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Post your hauls and purchaces here. Pics welcome.


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My Non-TF Haul For Tues. 12/13/05


Zyuranger Hikaru Chogokin:

Tiger Ranger Hikaru Chogokin [Ebay Seller: sellersonwheels]

Dragon Ranger Hikaru Chogokin [Ebay Seller: sellersonwheels]



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Pricematched Toys R Us' TF sale at Wal-Mart.  The assistant manager almost didn't let me pricematch, with the following arguments:

1) "They don't say which TFs are on sale" (It says "ALL" on the flyer!)

2) "They didn't write the original price on the flyer, so I don't know their regular price" (Hasbro has TFs sorted into size classes for a reason...)

3) "We already have THE lowest regular price" (Ri~ight.  Your regular price is $9.92CDN for a Basic compared to $9.97CDN at TRU.  A whooping 5 cents)


Anyhow, I made myself clear that I was right (:D) and I got my 30% off.  So I picked up Clocker, Breakdown and Undermine (they didn't have them at TRU yesterday)

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Got my Hasbro re-issue Astrotrain today. Looks really nice. I actually prefer these colors over the original (which I also have).


Also, finally got my BT Skids this weekend, and man it is nice. Much better figure than I expected. Great, difficult and inventive transformation, plus the bot looks really nice. I put the G1 stickers on it and I think it looks much better.


Now the really good one...


I GET MY NEW DISPLAY CABINET TOMORROW!!!! I have been waiting 2 1/2 months for this thing and boy is it gonna be worth it. 5'w x 6'h x 16'' deep, gonna be sweet. Be sure to check out the Collectors Corner over the next few weeks, I will be post lots of pics of the progress of filling up that bad boy. I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! Christmas is coming early this year, yeah!!!

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Pricematched TRU's sale at Zellers, picked up the remaining 2 Armada remolds that I was missing, Blurr and Buzzsaw.  Now I have SEVEN of those Cybertron DVDs with that episode "Hidden"...  :redface


All that's left for me to get right now is Wreckloose, and the Street Speed Minicon team, before I'm up-to-date with Cybertron.  I've seen them ONCE at Wal-Mart, but I didn't pick them up...  I don't think CDRedalert/FirstGunner, Crosswise/Autovolt, Brimstone/Terrashaver and Thunderblast/Chromia have been sighted in Canada, much less here in Montreal, although I'd love to be proven wrong... :D

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I'm going to build myself a new shelving unit on the wall next to my bed and there I can display more of my collection when I get it.  I plan on getting all of the Speed Planet Transformers that I saw the other day and that's it.  There's Clocker, Blurr, Ransack and Crumplezone that I have to get and then it's just a matter of finding Brakedown and Dirt Boss and then I can start on the Jungle Planet transformers.  :tflaugh

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    • Making the rounds on the SNS is a concept design image that is said to be a Premium Collectibles Studio Unicron on his throne statue. Anthony Adams says there is still more work to be done, but this should be "something special in the works for Transformers fans." Check out the design rendering until we know more. - Read the Full News Story
    • With the release of the MPG-06S Kaen comes the box for the Takara Tomy Raiden Trainbot set. The container for the completed set is shown front and with all six of the MPG figures inside, thanks to @Yenting Lai. - Read the Full News Story
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    • Preemptive comment: Leader SS86 Galvatron.  I don't know what to say about this. I'm not 100% happy with Kingdom Galvatron and I love Galvatron so I'm down for another take. Assuming it's a brand new take that is. Leader SS86 Megatron. A few months ago after the last major set of leaks I gave up on something like this. I just kind of thought that Siege Megatron was the best we were going to get. Earthrise Megatron still sucks though. I got a bunch of upgrade kits for all my Siege base mold Megatrons, got the BPF OSKO Siege Megatron and just got in a Takara Legends Megatron with the DX9 upgrade kit just to try and calm my Megatron urge. So these two, the also rumored SS86 Optimus and SS86 Ultra Magnus all beg a question. That being are these all going to be a new scale or are they going to stick to the current scale. I mean, SS86 Ultra Magnus isn't in scale but I don't mind that as he should be super mode sized as he's combining with his trailer. What I did mind though was that Kingdom Galvatron was also out of scale. Which is what prompted me to get some of those upgrade kits for my Megatrons and the OSKO in the first place. So are these three "new" figures going to be in scale with Kingdom rodimus Prime and the rest of current Generations or are they going to scale to the out of scale SS86 Magnus making them around the height of Kingdom Galvatron anyway. I would imagine that this doesn't bother people that much and normally it wouldn't bother me either but Megatron, Galvatron, Optimus and Rodimus are supposed to be the same size and I just can't get away from that in my head. So having one bigger than the others is really bugging me but this can be fixed by a new, shorter, Galvatron mold. I don't want another leader Galvatron the same size as Kingdom Galvatron. I would want him, as well as Optimus and Megatron, to all be the same height as Kingdom Rodimus. This way more of the budget can go into the parts count and toolings to really get them to hide and tuck intrusive kibble out of the way to make them as accurate as possible (what does that even mean for SS86 Megatron's alt mode now though). We seen what happens when making a larger leader Galvatron already. So making him shorter should allow for the designers to mitigate the tread kibble on the backs of the arms or to compress the cannon rear down more and design it to be more accurate and to change a few other things. I really hope SS86 Galvatron isn't just a redeco along the lines of SS86 Cliffjumper though. That was an exclusive so it's somewhat questionable if it even really truly counts as a SS86 figure but it does exist. I would just be so disappointed with this if they do go that route instead of a new mold. Like Earthrise Optimus and Kingdom Ultra Magnus, Kingdom Galvatron just doesn't compare to Kingdom Rodimus, SS86 Hot Rod and SS86 Magnus. The extra budgets for them really shown though despite what some naysayers would claim. So I'd love an Optimus, Megatron and Galvatron to go right along with them.  More elaborate transformations. More transformation "tricks". More and better articulation. More and better paint apps. Little to no kibble at all really as Rodimus, Hot Rod and Magnus are almost entirely kibble free and super clean in robot mode and have beautifully streamlined alt modes. Higher parts count be it for transformation parts or just more weapons. I can do without blast effects or things like Matrix chains though but at least Optimus will have blast effects and Galvatron will have the Matrix chain. I'm all about swords, axes, flails, guns, beam sabers, jet packs or whatever else the toys had or they used on the show and movie. No basketballs though lol. For Optimus that would also include BOTH mobile drones (Roller and that other one he had from time to time made from the rear trailer wheels it seemed) and a really good "repair" drone thing.  I might be hyping myself up too much though. It's really too early to tell how these will turn out. And SS86 Galvatron will come out about four years after Kingdom Galvatron first did. That's not too bad really. Sure it seems like he JUST came out but we're at the halfway point. By the time he does actually hit shelves, people will want a new Galvatron. It's also why I think it will be a new mold too. If it were just a redeco or even a slight retool, it could've been pushed up into this year or put out as some sort of exclusive like some of the Buzzworthy Studio Series redecos. But it's coming out in 2025 with Megatron supposedly. So that really does give me hope for a new mold. We used to get new mold updates for many characters year after year for a while there from OG Generations (Optimus and Megs) to FoC (Optimus) to T30 (Optimus, Orion and 2 Megs) to CW (Optimus and Megs) to TR (2 Optimus and Megs) to PotP (Optimus/Orion) to Siege (Optimus and Megs) to Earthrise (Optimus and Megs) to Kingdom (Optimus and Megs) to Legacy 1 (Optimus). Not including, redecos of older toys still being released in market 6 stores, exclusives like VNR, Japanese releases, mostly non-G1/2 versions or any of the Starscreams that were also being released alongside them. Waiting four years for a new mold of a character is not going to be an actual issue. It's G1 Galvatron, he should have more toys than he actually does. It's crazy how few figures he actually gets compared to his contemporaries. G1, Universe 2.0, Titans Return and Kingdom. That's it. That's all the Galvatron molds. Dude can get another.
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