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Things are getting poisonous with the recent leaks coming out for the Transformers Legacy Evolution series. The new inventory data just in revals possible release for the BotCon Toxitron and the Robots in Disguise Tow-Line action figures. The Toxitron could be the realization of the cancelled 2003 Universe Toxitron from the Legacy G2 Optimus Prime. - Read the Full News Story


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Just when thought you could chill, BAMM! There it is. The Leaked Legacy Evolution RID Tow-Line Weaponizer gets tossed with fresh green thanks to Chefatron! Yeah, there's more Junkion's coming and who knows what else? Scraphook is reimagined as the 2001 R.I.D. Tow-Line, which was a reimagined 1997 Machine Wars Hoist figure. - Read the Full News Story


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I like the new Junkions even though the torsos don't seem to be able to do anything for a combined mode. Unless we just need all of them to find out.

I very much want a new RiD Tow-Line as I want new versions of like every character ever.

However I very much DO NOT want a new RiD Tow-Line made from using one of the new Junkions. I'd rather they didn't even bother honestly.

Not only does the mold look horrible in those colors but it does nothing to match the character in any way. Hoist would've been a better choice even though the mold isn't that good to begin with. It's just that at least it would've looked the part somewhat better. The torso would've looked similar and the legs and arms could've been made to look more accurate. Studio Series Battletrap would've been better. Honestly I think a heavy reshelling of Sideswipe would've worked pretty well or at least better than Scraphook.

That Sideswipe mold can be used for like a third of the characters from the RiD 2001 toyline. All ten G2 Spychanger molds and all four Machine Wars molds if they retooled them enough as two are jets and one is Tow-Line. Tow-Line could've been a further retool of Ironhide. Using one base mold that already has a dozen reuses for fourteen more retools and each of their at least 4 redecos would've been a bit overkill but it could've saved a ton of money in the long run. Especially for characters that don't really matter in the grand scheme of Transformers. But seriously, that Sideswipe mold's skeleton and transformation is really versatile. And that's not going into any of the Cyberjets and Predators that could've been made from the Machine Wars jets retools either as it's not difficult to go from one to the other. Oh yeah, and Armada Wheeljack and his many reuses.

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I actually don't mind this at all. I appreciate the real-world aspects of "the why" we only get a recolor, but I also really appreciate that they make the extra effort to give the figures a new head or accessories for the retool/recolors now.

With 2 figures from RID 2000, I wonder how possible it is that a new Optimus and Magnus are on the way, and what I most want, a new Build Team.

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5 hours ago, Gates13 said:

With 2 figures from RID 2000, I wonder how possible it is that a new Optimus and Magnus are on the way, and what I most want, a new Build Team.

Well, they did half of the RID Ultra Magnus in the WFC SIEGE release. +2 for the build team.


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Just in is a new in-hand preview of the Transformers Legacy Evolution Deluxe Class Towline figure that was recently revealed. The redeco of Scraphook as the R.I.D. 2000 Tow-Line an interesting reuse of the Weaponizer format to expand the Legacy Evolution Universe. Get an in-hand look at this figure compared with Scraphook and other toys in the video and images that follow thanks to JoeyBoy pommers Chompilo lacson Marquez. - Read the Full News Story


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Nope, still hate it. 

I don't know why anyone is okay with this. This is literally the epitome of what the vocal part of the fandom seems to loathe about Hasbro in that it's just a lazy release that looks nothing like the original. For going on like two decades now that's been one of the most complained about things from the fandom in regards to the way Hasbro makes Transformers. Yet now people don't mind all of a sudden? Why because they haven't done it in a while?

Things like this never used to bother me back when the options were more limited. However now when there's so many molds and most were designed beforehand to be easily retooled into other characters, if not have it planned from the start, does it seem so damn stupid to force a character on a mold that doesn't work for it. There are better options out there to use for Tow-Line. As it is, this might as well be a new character completely as it looks nothing like the original other than the head and the color. I'm not even saying that it has to look 100% like the original either, just somewhat. Use a mold that shares at least some similarities in robot mode and more in alt mode. 

This is worse than using Kingdom Mirage for Crasher instead of Legacy Dragstrip. At least Mirage bears a slight resemblance to Crasher even if Dragstrip is a near perfect match without retools and would've been perfect with some tweaks to that front scoop to go behind the head.

This is like Fun Pub levels of stretch to make this work. Like DotM Megatron from AM Breakdown. Metalhawk from Generations Thunderwing. Slipstream from Prime FE Starscream. Breakdown from 2.0 Sideswipe.  General Optimus Prime from T30 Roadbuster.

This makes GDO look like good reuses even though people still complain about them. I just seen something with people still complaining about Wheelie from RTS Jazz and Springer from 2010 Tomahawk. 

This is worse than Knockout from SS86 Jazz.

This is worse than Universe 2.0 redecos. Darkwing from Silverbolt. Springer from Cybertron Evac. Blades from Cybertron Evac. Leo Prime from Leobreaker. Stormcloud from Powerglide. 

The hypocrisy I've been reading regarding this figure is astounding. Which is saying something for fandoms in general and the Transformers one in particular. 

I think I got it all out of my system now. 

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    • It's an insecti-swarm as we look at the Transformers G1 Insecticons and compare and contrast them with the Prime Wars legends class versions AND the latest Legacy and Legacy Evolution versions!  
    • Wow. Just wow. Energon Megatron looks perfect. Damn does he look good and I can't wait to get him and Galvatron. I really hope they make a bigger one at some point. I have this whole idea linking the mold to Thunderwing and several other crazy ideas so I'm a bit extra hyped for Energon Megs. Snarl looks good. I don't think it's a retool of Rattrap. I rewatched it and they didn't mention it having been a partial either. I mean it looks like it could be since they normally have a very similar transformation and parts layout but there's one major thing being the beast head feet. That's throwing me off. Even the little things like the thighs look different.  Bouldercrash and Magneous aren't really doing it for me though. They're "okay" and that's what I rated them as but it's a both a bit of a let down and better than I was expecting. I'm glad that they're not just rocks for alt modes but the vehicles seem just as out of place. I think just maybe random beast like shapes would've been better. More like the Fossilizers or what the cancelled Energon Monsters were possibly going to be. They even say that they're sparkless and not like Cybertronians in any way and that they're more creatures instead. And I still hate the fact that the Junkions have integrated transformations instead of the full partforming the others had since it limits what can be done with them. The torsos on the Junkions just can't combine with anything anymore and it sucks. I don't even bother with that feature of the Junkions but I made and still make giant crazy things with all my Weaponizers, Fossilizers and Modulators though. So I hope they at least learned from the "failure" of the Junkions and made these Rock Lords more combinable. And not just combinable in a single way like the Junkions and Junkasaurus. I mean it seems that that might be the case though as Bouldercrash is going to turn into a weapon. That tells me there's one fully intended way to combine them all and that maybe they won't work quite like the Weaponizers and so on. I'll get them but I don't think I'll be getting multiples of each. Bumblebee I already typed about previously. It looks good. Too much hate. It's not supposed to be 100% anything but a weird mix of two to three different aesthetics. Which it does. Chase being a new mold is surprising. And well, I think we know what's being turned into Lockdown now. Axlegrease was a red herring it seems. The capture claw on the arm reminded me so much of Ratchet's weapon that Lockdown stole.  Windblade looks really good. I have every Windblade toy and this one looks good. She seems like she's very solidly build but isn't full of gimmicks. I just wish they'd make her a bit bigger overall so that they can finally do something about getting rid of or better integrating her nose cone and cockpit area and making it so that she doesn't just have arms on the sides of the jet. I can think of a few ways to "fix" all of that. Thundertron is spectacular. He looks like a straight upgrade to his original toy. I'm so glad that he's not some random partial with Lio Convoy or even Silverbolt.  Optimus I've already typed about before. Still looks great. Too much hate again. Tigerhawk looks phenomenal. They managed to pull that off as a leader and that's incredible. I'm just not a fan of the brownish color. I get that they wanted to incorporate some Airazor elements but they look out of place. Oh and I don't see his "helmet" for beast mode. Go away Laser Prime. I wonder when they're doing Magnus. Or a proper SG Magnus. I'll even take a SG Prime based on the second toy of him. Hotshot and Jolt I've already typed about as well.  The poster art is confusing me though. There's Magmatron and Tidal Wave. We see Tidal Wave combined with Megatron. So that would mean that Tidal Wave is the commander class right? But that would make Magmatron the titan? What? That can't be right. So is Tidal Wave the titan and Magmatron the commander? Magmatron as the commander makes sense but so does a combinable Tidal Wave. I don't want a titan Tidal Wave. I don't want titans in general honestly. Not as big as they're making them. I'd rather have them be smaller but sturdier and with all their little minions as well as have no cost cutting measures. Huge bots are cool but they're never going to be in scale anyway so might as make them more "playable" instead. Cybertron Metroplex being the exception as he can be completely in scale as well as still be playable. It's just that he didn't come with his Minicon. I'm really hoping that Cybertron Menasor is made as a titan soon as he'd be perfect as he's shorter than Metroplex and doesn't have anything like Sparkdrinker so he could fulfill everything I'd want out of the titan class. Only time will tell.
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