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Post your hauls and purchaces here. Pics welcome.


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The new rendition of the Battle Rollar figure arrived for me today. It's a great figure except for the fact that when it's head popped off it lost all traction in the ball joint in it's neck when I put it back on. Now i'm slowly adding layers of nail polish and waiting for them to dry. :(

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The new rendition of the Battle Rollar figure arrived for me today. It's a great figure except for the fact that when it's head popped off it lost all traction in the ball joint in it's neck when I put it back on. Now i'm slowly adding layers of nail polish and waiting for them to dry. :(

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the easily fixed downside to Battle Rollar.


I only have the origional (wanna change that soon), right out of the box he needed treatment. Once done tough, he more then proves his formatibility :thumb

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I actualy only had to put one coat on one knee. I figure one day though I'll have to treat the rest (save for the boxy wheel connectors)


I wouldn't let anything like that put me off to the figure though seeming as my expensive, official HA BB has a head that falls off by just looking at it.


Any Ball Joint on any figure is subject to this. A very quick fix I found on head joints is a piece of paper towel. Drape it over the joint, maybe double it over. Put the head on, trim the waste, and enjoy expendable replacable filler.

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Superglue on the balljoint is actually better than nail varnish IMO. It lasts longer


I'd suggest using one thin coat first, then testing how much it tightens after it's dried (make sure it's dried for at least an hour, to make sure the glue's cured, or you might glue the joint) If you need any after that then just keep applying thin coats

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ROTF Robot Heroes 2-packs, Ratchet/Barricade, Springer/Starscream, Megatron/Chromia, Mudflap/Rampage. They were on clearance at Target for $1.74 each!! Seems to be a store-to-store thing, as another Target I went to did not have this clearance.

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Was able to find 3 of these yesterday--I grabbed 2. One for me, one for someone else. Left the last for another collector to find--although the option of buying it and placing on ebay and making $$ off it was really tempting..ah well. What an awesome figure!!





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My Hybrid Haul For Thurs. 02/04/10


Transformers ROTF > Wal-Mart Exclusives (#8)/Scout Class > Asst. #94964:

x2 #97865 Windy City Chase (Slap Dash vs. Trenchmouth) {Store: Wal-Mart}

x2 #94965 Road Rival Showdown (Beachcomber vs. Deadlift) {Store: Wal-Mart}


Transformers ROTF > Wal-Mart Exclusives (#9)/Legends Class > Asst. #94959:

x1 #94960 Constructicon Devastator {Store: Wal-Mart}


Transformers ROTF > Target Exclusives (#7)/Legends Class > Asst. #94976:

x5 #97926 Bumblebee & Shadow Striker {Store: Target}

x4 #97927 Smokescreen & Starscream {Store: Target}


Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen > Voyager Class > Wave #1 > Asst. #83972:

x1 #89870 Demolishor {Store: Wal-Mart}


Lego City > Town Essentials >

x1 #7567 Traveler (2010) {Store: Meijer}


Lego Star Wars > Classic:

x1 #8084 Snowtrooper Battle Pack (2010) {Store: Meijer}


IDW Publishing > TF Comic(s):

x1 TF: Last Stand Of The Wreckers/Issue #1/Cover B {Store: Queen City Comic & Card Company}

x1 TF: Bumblebee/Issue #1/Cover A {Store: Queen City Comic & Card Company}

x1 TF: Bumblebee/Issue #2/Cover B {Store: Queen City Comic & Card Company}


IDW Publishing - Paperback(s):

x1 TF Animated - Volume #12 {Store: Queen City Comic & Card Company}


Neo Sleeves:

x2 Dragon Blue Sleeves {Store: Queen City Comic & Card Company}


Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds TCG:

x2 DP09-EN 2-Pack(s) {Store: Meijer}

x1 SOVR-EN Pack(s) {Store: Target}




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    • @Joe Velez I love that you ALWAYS question authority. Mwhahaha! Seems to me, Hasbro is copying the Marvel Universe. Pretty much everything Transformers is a Generations series now. Authentics, Cyberverse, Legacy, Masterpiece, and Studio series are all reissuing past characters.
    • No. There's no way. This is pretty much someone's wish fulfillment list. There has to be another April Fool's Day that happens every June 24th that I'm just not aware of. I don't believe this list one bit. Especially since Legacy is supposed to be a one and done. It's a supposedly a filler line to finish off WFC and begin the next series/trilogy. Crasher? Nope. Hasbro is too scared to use the name...or are they? Road Ranger had his name didn't he? I hope it's not from either Mirage mold though and is instead from Dragstrip. It would be so easy to retool that into a Crasher that even has the front of the vehicle point out back behind her. I still don't see this happening though. Shadow Striker? Most likely Cyberverse and not Universe/OTFCC because then we'd also need Roulette. The Cyberverse character is now the G1 version so it makes the most sense. I don't see it happening. Never mind, it will be ROTF Shadow Striker lol. An upscaled SS86 Wheelie done in black and red. Just what everyone wanted right? Well, I want a black and red SS86 Wheelie and I haven't even seen him yet. Hot Rod? What we would all want is a retool of Override as IDW Hot Rod like the MMC figures but what we'll get is a redeco of SS86 Hot Rod instead. We'll get a redeco of SS86 Hot Rod eventually. It's only a matter of time with that one. What's next to add to that list, a retool of Cosmos or even Origin Bumblebee as Path Finder? Why not both? Blue Cosmos (no not the Blue Cosmos from Gundam) and grey Bumblebee. Maybe Smallfoot as a retool of an upcoming RID 2015 Strongarm too? Core Soundblaster? No shit. There's no way they're going to not do that eventually. Core class Dinobots? No way. I'd love it but no way. Needlenose? The one who's always on the votes but never wins? Hasbro is just toying with us with this one. There's no way they're going to make one now. They want to see the fans cry about it too much now. And he's downgraded from voyage to deluxe to pour more salt on the wounds. Hot Shot? Armada Hot Shot? There's nothing saying it's going to be Armada Hot Shot. When it's been an alternate universe character they always put that in its name. This could be Armada HS, Energon HS, Cybertron HS, RID 2001 HS, Animated HS. So which one is it? It's none of them because it's not happening. Deluxe Junkions with a number denoting future retools and redecos? What so a reissue of the RTS mold? The CW mold? They already made a voyager Junkion from Wreck Gar. I don't see why they'd need to do a deluxe at this point. Maybe for Detritus or Nancy? It just doesn't make sense. Tarn? Yeah no. It just doesn't seem like Hasbro want's to touch the DJD. Although we are getting a nice Jhiaxus though. But no. Just no. Leo Prime? Again, this whole list just sounds like wish fulfillment. There's no way. And then what? We get white, black and purple redecos? Thundertron, Alpha Trizer and GO Prime? Hasbro don't make such deep cuts for redecos and retools. Granted they've started to go pretty deep lately but not Leo Prime redeco deep. Prime Skyquake..............actually, I don't see why not with this one. But they'll probably use either Seeker mold or Jhiaxus for it though. Don't expect the beefcake he was. Although I would like him, Dreadwing and Megaplex who don't break. Not that mine are broken...that I know of... Oh wait. I brushed over the fact that it says leader and not voyager. No way it's happening now. I just completely assumed it was voyager as it made the most sense. For a leader Skyquake it would need to be Euro G1 for Hasbro to most likely do it, not Prime. Armada Megatron? I don't see why not with him either. New mold and all. This one I believe fully. Galvatron and Megazarak redecos too this time. Most of these figures are just too on point for what fans what for Hasbro to do them.  I would love to be wrong though. Well, other than Soundblaster as that's bound to happen sooner rather than later. I really hope I'm wrong. I want some of these so much. Watch I'm wrong on everything but that means no Armada Megatron as I think that one is real.
    • Transformers Velocitron is not even shipping yet, and JTPrime17 flies in with newly leaked listings offering up many spoilers for what is coming our way in 2023. First off, IF you liked what's going on with Velocitron there is Wave 2 coming too. Next, Legacy has lots more in store next year with some new nods to Cybertron, Prime, G1, and Aw yeah, Armada fans will be getting their fix with at least one leader exposed. Click Image to Read the Full News Story Now
    • Toyhax really surprised us with the Conversion Set to change Siege Sideswipe to G2 Go-Bot Optimus Prime.  
    • Just in from In Demand Toys are a couple of images of the First Look at Transformers Legacy Buzzworthy Bumblebee Creatures Collide 4 Pack. This is the second Collide Boxed set with Autobot Goldbug, Ransack, Sky Wasp, and Predacon Scorponok. What has been leaked for some time, we've seen most of these figures but here we get the full look at the packaging and proper names. Click Image to Read the Full News Story Now
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