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Leaked Transformers Listings for 2023 & 2024 News & Discussion Topic


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On 11/11/2023 at 11:23 AM, Joe Velez said:

Kup, as a Triple T? Kup? KUP? Where's the Optimus Prime for this line already? It's nice to see Kup and all but what the hell? Kup? I had to look up what a Triple T was and that's not exactly screaming Kup. Neither was the vehicle for Bumblebee or Soundwave but still. I guess the front scoop thing of the figure looks a bit like Kup. I'd think that maybe maybe Seaspray, Warpath and Powerglide would make for better GI Joe crossovers but okay. I'll get this but when it goes on sale and it WILL go on sale.

Yeah Kup doesn't make sense. Especially since he is a future Transformer.
They need to make Beachcomber like this... https://www.yojoe.com/vehicles/14/ecostriker/

Hound as a VAMP is just so obvious and annoying they haven't done that yet.

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I don't think anything is a sure thing with Hasbro anymore,  which both confuses me and pisses me off. Take ss86 Brawn: You would think it's a no brainer we get Outback, right? Well, I no longer have faith Hasbro thinks like this anymore. It has made me turn to third party to fill the gaps Hasbro refuses to fill. I recently bought xtransbots Tailgate and Windcharger, and dx9 Powerglide. This is all because Hasbro has introduced us to deluxe sized minibots, and I don't want to cross my fingers in hopes they maybe get around to the others by 2030. Soundwave and Blaster's tapes are the same thing right now. I was hoping a third party company would just beat Hasbro to the punch with all the tapes, cause I would buy them in a second. If any of my crypto's hit big, I will create my own third party tf company and make the tf's fans want, by making the ones I want, to fill those annoying collection gaps with some of the coolest, obscure tf's from G1/G2 and Beast Wars. Well, here's to dreaming.

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The chimney is leaking after Santamus JTPrime17 made his delivery of possible new Transformers goodies coming in 2024. The long anticipated Transformers X GI Joe M.O.B.A.T Optimus Prime release is on the list as a tank? So much for the Rolling Thunder, oh well. Next up, the 86 Blaster is reported to be based on the Kingdom mold as a Target exclusive. - Read the Full News Story


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Mayhem deluxe two pack?

I hope it's Venom and Chopshop. Even if that would leave Barrage out from the Deluxe Insecticons for the moment. It's still better than just having Ransack though.

At the very least, I hope it's not Spinister and Flywheels. Although there's a certain appeal of having them withclean decos. And it's been a while since those were released in Siege so there might be people who need them. It could be Battletrap with Flywheels but I doubt it since the Battletrap mold is still made from two what would now be called core class figures and is most likely not able to be sold as a deluxe due to inflation and whatnot. But Hasbro did question the fans about Prime Wars molds and which ones they'd like to see again so it's not off the table to use PotP molds still. Meanwhile there's also the thought of releasing Needlenose with Spinister even if Needlenose doesn't need a reissue yet. That would be odd though to have two Double Targetmasters in the same pack but only one comes with his Targetmasters. Anything else would need "new" molds or toolings to work as they're all beastforming Pretenders...and Bludgeon who was just released and is a voyager. 

There are other iterations of the team as well. Ruckus is an option from those other versions of the team to go along with Crankcase maybe using the Beachcomber mold. Windsweeper as well to finish off the trio but I can't think of a mold to use for him. Maybe a retool of Needlenose without the Targetmasters?

Oh wait, Take the Targetmasters from the Windsweeper retool of Needlenose and put them in that two pack of Needlenose and Spinister. That way they can both have their Double Targetmasters lol.

Other members are Pretender vehicles or those ultra Pretenders which cause problems as do you make them triple changers or just base them on the inner robot or what. I mean, is ROADgrabber just supposed to be a jet? Is Roadblock supposed to be just a six wheeled car?

I figured it out!!!!!! The whole subline will be based on the 2005 IDW team. So this way we'll finally get Polar Claw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, Tidal Wave is in more than one group (the Star Seekers that are also coming next year at Walmart) since he's also in this same group of the Mayhem Attack Squad. So other than Polar Claw, Tidal Wave and the already mentioned in the article, Impactor (as this is the only version of the team he's even in) its; Stampy, Claw Jaw, PrOWL!!!, Leobreaker!!!, Tuskmaster?, PCC Steamhammer, PCC Smolder, Overbite (Universe version) and their leader Carnivac. Tuskmaster looks to turn into a car so maybe a retool of Axlegrease or Chase. Carnivac is a wolf so maybe a retool of Tigatron that could also be used for Wolfang and K-9. Stampy as a Rattrap or Snarl/Tasmania Kid retool. PrOWL as an Airazor retool but that would suck for him as I really love his design so much more than I love even Airazor. The rest would need new molds though like Claw Jaw, Leobreaker, Steamhammer, Smolder and Overbite. Maybe Smolder could be based on Siege Ironhide or something. The rest really don't really share anything with any "current" molds. Unless they dig up T30 Sky Byte and use that for Overbite lol. Not that making a new Sky Byte mold in general wouldn't sell like gangbusters though. Same for Leobreaker...what's that you say? He's not THAT Leobreaker? Well then. He can be a retool of Cheetor or Tigatron or something depending on how big you want him. There's more you say? Tidal Wave turns into a whale and a tank?!?! but not his standard Dark Fleet? Well I'm just going to ignore that last one despite how cool it would be to have a whale Transformer as Tidal Wave was the main link to this version of the team lol. Oh and Polar Claw can be a retool of Rhinox. That mold is just begging to be turned into so many other Beast Wars characters and yet they do nothing with it. Ironhide/Santon, Torca, Bonecrusher, Polar Claw, Big Convoy, Transmetal Rhinox and more. Well, we don't have to worry about Big Convoy anymore though supposedly though.

Just more of my random ramblings. Think of it as my Christmas present to you all.

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The retail inventory database gods have some new things to bequeath us mortal fans with a litany of goods that will grace store shelves in the near future. There's much to be thankful for with the Leader Soundwave, Starseekers, Retro Optimus Prime, Autobot Bullseye & Optimus Prime, and more than meets Packs in the new listings and updates that follow, thanks to @JTPrime17. - Read the Full News Story


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Following other Strange Project Names, fans don't have to go alone in 2024 with these newly leaked Transformers Crossover / Collaborative retail listings. Quelled from the retail inventory databases appear to have medieval flavor to them with the mention of "KNIGHT" and "RENNAISSANCE" projects seems rather curious. - Read the Full News Story

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All those Renaissance listings from a while back tipped us off of a possible TMNT crossover, and sure enough that is what it is based on the listing for a "PARTY WAGON". The new inventory retail listings also give up the details of a the MAYHEM capsule that is said to feature three 2-Packs of repainted Insecticons. - Read the Full News Story


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Chopshop and Barrage.


Ruckus and Bludgeon.

I mean, it was fairly easy to narrow everything down with so many beast modes amongst the different versions of the Mayhem Attack Squad. There's only so many that would make sense given available molds as it was likely they wouldn't do new molds and were barely going to retool anything. My previous ramblings were more wishful thinking than actual picks.

Then there's Knock Out. I avoided him just like everyone else seemed to with his last figure. You know, that one that's still on shelves and will be all over Amazon for $12.50 or less even when this version goes up for sale. What else can they do for him outside of a different or new mold? At least Bludgeon has other options. His current figure is a blending of his shell and inner figure. You can go full on either way deco wise (add green and remove orange or add orange and remove green) for another. Maybe even use another mold like a Megatron mold too without it looking weird. Not that we NEED another Siege Megatron mold usage. Oh wait, they can use RiD 2001 Bludgeon's deco. The bright yellow one. See? Bludgeon has options.

It won't be the real G1 Knockout as he was half a Micromaster combiner.
It won't be Armada Knock Out as he's a Minicon.
It won't be Energon Knock Out as he's also a Minicon technically but is the small component to Energon Ultra Magnus.
It won't be Speed Stars Knock Out. 
It won't be Battle Masters Knockout.
It could be RotF Knock Out though. But does anybody really want another Prime Arcee redeco? I kinda like that mold and I sure don't. I mean, they could shoehorn it onto Prowl just like they're doing for Chromia which would make sense in a way as Chromia and RotF Knock Out would've made great retools of each other otherwise as they share the split wheel over the shoulders look.

Damn, this is going to be RotF Knock Out from Prime Arcee isn't it? I can totally see that happening now lol. At least it would be better than another Knock Out colored Knock Out. Just like all those Impactor colored Impactors we got. One mold, four similar but different decos, three similar but different heads, two different chests and two different cannons. Or the Jazz colored Jazz we're most likely getting in that five pack. Like, what else are they going to do with that Jazz other than change the translucent plastic to opaque like the rest of the figures seen so far? Oh, is that what this Knock Out is going to be? Just an excuse to release him without the translucent plastic. I haven't had any problems with that mold but people claim they're all prone to breaking. So maybe that's it. Just Knock Out without translucent plastic. 

I just don't like being right about Venom though. It should've been Venom with Windsweeper instead of Knockout. Or you know any of the other deluxe figures I mentioned that were last released five or more years ago like Spinister, Flywheels and even Battletrap or Slugslinger.

Went to click "submit replay" until I realized I never even mentioned the Party Wagon.

I might just get more than one of that. I hope that it's a big figure too. It doesn't need to scale with anything so they can make it however big it needs to be in order to work into some of the more popular features. I really hope they don't drop the ball on this one.

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Enjoy reading Joe's analysis per usual, especially about the Knock Out problem, and just re-releasing figures, just without clear plastic now. I just look at a lot of what Hasbro's set to release upcoming, and it's clear to me these decisions are a result of a company in dramatic decline. I know many would disagree with recent updated figures we're supposed to get, but I think there's no guarantee we'll even see these, as they'll probably be canceled or moved back indefinitely. Hasbro,  prove me wrong.

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Thanks. At least someone enjoys my ramblings lol.

Surprisingly The Transformers brand has been doing well for Hasbro still. But that doesn't mean that the company as a whole isn't making quick and/or rash decisions like pushing things back as that's indeed happening. 

It's even more apparent that they don't know how to "read a room" with this most recent leak. A reissue of SS86 Jazz and Perceptor. Like what? So not only is SS86 Jazz STILL on physical and digital selves, he's getting a slightly modified version in the five pack as well as he just had that Buzzworthy mold that looks mostly the same in robot mode. But hey, why not ANOTHER run of a figure badly shelf warming for two years now that has other options at the same time right? And Perceptor? He's still on shelves too.

SS86 Grimlock is nice to see. I got one the first time around but I keep hearing people still need him.

DotM Shockwave!!!!! Finally!!!!!! I got the most recent KO recently but it just didn't fill the void of not having the real thing. Especially when they changed the colors and it felt kind of cheap. I'll get this for sure this time. I was going to get the redo from that same company as supposedly it's now going to be in the original colors but like I said, I didn't really enjoy the first. And I still need to get the oversized KO.

WFC Thundercracker and Skywarp are cool. Just makes me wish we get both the Hasbro and Takara decos for Skywarp though. I like having both on the original deluxe figures. The Takara one is either Air Warrior or Hotlink.

WFC voyager Ironhide sound cool. Hope it looks good. I never got around to getting the Planet X version so I'll be looking forward to this. It may even make me want to go back and get those Planet X figures too. I grabbed all the Dinobots, Megatron and Starscream but flaked out on the rest for some reason.

TF7 Optimus...that's Rise of the Beasts right? That's sure to please a lot of people. Hasbro let Target drop the ball majorly with that one. I had my preorder in a day before it was newsed anywhere and they still cancelled my order and I never seen it in stores. This is a hobby, it shouldn't feel like a fucking job just to get something. Sure it's been "reissued" several times on Pulse but the scalpers get them within seconds. Even when I'm on top of it within a few minutes of it going live. I have a preorder down for one of the KOs with upgrades built in but it's taking forever for it to come out. It's nice I have a REAL chance to pick up the original now.

TF4 leader Optimus? Age of Extinction? Don't they mean DotM? That's been the only SS leader Optimus and I know people want a reissue of it. DERP EDIT: It just hit me they never actually made an AoE Optimus yet. For some reason I read this as another package refresh. I was just thinking the other day about picking up an AoE Optimus since he doesn't have an update yet and I skipped out on them back in the day as I wasn't entirely sold on the figures they made, especially that First Edition figure.

Leader Apelinq. About time. I'm still getting the DNA upgrade kit for Takara's Primal. The more the merrier. The upgraded Takara figure can be Hyperlinq or something. Primal Prime or whatever, I'll think of something as it's going to looks so different to Hasbro's Apelinq and Primal anyway.

Voyager Sentinel Prime from ONE. Cool. That's about all anyone can say about it now though as we have nothing else.

Widow Maker? A "female" Stinger? Interesting. 

Que. About time.

ONE Starscream is a deluxe? That's a bit of a shame. I thought we moved past deluxe Starscreams. Wait and see I guess.

Hey look, Hatchet get's a standard release.

Double Punch? A redeco of Scorponok? In an even MORE colorful deco? Damn. That's going to be one colorful boy.

Some more troop builders sound nice. Looks like a WFC Autobot this time. Cool. Hope it's not weird like Barricade/Decepticon Soldier.

Bumblebee is Bumblebee regardless of which movie. But the listing for ONE B-127 could be interesting depending on the design. MV6 is Bumblebee movie. Wouldn't that just be a PR or reissue or something? Unless it's one of those SS86 mixups. I never got BB Bumblebee though. So at least there's that.

DEV Optimus? Deluxe? There's been a leak for a deluxe SS Optimus before so this is probably just that. Not that we know what any of that means though. At least the other A Level figure is ONE B-127 so we at least know where it's from. But what's DEV?

Okay, time to talk about the gestalt in the room.

Studio Series 86 Constructicons. 

Deluxe arms and voyager legs it looks like. So they're moving some of the leg bulk to the leg bots like CW Devastator. Hopefully it will help poor Long Haul this time around. Also hopefully they won't end up like PotP Tantrum and Headstrong. It'll all be up to how they do Long Haul and Hook. I wonder how they'll be doing the forearms and hands. Separate pieces with a "leader" Hook or something? They have to have the extra pieces since this is going to be SS86 and not IDW. A deluxe coming with these pieces would suck as it would hamper the figures. It'll be nice to have a legit Devastator at the "standard" size. The undersized KO of CW Devastator is cool and all but they didn't do a single upgrade, not even the Takara ones. Which is odd given how long after that KO was made. You'd think it would've come with some kind of upgrade.

Thinking a bit more. Maybe the arms should've been voyagers as well to come with the extra pieces. That way Long Haul and Hook could be unburdened and have the full budget of whatever size class they'll end up being put fully into the figures themselves instead of having part of the budget allocated to combiner kibble that could've/should've come with the figures they go to.It all remains to be seen still though as listings really aren't much to go on. Yet I somehow am able to ramble on for quite a while. At least the people at work actually think I'm working right now lol. Not that they'd say anything to me though.

I think that's it. That's it right? For now that is. Watch more go up while I was typing this. BaCon has done that to me before lol.

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