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Top 10 TF purchases of 2014


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Share your top 10 purchases of 2014, US, Japanese and 3rd party figures, mine are


10. AOE Evasion mode Prime

9. AOE Yoyager Hound

8. MP-19 Smokescreen

7. Generations Rhinox

6. Cubex Huff

5. Generations Roadbuster

4. Generations Sky-byte

3. Generations Brainstorm

2. Generations Arcee

1. MP-20 Wheeljack


What are yours?

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1. Planet x omega supreme



4. Unique toys Galvatron

5. Toyworld hedgemon,megatron



8. Toyworld Fort Max warden














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Man, I haven't posted here in AGES.


So the question here is, what top 10 figures did I buy in 2014? Well, seeing as how this is the "top 10 purchases of 2014" as opposed to "top 10 purchases of toys that were released in 2014" I may have a couple that are from 2013 but I bought early in 2014, but here's my list:

Honorable Mention: Impossible Toys Bumblebug (I just had to mention this because...even though it's not a GREAT toy, the updated G1 toy styling of this was a great idea and really evoked the original toy very well. I have heard some quality issues but so far, mine has been great. I don't feel bad about IT going away, let's face it, they tried but they didn't try too hard, this was still a great effort on their part)

10:Generations Whirl (has some issues but once you figure the shoulders out, this is a great toy despite some scary knee breaking possibilities)

9TFCC Slipstream (Also my vote for best reuse of an old mold. This figure easily works in the Generations line like Chromia made from the Prime RiD Mold)

8:Generations Rattrap (Yes, this figure has some issues but not enough to win "worst toy of the year" or something, lol, I mean who would do THAT?!?!)

7:AoE High Octane Bumblebee (He's on my list because, once you ditch the upper torso "automorph" that plagued this style of movie BB, it's a great figure and this version is the one I wish was used in the first movie instead of the 74 Camaro"

6:Unique Toys Mania King (Vintage Colors) (While the original plumb purple and white version didn't thrill me along with it's "curling" style arms, the vintage colored version jot it right for me. The color matches the RtS Cyclonus beautifully and the orange gun barrel with light up tip was great! I can easily overlook the arms for the rest of the figure being so spot on)

5:AoE Evasion Mode Optimus Prime (Takara Colors) (EASILY the best movie Optimus for 2014 and maybe even the best Optimus in general for 2014. It's not at the top of my list because as great as the figure is, I've seen WAY too many pictures of the T shaped grill piece breaking.)

4:Generations Skrapnel (THIS was what I think fans of the G1 Insecticons wanted for an updated toy and this first entry is fantastic! He's now joined by an even BETTER Bombshell so here's hoping they release a new Kickback and recolor and reissue Skrapnel to match)

3:Generations Swerve (This figure was only bought after I bought the figure just a bit higher on my list and at that only because the quality of these Legends class figures has gone up as they shifted the line to making it for bots that are SUPPOSED to be small. Swerve here has a TON of character, just check out his face!)

2:Generations Cosmos (This is the figure that made me realize the Legends line will be good and as long as Hasbro maintains this level of engineering and ingenuity, MAYBE we can get the rest of the G1 minibots done in a single scale class for once)

1:Generations Arcee (What can I say? Has/Tak has knocked this out of the park! I'm glad they didn't do IDW Arcee for this as...as much as I like the IDW aesthetic, I always wanted them to look a bit more G1 so I can still have them feel like they belong together and while this figure's colors being slightly changed with the addition of black and blue trims, it still looks amazing. Yes, it's true, she does have a bit...too organic looking a midriff making her able to strike some...suggestive poses, it doesn't entirely overshadow the fact that this figure took 28 years to get and now we have her and they didn't have to make her an Actionmaster or a motorcycle...again or some vague vehicle-esque pile of robot parts...they only needed to fold a car up on her back, lol)

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    • Chopshop and Barrage. Windsweeper. Ruckus and Bludgeon. I mean, it was fairly easy to narrow everything down with so many beast modes amongst the different versions of the Mayhem Attack Squad. There's only so many that would make sense given available molds as it was likely they wouldn't do new molds and were barely going to retool anything. My previous ramblings were more wishful thinking than actual picks. Then there's Knock Out. I avoided him just like everyone else seemed to with his last figure. You know, that one that's still on shelves and will be all over Amazon for $12.50 or less even when this version goes up for sale. What else can they do for him outside of a different or new mold? At least Bludgeon has other options. His current figure is a blending of his shell and inner figure. You can go full on either way deco wise (add green and remove orange or add orange and remove green) for another. Maybe even use another mold like a Megatron mold too without it looking weird. Not that we NEED another Siege Megatron mold usage. Oh wait, they can use RiD 2001 Bludgeon's deco. The bright yellow one. See? Bludgeon has options. It won't be the real G1 Knockout as he was half a Micromaster combiner. It won't be Armada Knock Out as he's a Minicon. It won't be Energon Knock Out as he's also a Minicon technically but is the small component to Energon Ultra Magnus. It won't be Speed Stars Knock Out.  It won't be Battle Masters Knockout. It could be RotF Knock Out though. But does anybody really want another Prime Arcee redeco? I kinda like that mold and I sure don't. I mean, they could shoehorn it onto Prowl just like they're doing for Chromia which would make sense in a way as Chromia and RotF Knock Out would've made great retools of each other otherwise as they share the split wheel over the shoulders look. Damn, this is going to be RotF Knock Out from Prime Arcee isn't it? I can totally see that happening now lol. At least it would be better than another Knock Out colored Knock Out. Just like all those Impactor colored Impactors we got. One mold, four similar but different decos, three similar but different heads, two different chests and two different cannons. Or the Jazz colored Jazz we're most likely getting in that five pack. Like, what else are they going to do with that Jazz other than change the translucent plastic to opaque like the rest of the figures seen so far? Oh, is that what this Knock Out is going to be? Just an excuse to release him without the translucent plastic. I haven't had any problems with that mold but people claim they're all prone to breaking. So maybe that's it. Just Knock Out without translucent plastic.  I just don't like being right about Venom though. It should've been Venom with Windsweeper instead of Knockout. Or you know any of the other deluxe figures I mentioned that were last released five or more years ago like Spinister, Flywheels and even Battletrap or Slugslinger. Went to click "submit replay" until I realized I never even mentioned the Party Wagon. I might just get more than one of that. I hope that it's a big figure too. It doesn't need to scale with anything so they can make it however big it needs to be in order to work into some of the more popular features. I really hope they don't drop the ball on this one.
    • I was wondering that too, but was going to wail until we see more of it. Honestly, the original figure needs a lot of improvement and this could be nice if they do it well.
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