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Leaked Transformers Listings for 2023 & 2024 News & Discussion Topic


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Two Thundertrons, huh? I've read some sections of some of the previous posts. Yea, maybe, Idk.

Thundertron would make sense for the Star Seekers as he would have been their leader in TF Prime's original plan for season 03. But I could very easily see this being a mix-up or copy-paste error and actually being ThunderWING. Especially as these Star Seekers mostly consist of Decepticons and one of them is Ferak from the Wings Universe Star Seekers (https://tfwiki.net/wiki/Star_Seekers#Wings_Universe).

And Thunderwing could be a pretool for Energon Megatron and Galvatron.

And Vector Prime could be the Legacy Jhiaxus mold reuse I've been wondering about.

But what's that Deluxe G1 Optimus Prime? We still need a War Within style OP resembling his IDW form as a law enforcer. The chest of the LE version (the SIEGE Hound retool) looks like that but the rest of him. But that one should be a Voyager class. And the labeling G1 doesn't really fit.

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GULP! Just when we thought we had time to catch a breath with the Legacy and Studio Series Waves listings, here comes more Leaked Legacy, Studio Series, and now Reactive Game 2024 Listings. The latest drops from the inventory databtases rolls out the big stuff with Commanders and Titans, as well coming store exclusives, and TBR Retro G1 releases. - Read the Full News Story


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More? Already? Okay.

Hey, there's that new Drift I've seen people asking for after the last set of leaks. I missed that weird Drift set with the Dinobots so I'd like another shot at him. Not that I'm all that excited for him since it is just a SS figure afterall. I'll get it, enjoy transforming it a few times then forget I have it.

Deluxe "Rise" Lifeline? She wasn't in Rise of the beasts nor the Rising game. So I don't know. Oh okay, Reactivate. I still don't know lol. I was thinking SSBB Arcee in Lifeline colors. I'll take more of that mold. But this appears to be something we haven't seen yet for a game that's not out yet. Interesting that Lifeline made the cut. Maybe it's not the Lifeline we're used to or maybe she'll have a larger role in the game as the primary or secondary medic.

Another commander for SS. No further descriptor. Dragonstorm maybe? Wait, wasn't there a mild rumor a while back about a new Stratosphere? While I'd rather RotF Stratosphere, it's most likely RotB Stratosphere since you know, he actually at least made it into the movie that time. 

Legacy commander and titan listings. No further descriptors. One is obviously Tidal Wave. I hope it's the commander and not the titan. We need some Decepticon commanders. Titan should be the Guardian's Command Center or the Renegade's Thruster from GoBots lol. Or Cybertron Menasor. Yes, he's titan sized, just shorter and wider than Metroplex. Have him come with Minicons Wideload and Drillbit to fill out the price point. Since Menasor is a smaller and simpler design, they should be able to fit both Minicons for both Cybertron titans in there.

A Generations Selects 3 pack of deluxe figure specifically and an Autobot multipack. Since there's no number of figures in the multipack, I'll take it that there's more than 3 figures in the set going by sets with 3 or 2 have that in their listings. The 3 pack could be a troopbuilder or the same mold in three colors. Don't really know for either. Oh wait, Zaptrap, Shothole and Salvo for the 3 pack. That would be perfect. Just have all three Insecticon redecos in one set. They're perfect for GS.

Buzzworthy Legacy Universe multipack. So another 4 pack most likely. So maybe the GS multipack will also be a 4 pack. Only time will tell. Hopefully we'll get either more of the deluxe Insecticons from the standard Insecticons to go with Ransack or we'll FINALLY get Horribull and Squeezeplay to go with Fangry. If only.

The BB SS voyager is a voyager not much else to say.

The BB SS leader is a reissue. Shockwave maybe? Please? I actually need and want that one. I promise I won't just forget about it once I have it like other SS figures.

BB SS 2 pack. I bet it's going to be Ratchet and Brawn to go with the Ironhide and Prowl set.

Couldn't care less about G1 Reissues, even if they're cartoon accurate. Well, maybe if it's Ultra Magnus and Cosmos.

Yes Thunderwing and Energon Megatron should share a mold. However they shouldn't be a voyager class. They'd be tiny as they have huge wings and Megatron has the tank to deal with and Thunderwing with maybe the Pretender gimmick with a smaller robot. I still have this huge chain linking these two that I've never told anyone but Megatron could be a leader but Thunderwing would be a commander. Obviously the Star Seekers Thundertron shouldn't be the incorrect listing. So that would leave the voyager class as the one that's possibly the incorrect listing. Instead of ThunderWING, I wouldn't mind ThunderHOWL or ThunderBLAST instead. ThunderCLASH could also work.

I wouldn't mind if they skip his trailer so that I don't have another lame box sitting around like I have with all the Optimus Prime, Scourge and Toxitron Trailers. Although those last two are only one each. and that trailer isn't actually all that bad. So it's all the Earthrise trailer molds that we've been accumulating that bother me. ER, AU, Netflix Spoiler, Holiday, VNR. That's five right? I have six since I have two Alternate Universe Primes as I wanted to turn one into Nemesis but then never got around to it. Kind of like how Hasbro hasn't gotten around to an Earthrise Prime as Nemesis either. At least Netflix Optimus and SG Optimus don't come with trailers.

Vector Prime from Jhiaxus sounds terrible. If they need to reuse that mold (not every mold get's reused like every Rhinox since BW except for the Battlemaster from RotB), then it should've been Senator Shockwave. Since they were retooling parts anyway, it could've worked just as easily and it would've had the opening hands so he could debate with Senator Ratbat and his single open hand.

It appears there's some Earthspark listings too that aren't up yet.

Deluxe Prowl is most likely going to be a redeco of Cyberverse deluxe Prowl.

It's going to be tough for deluxe Thrash to beat Warrior Trash. With the extra budget I can see them doing something stupid and making it weird or kibbly. 

Jawbreaker is good at warrior class but isn't great. He could definitely use a bigger toy.

Deluxe "Aftermath"? Maybe a character from season 2? Maybe a code name still? I don't know.

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Just out on the SNS is a possible first look at United Beast Wars Universe Silverbolt from Transformers Legacy. What looks like a Takara TOMY retailer product sales image, might be a fake, but we will know on October 6th when this might be revealed. However, this is a long rumored release that could be landing in Japan first. - Read the Full News Story


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That's maybe a little TOO accurate to the original toy. Something just looks off about it.

Why oh why did they keep the beast leg kibble hanging off the arms like that? This isn't supposed to be a Masterpiece figure and it's not based on the original show either. They don't need to be THAT accurate with a Generations figure that isn't also a Studio Series figure. There's no need to have those there like that. Do something with them to hide or mitigate their presence. Fucking TransArt did the same thing with theirs. Change or clean up almost everything else but leave the kibble. I don't care how accurate it is. It's stupid and intrusive, get rid of it. 

I hope it looks better when we get better photos of it. Not that it looks bad though as the original toy is really good. This just looks a little weird or the light's catching it oddly or something.

I hope he's a big boy still despite the wings. You'd think the wings would make the figure itself smaller. He's actually about the same size as Rhinox in the show though. So it would be nice if this is one of the larger voyager figures since the transformation didn't need to be reworked. Just take the original deluxe, remove the wing gimmicks and make them work like both T30 and Legacy Armada Starscream's. Sit on back or come up and over the shoulders. And I mean, that's what it looks like they did. Other than give it thigh and bicep swivels and ankle pivots. No more grabby claw feet though.

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Takara TOMY United TL-58 Beast Wars Universe Silverbolt Voyager class from Transformers Legacy has been officially revealed today in Japan. The figure is shown is a very faithful show edition that has been a long time coming. Read on to see the details on the release for March 2024 in Japan, and likely not long after for the rest of the world. - Read the Full News Story


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Just out on the SNS are even more new Transformers Japan product reveals from Takara TOMY. If a lot of these look familiar, it is because they were rolled out recently at MCM London 2023 and Hasbro Pulse Con 2023. Read on the mix of Studio Series and Legacy goodies coming to Japan in April 2024 thanks to @三粒星星玩具屋. - Read the Full News Story


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Enjoyed reading this thread. Many of the comments are spot-on. I'm annoyed that Hasbro hasn't used generations selects to give us more obscure tf's like Windsweeper,  Guzzle, Polarclaw, Horri-bull, Squeezeplay, Dogfight and others. There has to be a large group out here that would buy these characters. Also, I wish they would stop dinking around and give us all the Blaster and Soundwave tapes, like Overkill, Ratbat, Ramhorn, to name a few. 

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The SNS doesn't sleep for long, as just out are a handful of different rumored lisitngs coming our way in 2024. There's a bit of almost everything with an listing adding Cannonball to the Starseekers, what makes perfect since. Next up is the already hinted at possible Dinoking set, that will be very see interesting to see. - Read the Full News Story


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On 11/2/2023 at 9:28 AM, Decepticats said:

Enjoyed reading this thread. Many of the comments are spot-on. I'm annoyed that Hasbro hasn't used generations selects to give us more obscure tf's like Windsweeper,  Guzzle, Polarclaw, Horri-bull, Squeezeplay, Dogfight and others. There has to be a large group out here that would buy these characters. Also, I wish they would stop dinking around and give us all the Blaster and Soundwave tapes, like Overkill, Ratbat, Ramhorn, to name a few. 

You mean my constant rambling? lol. Thanks, nice to know that someone other than Bacon read my nonsense.

It's baffling as to why Hasbro does and doesn't do things. Especially Polar Claw. They know people are very upset about not getting him so you'd think they would've made him by now. Rhinox is right there to be retooled into him. It wouldn't be too difficult to do and there's even redeco potential for the retool after that. 

And even taking into account all the Walmart, Target and Pulse store exclusives (that you can pick up right now at Ross), there's still more that could always be done for Generations Selects but they just don't. They start stuff and then don't finish it like they did with Ransack and Fangry. 

Anyway though more leaks.

Of course Cannonball was going to be released. It was obvious. Then why did I go and purchase that Renderform set? Oh yeah, I had an extra Burnout sitting around doing nothing. And an extra Crosscut for the Red Alert set. Still it was rather stupid of me to get them. I guess it was a case of FOMO. They are unique though so that cool. 

Obvious Dinoking was Obvious. The only problem is deciding on what Upgrade kit to get. You know the three of them so far will all be redone to match. I hope they're retooled. Yes Volcanicus was obviously supposed to be Dinoking but the figures themselves are 100% Dinobots. So to me this would be a bit of a let down if it's just a redeco set with new heads. But I guess that's par for the course with Dinoking having only been a redeco of Monstructor with new Pretender shells. 

MPM Brawl is what it is. More exciting than Bonecrusher but I couldn't care less about MPM figures. I have Megatron only because it was like $50 on HasbroToyShop on Ebay. Otherwise I don't pick up MP figures other than the Trainbots. 

Leader Optimus with Bullseye?. Okay. Let me guess, it's NOT a brand new mold that's just Optimus as a leader so that he can look good standing next to Rodimus and Magnus? As he is now, he looks like a cheap "kids toy" next to them. Especially when you bring his dinky little baby trailer over. So I guess we need a SS86 commander class Optimus so he can match Rodimus and Magnus. No ass kibble. New legs! A trailer that isn't shit and actually comes with Roller...both versions. Or rather, that other rolling drone scout thing he had in the show. An Ion Cannon that doesn't fold in half and isn't long enough. A flight pack that you don't have to get from another set like you do for the current one, Roller, a longer (but actually too long) Ion Blaster and his energon axe. So this is most likely going to be a reuse of an existing Prime with that shitty trailer and a Targetmaster. I guess there's quite a few Battlemasters out there now from RotB and WFC that can be used.

Kup, as a Triple T? Kup? KUP? Where's the Optimus Prime for this line already? It's nice to see Kup and all but what the hell? Kup? I had to look up what a Triple T was and that's not exactly screaming Kup. Neither was the vehicle for Bumblebee or Soundwave but still. I guess the front scoop thing of the figure looks a bit like Kup. I'd think that maybe maybe Seaspray, Warpath and Powerglide would make for better GI Joe crossovers but okay. I'll get this but when it goes on sale and it WILL go on sale.

"Classic Heroes" Primal and Mirage. Okay. Not much to go on here.

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