!" she then said, before a small holo-screen appeared next to her with footage showing Myra running through an opening door as her two Dinobot allies continued to fight the Mechs. 'Damn it, I knew she wouldn't be sitting this out and she is near to the core…?' she thought before looking over to the Weapons station, who then looked back with a fearful look as he wondered what she was going to say. "Flood the Power-Core with the Cybonic Plague." Vasir spat, gaining a confused look from the crewman. "Sir?" "Her Father was a Cybertronian Hybrid, the plague may just work on her as well." she replied, earning a nod from him as he began rerouting the plague from it's central storage tanks towards the power-core on his holo-interface as Vasir slowly smirked. 'This should finally deal with her.' Myra though found herself in a massive spherical room, standing on one of many metallic hanging walkways that surrounded the large spherically shaped power-core in it's center, with her walkway and a few others leading directly to the heart of the Behemoth, which was held in place by large cables and piping that looked like it branched out from the core into all sides of the room. 'It looks like a mechanical version of a circulatory system.' she thought while admiring the greenish-blue glow of the Energon as it was pumped out of the core to the other parts of the City-Bot's body. 'Okay, sightseeing is over.' the Asari then thought before refocusing on the task at hand and running down the walkway towards the Titan's mechanical heart, with it getting progressively larger as she got closer to it. 'I hope there is a simple 'off' switch available, once I get in there.' the young Darby hoped as she approached what looked like an entrance to the core, as a large circular door with a warning sign in it's center welcomed her. For Myra didn't want to leave her two Dinobot companions for long as they fought against Leviathan's Mechs, or Kat and her squad for that matter either. But as she hacked the door controls with her holo-tool which then beeped back with a green blinking light to signify that it was successful, the Spectre could not help but worry that it might not be that simple. 'Please let this be quick.' she thought as the door opened and she walked into the core, only for her eyes to widen in return at what she saw as it closed behind her. For the Asari was looking at two large masses of metallic cables and pipes reaching both the ceiling and the floor, but what they were connected to was blurred out by the bright greenish-blue sphere of energy being emanated from it. This earned a reluctant sigh from Myra as she stared back, recognising how advanced it looked. 'That's great. I'm guessing that whatever I need to shut down is at the center of that….' she started to think before suddenly starting to cough as a tingling sensation came over her. 'What in the…' the Spectre began to think as her breathing became heavy and the tingling started to ache in a rather aggressively painful way, which made her fall to her knees in return. '…why am I starting to feel so…' she thought while looking around the room, noticing a faint mist surrounding her which wasn't being produced by the core. '…I can't…can't think…' Myra found her thoughts slowly abandoning her as the Asari's vision started to blur as her eyes started to feel sore, so she lifted her left hand to rub at them despite how much it ached. But before doing so, the Asari managed to catch a glimpse of what her hand looked like as it was no longer the healthy Asari blue but was instead slowly being covered by dark grey veins as it's colour began to dull. 'By the…goddess, it's…the…plague. But…I am…Asari, it shouldn't affect me…like this?' Myra questioned between the painful coughs before everything suddenly went black, as the Spectre lost consciousness and passed out on the Power-core's floor. Meanwhile, as Kat and her squad were busy setting up the incendiary bomb in the Plague's storage hold, completely undetected by Leviathan's security as it was focused on both Slash and Strafe's continuous butchering of it's Mechs. Vasir could only smile as things started to look up as her City-Bot had managed to knock Omega Supreme back on to it's back. "Now, while it is down, grab and pick it up." she ordered, earning a nod from the helmsman who then made Leviathan do just that as the Behemoth then bent down and grabbed the recovering Bot by it's head and lifted it off the ground. "Try to break us free." Vraz shouted to his own helmsman as smoke billowed out around the Supreme's bridge while other crewmen tried to put out the fires and keep control of the situation. But the Commander could not help but wonder if the distraction was about to come to an end, as slowly the image of Leviathan's face came into view on their large holo-screen as it held Omega up in the air with both arms. "We have the Guardian in our grasp, Sir. Your orders?" the Helmsman then said to the Leviathan Leader, making her smile widen a little more as she looked out at her Adversary's damaged and beaten Bot. "It's time to finish this…. Rip it's head off." It was then that Leviathan, who held Omega Supreme by his head with it's right arm while also holding on to the Autobot's right arm with its left, then pulled with the former, making the Supreme's crew hear sounds of stress and straining echoing down from the top of the Guardian's body. "Everybody hold on!" Vraz then shouted before suddenly the old Autobot's head was pulled clean off it's body, making the bridge-stations explode and send all the crew manning them to the floor as the Commander fell to his knees as well. Vasir laughed as she watched the Autobot's last hope fall apart in the grasp of her mighty City-Bot, earning relieved looks from the crew around her. "That was great. Now drop the wreck to the floor." she said in a happy tone before Leviathan did just that, letting go of Omega's body which quickly joined it's severed head as it hit the ground with the sound of crushed metal. "Report!" Vraz shouted as he looked around the bridge, which was now only lit by emergency lighting as the fires gave off more light as the crewmen tried to fight them around him. But one Autobot managed to get back to his station and try to work it, which was not easy as his holo-interface was flickering on and off randomly. "We have lost main power, Sir. Emergency power has kicked in and we have sensors, artificial gravity and comms, but we have lost control of Omega himself….He's….offline." the crewman said with a fearful tone, one that the Commander shared with a stare before he looked back at the holo-screen which now had a view of Leviathan as it stood directly over them. "Send the transmission. I don't know if it will be picked up in time…but it looks like it is up to Myra now." Vraz replied, a tinge of hope underlined his serious and beaten tone, which gained nods from the crew around him as the Communications Crewman hit the button on his damaged console. In the Leviathan's CIC, Vasir could not have looked happier as she looked at the image of the defeated Autobot Guardian on the giant view-screen. "That was beautiful…" the Asari started to say in a twisted gleeful tone, before looking back at the small holo-screen beside her which showed an image of an unconscious Myra lying on the power core's floor. "…and this is just….excellent." she added as her smile widened fully before the crewman manning the weapons station looked over to her. "Sir,…" he started to say back, gaining the Leviathan Leader's attention. "…we are ready to fire the torpedo now." he added, which brought a sparkle to Vasir's eyes as she smiled back, earning worried looks from her crew once more. "This is just getting better and better. Very well,…set target and prepare to fire." she replied before ignoring the small holo-screen as she turned back to the main view-screen, which still showed the beaten Omega, but also now contained a small inner screen that showed the torpedo locking on target. Meanwhile, outside, Leviathan lifted it's left arm up into the air as a cannon slid out of it's fore-arm and prepared to fire. "The Cybertronians have lived their last day. The time of their end has come…" Vasir then said as she watched the screen with a jubilant expression, before pointing at the Weapons station. "…Fire the torpedo!" she added, gaining a nod from the crewman who then typed in the key combination on his holo-interface. "Launching in thirty seconds….. twenty-nine….twenty-eight…" But as the count-down began, the crewman's voice was barely even registered by the Asari. For she was right now revelling in what now was quickly becoming her moment of victory. 'Benezia….this is for you.' But unbeknownst to the Leviathan Leader, Myra had slowly come to and found herself lying exactly where she had passed out, which was at the foot of the power-core. 'Who…said…that?' she thought as she pulled herself onto her knees, despite the increasingly painful aches of her joints and muscles. 'I heard a voice…it said 'You must not fail'.' she thought before reaching down to her utility belt and pulling out a large Medi-gel injection. 'This won't…cure me, but…it should…help.' The Asari then injected it's contents into her body, which instantly made her like she could move again, though the pain was still ever-present. 'I've got…to shut that thing down now!' she thought as her face became focused and her eyes glowed with biotic energy before it then enveloped her body like a shield, making the Spectre look like a figure of blue light as she got back to her feet. 'Hope my biotics can hold out.' Myra then held her left hand out before her as she walked toward the energy field of the power core's centre, which felt as hot as the surface of the Sun as she got closer to it. And then just as the Asari passed into it, Myra felt pain rack through her skin like wildfire despite the protection of her biotic-field. 'Fucking….burns, but…I'm nearly there.' she thought while slowly making her way through the fiery energy of the core towards it's center, which then revealed itself to the Spectre. '…it's the…energy…reaction of…the core.' the young Darby thought as her body continued to be riddled with pain, while she found herself staring at a small sphere of energy hanging between what looked like to highly sophisticated electro-magnets. '…I…might…be…able…to destabilise…it with…my biotics.' Myra thought as she then reached out with both hands at it, focusing her energies towards them both, before suddenly placing them on it. "Arrrrrrgh!" the Asari screamed as she then flooded the core with her own biotic energies, mixing the bright blue biotics into the green sphere of the core. This made her eyes and mouth all glow with a white light as explosions started to rattle the interior around her before suddenly the energy sphere itself exploded, sending a shockwave out that knocked the Spectre away as everything onboard the City-bot went dark. "What?!…just happened?" Vasir then asked with a confused expression as everything around her deactivated, gaining similarly mirrored looks from the crew around her. "I'm not sure, but it seems that we have lost all power Sir." the Crewman manning the Engineering station said, which then brought utter silence from everyone else as they stood there and looked at the Asari. For the Leviathan Leader simply stood in the middle of them all and looked up at the ceiling where the massive holo-screen used to be, not saying a word before her eyes then narrowed and she gritted her teeth. "WHAT!" Vasir spat as she spun around and stared daggers at the crewman, who looked like he was about to die as his Asari colleague hastily activated her holo-tool. "I…d…don't know what else that could be." the crewman said back with a fearful stare as the Leviathan Leader began to glow with biotic energy, a cold and ferocious look on her face. "Get…emergency…power…running!" she replied, but all this did was make the crewman panic as he looked around at his console, which had lost its holo-interface due to the power outage. "…I can't." he merely replied, which made the Asari pick him up by his neck with her biotics, much to the shock of the crew around them. "…Then you are useless to me!" she spat back while preparing to snap his neck, only for the crewman with the active holo-tool to catch her attention. "Sir,…wait!" the other Asari shouted, making the Leviathan Leader drop the crewman and look at her. "What!" "I have managed to use my holo-tool to gain communications with our fleet…" she started to say, gulping as her Commander's glowing eyes narrowed once more. "Well…you better have some good news?" Vasir said back in a menacing tone, which only made the other Asari shake her head in return. "A fleet of ISF ships, ones not registered with our allies, have jumped in and are assisting the Autobot cruisers…" she started to say, which only made the Leviathan Leader's eyes narrow even more. "…and with Leviathan shutting down…our fleet has ordered the retreat." she added while almost biting her lip out of fear, for Vasir gritted her teeth and clenched her fists so tightly that she drew a few small drops of blood in return. "…what?" she said in a surprisingly calm voice, which made everyone's hearts feel as though they had stopped. But before anyone could say anything else, an internal explosion from the decks below shook the room. "Oh no!" another crewman then said, having guessed what that was as suddenly the Leviathan Leader just snapped and held her fists up in the air and screamed. "NOOOOOO!" she cried out while letting loose a biotic shockwave, one that knocked all the crewmen around her against the walls behind them, killing them instantly. Vasir then dropped to her knees and looked at the floor as it dawned on her what had happened, making her anger build up once more. 'First Leviathan is shut down. Then, my forces turn tail and run….and now the plague is destroyed. No, I will not let this be the end…..Myra! This all started with her.' she thought while her biotics flared up again as she got back to her feet. "I AM GOING TO KILL YOU, MYRA!" the Asari then spat in an enraged voice before running out of the CIC, leaving the dead bodies of her crew behind. 'And I know just where to find you!' PRIME EFFECT 5 Meanwhile, Slash and Strafe entered the exterior of the power-core, noting the low lit area as the now-dead City-Bot's heart was before them. "She did it! Myra shut the thing down." Slash said in an ecstatic tone, earning a knowing look from the Femme as they began running down the walkway toward the spherical core in front of them. "Of course she did, also shut down all the Mechs too. Luckily, they were all tied to the same power source, it would seem." she said before noticing the Asari exiting the power-core ahead of them. "Myra,…you did it!" the Bot replied before the Spectre then hit him with biotic blast, stopping him and Strafe in their tracks. "Stay back!" she shouted back, earning confused looks from the pair in return. "Myra? What's wrong?" the Femme then asked, before noticing the dark grey veins on the young Darby's face as well as the dark patches around her eyes. "I've been…infected with…the Plague, you will…be too…if you come…any closer." she said while holding her hand out at them as a warning, which brought worried looks to their faces. "We can get you a Medical team, have you fixed up." Slash said back, making the Spectre shake her head in return while coughing hard. "…No, this is…highly contagious…can't risk…." she tried to say back, just as a ground-bridge vortex opened up behind the Dinobots. "We did it…we…" Kat started to say in a happy tone as she exited the vortex with Sharp-tooth and Scorn, only for her eyes to fall on her Lover's heavily injured form. "…Myra!" she screamed before rushing towards the Asari, with only Slash and Strafe to stop her as she fought against their grip. "You can't…she's been infected with the Plague." the Femme said back, earning shocked looks from the other Elite Terracons as the young Shepard kept her eyes on Myra. "I don't care. I'm not Cybertronian!" she spat back while trying to break out of their hold, only to stop as the Asari spoke up. "You…have to…go, Kat. I'm…afraid…I can't go…with you." she said between coughs and heavy breaths, which made the Human Wrecker's eyes well up in return. "I'm not going anywhere without you." she said back, which brought a slight smile to the Spectre's face as a tear ran down her own cheek, as she raised her throbbing hand to her com-link. "Evac,…do you…read me?" she managed to say, despite the pain in her voice. "Loud and clear, Myra. You alright down there?" the Pilot replied with a concerned tone, while the Asari just kept her eyes on Kat. "I…need you…to transport…the others back…to the…ship. You…need to…do it…now." she said back, making Shepard's eyes widen more as she listened to her. "Okay? But we just took some damage up here from a fleeing enemy cruiser, so the best I can do is outside in the desert." This made the Spectre's smile widen a little more before she responded. "That will do…" she started to say before another ground bridge opened up behind everyone else, making both Strafe and Slash pull the now crying Kat back with them toward the portal. "…thanks, Evac,…for everything." she then replied before tapping her com-link again. "Yeah…wait... what?" the Autobot Pilot began to say back before the call was cut short as the sound of a door opening up several levels ahead of them was heard, making Myra's face go serious. "You…have…to go…now!" she said, gaining nods from all the Dinobots as Sharp-tooth then threw something over to the deteriorating Spectre, with it hitting the floor right in front of the now kneeling Asari. "That should help with the pain…at least." he said in a saddened tone, which earned an appreciative smile from Myra. "Thanks." she replied before turning her attention back to Kat, who was almost inside the event horizon of the vortex as the other Dinobots continued to pull her in. "Myra, I won't leave you!" she cried out while fighting against her friends, which made the Spectre smile back with a loving stare. "I….lov…" she started to say before the group then disappeared into the vortex, which then closed after them and left Myra on her own. "…love you." the young Darby finished as she sighed and looked down at the object that Sharp-tooth had thrown to her which was another injection of Medi-gel, this time an extremely strong dose. 'If…this is…how…I am…going to…go, then…I will…go down…fighting.' she thought while taking the injection in her hand and injecting it into her neck, immediately feeling the effects of the Medi-gel as it staved off the pain her body was going through, just as a familiar voice shouted down from the walkways above her. "DARBY!" This gained the Spectre's attention as she got to her feet and looked up to see Vasir glaring down at her with an enraged stare, tightening her grip around the arm rails in front of her . "I knew…this would get your attention." the young Darby replied with a slight smile, which made the Leviathan Leader grit her teeth in return. "You and your fucking Autobots have gotten in my way for the last time Myra, I am going to finish you just like I did your mother." she spat back, before jumping over the rails and launching herself at the Spectre, throwing a biotic punch at her adversary. But the young Darby managed to block the attack with energy-barrier, before grappling with Vasir as they stood together on the same walkway. "You're not looking well, Myra. Perhaps you should give up now…" the Leviathan Leader said as she noticed the effects of the plague taking a hold on her enemy, with the dark grey veins spreading over the other Asari's face. "…I promise to make your death quick." she added, but this just made the younger Woman smirk as they continued to grapple. "…Even if I had…just a cold, Vasir, you still…wouldn't be a match…for me….and today will be no different." she joked back, which made Vasir grit her teeth in return as she suddenly tried to punch her opponent. Myra, though, blocked the attack and countered, which made the older Asari counter back. The two women went back and forth like this for what felt like a long moment before Vasir looked to have the advantage, performing a spin kick which was aimed at the young Darby's face. The Spectre though used her biotics to catch the other Asari's leg and then use her inertial to throw the Leviathan Leader into the opposite direction. But the Leviathan Leader used her own biotics to slow her speed and gently put herself back onto the walkway, before spinning around and throwing several biotic projectiles at her younger opponent. Myra though slid onto her knees, aching as much as they were and slid under the balls of energy as they passed over her, before performing a biotic uppercut, which hit the Leviathan Leader directly under the chin and sent her flying on to her back with a thud. "You had enough?" the Spectre then asked as Vasir got back to her feet and wiped a trickle of blood from her mouth, staring back with narrowed eyes. "Never." she spat before launching herself at the younger Asari in a biotic charge, only for Myra to perform the same manoeuvre as the two then collided which resulted in biotic explosion that once more sent the Leviathan Leader onto the deck as the younger Darby grabbed hold of the hand-rail beside her and breathed heavily, as once more the Plague was starting to take it's toll. "Alright…" Vasir then said as she slowly recovered and got onto her knees, while the Spectre stood there and looked down at her with a hateful stare. "…I admit it…" she continued while slipping her hand down to her utility belt, slowly unclipping an injection device and grasping it in her hand. "…you are the better fighter…and I am never going to be your equal like this…" she continued to say until the young Darby's eyes fell upon the object in her hand and so moved closer to her enemy. "Wait? What is that…in your…hand?" she asked, earning a devious smile from the Leviathan Leader as she jabbed the device's needle into her neck, releasing a red liquid into her bloodstream. "Something that will tip the scales between you and I." she said, before Myra suddenly noticed the other Asari's eyes glowing red as similarly coloured veins appeared on her skin as she started to suffer convulsions. 'Damn it, she is…going to blow.' the Spectre thought before using her biotics to pick you her rival and throw her over the side, which then was followed by a bright red flash of light from beneath the walkway. 'Is Vasir…finally dead?' she thought while making her way to the other side of the walkway, taking hold of the hand-rail so she could look over. But all the Asari could see was more walkways underneath, with no sign of Vasir's body. 'Where is her body?' she thought with a confused expression, before suddenly being thrown onto her side as she felt what could only be described as being slammed in the back by a Krogan. "Arrgh!" The Autobot Spectre cried out as she hit the floor, before quickly recovering and getting back to her feet, which was getting harder as the Medi-gel's effects continued to wear off. Though her eyes widened in shock as she saw Vasir standing before her on the walkway once again, but this time she looked quite different. "What…the Hell?" Myra asked in a confused tone, as the Leviathan Leader now had glowing red eyes and veins over her skin, as well as similarly coloured biotic field emanating from her now seriously toned physique as she smirked back at her hated rival. "It's called 'Crimson Rage'. A biotic enhancer that also brings about a beast-like change to whoever uses it….much like how the Terracons own beast-mode…" she replied before then hitting Myra with what looked like a biotic hammer, knocking the young Darby back onto her stomach. "…it's made me far more stronger than you, Darby." she added before then using her red-glowing biotics to pick the injured Spectre back off the ground and hold her in the air in front the Leviathan Leader. "…And now I can finally do what I should have done the first time round…" she then started to say while pulling her right arm back, as if readying to punch her rival. "…end the Darby lineage once and for all!" the Asari then spat before performing an uppercut at Myra, only for a large biotic fist to appear and hit the Spectre so hard that she was launched up into the air. The young Darby suddenly found herself flying up towards the ceiling of the outer-room of the Power-core, but even though she was in immense pain, from both the Plague's effect on her deteriorating body and Vasir's own Mega-punch. She still managed to focus her biotics into enveloping her body with a protective field, just as the large spherical room's ceiling was about to meet her. 'This…is going to…hurt.' she thought before suddenly she stopped, finding herself once more in the grasp of red biotic energy which was holding her in place. And then suddenly in the blink of an eye, Vasir was right back in her face with another punch that hit the younger Asari in the face and flung her into one of the metallic walkways that hung from the ceiling. "I am going to make you pay for all the trouble you have caused me, Darby." she spat before launching herself at her rival, who had managed to recover and regain her footing on the damaged walkway and dive out of the enraged Leviathan Leader's path as she flew past in a red-blur. 'This formula has boosted Vasir's physique and her biotics, even allowing her to fly!' she thought before suddenly finding herself on the defensive as Vasir attacked again, making the Spectre block her attacks with a biotic barrier which started to show cracks in its blue shell as it was continuously hammered by her adversary's fiery red strikes. "You can't hide behind your biotics, Myra. This is the end for you." the older Asari spat as she went to punch at the younger Woman's barrier, only for Myra to make it disappear. This caused the Leviathan Leader's inertial to get the better of her, giving the Spectre an advantage as she hit her enemy with biotic uppercut and knocked her onto her back. "Who's hiding." the younger Darby spat back as she then tried to use her current advantage once more by launching herself at the floored Asari, only for Vasir to then hit her with a powerful biotic blast. The Spectre suddenly found herself hurtling through the ceiling as well as all the decks above that while being completely enveloped in the glowing red energy. Meanwhile, Kat and the Dinobots stood outside in the desert, not far from the right foot of the gigantic Leviathan which stood like a statue in the hot blazing sun that shown down from above. "Why didn't you leave me with Myra?! she shouldn't have…" the Human Wrecker started to vent, only for the sound of an explosion to cut her off as she and the others looked up to see a glowing red beam explode out of the right shoulder of the City-Bot above them. "What the hell is that?" Sharp-tooth started to say as they stood there and watched, while Kat's eyes widened in return. "Myra!" she gasped before running closer to the Behemoth, earning shocked looks from the Bots. "Kat! Wait!" Strafe shouted back before she and the elite Terracons followed in pursuit. But upon Leviathan's right shoulder, Myra hit the cold hard metal of the City-Bot's exterior with a heavy thud after being knocked through what felt like the entire interior of Leviathan, earning a grimace from the Asari as her body ached even more despite the protection of her biotic field. 'I don't...know how much...more I can take.' the young Woman thought as she slowly got back to her feet, before noticing that she was now outside and standing on the City-Bot's shoulder, the cold air was a shock to her system as the strong wind hit her hard. 'Wow! Now that can wake you up. Just need a moment to get my breath back.' she added, suddenly feeling a little more alert as the cold air numbed her pain slightly. But the moment was not meant to be, as an explosion from behind the Spectre knocked her back onto the cold floor with a grimace. "There you are..." Vasir then called as she floated out of the hole she had made and joined her Autobot rival, the red biotic energy looking like it was fire as it danced over her body. "...and here I thought I might have accidentally sent you into orbit." she joked with a slight laugh, gaining a blank expression from Myra on return. "You certainly like to overemphasise your abilities, Vasir, even with this 'Crimson Rage' you've taken. But truth be told, that blast barely even hurt. Sounds similar to all your other endeavours." she replied with a slight grin appearing on her face as a trickle of blood ran down her chin from her mouth, one that made the Leviathan Leader's face to look like thunder as she gritted her teeth, making her biotics glow even brighter. "I'm just going to have to make you bleed even more before I kill you." she spat back before firing another biotic blast from her arms which the Spectre dodged by leaping to the side, using her biotics to perform a somersault before landing back on her feet and launching an energy blast of her own. But Vasir simply swatted it aside, causing the blue energy to vaporise against her red biotics as she then flung herself at her adversary with another biotic punch. The younger Darby brought up another barrier, but that was smashed through by the Leviathan Leader who then grabbed the Asari by her throat. "Was that the best you could do?" she asked with hateful stare, making it hard for Myra to breath as her fingers grip tightened around the other's neck. "Well...at least...mine was naturally...created and not done...with a drug." she managed to say between the gasps for air, which only made the older Woman's rage build up even more as she glared down at the rival in her grasp. "I would do anything to make up for the mistake of letting you live, even this." she roared before punching Myra in the stomach so hard, the armour there cracked in response and made the Spectre cough up some blood as she fell onto her knees. 'I am nearly spent...' she started to think as the pain her body was currently experiencing started to double in strength and intensity, due to the Medi-gel having been completely used up in her system and allowing the Plague to continue without any further hindrance. '...I think...I only have...enough strength...for one...last attack.' she continued, before looking up at her adversary who currently towered over her. "You know...even after...all the talk...of killing me..." Myra then started to say, gaining a curious stare from Vasir who just listened in return. "...you still...can't just do it...you can't just...kill me...can you?" the Spectre added with a slight smile, which earned a dumbfounded look from the Leviathan Leader. But the Spectre's words sunk in and suddenly the older Asari snapped as she raised her fists into the air, burning brightly with biotic energy. "I will kill you right now!" she spat with a furious expression and tone while about to strike, but Myra suddenly put everything she had into her biotics as the younger Asari punched up at her adversary and hit directly in the enemy Commander's chest. Her glowing blue fists created a ripple effect over Vasir's biotic field, making it fluctuate while also making the older Woman stumble backwards until she crossed the edge of City-Bot's shoulder and started to fall. No!" the Leviathan Leader shouted with a startled look as gravity took hold of her, earning a sigh from the Autobot Spectre in return. That, though, was cut short as Vasir then punched her glowing hand towards Myra and latched onto the young Darby with a biotic tether, pulling her off the Behemoth's shoulder and into freefall as the two Asari grappled with one another. "This is how it ends." Vasir shouted as they fell to the ground below, which was quickly rushing up to meet them, but the Leviathan Leader quickly and easily manoeuvred Myra under her as a cushion since the Spectre was now in a severally weakened state. The older Woman then started to glow again with her fiery biotics, before suddenly performing a biotic charge and hurtling faster to the ground. The pair looked like a shooting star before they both hit the ground beside Leviathan's foot so hard, that it created a small shockwave of dirt and sand. "MYRA!" Kat screamed with a horrified expression as she ran towards the crater, having seen what had just transpired. Her heart was beating so fast in her chest, that she could feel it through the chest-plate of her armour. But as she got closer, the dust began to settle as the Human Woman could see an Asari standing over another at it's center. "No..." she gasped as she recognised Vasir as the one who stood over the fallen Spectre, who looked like she was dead since she was not moving. "NO!" the young Shepard then cried out, gaining Vasir's attention as she fired a biotic wave at the approaching group, knocking Kat and the Dinobots off their feet as it hit them. "Stay out of this!" she spat before returning her focus to Myra, who slowly opened her eyes and looked up at her. "For I want to enjoy this moment..." the older Asari continued to rant as she then stamped on the Spectre's stomach, making her cough up some more blood as her body quickly sat up in a reflex move from the hit. "...As I finally get to reunite a daughter..." she added while grabbing Myra by her chest-plate with her right hand while holding her left fist in the air as it glowed brightly with her red-biotics as she readied the killing blow. "...with that bitch of a mother of hers!" she finished as she pulled her fist back and then launched it at Myra's face, which suddenly made the younger Asari snap out of her daze as she grabbed Kat's combat blade from the sheath on her leg and stabbed it into Vasir's side. "NO!" the Spectre spat as the Leviathan Leader was stopped in her tracks and looked down to see the blade stuck in her torso, a look of pure shock appearing on her face. "...what? How?" she then muttered before falling to her knees, gaining equally surprised looks from her friends as they watched from the crater's edge. But Myra ignored them as she fought the pain in her body to get back onto her own feet, feeling nothing but an aching pain as her skin felt as if it was starting to boil. 'Time to finish this.' she thought while finally standing over the injured Vasir, the Woman who had stolen so much from the young Darby's life. So Myra clenched her right hand into a fist and raised it over the Leviathan Leader, who looked up at her with a fearful expression as said fist began to glow with a blue hue as the Spectre's biotics were channelled into it. Kat could only watch with her mouth slightly ajar, as her Lover looked to finally have her chance at revenge. 'Is she...going to...?' she started to think, before being cut off as Myra spoke. "Vasir, this is...for my...loved ones...that you...murdered…Liara T'Soni...my Mother ...and John Shepard...my fiancé...you bitch!" she spat before punching the older Asari so hard that it knocked her off her knees and onto her back, spilling blood from the Leviathan Leader's mouth as a thunder-like clap echoed around the area before everything went quiet. Myra then simply looked down at the fallen Vasir and sighed, before suddenly falling to her own knees and slouching there beside her. 'It is done.' she thought with a relieved heart as her attention was suddenly drawn to her left as someone placed a hand on her shoulder. "...Kat!" she exclaimed with a breathless tone as her eyes fell upon her Lover, who had gotten down beside her and looked back with a loving stare. "...you shouldn't...be near me...the virus..." she started to say between heavy breaths, only for the Wrecker to cut her off. "I'm pure Human. The plague has no effect on me. And I am not having you push me away again, especially now..." she started to say as she held her Lover's face in her hands as a tear ran down the Asari's cheek. "...I love you." she added, which made Myra's slowing heartbeat slightly faster for a moment as she enjoyed the soft touch of the Human against her own skin as she closed her eyes. "Kat..." she began to say, reopening her eyes and looking deeply into the Female-Shepard's. "I lo..." she was about to say before Sharp-tooth then cut her off mid-sentence as he and the Dinobots stood at the edge of the crater. "We'll have a Medical team here in just a moment." he said, earning the attention of both the Women as Kat nodded back in return. "So is Vasir dead?" Strafe asked, beating the others to the question, which made Myra look down at the other Asari with disdain. "...No, she is not." This made Kat's eyes widen in surprise as she pulled back slightly, regaining the Spectre's attention. "That's surprising... considering how long you have been chasing her. Why?" she asked, which brought a thoughtful look to the young Darby's face. "Because killing her...would not bring...'them' back. It would...be true justice...for 'them'...that Vasir lives...out the rest of her...pathetic...life behind bars, knowing...that her empire...and all...of her plans...amounted to... absolutely nothing." she replied with a pained tone, earning a nod from Kat who looked back at her a growing smile. "I'm proud of you, Myra." she said, which the Asari could not help but smile back to, before she returned her attention to the elite Terracons. "Make sure...to have...a biotic clamp...on Vasir...before she..." she started to say, only to be cut off as a brightly glowing object suddenly materialised before her and Kat. "What in the All-spark?" Scorn shouted as the glowing object floated in front of the two lovers, gaining a curious look from both before Myra's eyes widened as she recognised it. "It...can't be..." she started to say in a confused tone, making Kat look between it and her lover with a questioning expression. "What is it?" she asked, while the Asari simply stared at it with widened eyes. "It's the Matrix!" she replied while just making out the shape of the long thought lost Autobot relic, gaining a similar look from Kat in return. "The Matrix of Leadership? But I thought that disappeared after your father passed away centuries ago?" she said back, making the Spectre nod back as she continued to stare at the glowing object. "It did. I was there. But my mother told me that it would reappear when the next Prime was ready." This made Kat look around the crater before turning her attention to the Dinobots standing at it's edge. "Well…who is it then?" And suddenly, as if it had heard the Wrecker's question. The Matrix started to float towards the dying Asari, making Myra's face look even more confused as she watched it. "I don't…understand…" she began to say as the bright shining relic drew closer, which gained a look of epiphany appeared on Kat's face as she looked at her lover. "It's you, Myra. You're the next Prime." "But…I do not…deserve it, I've done…things…" she replied, only for young Shepard to look back with a serious but caring expression. "Well, obviously it disagrees with you there. So, who are you to argue. Now get up..." she replied before taking hold of the stricken Darby's arm as she got ready to help the Asari to her feet. "Okay…you have…a point, help me…up." Myra replied before slowly getting back to her feet with Kat's assistance, which was painful for the young Darby as all of her muscles felt like they were on fire. But then she stood before the glowing Matrix. It's star-like appearance reflected in her eyes as she looked into it, while the Wrecker looked on. "Go on, take it in your hands." she said with anticipation underlining the tone of her voice, but the Spectre simply looked at it. As unbeknownst to the Human Woman, the Asari heard a familiar voice echoing in her mind. 'Myra Darby, take the Matrix in your hands. It is your destiny to 'unite the Trinity'.' it said, which earned a knowing look from her before she then looked back at the young Shepard. "Kat.." she began to say, gaining a curious look from her lover in return. "…Yes, Myra?" "…I'll see…you soon." she then replied, bringing a confused look to Kat's face in return. "…What do you…?" the Wrecker started to say before the Asari then turned her attention back to the Matrix and placed her hand on it, which suddenly shone extremely bright, so bright that it nearly blinded everyone in the area, as Kat found herself stumbling backwards while shielding her eyes. "Myra!" she called back, while the Dinobots mimicked her actions too as the white light completely enveloped the Spectre and it shined even brighter. But then almost as quickly as it had appeared, the matrix then disappeared and Myra was gone with it as Kat found herself standing alone in the center of the crater with an unconscious Vasir lying at her feet. "Wait! Where did Myra go?" Sharp-tooth called back, earning a knowing look from the Human Woman as she then looked up into sky with a slight smile on her face. "Wherever you are, Myra,…good luck." she whispered.
    • I'd like to put something into perspective about this set which is further strengthened by the recent leaks. First: This is TARGET's fault this happened, not Hasbro's. Why? Because they're the ones who cancelled the single release to begin with. Just like Walmart cancelled  "pink" Hot Rod in the Velocitron line.  Second: If Hasbro didn't do some sort of multipack for this, Hound wouldn't have been able to come out at all until possibly late 2025. How do I know this? The recent leaks that show that Crasher, Cosmos, Galaxy Shuttle and possibly Shadowstrip and the aforementioned Hot Rod (and hopefully Sideswipe, Mirage, Jazz and Dead End from Toxitron as well) as all being reissued sometime in 2025. It would've taken another year and a half to two years for Hasbro to try and course correct since that's about how far they plan in advance. If Hasbro not done this five pack then the earliest we would've been able to get Hound was 2025. I don't think the crybabies would've been able to wait that long. There's already people crying about having to wait that long for SS Hatchet as it is. That's the quickest they could've course corrected for the main lines. That is however what Generations Selects is for but I would imagine it couldn't have happened any earlier than this due to the licensing issues or whatever's going on that prevents Hasbro from using and/or reissuing new toolings and decos from store exclusives sooner. So there's a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on with this set. Or rather, Hound in particular. However and as others have pointed out over the internet, this didn't need to be a five pack. In all honesty, five packs are a bit much. Even four packs like the Buzzworthy ones were a bit much. Three packs should be where most multipacks should top out at provided there's no actually reason for four or five to be in a set like if they're a team or combiner or something. This should've been two-three packs by adding in Sideswipe as he also has translucent plastic. Then go from there with more. Bumblebee, Prowl, Bluestreak, Red Alert, Smokescreen, Hoist and so on can join these five, Sideswipe and Buzzworthy Cliffjumper in the blue painted window crew.  I'm not saying we should suck the dick of the great and powerful Hasbro for this or anything as it could've and should've been done better, I'm just saying that it's a lose/lose situation for them and that the vast majority of the hate should be directed at Target...and ultimately the fans for not having bought the previous Buzzworthy sets. However whoever designed some of them should get a lot of the blame too as some of them where badly timed, even if I do own all of them and wanted to own them. Terrorsaur did need to be reissued, Dinobot not so much even in toy colors for both. Tow-Line was a horrible mold reuse and the poor sales showed it. Origins Jazz was great. Bumblebee, maybe not quite as much. The four packs were great as well. But then that was counterbalanced by the horrible Cyberverse 1:1 reissues that had their Cyberverse counterparts also clogging shelves at the same time but hey, at least there's different packaging. It's just that there were big hits and big misses and barely anything in the middle. Had Hound and Hatchet gone through as planned, I would expect them to have sold poorly honestly. The only reason why people seem to be clamoring for them now is that they're two years late at this point and one is still another two years away. Were there people excited for them? Sure. However there seemed to be more who couldn't care less. And I'm sure that would've been reflected in the sales. So Target was right for cancelling them even if their shitty stocking and listing practices caused most of the wild sales discrepancies of the Buzzworthy Bumblebee line as a whole. But yeah, I see a lot of GoBots here lol.  
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