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FAN POLL - Which Transformers G1 Arcee Figure Do You Like Most?


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We went from having very few Arcee figures to many pretty fast due to the fans adoration of the character. However, there have been a lot of variations over the years that have made it hard to choose the best G1 Arcee figure. So we are asking you to vote on your favorite in our poll below to see which Arcee figures are the favorites among fans.

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None of the above. The best one is indeed none of them. It's the one that none of these "thieves" seem to have to compare to the rest. That one being Animated Arcee. It IS the best Arcee out of the ones listed and many not listed.

Animated Arcee. I like it more the more Arcee toys are made. Seriously though, get this mold by any means necessary. I'd say get the KO but it's more difficult to find than the official figure. I have all three colors of the KO and I love them. Chromia is my favorite out of the three. I'd get Dragstrip and Minerva but damn are they expensive.

SS BB Arcee. I don't have it yet but damn it looks good. I can't wait to get it.

TR Arcee. Not the best but it's one of the best to just play with. Most TR toys are like that. I like Takara Legends Blurr and Kup better than their SS86 versions for instance. Ultimately, it goes so high because it's the only one that is a Headmaster. It also does fairly well looking like Arcee while being what is essentially just a pink Blurr.

Authentics Arcee. This toy has no right be this good. It's a budget toy. Yet here it is being better than most other Arcee toys.

SS86 Arcee. I like that it fixes all the things I hated about T30 Arcee.

NYCC Arcee. The Prime 1st Edition mold is really good but lacks several things to be great like 5mm port hands to start.

Earthrise Arcee. It has all of the articulation and looks good. The backpack is odd but I customized mine to be more to my liking. I cut out the hood from behind her and glued it to the "hoverboard" part. Now the hoverboard looks like something as it has a front now. But most importantly, the back kibble is much cleaner and looks like it should with only the two pylons behind each shoulder. The hoverboard even ends up looking like Weijiang Alcee's "shield" so it can also be used like a shield now. 

Energon Arcee. Fun little bot. Arms are trash. Modified mine so that she the 5mm ports go all the way through the arms so that she can hold her bow more naturally.

Wonderfest 2008 Arcee. Those wheel boob things just don't work well enough in toy form for her to go higher. I mainly just wanted another Arcee to put above the next entry. I do actually like this toy though. I like how the missile becomes the exhaust pipe and that the bow becomes the seat area. Great way to reduce some of what could've been kibble as seen on the FE and PRID Arcee molds.

T30 Arcee. It is NOT nor has it ever been a good toy. People need to stop putting this trash on a pedestal. It looks good but is just a horrible toy. The legs are awful. The hands suck, all three designs. The face sucks as it doesn't look like the face of a robot. She looks outright silly holding any weapons because of the face and the hands but mostly the face. The legs are awful, yes they're that bad I had to put it twice. On the opposite side though, the transformation is amazing. I will give it that. I love the way that the legs incorporate into the car. It doesn't looks bad doing it too. It just makes the legs awful though. The torso is bad too.

Cyberverse Arcee. I don't actually hate this toy. I like it better than a lot of these subjectively. Objectively though, it's just not a good toy. That backpack is really bad. Not as bad as the last video I see with this in it as the "thief" had to intentionally mistransform the backpack in order for it to look that bad. The flap behind the head limits articulation as well. The whole thing is just dragged down by that backpack. It has potential to be better though as the bot itself is really good just like Earthrise Arcee. But that one can loose the backpack.

I don't collect MP figures so I have no opinion on MP Arcee.

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@Joe Velez Many very good points! Thanks. And, yeah I put the "none" option on for that very reason. I agree we've not had the right figure yet for one reason or another.

I would have included Animated Arcee, but they changed the paint so much it is not really in line with the traditional G1 look.

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I’m voting MP Arcee because I do believe this one is the best out there, but I acknowledge that the price point is a bit much for most collectors. If there was no MP, I’d have to go with Takara Legends Arcee. It had the best mold of the smaller versions, and the colors were better, as there were no jarring black bits. I’m finding it hard to believe that anyone would vote for the Earthrise mold, as the alt mode is a bar of soap

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