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I don't keep my toys on display but I went through a cleaning process and decided to photograph them all. Some of the photos are crappy but I was crouching underneath the dining room table to take the photos. The questions are in the photo descriptions.

Including the first of many headless robots, but this one makes sense. Skywarp got blurred out of this photo for some reason. The Starscream on the right is a Kingdam KO, the one on the left is the Japanese reissue with G2 parts.


Headless Brainstorm and Snapdragon, Roadbuster, Overdrive, Omega Supeme, Metroplex. One of 2 Snarls on the right... I think it is the G1 version.


My repaired Shockwave... and a urine colored Jetfire.


Everyone needs Jazz napkins!


Headless Megatron...


There is a blue Rav that got cut out of the photo on the right of McTankorr. Also some Australian McRattrap toys. The sticker price on the Supreme Cheetor is $34.99


Korean Brave Max, Car Robots Spychangers, prototype camo Rollbar, and a Gas Skunk that came missing his left leg... damn Hasblast.


What happened with this picture?? Armada Minicons MOSC with the wrong names on the package, KO SCF Megatron and Convoy transparent, Armada Starscream holding Skyboom and Star Saber.


Who is the white robot on the left? He is holding a giant M16 btw. This was taken to show his posability. Also KO Sky Garry, Constructicons and Aerialbots (from Big Together), Beanie Babies Swoop, Space Wars Gigatron oversize KO, oversize Micros KO, oversize yellow Ravage KO on card...


The white robot again pictured in front of the Moray box. Diaclone (Grapple) and (Police Red alert), Street Fighter GIJoe vehicles on the right. Giant Ewok bank... crappy picture.


had received a picture error when I tried to edit....

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This is the pic from the first post it wouldn't let me post.


Featuring 2 different Airazors.


Older pics.. better quality.

Misc boxed items. Some are not boxed anymore such as the Strongarm and the Divebomb.


Shows a size comparison of Space Wars Gigatron and RID Megatron. And Special edition Black Megatron


A half try at picturing all the variants I have.


I still have a bunch that are not photographed. Some are in storage (hopefully.) and others are scattered around in boxes in the basement.

Ones that I didn't find were the Megatron decoy launcher from Japan, among other things.

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taking this out of INH and putting it in here:


Well I suppose it is a good a time as any to inventory my stuff....



-New Countach LP500S Police Car

-Truck Crane (deluxe)






-Cliffjumper (yellow)

-Sky Dasher









-Optimus Prime














-Omega Supreme



-Red alert










-Twin Twist







-Chop Shop




-Long Haul

-Mix Master








-Air Raid



-Blast Off



-First Aid

-Hot Spot









-Hot Rod






-Ultra Magus


-Wreck Gar














-Hardhead + Gort





-Scorponok + Lord Zarak + Fasttrack













-Double Dealer + Knok + Skar






-Powermaster Optimus Prime



-Rescue Patrol Stakeout + Fixit

-Race Car Patrol Freewheeler + Roadhandler + Swindler




-Nightflight + Tailwind

-Roller Force + Barricade + Ground Hog + Motorhead

-Decepticon Constructor Squad

-Purple Devestator Decoy


Generation 2






-Optimus Prime

-Scavenger (yellow)

-Bonecrusher (orange)

-Mix Master (orange)

-Scavenger (orange)

-Scrapper (orange)

-Slag (red)

-Snarl (red)






-Eagle Eye


-Manta Ray



-Sky Jack

-Space Case

-Megatron gobot


Beast Wars US










-Polar Claw

-Megatron (basic)

-Manta Ray


















-TM Cheetor

-TM Megatron



-Optimal Optimus


-TM Optimus Primal


-TM Rattrap (red)


-TM Tarantulus



-TM Terrorsaur


-TM2 Dinobot

-TM2 Iguanus

-TM2 Cybershark

-TM2 Megatron




-Optimus Minor

-Prowl (black)

-TM2 Spittor






-Tripredacus Agent


Machine Wars

-Optimus Prime







Beast Wars Japan

-Black Widow

-Shadow Panther



-D14 Dirge

-D15 Thrust

-Galvatron (non Takara)


Beast Machines





-Che (yellow)

-Supreme Cheetor

-Dillo (red)







-Night Viper

-Optimus Primal


-Rav (blue)



-Motorcyle drone x2



-Savage Noble

-Night Slash Cheetor





Car Robots

-Brave Maximus


-Eagle Killer

-X Car





-Hot Shot




-Sideburn (spychanger)


-Prowl (spychanger)





-Super X-Brawn

-X-Brawn (spychanger)






-Heavy Load


-Mega Octane





-Dark Scream + Gas Skunk + Slapper

-Midnight Express



-Optimus Prime

-Optimus Prime (spychanger)

-Ultra Magnus

-Ultra Magnus (spychanger)

-Cryotek (MIB)



-Scourge (spychanger)



-Air Defense Team

-Street Action Team

-Destruction Team

-Race Team

-Cyclonus + Crumplezone

-Starscream + Swindle

-Unicron + dead End

-Adventure Team

-Wheeljack + Wind Sheer



-Rollbar (proto)

-Ultra Magnus (black)

-Ironhide (black)

-Nemesis Prime




-Strong Arm




-Signal Flare






-Energon Kicker







SCF Japan

-clear Ironhide

-clear Megatron

-pewter Dai Atlas

-clear Grimlock





Japan reissues



US reissues

-Rodimus Major


MIB items

Aero-Bot (2004 TRU Go-Bots)

Arcee (Energon)

Battle Unicorn

Destruction Team MOSC in Race Team pkg (Armada)

Dirge (D-15)

Divebomb (Energon)

Grapple (US Reissue)

Kickback (Powerlinx)

Megatron (RID)

Megatron (Special 16)

Predacon Trio (RID)

Rachel Lion

Rav (blue)

Razorclaw (Xevoz)

Rodimus Convoy (Choro-Q Metallic)


Scourge (TM2)

Sea Minicon Team (Armada)

Silverstreak (Alternators)


Tracks (US Reissue)

Tripredacus Agent

Visser Three (ultra)


missing MIB

Ironhide + Mirage (RID)

Optimal Optimus

Optimus Primal (TM Canada)

Cybershark (TM Canada)

Megatron (TM Canada)

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Here are some pictures of other TF related things (and other stuff)

ToyFares with TF on them. Toy Fare Beast Machines pack in guide. Transformers US #1- 10.

Transformers US #11-29

Transformers US #30-49 (the Aerialbots one I forgot to put in the last pic)

Transformers US #50-59, 72, 78, All Fall Down HC (Autographed by Simon Furman), End of the Road HC, Primal Scream HC.

Armada, and G1 (couldn't find the variant covers....)

G1, G2, Headmasters, TFTM

TFU, War Within, What If Death's Head, Wizard with TF on them, Wolverine #80 (has a TF cameo in it), X-Men Alpha and Omega.

Akira vol 1, Alley Cat vs Lady Pendragon, Battle Beasts #1, Cybertronian vol 1, 2, whatever that other vol is..., Death's Head issues, GI Joe #21, GI Joe issues with the G2 crossover, Secret Wars II #3 (with Circuit Breaker cameo)

GI Joe and the Transformers, some Incomplete Death's Head from Marvel UK.

I still have more stuff to take pictures of too. :tfevil

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