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On 5/19/2023 at 4:07 PM, Joe Velez said:








SORRY I didn't see these before. Niiiiiice! Being a Prime head, I can really appreciate all of these. I think your Nova works very well. Will be fascinating to see what Hasbro works up. I hope they do some proper wings. I dunno if you saw my Daily Prime post, but I reshot the SND upgrade for Combiner Wars Core Optimus Prime.





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2 hours ago, BaCon said:

SORRY I didn't see these before. Niiiiiice! Being a Prime head, I can really appreciate all of these. I think your Nova works very well. Will be fascinating to see what Hasbro works up. I hope they do some proper wings. I dunno if you saw my Daily Prime post, but I reshot the SND upgrade for Combiner Wars Core Optimus Prime.





Something seems to be off with your comments on news stories and when people quote you lately. Your comments aren't showing up until you go into the full thread. So maybe something is up with how the site works with admin level accounts but I don't know much about those kind of things. 

I seen the Primo Mortis post but I didn't click through it as I have that set already. I'll give it a look today. I also have the Seraphicus Prominon figure as well.  But for some reason I still haven't had all three of my "Nova Primes" next to each other yet. The most I can do right now until I remember where I put Seraphicus is my custom and Mortis. I know where they both are right now. 

I never picked up Hypernovae as it was too expensive for what it was. I've been waiting on the oversized knockoff of it from Neoart for years now but I don't think it's going to happen.

I didn't get the Botcon figure either. Or at least, I don't think I did. I have Orion and Lio Convoy for sure though. 

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On 6/3/2023 at 2:59 PM, Joe Velez said:

Something seems to be off with your comments on news stories and when people quote you lately. Your comments aren't showing up until you go into the full thread. So maybe something is up with how the site works with admin level accounts but I don't know much about those kind of things.

Sorry, Just the member comments are shown because the Admin updates are mostly redundant data no one wants to see again.

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Just found are new retail listings from inventory databases from the Transformers Legacy and Studio Series realms. The latest search brings up Legacy Leader Soundwave, Cybetrron Hotshot, RID Strongarm, and Rock 3. From Studio Series are the TF4 Steeljaw core class and Leader 1986 Springer. Check out the listings below for more info thanks to JTPrime17. - Read the Full News Story

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Deluxe Cybertron Hotshot. Pretty cool. As good as that original mold was, it's one that could very much use an update. I even want the redecos. Red Exillion, Excellion, Breakaway/Getaway and most importantly, the real SG Goldbug. Maybe even Bumblebee and Red Alert based on the redecos the legends version had too. I had Red Exillion but sold it. I'd like another shot at that deco. Someone on Facebook was selling him and Chromia Medic for only $100 for the pair. I jumped on it as soon as I seen it and was surprised nobody else had. I really only wanted "Minerva" but took them both. Then flipped "Hot Rod" on Ebay for $110. Not bad but now I kind of regret selling it since I mainly did as I was kind of hurting for money at the time and $100 for two deluxes wasn't really being responsible lol. I miss that guy who sold them. He sold quite a few "rare" figures for cheap. I picked up some nice figures from him. Thinking about it, I haven't seen his posts in a long time. 

Guess I was "wrong" about the Rocks not exactly being Rock Lords based on the names. I mean if you "squint" at the names of 1 and 2 long enough I guess they kind of sort of resemble the names of the leaders of the Rock Lords. Others seem to think they do in any event. I just didn't really see it other than the first letters being the same and them being loosely based on rock like things. We'll still have to see. And again, I really hope they go back to the older style of Weaponizers for them though and not the Junkion style. The Junkions just aren't as fun as the older figures since the torsos can't combine as they lack pegs and ports. 

Prime Strongarm is a long time coming. She needs to be bumped up to the top 20 or so Autobots that get made. She had a good design and personality and her alt mode is pretty good too being a larger automobile. Most importantly though she can be used as a basis for Smallfoot and any chance to get some more Gobots is always a win. I also want Gregevor/Greejeeber, "patrol mode" Strongarm, "desert camo" Strongarm, "arctic" Strongarm (was she in that mission?), armored up Strongarm and Ratchet too. Just give me all the Strongarms. 

So Lockdown's Steeljaw and not the Wrecker's Steeljaw? Either are fine I guess as it's not important. I wonder if they'll be retools of Ravage or a brand new mold. Will they have robot modes or just be "Action Masters"? I like having little guys like this to troopbuild so I'll pick a few up.

Leader class SS86 Springer? I'm not really sure he needs to be a leader class. The Siege voyager was really good and it's not like he really changes all that much between modes. The mold is pretty big too so it's not like he needs to be resized to match Astrotrain and Blitzwing. If anything, they both need to be resized as they're both too short. Springer's height was always spot on though. I just don't really see how much better he can get from this point on. Yes there's a few things here and there but overall, his Siege design is pretty much it.

Leader Soundwave? There's no descriptor for the universe he comes from so it must be standard G1. Obviously this is going to come with at least one minion, maybe two. I would imagine it's Netflix Soundwave with a new core class Ravage and Laserbeak. That would be about leader class. Otherwise what are they going to be doing with Soundwave? Make him a full blown triple or quad changer and give him one minion? I would love for Soundwave and Blaster to always have a third mode like Perceptor does but maybe one that's a little more involved than his. I just don't like inanimate objects as the main/only alt mode.  The fourth mode would be the "lamp post"/spy mode thing.  I would love a leader class Cybertron Soundwave though. I have all three of that mold and would love an update as the kibble is intrusive and the wings lack any poseability. The one thing that bothers me though is that they forced Blaster's mold to have Eject/Rewind come with it. With Hasbro potentially making all of Soundwave's minions as core class figures, the Eject/Rewind mold is always going to be some odd thing now until they do another Blaster figure.

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What the VOK! Because you didn't get enough Transformers reveals this week, a bunch of new product listings have been discovered on Walmart.com! Get your beast on for these as we're got pages for Beast Wars Leader Tigerhawk and Voyager Silverbolt. The cartoon goodness continues with Voyager Animated Optimus Prime, Prime Thundertron, and Cyber Starscream! Check out the links below while they last. - Read the Full News Story


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Leader Tigerhawk, voyager Silverbolt, voyager Thundertron and voyager Cybertron Starscream? That's like the best leak ever. i couldn't care less about voyager Animated Optimus Prime though unless he has his jet armor and the Magnus hammer. Doesn't mean I won't get it though. Other than Tigerhawk and Silverbolt pretty much having the same alt mode just using different animals, this is a fairly diverse lineup. I just really, really, really, really hope that Thundertron isn't just a retool of Leo Prime. Have Prime ThunderTRON be its own mold with Cyberverse ThunderHOWL as his retool. Go! Prime and Alpha Trizer could also be reuses of Thundertron. 

Deluxe G1 Sureshot, core Beast Machines Cheetor, core Dinobot, leader G1 Sandstorm, core Energon Megatron, core and deluxe "Rock Lords", core BW Snarl/Tasmanian Kid, deluxe Animated Bumblebee, deluxe Rescue Bots Chase, deluxe Gears, deluxe "Cyberverse" Windblade (but really, it's just "G1" Windblade as there isn't much of a difference), deluxe Cyberverse Chromia,  core Mohawk, deluxe WFC Sideswipe, voyager WFC Starscream, voyager SS86 Scrapheap, leader Swoop, leader BB Megatron, voyager BB Shockwave, deluxe BB? SS86? Sunstreaker, deluxe RotB Scorponok, core BB Starscream, core BB Rumble will also be next year. That's going to be insane. There's so many different UNIverses being represented through all the Generations lines. But still no damn Polarclaw leak. Gears but no Polarclaw. There's a perfectly good voyager Rhinox or three now that can be retooled into Polarclaw. It would be fairly easy from the Kingdom version. And it's not like Polarclaw doesn't have any redeco options either so they can reuse the mold or retooling quite a few times while padding out Generations Selects.

Speaking of GS, going back through the leaks in this thread I seen that there was supposed to be two more GS releases this year. Deluxe Windsweeper and deluxe "Headmaster". Antagony was in between them according to the leaks. I thought it was really odd that they claimed Antagony was the last GS for the year and this is why I thought it. I must have remembered reading that leak but couldn't recall it during that livestream when Antagony was shown. There's still Cryotek and a myriad of Seekers that need releasing too. Siege Bitstream and Sunstorm now please so we can complete that team with Hotlink and Nacelle. Stepper, Chopshop, Zaptrap, Shothole, Blackout and more could also be made for GS. 

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Something stupid happened when I went to comment on the last set of leaks so I'll do both here.

Pump the breaks though, the leak from 8/15 has a VOYAGER Thundertron in wave 1 but now this leak from 8/18 has a LEADER Thundertron as part of the Star Seekers subline. No use complaining about it as it's just rumors and listings. It's just a bit confusing. If he is a leader then it most likely won't be a Legacy Lio Convoy retool which is going to be amazing. Thundertron leads to Alpha Trizer and Go Prime. Maybe even Leobreaker and Nemesis Breaker since they're rather similar. If that's the case then they might not be able to combine.

Deluxe Windblade is long overdue. Seeing Slipstream now it should be safe to assume that they're going to be redecos or retools of each other. No sense making TWO distinct female jet molds that look like Seekers. 

Leader Optimus Prime is interesting since there's no other descriptor for it. It's thankfully not another package refresh but it's also not Animated Optimus as that's a voyager, Cybertron, Energon, Armada, Prime, Cyberverse, RID 2015, RID 2001, Machine Wars or any other non-G1 Prime. I wonder if this will be a leader Optimus without the trailer and all the budget put into him or the rumored deluxe Optimus Prime with a big beefy trailer that can also be used with Earthrise Optimus. However I don't see Hasbro releasing that Optimus as a deluxe without the trailer then again as a leader with the trailer. So I hope it's a full leader Optimus by himself. Maybe sell a new trailer for him elsewhere. Separate so as to not clog up the commander class spot with another Optimus that wouldn't have a super mode. 

Rescue Bots Chase is cool. Difficult to tell what he'd be though as the only other newish car mold is Shadowstriker and that's being used for Sideburn. That and it's the wrong design entirely. Pointblank? Sureshot? Both completely wrong too and one's only been rumored. Maybe a Hot Shot reuse? A new mold maybe? Looking him up to get reminded about his design, a new mold for him could also work for G1 Downshift. Unless they go with his truck form and use Kup again. Or his SUV mode and use Strongarm. Or his motorcycle form and use Prime Arcee again or maybe Animated Prowl instead. Or his dragster mode and be used as potential retool of Rescue Bots Blurr as he looked on RID 2015. I got it! A deluxe stegosaurus! Perfect. Damn though, Chase has a lot of different forms.

Of course Energon Galvatron was going to happen. It would just be nice to see what they plan on doing with Energon Megatron as a core class to begin with though.

More "Rock Lords". Not much to say without knowing anything else about them though.

Of course Sideburn was being made. That was painfully obvious when we first seen Shadow Striker. I do hope to get all the colors though including the OTFCC versions of Roulette and Shadow Striker. 

Deluxe Quake. No mention of his Targetmasters though. I really would hate it if they changed the molds yet again without getting a full set out. Not that I particularly like the ones that came with Needlenose, it's just annoying having so many different ones. I recently purchased another T30 Scoop so I can repaint his Targetmasters into Quake's so that at least the Decepticons can have matching ones since I have the ones from the Thunder Mayhem set for Needlenose and Spinister.

Animated Motormaster. More Botcon inspired decos. Nice. Boring, but nice.

Star Seekers. Cool. There's one not named. Maybe Cannonball? If so, then that's possibly what Chase could be. Cannonball is an SUV. This would also lead to Cybertron Red Alert too. Oh Primus no! I just had a horrible thought when I went over in my head who else it could be. Crankcase. You know, the horrible retool of the actually okay Skids mold. Maybe they'll all just be more Skids retools. No, please no. No more uses of that Crankcase mold. I don't even have Medix yet either and it's already too many. I'm fine with Skids but Crankcase SUCKS. Give me Reboost, Diaclone red Skids, Mudflap, Screech and AoE Rollbar all from Skids but never another Crankcase use after Medix. 

Lockdown. As much as I would be fine with it being a retool of Wheeljack, I really hope it's not just a retool of Wheeljack. Axor and Circuit too please regardless. Oh and Bandit, Blazing and Stealth Lockdowns too.

Voyager Ferak. Again, another Botcon deco. Unless they go Marvel UK colors but I highly doubt that. I wonder if we'll get Tornado at some point too. I hope so. 

Roadpig. It was only a matter of time until the other Laser Cycle got made. I just hope they name the unreleased Soundwave deco as Laser Cycle Too like I said previously when they took the Jazz name away from the Toxitron Laser Cycle toy.

The rest I think I've talked about already except for one. The one I want the most other than Tigerhawk, Windblade and Slipstream anyway and that's FILCH!!!!!!!! Yes please!!!!!!! It's about damn time she got a toy. I hope they use the RotB standard deluxe Airazor instead of either Kingdom Airazor and her easy to break wings or Studio Series Airazor and it needing to be modified to have the bird mode's legs sit as nicely as Kingdom Airazor. Better yet, give her a new mold entirely and then make Energon Divebomb from her. Yes people seem to think RotB Airazor looks like Divebomb but I don't. That mold looks like the Classics Minicon Dreadwing mold. Wedge Shape, Longview, SG Divebomb and Stiletto should all be made from RotB Airazor along with Dreadwing. Energon Divebomb and the Cosmo type Shadowhawk from Superlink can be a new mold with Filch.

Glowstrike next please!

Figures that more leaked. It was odd not to see Studio Series figures.

G1 Steeljaw is both cool and boring at the same time. I'll be glad to get it but it's just a cassettebot.

Frenzy. We know we're getting a SS86 Frenzy so is this that or something else? The sixth movie would be Bumblebee correct? Maybe this is 2007 Frenzy but compatible with SS BB Soundwave. If that's the case then hopefully he won't shelfwarm like Ravage. I say it since I haven't seen anyone bring this up as a possibility. They keep going to it being 86 Frenzy based on Steeljaw's movie designation jumping around until it finally landed on 86. Otherwise there is a DotM and AoE Steeljaw that can be made. Technically DotM Steeljaw was made with Leadfoot though. Maybe we'll get two SS Frenzy and two/three SS Steeljaw.

RotB Wheeljack. Okay.

WFC Decepticon troopbuilder. Okay. Looks like Toyhax jumped the gun though lol.

"Next Gen" Bumblebee? Not much to say without knowing what that means. Maybe it's an older working name for the new animated movie Transformers One? I haven't seen anyone bring that up as a possibility either.

Deluxe "HM" Megatron. People think "High Moon" but then it still doesn't make sense as that's just WFC/FoC and the DotM game. So we'll just have to wait and see. Maybe he's meant to scale with core class or something.

MV6 Skywarp. So just another clunky "Tetrajet" to go with Starscream and Thrust. I wouldn't mind a Blitzwing reuse instead but that wouldn't be accurate. 

Voyager WFC Ratchet. Well, I think less will go wrong with this than with Optimus and Megatron since he's a smaller character but still a voyager. So hopefully he doesn't have the jank the other molds have. I still need to get the real Generations WFC Bumblebee at some point. I have them all except him. I even have Darkside Megatron and Optimus. Such beautiful figures. Well, I don't have the retail United versions either but oh well.

Two new size class/price points for Optimus and Bumblebee. Movie 8 could be meant as 86 or One. By the time these could come out, One could be releasing and they're just ready with the Studio Series figures this time around. Or it's a one time only price point just for a beautifully done 86 Optimus and trailer. Somewhere between leader and commander since the trailer has to do more than the previous one but not as much as Rodimus' and Optimus is just a few tweeks away from being "perfect" at a voyager after Earthrise. For Bumblebee, somewhere between deluxe and voyager? A deluxe with a hefty Volkswagen tax?

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Two different Optimus Primes in one wave? Why not also have the deluxe in wave one as well as another package refresh for the core class too while we're at it. And maybe have a reissue of Armada Optimus for the commander class as well. Really though, why Animated voyager and the as of yet to be determined leader in the same wave? That doesn't sound like a good idea. Especially since I think there will still be a bunch of different RotB Optimus figures still clogging shelves then. Shame it won't be the RotB Primes people actually want though. I'd swap leader Optimus for Sandstorm. Otherwise Energon Megatron, Windblade, Thundertron and Tigerhawk have me really excited. It's wait and see for Chase, the Rock Lords and that leader Optimus though. Tasmanian Kid/Snarl is interesting as I always thought Rattrap would be a good base for a retool into him but I'd rather have the T30 deluxe instead.

I'm not going to go looking but I thought I read somewhere that the core Dinobot was going to be Transmetal 2 Dinobot 2 and not the standard Dinobot. It would be the easier design to do by far. Also it's not just Quake, it seems Sureshot doesn't have anything listed about the Targetmaster. I'm fairly certain that Pointblank and Needlenose did. I already have the Takara Legends Targetmasters for the Autobots so it's not like I'm even going to be using the new ones for them, it's just annoying as I've said previously. Especially for Quake since his Targetmasters haven't ever been redone yet. Meanwhile I have like six with my Siege Spinister. The Collectors Club set, the Siege set and a pair of T30 Spinsters that came with legends Nemesis Prime just for fun. Wave 2 is packed though. Couldn't care less about Gears but it's nice to see him. The rest of the wave sounds amazing though.

What happened to core rock 2? The core and deluxe Rock Lords have their own numbering systems. So rock 2 isn't listed here. I'm sure it's just a minor oversight. Shit happens.

Wave 3 isn't as stacked due to it most likely being half repacks. Vector Prime is very exciting. I wonder if we're going to get an Alpha Trion from him. They keep pushing out Orion Pax figures so why not Alpha Trion too? One from Scourge, one from Vector Prime, Alpha Trizer from each of the two Thundertron molds/retools and the one from Cyberverse to have started them all. Shame that figure doesn't do much other than look pretty. Galvatron and Hot Shot are cool though. I wonder if they'll revisit CD Hot Shot from another mold. Shame there's no Roadbuster of any sort in the leaks. G1 Roadbuster or even Superlink Roadbuster/Energon Ironhide could work. They'd be better than Siege Hound in any event. 

And wave 4 is less stacked. It's nice that each wave has a female Transformer even if one is a PR. Two different Galvatron in the same line is crazy. I hope they do a leader Energon Megatron mold that could also be used for Thunderwing (I have a whole thing based around this with a ton of redeco and retools). Cybertron Megatron/Galvatron needs some love too. I'd love a commander class Car Robots Gigatron/Devil Gigatron too as that's the only way to top the original mold. 

Seriously can't wait for Filch. I just hope she's more than just a straight redeco with a new head of either of the three Airazors. Damn though, three deluxe Airazor molds in such a short amount of time with another Battlemaster mold. That's fucking crazy and I love it. I really want someone to make a Masterpiece version of her and her Transmetal form. I would eat that shit up. Really am curious about these two Thundertron at different size classes. I've read people say that the leader could be based on Tigerhawk which is awesome. He'd look great in those colors..oh wait, Tigerhawk is pretty much already those colors though so yes he'd look great in those colors as he only has one other choice which you should know is Razorclaw. 

Origins voyager Wheeljack with enough space to fit Bumblebee in the back if I'm not mistaken is going to be cool.

I can't ever seem to get as excited for Studio Series figures though. I mean I enjoy them, I just don't really do much with most of them once I have them. WFC Starscream is one I'm excited for though. He'll look nice standing between his deluxe FoC toy and his Planet X doppelganger with that "legends scale" doppelganger leading them that I almost forgot I had. Just like the new Cybertron Starscream will look good between the old legends of Cybertron figure, the Galaxy Force voyager, the Maketoys doppelganger and the Cybertron supreme toy. Mohawk I'm interested in. Is it me or are we getting a shitton of motorcycles lately? Like damn. Bumblebee movie Megatron is cool too. I loves me some Megatrons. I get that the TLK molds were really good and all but I could go for another toy from that mold now too.

Wave 2 has me more hyped though. I know I didn't say much good about BB Starscream, I do like me some Starscreams if you couldn't tell yet. Another from that weird Tetrajet would be cool. Watch it be so much better than the voyager too. Putting Sideswipe and Sunstreaker in the same way was a stroke of genius regardless of which versions they are. I love me some Shockwaves too and my dumbass completely missed SS DotM 'Wave so I guess I'll have to settle for BB 'Wave. And Swoop should've been wave 1. The wait has been excruciating. 

Wow, wave 3 kind of sucks. Barricade retool, another of those voyager BB Tetrajets and a Cassettebot. Well I guess since it's Steeljaw and Skywarp it should be okay.

Wave 4 is going to be interesting though with two figures for well known characters that we have no clue as to what they're going to be referencing. A Frenzy that may just be a name mess up.  A WFC voyager Ratchet that hopefully is better than the rest of the line. I don't doubt Starscream will be good though. I mean, how could they mess that up right? And Leader Springer. We'll at least have some idea what's going on here as we'll see Sandstorm long before we see Springer. That will be the gauge as to if they'll be heavy retools or not.

And finally those two random listings. Maybe they will be some kind of "capsule" line. Maybe not. Who knows?

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