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Best Transformers Moment


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After the crap ending of Transformers Prime's season finale and the subsequent discussion I got the idea to start this topic.


I loved Transformers Animated as it was a great show and I was disheartened when it cancelled. The feeling got worse as Transformers Prime did not really start off well. A Megatron that had teeth and looked more like an old man, Optimus with eyebrows and (again!) a Bumblebee that could not speak. I did not care for it. I did love Bulkhead but that was about it.


Gave it a fair chance and I ended up loving it. Right up to season 2's finale. How I am aching for Transformers Animated again. Season 4 had a lot of promise.


I agree, the show was not perfect but one storyline will always be etched into my heart and mind as emotional, compelling and bluntfully honest. There are a few scenes that all Transformers fans know and love. The firt is of course the Optimus Prime, Megatron fight from the movie and Optimus' death thereafter. The second is Dinobot's sacrifice in Code Of Hero.


It was an incredibly dark scene for a children's cartoon but they pulled it off.


And even though Animated was even kid-friendlier or "kiddier" than most Transfomers show they did manage to pull off a "Code Of Hero" of their own. I am talking about the scenes between Ratchet and Omega Supreme.




Ultra Magnus clearly sees Omega as nothing more than a weapon to be used (which upsets Ratchet) and to this he even limits the giants intelligence. Ratchet actually makes it clear he does not like that idea at all which I found impressive. He still goes along as he has no choice but rather than to make Omega his dependant, Ratchet announces himself as Omega's friend.


The next scene shows Ratchet entering Omega Supreme whom is badly damage. Omega then talks about Ratchet teaching him to protect like an Autobot but he laments that all he did was destroy like a Decepticon. Ratchet can only reply "We do what we must, even if it does not make sense." To which Omega comments "I do not understand."


As Ratchet puts his friend in stasis his last words to Omega are "I am not sure I do either."


This scene really left an impression on me and as far as I am concerned it is one of the best scenes in Transformers history.


What do you think? And if you have a scene that really touched you, what is it?

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Right there with you - some of the most emotionally real TF storytelling out there.


I miss TF:A regularly because it was so good. There are numerous moments in the series that are pivotal.


How about when Yoketron gives up his chance for life and the way that Prowl deals with that then and

all the way through the last episode, when he sacrifices himself? Just good stuff.


I have tons of moments from the original series, and it'll always be my number one, but Animated will

always be a close second for me.

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That was very good moment as well. Prowl saves his mentor using a protoform but Yoketron tell his not to sacrifice the future for the past. He must have missed Optimus Primal telling everyone that the seeds of the future lie buried in the past.

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Not the best, but most certainly the most awesome Transformers moment: Transformers Generation 1, Season 3 episode "Only Human." The final scene where Old Snake walks down the road and says "Poor Mr. Drath, not quite smart enough were you! (Laughs) They simply don't make terrorists like they used to!!" ::Raises his hand into the air and yells Cooobra before breaking into a cough::

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There are so many great moments spread throughout each aspect of the TF continuum: the final battle between Sentinel Prime and Optimus in DOTM; the aforementioned Animated moment as well as Prowl sacrificing his spark to conclude "Endgame." There were some BW and TFP moments that were utterly amazing to behold and yet, two of my very favorite moments came in the singularly disappointing S3 of the original G1 cartoon:


2): the entire opening sequence of "Call of The Primitives" was absolutely amazing to me, especially since it was a TF moment that did not actually involve a TF.


1) The conclusion of "Webworld." TF shows did not regularly (as in at all) have an episode literally presented entirely from the Decepticon POV. I'll ignore the hopelessly lame Torkulons because this episode presented awesome interplay between Cyclonus and Galvatron that really set a standard for Decepticon interplay within any aspect of the TF universe. The complexity of Cyclonus' level of loyalty to Galvatron was at its apex in this episode, and Galvatrons' cult of personality was never equalled in any other episode (took on and destroyed an entire planet with his bare hands). This episode literally made my 2nd and 3rd favorite 'Cons in the TF universe.

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When I was a kid I did not really understand English so that whole episode was pretty odd to me but it is indeed an interesting concept.


Shows rarely show the viewpoint of the other side. I mean, Star Trek does not have an episode from the Klingon's point of view. They have shows on Klingon ships but then that is a Klingon centered episode. The I.K.S. Gorkon/Klingon Empire books do offer this viewpoint.


But it was an interesting episode when I bought the whole series years back and watched them all.


In all Season 3 was dissapointing but it had some good episodes and when I was a kid I would wish for those simply because the first 2 seasons were repeated ad naseum and I wanted to see something different. :P

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I think the scene in TFTM when prime gets to earth and drives through a bunch of cons GTA style will always be my favorite moment. The combination of "You got the touch" starting and seeing the reflections of cons in Primes grill as they try to get out of his way is a memory I will never loose.

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I agree with everything you said. The death of Optimus Prime in the 86 movie and Code of Hero are the best.


I would also like to point out Ravage's death in BW. A life millions of years long dedicated to his faction led to him standing up and accepting his inevitable doom with a proud phrase, "Decepticons Forever!" That hit home.

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I agree with everything you said. The death of Optimus Prime in the 86 movie and Code of Hero are the best.


I would also like to point out Ravage's death in BW. A life millions of years long dedicated to his faction led to him standing up and accepting his inevitable doom with a proud phrase, "Decepticons Forever!" That hit home.

.....and then he was resurrected by Magmatron in issue 2 of Beast Wars: the Gathering....


.....or in Binaltech when he was resurrected in an Alternate timeline from the aforementioned comicbook.

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