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The Transformers Seeds Of Deception all-including thread!

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Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents act 2 of Wrath Of The Ages #5.

Is Megatron going to kill Blaster, at the bottom of the Mining Shaft? Will the newly Reborn Grimlock have a say in that, or his horribly mutating body will betray him? And are the Quintessons going to find out the Autobot spy hiding on their own house-- Turbomaster Flash?

wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_4_by_tf_seeds wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_5_by_tf_seeds wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_6_by_tf_seeds

Art by Daniele "danbrenus" Spezzani, Al, Hedge.

More stories at the the Transformers fancomics blog for: Seeds of Deception, Lost Seasons, Unknown Soldier (and more).

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Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents act 3 of Wrath Of The Ages #5.

At the bottom of the Mining Shaft, the tide begins to turn: as Megatron batters the horribly mutated Grimlock, Blaster's plan comes to fruition. From defeat, comes freedom for the enslaved Autobots! But will even Ultra Magnus and Springer be enough against the endless army of Aerial Extermination Troopers?
On Quintessa, Flash escapes the Quintessons, dodging the Sharkticons as well--and sees a sudden glimmer of hope, as he realizes that there IS a way to return to Cybertron.
On the Manganese Mountains, Ratbat attempts to exterminate the remaining Wreckers, but someone makes an unexpected return!

wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_7_by_tf_seeds wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_8_by_tf_seeds wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_9_by_tf_seeds wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_10_by_tf_seed wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_11_by_tf_seed wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_12_by_tf_seed wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_13_by_tf_seed

Art by Daniele "danbrenus" Spezzani, Al, Hedge, Esther Pimentel.

Bonus: character study by Masarujasu for the in-the-making Act 4 of the SoD: Starscream chapter.


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Wrath Of The Ages #5 - Final act: return of the Autobot hero!

Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents the final act of Wrath Of The Ages #5.

As Perceptor initiates his attempt at defeating a whole army of A.E. Troopers, thr Turbomasters find a way to reach planet Quintessa and take back someone...but who will come through the dimensional gateway?
Meanwnhile, Megatron battles the Hybrid Grimlock at the bottom of the Mining Shaft, and Ultra Magnus begins to suspect the truth about the resurrected warrior!

wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_14_by_tf_seed wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_15_by_tf_seed wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_16_by_tf_seed wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_17_by_tf_seed wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_18_by_tf_seed wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_19_by_tf_seed wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_20_by_tf_seed wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_21_by_tf_seed wrath_of_the_ages_5___page_22_by_tf_seed

Art by Daniele "danbrenus" Spezzani, Esther Pimentel, Nicodemus Rexx, Ria, Zerob.

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Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents the first act of Wrath Of The Ages #6.

On Quintessa, Turbomaster Flash finds a way to return home... but will this bring another invading army on Cybertron, spelling further disaster for an already doomed planet?
On Cybertron, Soundwave sends the Aerial Extermination Troopers in support of Megatron, but Broadside enters the fray...taking the whole Wrecker roster to the battleground!

wrath_of_the_ages_6___page_1_by_tf_seeds wrath_of_the_ages_6___page_2_by_tf_seeds wrath_of_the_ages_6___page_3_by_tf_seeds wrath_of_the_ages_6___page_4_by_tf_seeds wrath_of_the_ages_6___page_5_by_tf_seeds

Art by Daniele "danbrenus" Spezzani, Nicodemus Rexx.

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Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents Short Story: Leader.

Optimus Prime, Jazz and Grimlock prepare for the opening act of The War Within: The Dark Ages: with Megatron preparing to activate the Space Bridge Prototype, shall Optimus Prime face him alone?.


By Daniele Spezzani, Nate Hammond.

Bonus: a Grimlock-color-scheme-only version of panels 2-4 from page 3 of Wrath Of The Ages #5.


Based on the synopsis of the unreleased issues of The War Within: The Age Of Wrath, Transformers: Wrath Of The Ages is the unofficial conclusion of the Dreamwave miniseries by Simon Furman and Joe Ng that was halted at issue #3.

Wrath Of The Ages is part of the Transformers: Seeds Of Deception continuity a fanproject which was conceived as an expansion of The War Within and a bridge between that universe and the -Ation series.

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Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents the conclusion of A Tale of Two City-Bots.

Trypticon's final evolution, the birth of Metroplex, the destiny of Nebulos, the secret of the Decepticon Siege Mode Bunkers, the arrival of Scamper and Six-Gun, Slammer's robot mode: a bonanza of robotic titans, hybrid technologies, age-spanning events, star-spanning battles.
In a nutshell, pure Transformers epic!

a_tales_of_two_city_bots___page_4_by_tf_ a_tales_of_two_city_bots___page_5_by_tf_ a_tales_of_two_city_bots___page_6_by_tf_

By Jeremy Tiongson, Zerob, Eman B. Zubia, Caroline Richard.

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Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents the second act of Wrath Of The Ages #6.

Optimus Prime is back, and ready to lead the Autobots against the Decepticons!
Megatron is cornering the Hybrid Grimlock/Seeker, but Ultra Magnus won't sit idly to watch-- and neither will the Quintessons, as they realize that their plan is now seriously threatened by the new players in the game.
Back on Cybertron, Flash is not out of the woods yet-- but will his call for help be answered by a Turbormaster...or by Spinister and Carnivac?


Art by Daniele "danbrenus" Spezzani, Hedge, Zerob, Nicodemus Rexx, http://gwydion1982.deviantart.com'>Simone Daraghiati.

Edited by M3Gr1ml0ck

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Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents the Bios and Tech Files for Scamper, Slammer and Six-Guns, the three Curators of Metroplex.

The secrets of the so-called Metroplex Team are finally out: does Six-Guns have an actual alt mode? What is a Transmogrification Drive? Can Slammer trasform into a robot? What are a SixCar, a SixTank and a SixWing?
Metroplex alone is a a wonder by himself: a Transformer large enough to turn into a city that can host other Cybertronians. How advanced and complex must be the technology behind his existence? And what sort of effect does it have on those that are bound to live within the boundaries of Metroplex' world-like body?

sod_scamper___robot_mode_by_tf_seedsofde sod_slammer___transformation_by_tf_seeds sod_slammer___sixtank_mode_by_tf_seedsof
sod_scamper___sixcar_mode_by_tf_seedsofd sod_slammer___six_wing_mode_by_tf_seedso

Art by Joe Teanby.

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